Wedding hairstyles

It is the one of the most important days in a woman’s life, you’ll be dressing all white (cream, pearl, or any other tone), you look astonishing, you are carrying a bucket in your hands and you have the hairstyle that maybe will define how beautiful you are going to seem.

We are talking nothing more nor less than, of course, your wedding day.

How could possibly decide which wedding hairstyle you should choose, there are so many things in your head going on right now: the guest list, the location, budget, your dress, invitations; it is practically impossible to count the infinite problems a bride must solved, not to mention the social pressure.


There are so many things to get done that your wedding hairstyle is probably at the bottom of your priority list due to all the hard work that it’ll take choosing just one, “should I wear it long? Short? bun or braid?  with veil? Without veil?”.

Do not panic anymore! Our mission here is to fill up your options with some of the most gorgeous wedding hairstyles you could ever get, there is no doubt you will look even more beautiful on your special day.

How do I choose my wedding hairstyle?

Be open-minded about your hair type

In order to give you a hand with the hard choice for the big day, we leave you right below some advice to help you understand all of the factors that should influence in the important decision.

Figure out your vibe

If you are ready to give the jump onto the hairdresser’s chair, it is relevant for you to try to go not-blinded, meaning that you should at least have a general idea of how you would like your hair to look like.

Try to inform you which type of wedding hairstyle will suit you better depending on your face’s features, the color of your hair and texture.

Figure out your vibe

Start a pinterest board

You might think this sounds a cliché but bringing in a portfolio with millions of pictures instead of one from your dream hairstyle is highly recommended; not only creates more dialogue between you and the hairstylist but also prevents any mistake from being made.

Remember is so much better something to left over than having lack of it.

Choose your hairstylist wisely

This is maybe one of the most important things to keep in mind, this is your wedding day, it IS a big deal, so if your hairdresser is not being cooperative or gets frustrated with a lot of pictures instead of seeing the opportunity to do your wedding hairstyle better, then probably you won’t want him helping you to look prettier.

Try to inform you via online from the hairstylist’s previous works and check out some people’s reviews.

Choose your hairstylist wisely

Don’t get lost in buzzwords

A lot of years ago, “curly”, “wavy” or “classic” meant only one thing, but as we know everything has changed and so have these particular styles.

Make sure to tell your hairstylist how exactly you want your curls or waves to be, remember that trough years, people has come in with several variations of these ways to hairstyle; that is why pictures are so important.

Don’t get lost in buzzwords

Trial run

Do a trial run, no matter what.

This step is highly important, it can be a way to avoid some direct stress on the big day. Doing trials has a lot of advantage, for example, what if you already think you have chosen the perfect wedding hairstyle of your dreams but on the big day it results it does not look the way you expected; you can even feel free to play around with the original hairstyle and add on anything new that you or your hairstylist may occur at the moment.

Do a trial run, no matter what

Try a few options  

As in love as you might be of your chosen hairstyle is highly recommended to have a back up plan or any other hairstyle to try on in order for you to exhaust all the possible options, after all, you never know what surprises this could come up with.

Be open-minded about your hair type  

Now that you have picked your wedding hairstyle’s picture, do not trust yourself because your hair texture could be different from the model’s.

As a consequence, perhaps your hairstylist will need to add more texture to the hair by wearing hair extensions or It could be necessary to previously prepare it (in order to get the texture wished) the night before, not to mention the possible invest in accessories or ornaments.

Be open-minded about your hair type

In this image you will find one of several types of wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Braids should look ethereal

One of the most popular hairstyles among brides these days are braids, plaits and woven looks, however, not every braid can be accurate for a bride.

According to several sources, the best braids for weddings should be approachable, romantic and soft; your best option is to have them made loose and big, so they will attract more attention to the hairstyle itself, also spraying a ton of dry shampoo will benefit the braid because it will provide a nice grip.

Prep your hair

If you are looking for matching your wedding hairstyle with an astonishing hair color, you must prepare it a few weeks in advance. All of this in order to prevent that something goes wrong with the dyed so you can go back to your colorist just in time to avoid any surprises that will eventually prejudicated your hairstyle. You will also get more naturality because the dyed hair would have had more time to settle; brides are usually afraid of getting their haircuts before the wedding so you must find the right person to do it.

Speak up

The last thing you would like is to end up with a hairstyle that you hate on your wedding day, so in the second you feel like things are not going the direction you thought they will, do not stay quiet and speak up your concerns before is too late to go back as hairstyle are harder to remove than make up.

