Hairstyles for women

It has been already stablished that hairstyles for women are for everyone, no matter your age, shape, skin color, sex or nationality.

However, in this particular occasion we are meant to talk about hairstyles for women.

 We must admit that females were the ones at performing hairstyles and make them achieve their popularity.

The variations created until the present day are countless, so why not explore a little of this whole world?

little girls

Let’s begin by the youngest members of the family, little girls are often the firsts in carrying a huge variation of hairstyles for some years thanks to their mothers or female figure in charge.

One of the best advantages of hairstyles for little girls is that almost any style can look pretty in them: curls, braids, buns, chignons or whatever hair ornament.

Maybe you have felt like not knowing what to do on your little girl’s hair, so here we are to aid you with this subject.

We leave right below some ideas for you to try along with your little princess, attempt as many as you can the times needed in order to figure out which hairstyle will suit your little girl better.

Braided hairstyles for little girls

Braids have become our nearest friends through years, and they’ll probably still be a crucial feature of the hairstyles’ world in the future.

They not only keep your little girl’s hair settled if she is playing around, but also make them flaunt their best looks with them.


As aware as we are of this fact, we share you these few hairstyles for little girls made with braids:

Hairstyle #1 Halo braid

This exact hairstyle is one of the best options for your little girl if she’s heading to a party or a playful event.

The braided crown will remark her face and will get, at the same time, the majority of her face out of it so won’t be a problem when she’s running around.

It might be a little tricky at the beginning but you’ll see soon that with a little practice your little princess is going to look like a braided beauty.

Halo braid

In order to perform the hairstyle, we will start by creating a side parting on the girl’s hair, pull a heavy piece of hair to one side and detached them into three smaller strands.

Next, we will have to plait these strands by doing a basic braid. Keep that way until you run out of hair but make sure you do it tightly enough so the braid won’t get loose.

Once you have gotten the trick of how it is perfectly done, you will continue braiding all the way down along the hairline.

Afterwards, move the braiding as if you were heading to the ear.

To complete the hairstyle, take a few hair pieces from both sides of the head as you continue braiding and bringing it all the way down to the bottom of your braid.

There is always the possibility to get some loose strands, however, you can leave them hung to frame your little girl’s face or you can just apply some hairspray in it.

And that is all!

If you’re still doubting whether to perform this hairstyle or no, keep in mind all of the advantages that comes with it: it suits for all shape faces, it’s perfect for brunches, weddings or lunches.

Besides, the only hair product you’ll be needing is hairspray.

Hairstyle #2 The heart braid

We often use braids to style up the hair itself, it provides it a different and more original look.

But what if we do it the other way around and use them to shape the head by doing a hairstyle with figures?

The heart braid is one of the most preferred hairstyles among girls due to its beautiful form and lack of difficulty at the time of performing it.

The heart braid

And, according to some experts, this hairstyle it is not just and ordinary one but a masterpiece of the tresses.

Your little girl will look absolutely adorable as she carries the illusion of having her heart on her head, so do not lose the chance of doing it!

First of all, your little princess’s hair must be detangled in order for the hairstyle remains straight, so you are going to take a broad hairbrush and start undo any knot that might be over there.

Next, you must take other type of comb, which is the tail comb to divide the hair from the center to all the way down and securing one part up by tying it.

Then, it’s time to start doing the shape of the heart itself.

Grabbing a fine section of hair from the crown (but being sure that is enough to do a braid), comb it gently in order to not letting any strands loose or out of place for the hairstyle.

For the present step, it’s important that you know how to perform a French braid. Do not freak out if you don’t, here we leave you a mini-guide so you can learn:

French braid

For starts, do the same you do with all braids, brush well all the hair, untie knots and make sure the hair it’s manageable.

Now that you have your section of hair, you will proceed to divide it in 3 pieces as you take each section on your correspondent hand (just as if you were doing a regular braid).

Begin crossing the sections as putting left strand over the middle one and repeating this same process with the right strand.

Try as hard as you can to pull sections fairly tight so the braid will not come undone or loose.

This is when it can get a little tricky.

Before going on with the braiding for the rest of the hair, grab a piece of hair equally-sized than the others from the left side of the head and add it to the braid by crossing over the middle section of the hairstyle.

Take another strand of hair from the opposite side of the head and do the same, this will make the process to result in a braid-adding hair-procedure.

