Weave hairstyles

Artificial hair additions, or more commonly identified as hair extensions or hair weaves, add length or thickness to human hair.

Hair extensions are usually glued, clipped or stitched on to natural hair by fitting in additional human or synthetic hair.

Natural human hair can be curled, dyed, and straightened though synthetic hair cannot.

Weave hairstyle 2

When it comes to applying extensions we have several techniques that include tape in extensions, clip in and also clip on extensions, fusion technique, weaving technique, and wigs.

Why choosing a weave hairstyle

Every single women and girls has a different reason for choosing this specific hair styling option.

Here are a small number of reasons that we know about:

1 It saves them time: it is well known that hair extensions makes it easy to style your hair quickly and saves you lots of time.

2 They are willing to have more length: more hair length can be achieved instantly when you add hair extensions than would normally, this surely is not possible with natural hair unless you wait for it to grow to the length you desire.

3 They want to cover up hair loss: From time to time a hair extension is used to cover up or dissimulate bald patches, or maybe hair loss due to health related motives.

Why choosing a weave hairstyle

4 They want to protect their natural hair: Hair extensions are a good option if you want to protect your natural hair and help it grow and gain thickness.

5 They want to give their natural hair a break: it is highly recommended to give your natural hair a break from relaxing and iron flattening it.

Hair extensions can offer you hair that opportunity.

6 Their hair is in the middle of a transition: When they are in the middle of a transition from relaxed hair to their natural hair, many women and girls start by getting a weave hairstyle, this way they can permit their natural hair to start growing.

7 They are looking for social acceptance: our society over and over again showcase that beautiful woman and girls have long and voluminous hair.

Ever since many female celebrities wear hair extensions, this only strengthens our society’s standard, and many women and girls follow the crowd in order to be socially accepted.

Types of hair extensions

There are so many types of hair extensions to choose from.

But it is really easy to feel a little confused if you do not know which type of hair extension you are looking for is.

Hair extensions can either be Remy or also known as virgin hair or non-Remy.

Types of hair extensions

They come in different variations, lengths, styles and textures.

Here we have a few definitions to help you understand this:

  • Virgin hair: these extensions are made from human hair that has not been chemically treated.

This hair is collected from a single donor.

  • Remy hair: These extensions are one hundred percent human hair that is collected from the head of several donors, but in a way that maintains the position of the hair cuticles, in relation to other adjacent hair strands.
  • Non-Remy hair: in these hair extensions the roots and tips are all mixed.
  • So this means that not all the hairs fit in the same direction.
  • You have to remember that non-remy hair has had a chemical procedure.

Weave hairstyle tips

  • Look for good quality hair extensions

If you use bad quality synthetic hair extensions, they may damage your natural hair and also can produce scalp irritation.

Weave hairstyle tips

Be attentive because there are human hair extensions that are mixed in with synthetic hair or even worst with animal hair like horses.

Make sure you check your hair extensions carefully along with making sure you wash them before you use them to guarantee that there are no bugs hiding in the wefts that can harm or irritate your natural hair follicles.

  • Stay away from glued hair extensions

Glued weaves use bonding glue to attach the hair extensions to your scalp.

Bonding glue asphyxiates the scalp and causes cracking from the roots as your natural hair can’t breathe.

Weave hairstyle tips 2

  • Change it frequently

Weave hairstyles are recommended to be used only for 4-6 weeks at a time because your scalp needs to breathe and take a break every now and then.

Wearing the same weave hairstyle for more than this amount of time without washing your natural hair can result in unsanitary conditions that can also make possible hair loss.


  • Take care of your natural hair

It is imperative to deeply moisturize your natural hair before getting a weave hairstyle and to take care of your natural hair, as adhesive friction alopecia can be caused from abandonment.


  • Take care of your scalp too

You can wrap it up with a silk headscarf before bed, when you do sports or any activity that can cause sweat and make sure to wash and blow-dry your hair if there is too much sweat.

Also give you natural hair treatment with deep moisturizing conditioners and scalp treatments as much as you can and do not forget to let your scalp breathe every now and then.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls

Here we have a greatly textured weave hairstyle for African American women who are willing for layers of strong tight curls, these are called corkscrew curls.

The side parted hair falls softly around the neck but in the back part of the hair continues to bring loads of curls and endless curtains all the way down the spine.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls

Fully curled weave hairstyles create a look where volume is the most important part.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls cute

This side parted weave enhances glamour in dark, shiny black hair.

Long black sew in weave hairstyles blend with your own natural hairs to look as if they were really your hair as we show you.

