Easy Hairstyles

Nowadays, women don’t really have enough time to style their hair in complicated hairstyles, and the same thing goes for guys!

What most people want is something that makes their life easier, but makes them look just as amazing.

In here there will be presented some easy hairstyles that you can try and that will certainly make your life a whole lot easier.

Since time is very scarce for many people, elaborate and complicated hairstyles that take a long time to learn.

And perfection are no longer popular trends. Now, people are choosing quick and easy styles that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Which also gives your hair a deliberately messy style that looks incredible on any hair length.

Easy Hairstyles

What’s most important: don’t worry about your hair length. This article will be filled with tons of easy hairstyles you can try.

Depending on your type of hair and length. If you’re one of those ladies who never gets to decide on how to style her hair because of time and difficulty.

This article is dedicated to you. You’ll be the sensation wherever you go; everyone will be in awe of your hair.

The best thing about these easy hairstyles is that you won’t need a handful of tools to get your hair into place.

With this article you’ll realize just how many easy hairstyles there are for you to try.

That will make you look fashionable in no time, instead of always having to fall back into the boring all-reliable-ponytail.

Remember that you can look beautiful every day with these simple hairstyles that will definitely make your life easier.

easy hairstyles 2

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair

Having short hair can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it and your mood of the day.

Many girls don’t like to cut their hair short because they think girls should only have princesses’ long hair, which is absolutely false.

You can look beautiful and still have short hair, however, it is a tad difficult to style your tresses, but say no more.

In here there are some easy hairstyles for short haired ladies.

This is a new trend that works on every hair length, even a bob hairstyle. First weave your hair into a French braid.

From the top of your head all the way down and secure it with an elastic. To get an ever better look.

You can wrap pieces of your hair around the hairband.

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair

Beachy waves are the easiest way to style your tresses, and all girls absolutely love it.

It’s such an effortless look, slightly messy, but it doesn’t look shaggy at all. It’s cute and girly and so fast to do!

Curl your hair with an iron curler or you can just sleep with your hair weaved into two tight braids. Easy hairstyle done and mastered!

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair 2

For those ladies who are lovers of wearing their hair down but at the same time also braiding it, this super easy hairstyle is for you.

The side braid is feminine and soft look that’s very easy to do. All you must do is tie a French braid on a side section of hair up.

From the hairline and all the way down to the ends of your hair and use bobby pins to secure it to the back of your head. Done!

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair 3

Another super easy hairstyle you can try is the messy half bun. Girls love tying their hair back in a messy bun.

To get the uncomfortable strands of hair out of their faces. Just divide your hair horizontally into two sections.

And tie the top section into a messy high knot. You can add more volume to the bun by pulling lightly on it or teasing your hair before tying it up.

Super-fast and easy!

Easy hairstyles for girls with short hair 4

For more easy hairstyles for short hair, make sure to check out this tutorial:

Easy hairstyles for medium hair

Medium or shoulder length hair is the most popular trend regarding hairstyles for girls,

Because the length is neither too short, so you can tie it back in a pony or wave it into a braid, nor too long,

Because it doesn’t tangle as much as long hair; it’s just right. This type of hair length is not boring at all,

As many people think; it’s actually filled with endless possibilities on how you can style your locks.

Girls with medium length hair have an infinite amount of choices on how to style their hair: ponytails, braids, buns, loose, straight, wavy, etcetera,

All of which can be done into easy hairstyles. Since there is so much from where to choose from,

In here it will be discussed about one hairstyle of each, which means one ponytail, braid, loose, bun, and half-up half down.

Don’t worry though, all of them will fit into the category of easy hairstyles.

If you looked up in the dictionary the definition of an easy hairstyle, the image of a flirty pony would appear.

This hairdo is absolutely stylish and fashionable, and so easy you wouldn’t believe it. First, gather the top half of your hair into a high ponytail.

(bangs are optional) and secure it with an elastic band. Gather the bottom section and join it with the top half.

Secure everything with another hairband and use bobby pins to make the ponytail seem higher.