Now you can freely repeat the previous steps until you reach the end of the sectioned hair you chose.

a braid-adding hair-procedure

Continuing with the whole hairstyle itself and now that you have learnt how to perform a French braid, it’s time that to apply your recently acquired knowledge to this hairstyle.

Start the French braid from the crown of the head, down towards the temple.

Once you have done the main body of the braid, you must lead it to the back of the head in order to form the initial lope of the heart’s shape.

All of this will be possible thanks to the way the French braid is performed as it is a particular feature of the hairstyle.

When you have finally reached the center at the back of the head, secure the braid with an elastic band tightly so it will not lose the form.

Unclasping the hair from the other side you must repeat the same steps with it and safe the braid with another ponytail holder.

To finish off the hairstyle, you will have to gather together both of the braids at the back of the head with an elastic band.

That way the bottom section of the heart will get represented and beautifully done.

And that’s it! Your little girl should be ready to show around her gorgeous and original hairstyle.

The best part of it is that she can carries it for almost any occasion like dinners, daytime outings or small parties.

The hairstyle can also suit itself to any face shape so do not think about it will not look good on your little angel’s head.

If you or your little girl are more to the traditional braided-ponytail this is the perfect little girl hairstyle for her.

It combines the classic and simplicity of the old-styled one with the twist and originality of this particular braid that resembles a real chain!

It can also be really helpful If she does any kind of physical activity as it wraps around tightly all of her hair assuring that will be no presence of loose strands.

Hairstyle #3 Chain link braid

Here are the steps to follow to do the hairstyle:

You will begin by combing your little girl’s hair in order to get as flat as possible and you can be able to do a normal ponytail.

Once it is done, you will have to divide it in two sections with the purpose of turning them into a twist-rope braid.

You are going to take each of these sections separately and part them into two finer strands, then you’ll just have to give it a twist to the left and wrap them over themselves.

That way every time you do it, twist first and go on like that until you run out of hair and secure each one with an elastic.

Now comes the best part! Grab both twisted strands and wrap them around themselves, when you’re finish just take another elastic or use one of the previous ones and secure them together.

There you go!

We believe this is one of the most beautiful and easy hairstyles for little girls to perform, it takes no larger time.

It’s perfect to endure any dance or harsh movements and remain still and even though it suits better for round faces, that does not mean you cannot find the way to make your duaghter look stunning with it.

Medium length hairstyles for women

Nevertheless, even when we wish our little girls remain this way forever, we are well aware they must grow up and so must the hairstyles they wear.

Hairstyles for girls are almost endless at the present date, they’ve come with infinity of variations and new styles, this does not only include hairstyles but also highlights, dye colors and of course, haircuts.

Medium-length hairstyles for girls

We also should remember how relevant the length of the hair is in order to perform a suitable hairstyle and, as we know, medium-length hairstyles have managed to gain popularity though years.

We want you to know that there are infinite and simple ways to comb and wear something beautiful in our hair every day in our daily activities.

This means that you do not need to be an expert to look beautiful and stand out, but still look fresh and natural. Dare to make changes of look that catch looks.


Even though most of the time medium-length hairstyles are more remarkable for their own shape and cut, that should not be an impediment for girls to try on different hairstyles.

If you have no idea which one would be the right for you, here we show you some trending and easy-done hairstyles that will accentuate your beauty and will make your hair look superb!

Hairstyle #1 Triple topsy tail

If you feel like giving a different twist and look to your hair today, this hairstyle is just fine for you.

No braiding needed, perfect for medium-length hair and the best part, absolutely simple and gorgeous!

Steps to follow:

The very first thing you’ll need to do, is to section your hair in three parts: at the top, half, and bottom of your head. Subsequently, you are going to tie each section with an elastic band.

Steps to follow 1

The next step is to flip up the ends of each tail so that will make them remain between your head and the clear elastics, later pull them out though the bottom part in order to create the topsy tails.

Steps to follow 2

To finish off, tuck the top of the tails down though the ponytails below them to achieve that loose and relaxed air the hairstyle.

Steps to follow 3

And we are done! See? There’s no need to worry about how all of those extremely complicated hairstyles are done or if you do not know how to perform it.

There are millions of ways to style up your hair and look cool even when does not have a Rapunzel’s length.

Female hairstyles are so cool!

Hairstyle #2 Pretty twisted

Shoulder-length hairstyles have become very popular among girls, they have a particular way to frame our faces and usually, highlights or hairstyles themselves make them spot.

