Kids Hairstyles

We know you love your kids and all the time you want them to look stunning and cute with any hairstyle you want them to wear.

In the case of boys there are several options in which the father does not agree with it, but in the case of the girl, every hairstyle will make her look as a princess.

several hairstyles

Being a parent is not an easy task, making breakfast and ordering your kids every time to brush their teeth and getting them ready on time can turn your mornings into a total madness and even more when they are going to school.

Sometimes when is time to decide which is going to be the new hairstyle for your kid is a decision that both parents have to take in this case we will show several hairstyles for your boy or girls that will make them look as the coolest kids in school.

Hairstyles for Boys

Not all the hairstyles look great in every head or hair type, in the case of boys we’ll show you classic hairstyle for long and short hair and some modern hairstyle for those kids who wants to let their own personality shines

Or maybe you as parent want to try something different en your kid hairstyle that will make him look totally stunning.

Hairstyles for Boys

Hairstyle Boys with Long Hair

Some kids want to let their hair long and try some hairstyles with this length this hairstyle works amazing for kids with straight or wavy hair.

Hairstyle Boys with Long Hair

The mushroom Hairstyle

For boys with long and messy hair, some parent loves this classic hairstyle for kids with long hair, this hairstyle is highly recommended for boys who have straight or fine and wavy hair, this hairstyle also looks amazing in toddlers.

With this hairstyle is not necessary the use of clippers so is better to use scissors to make the form around the head by covering the neck and ears, without making any short the upper part of the hair.

The first thing to think is how long is going to be the mushroom hairstyle, a we said before the point is to make a clear cut with the scissors around the ears, after this you can add some layers in the hair.

The mushroom Hairstyle

The final touch of this hairstyle is to make a hair bang around the kid’s eyes, so it will look like a complete mushroom, once the bang is done stylized the hairstyle by blending the bang to one side of the head.

Layered Hairstyle

This is a toddler hairstyle, but young boys can wear this hairstyle too, this is a totally groovy and retro hairstyle for long and wavy hair. Is a more difficult than the mushroom hairstyle but completely stunning.

If your little man has a curly hair or with a very straight hair, then you should reconsider this hairstyle because it won’t look very well in your kid.

Remember that this hairstyle is a little bit similar to the mushroom hairstyle but is not done like it, the layered has some variation.

Layered Hairstyle

If you finally decided to do this hairstyle then we recommend you tell the barber to use a razor for the lengths than a pair of scissors, because it will help with the texture in the hair.

The point is to not let any straight lines or a clean cut for any reason, because is a hairstyle needs a lot of layers to get enough texture to look amazing. The hair needs to be at the same height to ears and is necessary to have bangs near to the eyebrows.

Add the final touch to the hairstyle by wetting the hair enough in specific areas and after that let it blow dry, if you want to add a total smother look use some mousse and your little boy’s hair will look amazing.

Layered Hairstyle kids

Curly Hairstyle

In case your little man was born with beautiful and completely natural curls give a try to this hairstyle that will make him look completely attractive and let his hair completely shine.

The hairstyle is for boys and parents who don’t want the hair too long or too short because is only cut a few inches above the neck, this type of cut gave a lot of volume to the hair.

Curly Hairstyle

As we said before the hairstyle is done by cutting a few inches all around the head, is better if the hairstyle is done with scissors, even if the hairstyle has to be cut around the ears and neck it has to remain in a specific length.

This is done with a technique called pull-out in which the hair is taken with the hand and pull out to maintain the length.

Finally, when you have to stylize the hair of your little boy we recommend you to use a little bit of mousse not too much because the idea is to have a natural curly hairstyle.

Curly Hairstyle kids

Short Hairstyle for Boys

For those parents and kids who don’t agree with letting the hair of your little boy long and prefer a classic short hairstyle we have some special option that will make your son look classic but flattering.

The short hairstyle is an easy option for any kinds of hair, it doesn’t matter the type because it will look amazing no matter what and also it has less problem when the part of stylizing the hair come to the show.

Short Hairstyle for Boys

Faded hairstyle with Pompadour

This first hairstyle is perfect for those kids who want to be a little hipster or for those parents who want their kids to be on trend.

This hairstyle is a retro haircut that will make your toddler look totally cute and sweet.

Besides the idea that you can have about this hairstyle is very easy to get and it doesn’t mess up if you take enough care when you are styling the hair.

This hairstyle is characterized by trimming the hair in a light fade that start in the back part of the hair, so is recommended to use a number one clipper in the neck and near to the ears part.