Easy hairstyles for medium hair

For braids, one of the girls’ favorite is the crown braid. For many girls this might look like it’s complicated.

But it really isn’t, all you need is to pay attention and bobby pins. Divide your hair into two sections and start Dutch braiding your hair.

From the roots to ends just until you get the middle of the back of your head and secure it with a thin elastic.

Repeat the same process on the other loose section of hair and make sure to secure it, and bring both braids to the back of your head.

The last step is to crisscross the braids and fasten them with bobby pins, as many as you think you might need.

Optionally, you can tug on the braids to add more volume. See how easy it is?

Easy hairstyles for medium hair 2

For more help on how to recreate this easy hairstyle, go to:

If you want an easy hairstyle that looks amazing without having to do absolutely anything to your hair, the angled haircut is perfect for you.

This hairstyle gives a bold and sexy look that screams out empowerment. Don’t worry about this cut looking like “mom hair”.

Because the deeper the angle is, the more modern the hairstyle looks. This is a haircut for women of all ages.

Easy hairstyles for medium hair 3

A bohemian side bun is a look a little classier and absolutely fashionable, yet it’s an easy hairstyle nonetheless.

Just sweep your hair all to one side of your head and twist it into a side bun. Tie it with a thin hairband and secure it with some bobby pins.

Optionally, you can pull on the bun to add more volume. Easy and beautiful!

Easy hairstyles for medium hair 4

Half-up half down hairstyles should earn the title for being the easiest hairstyle ever.

This hairdo accomplishes the objective of looking princess-like in a matter of five minutes, and it’s appropriate for casual and formal events.

Just gather a small section of hair on each side of your head and wrap them behind your head.

You can even crisscross them in the back to give it a sort of a halo hairstyle. Secure it with bobby pins and you’re all set!

Had you ever seen something so cute and easy at the same time?

Easy hairstyles for medium hair 5

Easy hairstyles for long hair

Since the archaic ages, having long hair was meant as a sign of beauty. Although nowadays there’s about 50-50 on girls.

Who prefer short hair over long hair, many girls love growing their locks long, and who can blame them? Long hair is voluminous, versatile.

Romantic, sweet and incredibly thick. Everyone loves some good long tresses.

However, not everything is rose-colored. Having long hair can be difficult, either because it’s not easy to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

Or because you have so much hair and you don’t know what to do with it. But worry not:

In here we’ll offer some easy hairstyles as an inspiration on how to style your gorgeous long locks.

Easy hairstyles for long hair

When it comes to having long hair, most of the time your locks rest uncomfortably over your face.

One of the most useful and easy hairstyles you’ll ever find to get the hair out of your face is the Doughnut Bun.

Tie back your hair in a high ponytail and stick through a donut-hairband (which you get at your local supermarket).

Wrap your hair around the donut until it’s all covered and you’re satisfies with the final result.

Easy hairstyles for long hair 2

Another easy hairstyle that is perfect for both spring and summer is a flower braid. This gorgeous hairstyle might seem complicated.

But it’s exactly the opposite. You need to gather one section of hair from each side of your head and tie them in a low ponytail at the back.

Which you must later braid down to the ends; if you like more volume, you can tug out lightly on the braid to make it look thicker.

Lastly, spin the braid around into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Ta-da!

Easy hairstyles for long hair 3

If you are a girl that loves keeping her hair long but doesn’t like styling it even with any of these easy hairstyles, don’t worry.

There are ways you can cut your hair that will make you look as beautiful and fashionable as any hairstyle out there.

Face-framing and long layers are a good choice for everyone, regardless of the shape of your face and the type of your hair.

If you opt for this hairstyle you can always combine it with highlights; it gives your hairstyle a whole new level of cool.

Easy hairstyles for long hair 4

A sleek slicked back hairstyle is one you see on a runway or on the red carpet.

This style can turn whatever look you sport into something even more special. It’s a look for any casual or formal event.

Just brush all your hair back with a hairbrush and apply some hair gel and hairspray to make it stick into place.