So, whether you are looking for a new and easy way to style your hair up, or just want your bang off your face for a while, either way this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

Check out the simple steps to follow:

Hairstyle #2 Pretty twisted 2

Grab the bang section of your hair and twist it back and away your face about 3 inches.

Hairstyle #2 Pretty twisted 3

Insert a bobby pin though the end of the section of hair pointing to your face so that will hold it still.

What else could you ask for? This hairstyle is simple and does not take a lot of work but still is a subtle and efficient way to style your hair and to look different.

Keep it in mind the hairstyle when you are on those rushing morning heading to school an don’t know what to do with your hair.

Hairstyle #3 Flower braid

We know how impossible is to get rid of braids; it is known they have evolve in many different ways, shapes and sizes, but they don’t always must be twisted and complicated.

The Flower Braid hairstyle is a good example of it, it works just fine if you feel like providing a feminine and delicate touch to your hair.

Hairstyle #3 Flower braid

The best part is that you’ll only need to know how to do a regular and standard braid to perform it and you will be fine.

Steps to follow:

Hairstyle #3 Flower braid 1

First of all, you will have to gather two equally-sized sections from both sides of your head and pull them towards the back.

Then, put them together by securing with an elastic band and now, we can proceed to start our regular braid.

Once your braid it’s done, we are at the point when we must bring it to life by creating its body.

In order to do so, smoothly tug the sections of the braid to loosen it.

This way it will not only look more voluminous but also will provide the flower-petal finish that will make at the end the shape of a rose.

Hairstyle #3 Flower braid 2

This is when you must be extremely careful to not damaging the braid’s form, take the braid and start twisting it around itself in order to form a bun.

Hairstyle #3 Flower braid 4

Afterwards, pin it and secure it against your head.

And there you have! A beautiful and stunning hairstyle that will help your middle-length hair to look graceful.

One of the perks that comes with it, is that combines the beauty of two of the most used hairstyles nowadays: braids and buns.

This mix transmits a certain harmony and elegance to your hair so do not lose the chance of trying it on.

Long length hairstyles for girls

This girl hairstyles will enchanted you!

It has been noted so far that medium-length hairstyles for girls are able to be as beautiful as easy to be done, but what happens with the long hairstyles for women?

Long-length hairstyles for girls

We must recognize the effort that brings with the self-care of somebody’s hair to let it grow healthy and strong.

Although hair’s length should not be a restriction for anyone to perform a hairstyle, there is no doubt that in most of cases girls with longer hair tend to perform more complex hairstyles.

Mostly because they have the material, or let’s say inspiration, to do so.

However, it is not all flowers and rainbows, maybe the worst thing about having long hair is the daily uncertainty of not knowing how to style it or which hairstyle to perform.

But as we’re here to be an aid, we are going to show you the most wanted hairstyles done in girls with long hair:

Hairstyles with buns

As much as you must love your long hair, there are always going to be those moments when you want to take a break from it.

Or perhaps you’re too busy and need it out if your way or just feel like styling it in other way in which is not loosen.

Hairstyles with buns 2

So, if any of these are your current situation, here we present you some pretty updos and hairstyles with buns that will make you feel comfortable and gorgeous:

Simple chignon

This particular hairstyle is pretty accurate for formal events, if you are heading to the office or need a more professional look, the Simple Chignon will definitely give you the vibe you need.

Simple chignon

Twisted top knot

How badass can you look with this looking hairstyle? Top knots have the advantage of being handled in many ways, you can dress them up or down and still they won’t look out of place or weird.

The best part is that you can complement the look with a denim jacket or a bandana and you’ll be off to go to rock the city!

Twisted top knot

The twisted bun

There is no doubt that if you are looking for something classy, simple and pretty this is the most suitable hairstyle you could ever come across to.

Do not let yourself fool by its intricate shape, the truth is that you can perform it in less than 10 minutes and is super simple to achieve.

The twisted bun

Hairstyles with braids

When it comes of doing hairstyles that involve braids, long hair carries with several features in favor.

You can always learn new things with them as the different ways of braiding are now endless.

However, we have found some different and cool hairstyles done with braids that could be useful for your special events.

Hairstyles with braids

The waterfall braid

This playful look is one of the most attractive hairstyles ever done, we must admit that looks even better if you joy of blonde hair as it will benefit your highlights.

It’s done by a slight tweak on your braiding technique; it seems beautiful on almost every type of hair but adding some waves or curls will make it spot.

As has been said, it’s almost impossible you do not find a hairstyle that suits your shape, color or type of hair.

