Mid length hairstyles

Mid length hairstyles can easily be labelled as normal or even boring, as it is not long enough to be enviable or short enough to be daring.

Sometimes it can be seen as the transition state from a shorter hairstyle, say for example a bob cut or even a pixie cut, towards the long flowing mane that most women dream of, and the truth is that there is a reason for you to be seeing this length anywhere you look, and it is not because people are settling but because mid length hairstyles are not only both stylish and functional but also a universal look and length.

Mid length hairstyles

The best part about the mid length hairstyles is that they are the perfect balance between the versatility and functionality of long hair and the ease of short hair.

Being long enough for you to play with it but not too short to not be able to tie it up.

Mid length hairstyles are not only one of the most versatile looks that it is out there but they’re also timeless and chic, meaning that this look will look good with anything and on anyone if done correctly.

Mid length hairstyles for women

Mid length hairstyles for women are so rich and open minded that one could believe that these are the only hairstyles available as they have such a wide arrange of different styles and ways that you can style just one cut that it looks like more than one.

To achieve this mid length hairstyle for women all you need to do is cut your hair somewhere in the length between just below your shoulders and your neck, as we have said before this length is seen as a transition length from a short hairstyle to a longer hairstyle, but this does not mean that everyone who has it is going through that.

Mid length hairstyles for women

Actually, plenty of women wear it because it is flattering to their face and face shape, as well as enjoying all the benefits from the lengths of the mid length hairstyles.

This article is perfect for you if you are looking for ways to style your mid length hairstyles or even if you are trying to decide if this is the look for you, we are going to be showing you a plethora of beautiful and stylish hairstyles that you can totally try and will look amazing no matter what are your preferences you are going to have them covered.

Mid length hairstyles for women 2

Mid length hairstyles with bangs

Mid length hairstyles with bangs are every woman salvation; they are easier to style than longer or shorter hairstyles as you have just the right amount of hair to work with while offering freedom for a wide variety of experiments.

Adding bangs to a mid length hairstyle can be a very good option for you if you want to add dimension and different heights to your look, layers are not your only option to do add the dimension and movement you want.

Mid length hairstyles with bangs

Deciding to go for a mid length hairstyle with bangs at the end of the day it is your choice, all we can do to help you is show you all the different options and styles you can try in order for you to decide what trendy, versatile or manageable hairstyle you want.

You can also, of course, try with a combination of all three.

Bob haircuts are a very popular option in 2018.

And the best part is that they are never out of fashion because they are versatile not only (depending on the length you choose) for any face shape as well as being very versatile.

As well as trying different types of mid length haircuts.

Mid length hairstyles with bangs 2

Furthermore, mid length hairstyles with bangs can be fitting for any form of face shape and it is as easy to achieve it as following some simple advice.

For example; rounded and squared faces get a lot of benefits from asymmetry, so a side parting or asymmetric bangs are your thing.

Triangular faces should go for any type of hairstyle that creates volume in the cheek area, and rectangular faces are recommended to avoid longer hairstyles.

And with if you have an oval face shape then you are pretty much okay to wear any type of mid length hairstyle that you want.

Chic and conservative mid length hairstyle

Being woman than looks to be stylish but does not really want to go around following trends blindly like a lot of people do, then this easy hairstyle with bangs is definitely a must have when looking for a new look.

It is not only a clean a polished look but it will also allow your hair to look healthy and beautiful.

Chic and conservative mid length hairstyles

In order for you to avoid this specific hairstyle looking dull or boring you can mix it with some highlights or even a balayage technique.

This will not only add dimension but it can also make it look even trendier.

Chic and conservative mid length hairstyle

Blunt bob with bangs

One of the easiest mid length hairstyles to achieve is the blunt bob cut.

Made known by Uma Thurman for her character in the Pulp Fiction movie, the best thing about this hairstyle is that it has a wide variety of lengths you can try going from a very short bob to a long bob (also known as lob) and they all will look amazing with blunt bangs.

Blunt bob with bangs

Another thing you can do to add a little of spice to this look is trying a slanted style instead of the normal and standard layered cut.

At first people may not notices that one of the sides is longer than the other, but we believe that it is the littles details that can matter the most, this look will lengthen your face just like a layers would.

Blunt bob with bangs blondie

Mid length hairstyles for thin hair

Even if you wish your thin hair was much thicker that does not mean that you can’t create lots of cool mid length hairstyles for thin hair, these hairstyles are rather versatile especially if you have thin hair.