Easy hairstyles for long hair 5

Keep your long hair looking beautifully healthy

Long hair gets easily tangled and split ends are certainly a curse. Long hair is worth keeping only when you keep it healthy, otherwise it makes no sense.

Here there are some tips for you to maintain those luscious locks of yours looking beautiful.

And also, if your hair doesn’t grow past a certain length, these tips also work for you so you can try any of these easy hairstyles.

Keep your long hair looking beautifully healthy

As silly as it sounds, having the right hairbrush and the way you detangle your hair can make a difference.

The best recommendation is to use a wet brush or a boar bristle brush. When you have long hair,

It’s important that your hair brush helps minimize any breakage and friction when brushing.

Brush your hair from the bottom up so it doesn’t get caught on any tangles and leaves the hair feeling smooth and soft.

Keep your long hair looking beautifully healthy 2

Also, don’t wash your hair every single day. It’s understandable that no one likes feeling their hair oily, but, believe it or not.

The hair’s natural grease protect your locks; when you wash your hair daily, you’re killing these oils away, which is worse than you think.

To keep your hair healthy, just wash it two to three times a week. If you don’t like the greasy sensation.

You can buy a hair dry shampoo that will help you endure those difficult days with oily hair.

The shampoo and conditioner you use also have a big effect. You must buy the shampoo and conditioner that are appropriate for your type of hair.

When washing your hair, keep in mind that you only need a small dollop of shampoo to wash your scalp.

Which is where grease originates, and massage it gently with the tips of your fingers.

Keep your long hair looking beautifully healthy 3

When you rinse your hair after shampooing it keep the water cool, because scalding hot water dries out your hair and creates tangles.

Keep in mind that maintaining long, goddess-like hair takes time, lots of dedication and an infinite amount of patience.

But know for sure that the final results will be absolutely worth it.

Easy hairstyles for curly hair of any length

Curly hair is the clear vision of energy and personality. If you meet a girl with curly hair, you can bet she’s the life of every party.

However, as much as straight-haired girls say “I wish I had curly hair” they don’t know what they’re wishing for.

If you think handling long hair is difficult, don’t let me get started on curly hair. As beautiful as it is.

Taming those wild curls and getting them to behave can be quite the challenge, but don’t worry.

With these easy hairstyles you won’t have to suffer any more on thinking of ideas to get your messy curls under control.

In here you’ll find some styles that will help you with your beautiful curls, whether you have long, short or medium hair.

Easy hairstyles for curly hair of any length

Whenever and wherever you look for ideas for your curly hair, the first option to appear is a high messy topknot.

And that’s just because this easy hairstyle is probably the easiest you’ll ever find, and it gives you a totally cool and relaxed look.

Just pull your hair back and tie it into a high knot. That’s all!

Easy hairstyles for curly hair of any length 2

A perfect look for both day and night is a French braided low ponytail. As its name says, for this easy hairstyle you have to brush your hair back.

And French braid it until you get to the back of your neck, then tie it with an elastic into a ponytail, and you’re all done!

Optionally you can wrap some sections of hair around the elastic to cover it.

Easy hairstyles for curly hair of any length 3

Space buns are a cute and easy hairstyle, no doubt. They are a trend from the 90’s which look a lot like Princess Leia’s from Star Wars.

iconic side buns. First you need to divide your hair into two sections and tie them into to high pigtails.

Twist the pigtail into a rope and then coil it into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the process with the other pigtail and you’re done.

Easy hairstyles for curly hair of any length 4

Of course, the easiest hairstyle you could ever choose is just letting your beautiful curls flow free with the wind.

Not many people can sport curls, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, flaunt those curls around with dignity and pride!

Easy hairstyles for curly hair of any length 5

Easy braided hairstyles

Every girl loves braids. It’s a must have hairstyle, because they are so incredible easy to perfection and it’s so flattering.

Besides, you can use a braid for any kind of event, whether casual or formal, and you’ll surely stand out.

However, if you’re one of those girls who, like me, are absolutely useless with their fingers and can’t weave a braid to save their life.