The waterfall braid

However, it is of common knowledge and even verified for experts that the skin-color has a really important role at the moment of choosing your perfect hairstyle.

In this occasion, we are talking about of hairstyles for women with darker skin.

Hairstyles for women with dark skin

If there is one thing we have always had envy of darker women is definitely the natural curls they were blessed with.

Their hair color is just another advantage as they can feel free to add some dye or highlights in order to make a beautiful contrast along their skin color.

So, when it comes of hairstyles for black women, even when curls are the boss; there are still many options or different hairstyles to try on.

Hairstyles for women with dark skin

And even if you do not like shorter hair to show off your curls in a styled-up afro and rather to jump onto a renewed look and hairstyle, options are here to stay!

We have here several hairstyles for you to perform that will adjust to your skin tone.

Hairstyle #1 Multi-texture ponytail

This is a beautiful type of black women hairstyles.

This is a perfect combination of natural and altered hair.

Hairstyle #1 Multi-texture ponytail

You are going to use your savage hair texture to bring up the hairstyle to life but being in a perfect harmony with the ironed-jelled super-sleek hair at the base.

The hair of the tail itself is a full-mixed of different hair textures: goes from straight to wave to curls, there is no doubt that at matching it with a full-body gown you’ll look stunning.

Hairstyle #2 Pin-up bun

This is a perfect example of the many that there is of medium hairstyles for women.

This old-fashioned hairstyle brings back some vibes of the past, it’s classic, gorgeous and highlights the shape of you face as much as your face’s skin tone.

It’s just accurate to go on a party or a social event, if we add a pretty cloth-scarf to the mix you are going to be the sensation of the night!

Hairstyle #2 Pin-up bun

Your natural curly hair aids this look to provide that relaxed air, with some make up on it will be finished off.

Make sure to have at hand some bobby pins and hair elastics.

Steps to follow:

You’ll begin by sectioning off your front hair.

Gather it into a well-sized piece of hair and take one of the elastics hair to place it almost at the bottom of the strand so it will be similar to a low ponytail.

Now you must do the shape of the front bun.

Pick up the previous section of hair and start rolling it into a loose bun right above your h making sure of pinning all along the way so will keep its form and will not fall down.

Shape it the way you feel more comfortable or how you think suits better to your face.

Once you’ve secured and achieved the final shape of your bun, you are going to move forwards to the hair in the back.

We’ll basically going to repeat the same action we did before.

Tie your back hair and star rolling it around itself in order to create a second bun, introduce as many bobby pins as you need to secure it well.

To finish off the look, grab your cloth-scarf and place it around your head so it will highlight the empty spots of it and tie it underneath the second bun.

And there you go! A renew, fun and sexy hairstyle that makes you look like a 90’s goddess.

Hairstyle #3 French twisted mini cornrows

This hairstyle is one of the best ways to style up your curly hair without tying it completely, the mini cornrows actually benefit the texture and form of your hair providing a sweet and edging look.

And as this wasn’t enough, think about the fact that you’ll be able to wear for a couple of following days without torn it apart, you’ll only need some hair products to preserve it through the days.

Hairstyle #3 French twisted mini cornrows

And speaking of hair products, if you want to reach the hairstyle’s big high, it would be a good thing to have around: moisturizing cream, light hold hairspray and bobby pins.

Product for hair

Steps to follow:

The first thing you’ll need to do is to part your hair on one side, next, on the side with less hair choose a ½ inch hair section next to your parting.

Now you are going to split this section into two strands and perform a French twist.

When you have twisted for about three inches and the braids have reached the perfect form, do not tie then with an elastic but secure them with the help of bobby pins.

Keep on repeat these steps until you’ve finished the French braiding on the chosen side of the head, make sure it got secured and twisted in place with bobby pins.

In order to provide a more fluffy and thick hair texture, apply a few spritzes of light hold hairspray and it’ll get finished off

And we’re done! You’ve gotten your afro-braided hairstyle to still show around your luxuriously curls with the mini cornrows that add that special touch of originality.

Hairstyles for women over 40

So far, we have talked about how hairstyles can change not only a woman’s look but also her perspective against some moments of life.

It often occurs that when a woman is about to hit the 40’s tends to feel like everything she wears or the way she looks in general is too old-fashioned.

Nevertheless, there are others who see this stage of life as an opportunity to explore new styles as is not all about trends anymore.