You can create lots of beautiful hairstyles.

These mid length hairstyles can vary from loose bob haircuts to various up dos and braids in order to add more volume and make your hair seem thicker.

A secret for you is that a messy touch will save you when looking for volume as well as if you as constantly on the go.

Half up braided pompadour

This hairstyle consists on French or Dutch braid with plenty of volume at the top of your head, making your hair look much thicker than it normally would as well as allowing you to have some fun when looking for ways to style your hair.

Half up braided pompadour

Remember that a cute or beautiful hairs does not always come from a haircut, so this is a fun way for you to try and style your hair and go out of the routine.

Half up braided pompadour 2

You can also try to do this hairstyle with all of your hair instead of a half up half down hair look so you can have a little more versatility from your hair, this mid length hairstyle for thin hair will make you look amazing without so much of a try.

Half up braided pompadour 3

Bob cut with swoopy bangs

Waves and curls are another amazing way to make your thin hair look thicker and gorgeous without much of a try, as well as root lifts can add overall volume, and if you mix all of that with some dimension caramel highlights like in the photo then you are free to enjoy this hairstyle for thin hair without further difficulty or complications.

Bob cut with swoopy bangs

Mid length hairstyles with layers

Looking feminine is every woman’s goal, but taking into consideration the hectic of our everyday lives this may be a difficult thing if your hair need a lot of attention, and layered look tend to need less attention in order to look beautiful.

Perfect bed head look

Layers are a great choice for your mid length hairstyles because they not only add volume but depth and texture as well.

Giving you a wide versatility without the need of a longer hair, the name of this hairstyle does not mean that it is going to look bad or anything if that’s what you think about.

Perfect bed head look.

Actually the name comes from the perfect messy look that you can achieve with ease every morning, looking just like if you had just woken up beautiful like those girls in the movies.

Mid length hairstyle with flicked ends

If your mid length hairstyle is at your shoulders then consider spicing thing up a bit by adding a little flick and chop to your ends, as well as a little balayage to add more dimension and layers to the look.

This hairstyle can look better if you blow dry it in the morning with a round brush in order to let the hair have that flicked look at the tips, we really love layers at the time of creating a new hairstyle for everyone.

Mid length hairstyle with flicked ends

Bob cut with layers

This mid length hairstyles with layers can take the bob cut to another level, adding dimension as well as softening up the blunt bob look.

You can also cut the hair at an angle and it will immediately appear with more texture.

Bob with layers

The best part about this look is that it works perfectly with a wide variety of hair colors but we recommend to mix it with a balayage technique.

Mid length hairstyles for girls

While being young is one of the best life stages where to try and experiment with your looks, trying new (or old!) fashion and style trends to look perfectly stunning.

So if you are a girl you have so many options waiting out there for you on what to do with your hair no matter the length, thickness or color.

Mid length hairstyles for girls

Keep in mind that choosing a haircut is an important and responsible thing since is going to be on what you are going to relay for future cuts.

It should be something that you know you are going to feel comfortable in for everyday looks as well as leave some space for fancier looks when going out.

Mid length hairstyles for girls 2

In addition, take into consideration how much care you want or can give to your hair once you get the mid hair hairstyles you want, as you are going to have to take care of it constantly and do not want to choose one that requires much attention if you do not have too much time.

Contrary to what most people believe, short hair does not limit you or takes away freedom from you when looking for hairstyles, but this is a disputable statement as modern haircuts consist on many textures and unusual angles that you have more opportunities than what you may think.

High-low bob cut

As easy as it sounds, a simple bob cut will be perfect for you little one.

Allowing freedom, cuteness and a little bit of edginess with this look by only spicing it up by cutting the hair at the back of the head shorter than the hair at the front of the hair.

High low bob cut

This cut is super easy to work with and to style so do not be afraid to try it on your little angel and, for all of you working, busy moms, you can relax with this mid length hairstyle for girls.

Straight down mid length hairstyle

This hairstyle is great for those little girls that are ready for a no frill look that look feminine, it is a very simple yet very beautiful look for your little girl to wear to wear, even if they are the ‘I’m to cool for school’ type.

It reaches the shoulders and has rounded tips, this look is especially cute and perfect for those lucky girls with thick and naturally super straight hair.

Straight down mid length hairstyle

These types of mid length hairstyles are super easy to style for any type of occasion.