Then these easy hairstyles with braids are ideal for you. Because, believe it or not, as easy as they are, some girls have a difficult time weaving braids.

Not because they’re complicated but because sometimes they take amble fingers, which not everyone has.

But don’t worry, you’ll won’t have to walk around with the same old three-strand-braid you use every day.

You’ll be able to recreate these easy braids in no time; all it takes is some practice and patience.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see why they’re called an easy hairstyle.

Easy braided hairstyles

An easy hairstyle that never fails, that you can use any time, and surely never gets old is a fishtail braid.

This easy hairstyle is pretty much the same thing as a three-strand braid, just as easy, but so much cooler-looking.

Divide your hair into two sections and separate a small piece of hair from the outside of the left section.

Pull that small piece across the top of the left section and pass it over the right section.

Later, separate another small section of hair, this time from the right section of hair.

And do the same thing you did previously: pull the piece across the top of the right section over to the left section.

Keep repeating the process until you get to the ends of your hair and end up with a beautiful fishtail on your locks.

Easy braided hairstyles 2

Can’t decide just how exactly you want to braid your hair? Say no more, just braid two hairs in one!

It sounds infinitely complicated, but this easy hairstyle will surprise you. First, you need to divide your hair into two equal sections.

Braid each section and secure them with elastic bands.

After you have the second braid done, remove the elastic from the first braid.

Lay the end of a braid over the end of the other braid to bring them together, and secure them with a hairband.

Optionally, you can tug lightly on the braids to make them look fuller, and you’re done. See how easy it is?

Easy braided hairstyles 3

If you don’t want to let go of your reliable ponytail, but don’t want it to look boring, you can convert it into a cool braid!

Tie your hair back into a sky high ponytail and secure it with a hairband.

Once secured, start braiding the pony all the way down to the ends of your hair.

When you’re done, tie it with an elastic and tug on the braid to add volume. Two easy hairstyles into one!

Easy braided hairstyles 4

If these are still too complicated for you, try this faux fishtail braid. It’s not really a braid, but it sure looks like one.

First you need to tie your hair back into a high ponytail and secure it with a hairband.

A few inches under the first elastic wrap another one and tug on the hair to add volume.

Repeat the process every few inches until you get to the ends of your hair. Remember to tug on your hair; volume is the essence of this hairstyle!

Easy braided hairstyles 5

Hair accessories

So, previously into the article we have probably repeated a hundred times just how many easy hairstyles there are for girls to try.

But if you thought those were easy, just wait for these. You haven’t seen easiness yet.

Question: what’s the easiest way to style your hair? Well, one might say braids, others ponytails, messy buns, half-up half-down hairdos, etcetera.

While those answers are technically correct, sure, they’re easy hairstyles, just not the easiest way to style your hair.

The correct answer is hair accessories.

Think about it: all you need to do is clip a barrette on your hair, or wrap a headband.

Or just some simple bobby pins can be considered as an accessory that will make your hair look pretty and you stand out!

Hair accessories

Chic headbands are cool and fashionable, and you can use them with your hair however you want.

Loose, braided, tied back, curly, straight, long, short, medium. Hair accessories don’t victimize: they’re for everyone alike!

Hair accessories 2

Modern scarves give you a tropical and chic look. They’re very relaxed and volatile.

If you don’t know how to tie a scarf around your head to make it look good, there are several scarves that come already tied.

So all you need to do is stick your head through the hole.

Hair accessories 3

Barrettes for grown-ups are a gorgeous and simple way to style your hair, and oh the easiness!

Obviously, you’re no longer a little kid, and you probably left barrettes a long time ago, but fashion always returns.

With barrettes, you’re not limited by hair type, length or to one single style. Whether you want to achieve a formal look.

Or a more relaxed vibe, with barrettes both are possible.

Hair accessories 4

Antique hair accessories, mostly headbands and hair clips, are very in at the moment, as are jeweled accessories.

These type of accessories will give you a unique and easy hairstyle that is achieved in a matter of minutes.

And still end up looking absolutely gorgeous.