Hairstyles for women over 40

Either way, as helping you to find your true identity and style as our main goal, we have collected some refreshing hairstyles for women you are probably going to feel acknowledged with.

Remember this a moment of your life in which taking risks will do no harm so don’t loose the chances to give your look a fun twist.

Hairstyle #1 The low bun

If you were expecting to find something classy, feminine and elegant, this is the right hairstyle for you.

Counts with several perks such as the lack of complexity that brings with it, which means that you will not have to perform a strict hard work to get it done.

Also, there’s the fact that keeps all of your hair out of your face but at the same time remarks the frame and features of it.

Hairstyle #1 The low bun

Get it along a strapless dress and a necklace to finish off the look and there is no doubt you will look like the most elegant lady of the place.

Hairstyle #2 Half ponytail with side bangs

Among the hairstyles for women who are definitely never going to get older we will find the Half Ponytail,.

Usually this style has several variations on the way the side bangs are performed, but in this particular occasion we are just going to stick around with the original one.

It is perfect for any event whether is formal or no and you can perform it quickly so there is no need of an arduous process.

Hairstyle #2 Half ponytail with side bangs

Yet if you want to make it look very good just make sure of not leaving loosen strands around the top part of the head so this way the hairstyle will not get messy.

Hairstyle #3 Short hair with waves

Waves have become in probably our best ally when it comes the time of performing multiple hairstyles, they have a particular way to make our hair look styled and beautiful.

Of course, they can be done in almost any kind of hair type and color, but it is a fact that highlights, balayage techniques or shadows are a special aid to the soft and blended appearance the hairstyle provides.

Hairstyle #3 Short hair with waves

In order to recreate and maintain this look we recommend you to use a flat iron to texture the waves and put in some volumizing mousse and hold up hairspray to ensure the waves won’t fall down.

Hairstyles for women over 50

Moving forward a couple years, why don’t we talk about hairstyles for women over 50’s instead?

These ladies deserve a thousand compliments, nearly all women nowadays have managed to maintain their hair styled and well-polished.

In spite of being a certain age should never be some kind of impediment, we do have to admit that this decade in particular has the bad habit of getting women worrying around about grey or white hair.


As well they feel like running out of hairstyles’ options mostly because of the belie

Hairstyles for women over 50’s

ve that 50’s is no longer age to style up your hair, which is absolutely wrong.

The best thing about hairstyles for older ladies is that they don’t pursue hair trends but have the particularity of being inspired by the best tendencies.

Right below we are going to leave you some options so you can get inspired on knowing what to do with your hair:

Hairstyle #1 Short bob with layers

This hairstyle can be perfectly in the classification of hairstyles for older women for its sophisticated, simple and chic style.

Hairstyle #1 Short bob with layers

This professional and intellectual hairstyle is a very good option.

The sideway hairs frame your face softly while the layers add volume and texture to the rest of the hair, same way, the bangs draw the attention to the eyes or top part of the face.

It’s perfect for daily situations as going to the office but also can be worn in more formal events, you will look undoubtedly elegant and wise.

Hairstyle #2 Edgy pixie bob

If there is a single hairstyle that has become a trend in the past few years that has to be the pixie bob.

It was actually introduced by more aged ladies and time after girls felt more comfortable at carrying it.

Also, has gone through so many variations and different ways to style it that is impossible to stay with just one; nevertheless, we’ll give it a try.

Hairstyle #2 Edgy pixie bob

The Edgy Pixie Bob takes some of the classy features of a normal bob and blends it with an edgy pixie bob having as a final result a look absolutely chic.

Once again, we suggest you the use of a flat iron as the process can take a little.

Take into consideration adding on the smallest amount of gel possible in order to not losing what you have achieved and to get smooth layers.

As we could see, there are many hairstyles for women, which are easy and quick to do.

Dare to see you beautiful every day, to change style, and I assure you that you will have all eyes on you.

It will not take too much time to spend a few minutes before leaving home and try different and beautiful hairstyles, we assure you that you will not regret it.

Hairstyle #3 Straight shoulder length volume

Having straight hair is always a use of little help when it comes of performing hairstyles, it is not difficult to handle or to style.

Remember that your hairdryer can be a great ally to achieve the hair’s volume and the flipped-under ends.