Faded hairstyle with Pompadour

Once you are over with the lower part of the hair then move up and change to a number two and three clipper taking care with the change between of these two clippers to get an amazing blended look.

When is time to cut the upper part of the hairstyle is better if it is done with scissors, do not cut the hair too much because it has to be long enough so the hair can be slicked back and is better if it is cut in layers, so the upper part will have a lot of volume.

You have to be careful with the hair in back part of the upper part, because this part can’t fall in back part of the hair, as we said the upper part of the hairstyle has to be long enough, so it can be slicked back, or you can create a pompadour.

Pompadour kid

You can add more style to your young man hairstyle by making a well-defined line between the upper part and the lower part of the hair, so it can be combed to a side without any problem.

To stylize the hairstyle, you need to tease the hair on the top of the head, so you can get the desired height to maintain this height we recommend you use mouse or hair wax in your boy’s head, so the hair will look totally smooth.

Now, puff as much as you want the pompadour and let it be that way, your young man will look handsome and stunning without too much effort and will look elegant in any social event.

Classic Toddler Hairstyle

Some parents love the classic style in their young man or maybe the kid doesn’t like to be that stylized or you don’t have enough time for it. If you share any of this reason, then this hairstyle is just perfect for you and you toddler.

This classic hairstyle is done with the finality to adapt the hair to shape of the head that the boy has, this can be adapted depending on the length that the kid or the parent want.

This hairstyle is done with a number 5 clapper and the sides of the hair are trimmed and after that the hair will grow naturally every season. The principal idea is to keep this hairstyle simple.

Classic Toddler Hairstyle

Now if in the other hand you want the hairstyle to be shorter then try to use a number one clipper and buzz the hair all around the hair, this is the shorter length you’ll have, and it will be totally easy to get it stylized.

If for some reason you consider that the uses of the number one clipper is too short then try a number two or three clipper for your boy, even if it is not that short don’t worry it will still be a low-maintenance buzz cut.

This will give you a little bit of extra hair to play a little bit with, as we said this is a low maintenance hairstyle but in case you want to give a little bit more of style then then you should use a little bit of hair gel or mousse and it will look stunning.

By using the gel or mousse you’ll add a lot of volume and texture to the hair and will be amazing for a formal party or an event, this final touch your toddler will look all classic and elegant.

Classic Toddler Hairstyle for kid

Army Man Hairstyle

All the military haircuts haven’t been known to be trend or stylish, neither to be long hairstyles but if it is chosen correctly can be the perfect idea and the look your little man was looking for.

Of course, this hairstyle is specifically for soldiers but nowadays some kids are in love with this hairstyle which is characterized with buzz haircut or totally faded hairstyles.

You have to know that this hairstyle is a low maintenance hairstyle and a hygienic one, so is perfect if you your boy is a kid who cares a lot of his look.

Army Man Hairstyle

The most popular haircut is the one that is focused on the front of the head. It’s done by the use of two types of clippers the first is the number one and the other is the number two, the idea is to start in the bottom part of the head by the use of the number one.

After that use the number two in the middle part of the head when he barber or you finish with this part in your kids head then move to the upper part where you can play with the length by the use of a number three or four clipper.

It is not necessary to use gel or hair wax if you used a number four or three clipper but if the hair of your little kid start growing up then you consider the idea of using gel to not get a messy hairstyle.

Army Man Hairstyle for kids

Short hair hairstyles for Girls

Girls always have a big amount of options to try in their hairstyle, some of the options are more or less elaborated, here we’ll show some options for your princess and it doesn’t matter if she has long or short hair.

Short hair hairstyles for Girls

No bangs Side Braids

For those little girls who has a straight hair cut in bob hairstyle, this a retro hairstyle because are French side braids, the French braid is a type of hairstyle in which the hair is divided in three-strand that is braided together from the upper part of the head until the neck.

This hairstyle is not complicated at all and the only thing you’ll need is some hairbands and a comb.

The hairstyle consists in combing the hair to remove the tangles in all the hair, so it will be easier to braid and to stylize, once the hair of your princess is done make a side parting and start combing the hair.

No bangs Side Braids

Once you have the two parts ready, start by picking one of the sides and taking some strands of the hair from the upper part of the head from one side and braided until you make a small braid and secure it with a hairband.

With the part of the hair that left do the same thing that you did with the first part, when you finish this use a hairband to secure it.