Hair accessories 5

Easy hairstyles for little girls

Kids are not very fond of routine, that being said, your daughter will probably tire from getting her hair styled the same way every single day.

We understand, life with kids can be chaotically beautiful, yet stressful all the same.

And time is certainly a rich resource not many mothers have to waste.

So, if you and your little girl are already bored from the same old hairstyles and need some inspiration to trigger your creativity.

So you can try something new, these easy hairstyles are just perfect for you both and can be done in literally no time at all.

Easy hairstyles for little girls

The waterfall braid is a gorgeous hairstyle that little girls adore. This easy hairstyle can be recreated on short, medium or long hair of any texture.

Your daughter will look amazingly cute; she’ll be the sensation among the girls of her class and you’ll be the most popular mom there is out there.

To learn how to recreate this easy hairstyle, watch this tutorial:

Braided buns are totally adorable and stylish. This is a super easy hairstyle that you can get done quickly.

These buns are completely adorable and sweet, and little girls love them. You need to gather the hair into two ponytails.

Easy hairstyles for little girls 2

Each secured with an elastic band. Later braid them and coil them back into buns that you can secure with bobby pins. Incredibly adorable!

Easy hairstyles for little girls 3

A hair bow is absolutely stylish and chic, and it can be used for formal or casual events.

This easy hairstyle requires lots of practice to get the best result possible, so don’t panic when you don’t get it right the first two or three times.

Once you get it perfect, the final product will be totally worth it!

Easy hairstyles for little girls 4

Little girls love pigtails, that’s a fact. Imagine mixing pigtails with braids; this easy hairstyle is the perfect combo!

First, part the waterfall rectangle and clip it away from the rest of the hair, then tie the remaining pieces into pigtails. Go back to the first rectangle.

And French braid it, but leave a section out on each side to give it the full waterfall braid look and secure it with one of the ponytails.

Easy hairstyles for little girls 5

Easy hairstyles for men

If you’re a guy and you have read throughout the whole article to get to this particular section, don’t wait any longer!

In here there will be discussed several easy hairstyles for guys that will make your hair look effortlessly amazing.

In the last few years there has been an important return in vintage styles and classy undercuts.

For men, short haircuts are gaining more popularity each day, and they remain unbeaten due to their clean cuts and precise styling.

Which certainly makes men look cleaner.

Because men are paying more and more attention to their style, they also deserve some easy hairstyles.

Grown men, much like women, don’t have a lot of free time to dedicate to style their tresses, but don’t worry.

You’ll surely find in here some easy hairstyles and haircuts that are low-maintenance.

Easy hairstyles for men

As usual, the current trend in men’s hairstyles is a little more hair at the top and hair cropped very short on the sides.

Nowadays, men are pairing up this kind of hairstyle with fade hairstyles and thin or thick facial hair.

Which add a whole new level of cool to the whole style. A fade look is also a way to personalize this haircut.

It’s a very easy hairstyle and super low-maintenance.

Easy hairstyles for men 2

To keep with this easy hairstyle thematic, another idea is the faux hawk, another men’s favorite, no doubt.

This maintains the same scent: hair clipped short on the sides, and the hair at the top still long, yet not too much.

And styled to make it look spiked; you can use your favorite hair gel or hairspray to recreate the look.

The short and pointy spikes will make you look even more handsome and daring!

Easy hairstyles for men 3

What’s easier than a nearly shaved hairstyle? Or at the least, cropped very short on both sides and the top of your hair.

Certainly, this hairstyle is not for everyone. Like women, some men also can grow attached to their hair, and cutting it all off is easier said than done.

If you’re one of the brave guys who decides to try this easy hairstyle, think about how much you’ll save on shampoo!

Easy hairstyles for men 4

If you’re not sure you’re into fade hairstyles, you can start by trying some that are not so pronounced.

You can start off by getting a slight fade. In this particular style the fade starts lightly going down from your ears to the back of your neck.

While the top of your hair is neatly trimmed and shaped, although a little longer. It’s sophisticated, yet modern at the same time.