Hairstyle #3 Straight shoulder length volume

Usually, this type of hair does not require a full and exhausting care, but if you already decided you do not want to get rid of your longer hair, keep in mind some tips so the hair will remain its natural shape and texture:

  • Try dry shampoo between shower sessions.
  • Be careful with conditioner
  • When hair drying, do not only use heat air as cool air can help to tame breakage or frizz
  • Get the right brush
  • Do a regular visit to your hairstylist
  • Be careful with hair products used to achieve volume

Hairstyles for women in their 50s, 60s and 70s

Like the pixie, the bob is one of the most used hairstyle by all those women who have more experience.

It is one of the favorites for those who are between 50, 60 and 70 years, and that gives them a young and radiant touch.

Hairstyles for women in their 50s, 60s and

Most of the time they use it with waves or failing smooth, but they look amazing.

More hairstyles for women and tips

For all women around the world there are different amounts of hairstyles.

There are hairstyles for women with fine hair, thick hair, long, medium or short hair.

Today you will know the hairstyles that will suit you best depending on your type of face, your hair type and last but not least your style.

All women want their hair, as well as healthy, always look very chic. It is not necessary to get up early to make elaborate hairstyles, each time it takes more the finished undone.

hairstyles for women

Has it ever happened to you that the bun that you do quickly and running just before entering the shower, is great?

Or when you’re in your pajamas and you make a bun without paying attention and …

It’s perfect! Then there you have the key to the hairstyles of this season.

No polished ponytails.

Let several strands fall from your hair, and you’ll be the chicest!

The first thing you should do is learn to take care of your hair, no matter what type of hair you have, it’s essential that you give it the care it deserves, just as they say that every head is a world, well, every hair is.

Special care of women hair

Each hair has its own characteristics.

With minimal effort, you can easily learn how to get the best hairstyle depending of the type of your face.

Even if you suffer a temporary problem, there are methods tested to deal with them. Some examples would be hair without life, without volume or split ends.

Proper care and the right products will quickly restore the shine and vitality of your hair.

Special care of women hair

Make sure you focus on the special characteristics of your own hair.

Long hair needs a little more attention than short hair.

The dryness, as a result of an abusive use of the dryer, and the split ends usually appear especially in the long hair.

The magic formula for a beautiful hairstyle for women: do not crush the hair too much from the roots and give lots of pampering to the ends.

This formula guarantees a large volume and protects against split ends.

The most common cause of a dull hair is the abuse of elements such as the iron, the dryer and other combing tools that can damage the hair.

It is always a good idea to avoid using processes and tools that punish your hair.

Hairstyles for women with short hair

‘Bob’, ‘pixie’, ‘lob’ …

They are fashionable short hairstyles for women.

And although its possibilities seem, they are like a diamond in the rough.

These inspiring ideas will allow you to go around your new haircut and not regret having shortened centimeters.

Hairstyles for women with short hair

Collected, loose, with accessories … Take note of the best proposals for combing short hair.

Pixies are a well-known haircut that is stealing all the attention of women with short hair.

If you want to cut your hair and you are super risky a pixie would be great.

Pixie hairstyle

The best thing about them is that they can be worn by any woman, regardless of your hair type, your skin color or your age, it will look great on you.

For a long time, it has been seen that the bob cut has become well known, and women are no longer afraid to go for it.

Especially the new versions of this bob haircut that are striking and stylize the face, plus it adapts perfectly to all styles, no matter what you wear.

That’s why bob haircut has become so fashionable nowadays.

Without forgetting the «lob», who is simply a slightly longer version of the well-known bob.

The latter has truly been one of the most used hairstyles by all women around the world. Today you will see some hairstyles for women with each of these haircuts.

Pixies hairstyles for women

As you should know, pixies are the latest fashion craze when it comes to hairstyles for women with short hair.

Today you will see how to comb this type of hair, because despite being short you can also add more style with a braid, bun or accessory.

A great idea for a freshly cut pixie. With a styling product, comb with your fingers with your hair still wet.

Pixies hairstyles for women

For the most daring pixies.

Comb forward by blow dryer.

You’ll love the idea of combing a pixie with the longest and asymmetrical front. With the dryer, comb forward and give a final touch on tips with the plates.

A diadem is always a hit, even when you finish cutting it in a radical way.

Distort your pixie, especially if you have left the front longer, imperfectly, it will give you a very relaxed and cute hairstyle for women

blow dryer

One of the most used hairstyles for women in their 60s are the pixies, because most of them have gray hair or have a lot of hair loss, they decide to cut it and what a good choice they take.

Front braid

Make a thin braid on the fringe of your pixie cut.