Do not worry about bothering the hairstylist, the will understand if you feel like rethinking and the sooner you speak the better.

Speak up

Now that you have an idea of what to keep in mind at the moment of choosing your wedding hairstyle, it’s time to start looking for the hairstyle that suits you better.

If you feel like having no idea what you want or still haven’t figure out which one will benefit you the most here we leave you a list with several options that may help you decide which will be the one who will make you see like if you were floating down the aisle.

Hairstyles with buns

Hairstyles with buns

Nowadays, could it be something classier, more traditional and timelessly fashionable hairstyles for brides than buns?

They not only seem beautiful in almost any kind of type of hair, color or shape but also have countlessly perks for brides on their special day.


For starts, if your wedding will last around 7 to 8 hours your hair will be extremely exposed to many climate conditions like sun, humidity, rain, breeze, sweating and above all, a lot of hugs from your guests, which is why we are perfectly aware that as a bride maintaining your hairstyle might not be at the top of priorities; the bun could be a considerable option for you to perform on your big day.

Here we leave you some hairstyles with buns that will make you look like an angel on your wedding day:

Hairstyle #1 Loose braided bun

Hairstyle #1 Loose Braided Bun

Since braids have been rocking in the hairstyle’s industry though several years and buns combine the beauty of classic and feminine in fashion, why not put them together to form one the most delicate and beautiful wedding hairstyles you could ever do?

The Loose Braided Bun combines not only the finesse of a French braid and a bun, but also the fact that if you can add some loose waves as well, there is no doubt you will have the most bohemian hairstyle, your guests will get astonished when they see you down the aisle.

The best part is that is not totally necessary for this hairstyle to get done with a special hairstylist, you can always try to do it yourself or with a little help at home, just make sure to have the curling tongs or any other instrument that could make it easier to do the curls (also consider foam for hair in order to do so) and a bunch of curlers will aid as well.

Here are the steps to follow:

Hairstyle #1 Loose Braided Bun 1

  • Curling is one of the crucial parts from this wedding hairstyle as they will provide more fragility, volume and shape to your hair; so, taking the instrument you decided to employ for making the curls, curl your entire hair and once you have finished take your front bang and set it aside as in letting it add a special touch to the bun. Now, it’s time to section your hair in 4 parts so you are supposed to have: top, left and right side and at the back.
  • Take the top crown of your already sectioned hair and tease it up a little bit in order to get the wished volume and as doing a subtle pompadour in the top base of your hair.
  • The previous movement to this section of the hair will provide a smoothed enough texture and nice-look to the hairstyle itself, as a consequence, we must keep it from falling apart so take a pin and secure it. Finish it even more by adding some hairspray to the crown area.

Hairstyle #1 Loose Braided Bun 2

  • In this step, we are going to start styling and shaping the hairstyle by grabbing some strands of curled hair and rolling them towards the back of the center making you sure of leaving a few strands loosed so they will give the effect of a messy-styled bun.
  • Once you have gathered the first strands, take the rest of the loosed hair and start doing the same until the hair begins taking the shape of the bun; the curls will provide a magnificent texture themselves, so pin it all towards the center to finish it off.
  • We finally got to braiding! Now that we are almost done with the bun, you need to take care of the braiding part; starting for the right section of your hair perform a French braid towards the right side of your head and tie it with and elastic band
  • Do the exact same braid with the left side of your head and secure It with another elastic band. Both of these braids are a crucial part for the body of the hairstyle as their loosed structure only make it look more delicate

Hairstyle #1 Loose Braided Bun 3

  • This is he part when things can get a little tricky, softly take one braid and pull it towards the bun, try as hard as possible to hide the end of the braid underneath the gathered hair of the bun and secure with another pin. Repeat the same process with the second braid locating it where you feel more comfortable or where you think it could look prettier on the left side of the head, secure it with pins and hiding the end the same way you did before
  • Your wedding hairstyle is practically done! However, if you want to give it a classier touch, use a hairpin to accentuate your curled bun and all the hairstyle There is no doubt your beauty will look astonishing with this hairstyle

Hairstyle #1 Loose Braided Bun 4


And there you go! As you can see, there is no always need of a hairstylist or hairdresser to make you look gorgeous on your wedding day, sometimes the best wedding hairstyles can come up from the simplest and prettiest combinations along with a good willing and hard work.

Hairstyle #2 The side chignon

Hairstyle #2 The Side Chignon

This particular and beautiful hairstyle practically defines classic, it brings up all of that 40’s and 50’s fashion with such an elegance that looks wont can be away from you.