Easy hairstyles for men 5

If you’re one of the guys who likes growing their hair a little longer, just until your shoulders or little past,

there are also easy hairstyles for you to try that will take no time at all and will still make you look super cool and handsome.

Long and messy waves are the perfect hairstyle for both men and women who like to give out a “I don’t give a darn” vibe,

Which is a totally cool look and totally effortless, and all girls love it on a long-haired guy.

Men with long hair have a wide variety of where to choose from, and they don’t need to style their hair every day. In fact, the more volume the better.

Easy hairstyles for men 6

A man bun is also a fabulous option. This easy hairstyle has been in the picture for over 3 years.

It didn’t pop out of nowhere with the appearance of hipsters, like many believe.

Actually, this hairstyle has been in the picture for years, it has just been gaining more and more popularity lately.

To achieve this look, all you need to do is gather your hair back and tie it in a bun on the top of your head.

Keep in mind that the messier it looks, the better.

Easy hairstyles for men 7

Easy hairstyles for little boys

Although the majority of young boys don’t pay much attention to the way their hair is styled,

mothers don’t like letting their sons run around with a bad haircut, and they are always looking for inspiration

and easy hairstyles on how to style their boys’ hair. Wait no more! In here you can check out some hairstyles approved for and by young boys.

The most popular style is letting the hair at the top grow a little bit longer and keep the hair at the sides cropped very short.

Boys feel comfortable with this hairstyle, and the short hair gives them freeness; not having to worry about their hair getting caught somewhere while they are running around, this is a very easy hairstyle every boy should try.

Easy hairstyles for little boys

Boys’ favorite is certainly the mix of keeping their hair clipped short on the sides, a little longer at the top, and with a very cool fade cut.

Many inspirational figures in a boy’s life, like soccer and baseball players, are styling their hair this way,

Which makes this easy hairstyle even more attractive for a young boy.

Easy hairstyles for little boys 2

The pompadour haircut is a style a little more appropriate for boys a little older, like going into their pre-teen years.

As usual, the hair is buzzed very short to the scalp on the sides and kept long and voluminous on top.

This look kind of resembles men’s hairstyles back on the 1940’s and 1950’s.

If you want to add an extra touch to this style, you can clip the hair even shorter on the sides to get a fade look.

Easy hairstyles for little boys 3

Easy Asian hairstyles

If there’s anything Asian women know like anyone else does, is how to style their hair perfectly.

according to the shape of their face and the texture and length of their hair. In here you’ll find some easy hairstyles.

Perfect for Asian women with any hair length; or anyone who likes them, really!

In Asia, the majority of people have a round face; it’s very common. If you also have a rounded face, we recommend this face-contouring bob.

This easy hairstyle will work wonders for your face, besides being flattering, it will make your neck seem longer and soften your features.

This will certainly become a favorite of yours, especially if you pair it with some cute bangs!

Easy Asian hairstyles

A sexy low side bun is a perfect and easy hairstyle for every occasion. It’s very flirty and fashionable, and so quick and easy to do!

All you need to do is gather your hair all to one side and coil it back into a messy bun at the nape of your neck.

Secure it to your head with some bobby pins and pull lightly on it to add more volume, and ta-da!

Easy Asian hairstyles 2

A gorgeous and easy hairstyle that is very popular with young and middle-aged Asian girls is the shoulder length bob with side bang.

This hairstyle is the definition of innocence and it gives out a totally adorable vibe, especially if you pair it with a light shade of soft brown.

To make your hair look this soft naturally, without having to blow-dry it all the time, make sure to brush it with regularity and keep it looking healthy.

Easy Asian hairstyles 3

Asian girls love hair accessories, so feel free to pair of any of these easy hairstyles.

With thin headbands and small accessories that flaunt your beautiful features, and always keep using bangs in mind!

Easy Asian hairstyles 4

For more easy hairstyles for Asian women, click on this website

Thank you so much for reading this particular article; we hope you enjoyed it and keep coming back for more! If you liked it, make sure to share this article with your friends and family so they don’t miss out on these amazingly easy hairstyles.

Thank you once again for reading us!

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