To style your hair try creating some simple cheeky waves, they are all that is needed to turn a normal style into an amazing one.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls natural hair

A full sew in weave hairstyle is the one where your natural hair is retained into braids, then you put a hair net over your hair and hair extensions are sewn into those previous braids, wholly covering your head.

That is the procedure used to create this fashionable lob.

It is deep side parted and with a smooth blow dry you can achieve a very nice and polished finish.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls bob

Bob haircuts are a widely held option for African American women who have a little bit of a thicker hair than others.

The asymmetrical haircut gives you an edgy touch that is not similar to the otherwise traditional bob haircut.

You can also add layers to keep the style from looking too simple as the hair as you would expect falls into the longer side of the haircut.

And to style it give it a shiny blow dry and it will look absolutely stunning.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls pixie

Modern hairstyles like a pixie haircut with hair extensions can appear also unnoticeable and natural looking.

A pixie haircut is very elegant without too much trouble and is a great option for women and girls with black hair.

On this haircut work with the help of your hairdresser on how to create the layers and bangs to give your hair al little bit of volume and movement and also adjust the haircut to fit better with your face shape.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls long hair

Doing a quick and easy weave hairstyle includes bonding the hair extensions to your natural hair by using a hair net or gel formula as a defensive fence.

It is a technique that is often faster and less pricey than the sew-in weave hairstyles.

This technique matching with a shoulder length or longer straight haircut is a good sample of weave hairstyles that can offer you with a quick and casual looking hairstyle you want.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls with bang

When you pick a straight weave hairstyle, you should think about adding some side brushed short bangs.

Long shiny black hair looks perfect with a well-ordered and short fringe.

It will add your weave hairstyle a great amount of grace. You have to make sure to keep the bangs straight also.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls bun

Hair extensions are perfect for making elegant bun hairstyles.

If your hair is not long or abundant enough to create a voluminous bun, a couple of hair extensions will save the day.

All you have to do is make sure that your hair extensions match nearly to perfection with your hair color.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls balayage

You can create highlights with the help of a couple of straight hair extensions; it is a real form of art.

If you and your hairdresser are up to it, you are in for an exciting journey.

Leave your natural hair dark and then add lighter hair extensions to create highlighted look.

If you want it not to be very noticeable you can dye a couple of high light into your natural hair to help dissimulate the hair extensions.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls pink hair

A weave hairstyle does not always signify long boring hair extensions.

If you want to vary your hairstyle, but not want like a serious change, creative and colorful strands are a way to give a bright and fun touch to your look.

Attaching some color threads in different and fun places is a brilliant way to change your weave hairstyle and attiring the attention of everyone.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls white hair

If you want to keep attracting the attention and make heads turn, contrasting colors with hair extensions is a way to go.

This weave hairstyle can really be helpful with that.

Choose your hair extensions of any color; you just have to make sure the color you are choosing it is the complete opposite from your natural hair color.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls red hair

With colors as gorgeous as burgundy, strong and fun vibes are sent out.

The black color at the top part of your hair originates an air of mystery, elegance and seduction, at the same time as bright burgundy vibrates with power and determination.

Here we have two outstanding colors in a long, asymmetrical style.

If you are up to try this bold ombre burgundy look let us know.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls curly hair

Here we have a voluminous side parted weave hairstyle; it has a young and free feeling to it.

Pay attention to the curls, they are styled in a more natural way that makes this look stand out from the more common type of curls.

If you want to give this look an extra touch, you can add some small braids here and there for a creative and fun look.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls with fringe

We all know bangs can make a statement on their own.

That is without doubt the situation with these long layered bangs.

They make a truly bold weave hairstyle.

We suggest you to use a round brush when blow drying your hair in order to create a soft swoopy curl that takes away your bangs from the face.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls purple

The weave hairstyles combine not only cut techniques but also certain styling techniques which allow you to change and play with your hair color.

Dying your hair in bright colors has become very fashionable in the current times, but if you are more traditional you can choose to style your weave hairstyle with a blonde hair color like a balayage or highlights.

You can also make your bet on bright colors like fuchsia, violet, blue or green to give your weave hairstyle a fun style.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls caramel hair

Many people may think that when it comes to a weave hairstyle you cannot mix it with others haircuts, but this thought is really far away from the truth.

If your hair is too fine and lacks movement, you can choose this variation of weave hairstyle that consist in layering the hair not only in the back part of your hair but also on the sides of your hair, this way you will achieve a weave hairstyle with more movement and volume.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls black hair

The Lob bob, also known as the Blunt Cut or long Bob is a type of bob haircut that stops just above the shoulders.