The hairstyle does not need a braid or some specific hair texture because all of that will be provided later on.

Also, its asymmetrical shape and silhouette lends a flirty vibe; we assure you your betrothed will resist you even less when sees you walking towards the altar.

Do not lose the chance of trying on this wedding hairstyle on your big day as it maybe will surprise the final result, remember that is as modern as it is timeless.

And again, no need of spending on expensive hairstylist because you can always do it yourself and still have the most beautiful appearance.

Here are the steps to follow:

Before starting, make sure to have on hand a hairdryer along with a round brush, a large-barrel curling iron and as many pins as you can. Moving forward, let’s see the steps:

Hairstyle #2 The Side Chignon 1

  • Starting with the hairdryer and the round brush, you are going to blow-dry all your hair bur focusing on the top sections, this will leave your hair prepped and will make it start with the texture needed; also, if you can, try to shape the ends outwards so it will provide the sensation of curls.

Hairstyle #2 The Side Chignon 2

  • As has been noted so far, curls are a crucial part of wedding hairstyles due to the graceful silhouette they provide, so in order to achieve this shape, grab the large-barrel curling iron to create waves, focusing again on the top part. The bang is a characteristic part of this beautiful hairstyle, therefore, make sure to produce a straight one but curled at the ends.

Hairstyle #2 The Side ChignoN

  • Now it’s time to start styling the hairstyle, section a strand of your hair from the left front part of your head, hold it up and using a fine-tooth comb build height and volume at the crown by teasing hair softly, this will start creating the initial shape of the hairstyle’s twisted shape. Be careful on how much strength you put onto this as we want not to mess up all of the hair completely or to be too messy.

Hairstyle #2 The Side Chignon 4

  • This particular part can be a little tricky but do not be afraid! You are going to gather your hair on the contraire side in which you intend the chignon to look and you are going to pull it into a low ponytail but without securing it. Then, you will have to start a twisting pattern from the base of the ponytail towards the ear side of the hairstyle; it is important for you to pin all you can as long as you go.

Hairstyle #2 The Side Chignon 5

Once you have reached the ear, figure the rest of the loosed hair into the bun, twist it all around itself and secure pinning back over the twist.

Hairstyle #2 The Side Chignon 6

  • The path left to run is quite little! Just that, to make sure the hair is all set up in place, apply on some hairspray in order to leave all loosed strands still so they will not look out of place with the grace and harmony of the

Hairstyle #2 The Side Chignon 7

  • To finish off this beautiful and classic wedding hairstyle, gently curl and scrunch the wispy ends with your fingers. The reason to wear on any kind of hairstyle is for you to make you feel comfortable, and even more on your wedding day, so if you are looking at it and have the feeling it didn’t end up the way you expected, feel free to adjust the curls, the ends or anything out of place if necessary.

And that is it!

You now look like a 50’s goddess without too much effort, and there will be no doubt that on your wedding day this hairstyle will suit you just fine to start the rest of your life along with your betrothed, it could also be a good option if you intend to wear a strapless dress as this will make a harmonized balance.

Hairstyle #3 Fishtail gibson

Hairstyle #3 Fishtail gibson

When you see pictures of brides from the 20th centuries you might have seen this particular hairstyle for bridal events.

However, the Fishtail Gibson has become a very trending wedding hairstyle among wives in our current time; once again, we find each other with the combination of the classic air that provides a boho-plait (which brings back the ones used back in the ancient Greece) along with a smooth-chic updo.

It’s incredible how often we think that a wedding hairstyle must be super complicated and compound of infinite features as these will be the only things that will make us look gorgeous on our big day, but can’t you picture yourself wearing this elegant hairstyle with an elbow-length veil? Do not hold you back from trying it on!

Here are the steps to follow to perform it:

Hairstyle #3 Fishtail gibson 1

  • Let’s begin by dividing your hair in 3 sections: two equal amounts of hair in both sides of your head and another one in the back; with this last try to make sure to leave more hair than the others.

Hairstyle #3 Fishtail gibson 3


  • What is up next is the beginning of the fish braiding for the outside sections of hair. If you don’t know how to make one, follow this mini guide:
  • Divide the sectioned strand of hair into 2 smaller and equally-sized strands.
  • Take the left section of hair and separate a half-inch strand from the outside initial portion of hair. Next, pull this strand across the top of the left section, as leading it to the right one; make sure of not twisting it while you pull it.
  • Now, what you just performed on the previous step you are going to repeat it with the opposite side of hair. You will have to grab a smaller strand of hair from the outside of the right ponytail and you’ll pull it across the top as directing it to the left side. Both of them are going to find each other on the center.
  • You ought to repeat this process until you run out of hair (do not worry if it is messy as that’s a part of the hairstyle’s charming) and when you finish, secure with an elastic.