Divide your hair into a side stripe and braid only a few wispy tufts of root towards the tip, and if you wish you can braid the other side of the split of your hair.

Front braid


Plait braid on the side

If you have long fringe on your pixie cut, you will see this simple hairstyle.

There will be a thick braid very comfortable so that your fringe does not get in the way.

Plait braid on the side

Wet Effect hairstyle for women

One of the simplest and elegant hairstyles for pixie hair is the wet effect, but if you want to give it a different point, combine it with a toupee.

Looking so radiant and great is possible by applying a good dose of hair gel, lifting the front of the hair and combing the rest back.

Take the opportunity to bet on an eye makeup marked as a Smokey eyes.

Wet Effect hairstyle for women

Half Bun

One of the simplest hairstyles for women in your pixie cut and quick to make is a half bun.

Make a bun with the longest part of your hair as if it were a half ponytail, and that’s it.

Half Bun

Bob Hairstyles for women

There are many who think that this type of haircut can only be worn when it is hot because it reveals the area of the neck but the truth is that currently it does not matter in the season in which you wear it.

It is known that many are not encouraged because they believe they will look like Lord Farquaad, but the point is to know how to comb.

Check these hairstyles for women, it’s nothing difficult and you’ll be perfect.

Bob Hairstyles for women

Braided fringe

You do not have to forget the braids; Bob cuts still have the necessary length for many of them.

With a ‘bob’ of long layers on the front.

You can try combing your hair forward and making a braid back, you can make a braid of spikes or a French braid. The one you see in the photo is a French braid.

Braided fringe

You can hide the braid with the help of your own hair, simply by finishing the braid with a tail and then, with a hook attached to your head, and place hair in front of it.

If you want that this hairstyle for women look a little more formal, you can make some waves in your hair.

Twisted braids

For the bob cut this hairstyle for women will be amazing.

Since it gives a chin and unique touch.

This hairstyle is little seen and is very versatile, it can be used in weddings, proms and even baptisms.

Twisted braids

It is usually used in formal events, but if you want to arrange a little more for a special occasion like a meeting or an appointment you can use it.

The first thing you should do is split your hair in two, then you should take a lock of your hair on each side.

Having done this, you will twist that strand, and you will join another strand, and you will do the same as you do with a braid, just adding the twist each little strand.

When finished you can hold each of the twisted braids with a transparent tail or with a hook.

If you want to keep the hairstyle you can add some hairspray.

Low buns

In this case the bob cut is accompanied with one of the most current hairstyle for women.

It is about two nice little bunches which are very easy to make.

You will only need some hooks, a comb and some styling cream if you want each hair to stay firm.

Low buns

First you must divide your hair in two with the help of the comb, then split another section in the back of your head.

The strands of the front part should take it back and so you will make a bow.

This step must be done on each side, and at the end you will have a beautiful hairstyle for women.

To give it a little more style you can release some hairs on each side and that’s it.

Boxer braids

In order to make braids better, you can make waves in your hair.

To create the waves, you can use some cream to comb or a curling iron.

Remember to make the waves in the correct direction so that it is much easier to handle the braids you will make.

Boxer braids

With a comb you can brush the waves to make them more manageable.

You must mark the line in the middle and also in the back.

One option is to separate the two sides with a clamp, so that it is much easier to work.

You must start to make your braid on the front in a very tight way.

You should include more hair little by little and finally put a small rubber band.

You can open them slightly with your fingers if we look for a more casual look.

And so, so simple you can get a hairstyle for women of the most flirtatious.

Lob hairstyles for women

It is possible that a huge obsession has been unleashed by what seems to be the perfect length this season.

After pixie cut fever, celebrities let their hair grow and it stops just before reaching the shoulders.

The so-called lob (long bob), can be asymmetrical, show off with impeccable straightness or in sophisticated curls.

Boxer braids kendall

Wet effect

The wet look is to give a wet look to your hair, giving a sophisticated and fresh touch to your hair. This hairstyle for women is one of the most used by the Kardashians.

Wet effect

Half bun hairstyle for women

This hairstyle for women is extremely easy to make since it consists of a half ponytail, the only difference is that when you finish it you must make a bow.

With this hairstyle you can play in many ways, you can add some braids in the hair that falls or also make subtle waves.

It will simply make you look amazing and authentic.

Messy braid

This hairstyle for women consists in a messy braid, and it is so easy to do.

  1. Apply styling cream to damp hair and comb it with a round brush.

Do not worry much about drying, since your sole purpose is to soften it.