This is an amazing idea for a weave hairstyle.

Bob haircuts are adored and admired for helping hair look healthier and thicker while simultaneously attract attention to the face.

Many weave hairstyles like this one are usually worn in colors like jet black, helping the cut and tilt of the hair to really stand out and achieve that shiny finish, while others pair this weave hairstyle with platinum blonde hair, ashy brown or a soft red.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls lob

This one is called the A-Line Bob, this haircut is known for being layered and short in the back part but it exists a variation of this weave hairstyle in which one of the sides is longer than the other one, besides this particular haircut is often combined with highlights.

This weave hairstyle is very popular because of the forms and varieties it has, you can try alternating between a sleek middle part, and a deep side part, in order to adding even more dimension to such a multi-layered look.

In this look, the hair and gradually goes longer toward the front part of the hair, often both sides are equal.

Weave hairstyles for women and girls rebel

For our girls that are more into the “rebel” or “edgy” style; there is this variation called the shaved bob.

This weave hairstyle is almost like the A-line bob but you must shave one side of your hair, either on the left side, on the right side or even the back part of your head.

This weave hairstyle is still traditionally a gradual more extended length from the back part of your hair to the front part of your hair but also highlights it’s edgy and unique shaved design.

Man weave

Man weaves are prosthesis of hair that go over a man’s scalp, these replacement elements are an option for those who do not want or cannot afford a surgical hair replacement procedure.

When it comes to setting up these hair units are giving many men who have lost most of their hair a chance to recover it back.

Man weave

These prostheses are also used by many patients who go through balding, alopecia or cancer treatments.

We are sure that with these prosthesis men feel more confident about themselves, they are a self-steam boost!

How to install a man weave

The installation procedure for a man weave is quite simple but it can be a little bit tiresome.

Someone with a great sense of style would be the best behind a hairdresser’s chair.

How to install a man weave

This procedure it’s considered a form of art.

Man weaves are set up by hair bonds and glue. It principal objective of this particular procedure is to achieve the most natural results.

The hair glue and bond chemicals should not damage the hair that goes underneath the hair extension.

The procedure goes something like this:

  • First step: the barber defines the client hairline before starting the hair procedure.

Usually a marker is used to draw a line in the front part of the hair.

How to install a man weave 2

  • Second step: the barber then arranges and cuts or shaves down excess of hair that it`s necessary to remove before setting up the hair component.


  • Third step: after the barber polishes the actual hair component, cutting it into the desired shape and preparing it for fitting it on the client’s head.


  • Fourth step: after achieving the desired shape, the barber places a hair glue bond on the real bare areas of the client’s head, the scalp.

The barber uses a brush to coat the glue bond all over the client`s scalp.


  • Fifth step: before setting the hair prosthesis in place, the barber uses a hairdryer to dry the glue bond; he does this in order to make sure that the glue and the hair bond together quickly.


  • Sixth step: the barber cautiously places the hair component on the client’s head according to the previously defined hairline.


  • Seventh step: after the hair component is set in place, the barber must do some extra styling and cutting before the procedure is completed.

How to install a man weave blonde

And there you have it, the hair prosthesis it’s installed and good to go.

Male hair extensions do not need a difficult installation procedure but it should always be done by a professional barber.

And last but not least, men feel the confidence boost after they leave the barbershop or hair salon.

The results are a truly make over.

In addition to give them some self-confidence back, some men can look even younger with their new head full of hair.

They surely feel young again.

Maintenance of a man weave

For those men that have installed hair prosthesis, you should be careful about too much water when you are taking a shower.

We suggest you wear a shower cap in the shower, it is really necessary.

Even though, it is possible to wear hair prosthesis while you are swimming

Maintenance of a man weave

The hair prosthesis could last from a month to a year depending on how each one maintains it.

But, it is s always fine if you go back to your barber or hair stylist if you need help with the maintenance.

Also, barber recommend to their clients to wear a du-rag or a hair net at night before they go to sleep.

Many varieties of hair covers could help keep the texture and look of the hair prosthesis to keep it looking good and make it last longer.

Men weave fashion

The fact that society normalizes men wearing hair prosthesis is going to take a little bit of time, but we will surely get there.

Hair prosthesis for men should turn into a common object.

Men weave fashion

Men’s self-steam boost and it is amazing to know that they have found something that makes them feel confident about themselves.

Hair is an essential aspect in any person`s life whether you are a man or woman.

As the hair industry continues to rise, so will our common sense of style and significance of our look.

We do not see women controlling men who wear man hair extensions but we see them be amazed and surprised by this hair prosthesis.

We hope the hair industry is innovating and will continue to change.


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