This hairstyle is the perfect option if your family was invited to a social event and you don’t know what to do with your princess this is an excellent option, also it will look perfect if your girl has an oval or heart shaped face.

Twisted-Side Ponytail

In summer everything is hot and your little girl who is all adventurous and vibrant, if you want to give a new view to the regular ponytail hairstyle and your girl is a free spirit, do this ponytail.

The first thing you have to consider is that the hair of your girl has to be wet and after this you have to put all the hair in a side then you’ll have to pick a piece of hair from the lower part of the hair and twist it to the upper part.

After you make this twist secure it with a bobby pin now proceed with other strand of hair a twist it again, later secures it, you have to be really careful that the pony tail goes upper in every twist.

Twisted-Side Ponytail

Once you finished the twisting part of the hair secure it with a hair band and decorate the pony tail hairstyle with a bow or a flower

High Bun for Short Hair

In case your little girl has thick and super curly hair but is a little bit short and wants to give a new look to her look for school try this new hairstyle that will make her look completely stunning and radiant.

Of course, this hairstyle is perfect for sport days in school, for summer and for her daily life, this hairstyle is amazing and very easy to do and the best of all it fits perfectly with any type of face.

We know your princess have a lot of tangles in her thick hair, so we recommend you use a detangler spray once your princess have washed her hair, this will make way too easy to untangle the knots in her hair.

Use some special moisturize cream for her hair that help heir with her curl, once you have finished with this part proceed to comb the hair from the back part of her hair to the front part being really careful to not letting any piece of hair out.

High Bun for Short Hair

You can decorate your princess style with a bow or ribbon.

Hairstyle for Girls with Long Hair

This a hairstyle that is a little bit complicated but is nothing that you as mother can’t do, the first that you have to do is to untangle the hair of your little princess and making a high ponytail without letting any strand of hair out.

If you want to you can make a little pompadour to add some volume to the hairstyle, now that you already have the ponytail secure it with a hairband take a little piece of hair a cover the hairband being really careful and secure it with a bobby pin.

In the ponytail part you have to take a strand of hair that has to be located in the right part of the ponytail hairstyle, now this strand have to be divided en three part of hair and create a simple braid now that you have done this take hair from the left part of the ponytail but only from the top part.

Hairstyle for Girls with Long Hair

Now that you did this for the first time continue until you finish the ponytail hairstyle always taking a distance of three inches in every strand of hair that you take.

One you are finished everything is done secure de braid with a headband, this stunning hairstyle is wonderful for parties or for a special school day.

Half-up top Knot

This is an easy hairstyle that can be done very quickly, is perfect for those days in which you don’t have enough time to do an elaborate hairstyle for your princess.

The good thing about this top knot is that can be done with straight and wavy hair and it fits perfectly.

Once you already have untangled and moisturize the hair start by separating a section of your hair, try to make a straight line when you separate the hair, once this is done tease the hair to add some volume.

Half-up top Knot

Now make a ponytail with the separate section of the hair and secure it with a hairband finally twist the ponytail you’ve already done and twist it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Finally, you can stylize the rest of the hair and you’ll have a stunning and sweet hairstyle in five minutes.

Half-up top Knot for little girl

Flower Braid

If your little girl is totally feminine and love flowers and braids this is the best hairstyle that you can find, is elegant and transmit a free spirit vibe that your princess will love, also it reminds to a hairstyle that princesses wear in fairytales.

Once you girl has her hair untangled and moisturized then is time to begin, begin by parting the hair gently in two sides and comb it, after this take a section in the front part and divided in three so you can start braiding a Dutch braid.

Flower Braid

You have to braid the hair until it reaches the eyebrow and after this you need to start adding part of hair from both sides, from the upper part and the lower part, now move the braid to the lower part of the hair.

Once you have reached this point make a regular braid without any problem and finish it with a hairband, once you have finished this undo a little bit the final braid and roll the braid to the upper part of the head.

While you are doing this, you have to make sure you are making the flower with the braid once you have finished securing the flower with the bobby pins.

Now your girl is ready for the party or for anything.

Flower Braid for girls

As you can see making hairstyles for your kids is an easy and funny part of parenthood, not every hairstyle can be done by yourself, so remember that in those cases you can go to a hair salon and you will receive help.

We thank you for reading this article until the end, we expect that was very helpful for you and that it gave you a lot of ideas for kid’s hairstyles.

If you enjoyed it please share with your friends or family so more people get to know about this topic, we will bring you more articles like this very soon.

Thank you again and read us the next time!

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