Messy braid

If you want more volume at the top, lift some sections of hair and run the dryer only at the tips.

  1. Start by gently pulling the hair back.

Take a large strand from the top of the head and start to form a loose French braid at the height of the ears (it will fall off in the process).

  1. Hide the braid by tucking it behind the nape of the neck and secure it with pins.

With two or three will be enough,

The beauty of this style is relaxed sensuality, which would be lost if you apply many pins.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Hairstyles for medium hair

Most hairstyle tutorials always focus on long or extremely short hair, but what about medium length hair?

Besides that, there is a versatility of cuts, there are also hundreds of hairstyles that can be done with it.

From the high ponytails, to the hairstyles with braids.

Medium hair is better than long and short because it is long enough and easy to handle. It’s like a dream come true, right?

If you are looking for the best ideas, then these hairstyles will look like you want and of course, also they will match with your outfit perfectly.

Double crown braid

Double crown braid

The double crown braid is one of the most popular and most used hairstyles for women for special occasions, for a romantic look during the day or for an elegant night.

This type of hairstyle for women is a medieval style, and the braid goes around the head and is suitable for long or medium hair

The double crown braid does not differ much from the traditional braid, the fundamental difference is that it is done twice and, therefore, in the back of the head, you will see two braids separated between them, one on the other.

If you wear it during the day, go for a disheveled hairstyle and for the night, opt for more «rigorous» and polished braids, suitable for an elegant look.

Unlike the hair of a single crown braid to achieve a double section you must have long hair. To fix the hair you only need a pair of forks and hairspray.

Twisted half ponytail

Twisted half ponytail

This hairstyle for women is very easy to do.

You just have to take two strands of hair, give them a few flies and hold them with some hooks or if you want with a tail, you can take one of the locks that is loose and know it around the half ponytail, and this will give a sophisticated touch.

You can add some accessory to make it look more feminine and tender.

Layered hairstyles for women

If you want to add some volume to your hair you can cut your medium length in layers.

One of the best companions of this style are the reflections in the hair. You really look amazing on this change of look.

Layered hairstyles for women

Dare yourself!

Do not be afraid, with this type of cut there are millions of hairstyles for women that will favor you.

waterfall braid with waves

A clear example is this waterfall braid with some waves, if you want to make it look more feminine you can add an accessory, in this case you can see that it is accompanied by some pearls.

Hairstyles for women with long hair

All women want to have a long and leafy mane.

If this is your case, amazing, not many have this luck.

It is important to take good care of your hair since long hair tends to be the most battered.

Hairstyles for women with long hair

For this same reason when you get hairstyles make a choice according to your hair type, to avoid having to submit to large heat treatments that will end up leaving it weak and lifeless.

Here you will see some hairstyles for women with long hair that are in tension.

Do not be afraid to try them no matter how difficult they seem. It is necessary to leave the everyday.

Performing the same hairstyle every day is not attractive at all.

Half ponytail with braids

This hairstyle consists of two spiked braids, one on each side of the face, these must be joined at the back of the head by a tail.

The spiked braids are very easy to do, you just have to braid with small tufts and go adding hair little by little.

Half ponytail with braids

In this case it will be done in half tail, or only with half of the hair, but if you want to make them with all the hair, they also look beautiful in this way.

You can make some waves in the hair that is loose to give it movement.

Pull-Through Braid

Pull-Through braids are well known because they are very feminine and subtle.

They are usually used for special occasions.

When you have long hair these are one of the most beautiful hairstyles for women.

Pull-Through Braid

If you do not know how to make a bubble braid, today you will learn.

The first thing you should do is make yourself a ponytail, it should not be too tight, but it should be polished at the top.

Having completed this step, you must take two strands and join them with a tail, then you open a space between these two strands and you pass two more strands, these others you have with a tail and you must do so until you finish.

Bun with braids

This time is a little more formal hairstyle for women, if you’re getting married, or you have your prom, this hairstyle will look great.

The only thing you will need will be some small tails, a hair donut, some hooks, a comb and some lacquer.

The first thing you should do is make yourself a ponytail, then place the donut for the hair and introduce your hair.

Bun with braids

Having finished this step, there will be some hair remaining, with this hair that is free you must make two braids and cross them, so that you look like a double crown with braids.

In the event that you do not have the hair donut, you should follow the same steps.

Just that when you are making the ponytail you should left two strands of hair (for the braids) and make a bun with the remaining hair.

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