Straight down mid length hairstyle 2

Fun and outgoing touch of color

This is a look for bolder and more outgoing girls out there, it consists on taking you mid length hair and adding a touch of color so it pops out in a crown as well as making sure no one else will have the exact same look as you do!

Fun and outgoing touch of color

We recommend that if you are deciding to go for this hairstyle then you should take precautions as a color protecting shampoo and avoid hair products that have alcohol in them.

This is a look that definitely need a little more of maintenance but it is completely worth it.

Fun and outgoing touch of color blue

Mid length hairstyles for men

Nowadays these lengthier hairstyles for men are becoming each time more and more popular, even to all of those men who love and have always worn short haircuts they are finally realizing that the medium or even short-mid length hairstyles can give them much more freedom and choice on how to style their hair.

Whether you are trying to grow your hair out, or if the look appeals to you the mid length hairstyles have so many variations and possibilities that the possibilities of you not finding something you like are almost impossible!

Mid length hairstyles for men

Up next we are going to show you just a few of the options you have for your new hair look.

Mid length hairstyles for men 2

Mid length natural waves

These mid length hairstyles for men are a very good turn to the classic short hair look, as well as being fashionable and stylish.

You can try to change it up more to your own style by letting the bottom part shorter than the hair at the top of your hair, not having to cut it close to the skin if you do not like it like that.

Mid length natural waves

You can style it with a little pomade or even the tiniest amount of hair wax to make sure that the hair maintains its style during the whole day or night.

Natural grown out layers

So easygoing and suave, this hairstyle is nice and the better option for you if you are growing out your hair.

With this particular look you are most likely to get the best results if you blow dry your hair when you step out of the shower instead of letting it air dry or drying it out with a towel, as it may end up with frizz.

Natural grown out layers

We recommend for you to blow dry it with a round brush as well as – if you have rebel hair – applying a little pomade or even wax or any hair product that works for you to make sure that the look lasts as long as it can.

Natural grown out layers 2

Spiky and soft haircut

Men are lately looking for a softer and touchable hair look that looks casual and less groomed than the perfectly cut, hard crispy and spiked hair that was a thing in the past.

This look is a perfect option for men who are attractive, know it and are unapologetic about it.

Spiky and soft haircut

There’s nothing that will grab more attention than someone who looks handsome, confident and with the idea that they do not really try.

Cut out layers at the top

Layers are a perfect solution for both thick or thin hair; for thinner hair the layers can add volume and for the thicker hair layers can be a perfect solution for you to try to give dimension to you hair look.

If you blow dry your hair you may add even more volume to the look, if you achieve the look correctly you will be rocking the ultimate bad boy style.

Cut out layers at the top

Mid length hairstyles for boys

Finding hairstyles for your little boy should really not be a difficult task, as out little angels grow it is time to let them express themselves through their hair as well as experiment for them to see what they like and what they do not.

There are actually so many options for you to check out that limiting your boy to the same 2 hairstyles for the rest of his growth is not an option.

Mid length hairstyles for boys

So here we are to show you some ideas for you to look at and choose the right way to cut your kid’s hair.

The mop top

Some people were born to wear a messy longer hairstyle, and that’s why the mop top is a perfect solution if you are looking for mid length hairstyles for boys, especially if your little boy has wavy or textured hair you should try this look.

Getting this hairstyle is rather easy; all you need to do is choose the length of your preference and keep it clean cut around the zones of the ears.

The mop top

Add some layers keeping in mind that this look is supposed to be messy so do not make them too short.

The mop top 2

Little classic man

This hairstyle is perfect for little classic boys.

It works perfectly with kids with thinner hair that tends to lie flat and lifeless; it also works perfectly with wavy or textured hair.

Little classic man

This hairstyle is achieved by cutting the bottom with the desired length of clippers – from 1 to 3 preferably – and depending on the length that you used in this step depends what clipper you are going to use at the top of the head.

In the end you should have shorter hair in the bottom and longer hair at the top.

Beach waves

This is the perfect look for those little men who do not want short or long hair.

It works perfectly with those little angels that were blessed with natural curly or wavy hair.

As well as styling is very easy as you can leave the little one’s hair naturally or style it with moose or a stronger gel.

Beach waves

To get this look all you need to do is leave the areas near the neck and ears clean and let the rest of the hair long enough in order to let it curl and have this beautiful look.

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