Continuing with our wedding hairstyle, you are going to fish-braid both of the front sections of hair and secure them with an elastic.

Hairstyle #3 Fishtail gibson 3

  • Once they are loosely braided, you are going to take another elastic and wrap it around the back section of your hair as if doing a ponytail. However, you will have to pull it towards the ends of your hair, this is a very good way to make sure your ends are prepped for the following step.

Hairstyle #3 Fishtail gibson 4

  • Here’s when we must be extremely careful as we do not want plenty of loose strands. Grabbing the back section of your hair, roll it up tightly in order to create a Gibson roll, have at hand some bobby pins to pin it in place. You can always add some hairspray if you don’t feel like the roll went as well as you expected to secure it even more.

Hairstyle #3 Fishtail gibson 5

  • To wrap up this beautifully done wedding hairstyle; just grab the second braid and cross it over on top of the first one and pin again so that will complete the styled and graceful look of the hairstyle.

And you are off to go! If you are planning to wear a veil that matches your wedding hairstyle along with your dress, believe us, there is no doubt an elbow-length veil will suit you just fine.

One of the best parts from this hairstyle is that you will not waste too much time in doing it, the resources needed are easy to get and, of course, its own grace and silhouette is going to make you look stunning.

As you have appreciated, you will never run out of wedding hairstyles that involve buns to perform on your big day, they have so many perks and different ways to be done that you’ll surely find the one for your dress, type of hair and look.

Hair wedding

Though they are very useful, what happens if you want to show around your medium-length hair on your special day? Loosed wedding hairstyles are also trending nowadays due to their styled shape or the beautiful air a dyed hair might provide.

They can be accompanied with a braid across the head, some ornaments or jewelry to complement the hairstyle or even make it match with your veil and dress.

It is known that mid-length hair is well worn lately because of the infinite ways they can be styled, so if you are a bride with this type of hair and you are looking for the perfect wedding hairstyle here we leave you several options in order for you to do so:

Hairstyle #1 Wavy shoulder length hair with flowers

Hairstyle #1 Wavy shoulder length hair with flowers

Waves and curls are almost basic on most of the wedding hairstyles; this particular one is a fantastic option if you joy of smooth highlights as waves could mark its colors and the shape of your face.

This kind of hairstyle adjusts itself to strapless dresses and will make your shoulders the x factor of the entire look.

And let’s not mention the fact that the fine touch of a few flowers verging one side of the head completes it perfectly. If beachy wedding is what you plan to do, flowers are meant to be present; so, the fact of making them a part of your wedding hairstyle is accurate but without falling into cheesiness.

Hairstyle #2 Romantic braid for medium length hair

Hairstyle #2 Romantic braid for medium length hair

It’s totally understandable why braids are rocking on the hairstyles’ world: they have a beautiful and simple way to style our hair, are meant to last and are not that hard to perform.

Thus, why wouldn’t you cheer yourself to use its power to style on even more your medium-length hair on your wedding day?

This braid is similar to the French one with the single and more remarkable feature of its looseness, that’s what makes it look bohemian and romantic.

The look matches with an outdoor or natural wedding so including again the use of a flowered bundle is way better than a big flower, if you were expecting a more back-to-nature look this hairstyle is right for you!

Hairstyle #3 Lovely updo with hair pieces

Hairstyle #3 Lovely updo with hair pieces

Updos have gained a lot of fame through years; whether you’re looking for fancy night-out locks or just feel like removing hair out of your face, updo hairstyles will do the magic.

With that being said, then why couldn’t we wear them with a bridal look?

In order to achieve the Lovely Updo you must part your hair on one side of the head (this will be your face-framing parting) and start twisting the hair, then you must lead it to the back and curl It up around itself as forming a chignon, try to use as many bobby pins as you can to secure it well.

And, if you’re looking for something more glam, add some sparkly hair pieces just above the hairstyle and leave a few strands of hair loose so it’ll seem more delicate and romantic.

Wedding hair

And that is all! As you see, having mid-length hair can be super helpful even on your big day, the fact that is not too long but either too short makes it have the best of both worlds at the moment of performing different wedding hairstyles.

Nevertheless, if you are a bride that enjoys from the perks of having short hair and desperately want a hairstyle, stick around and check out these options!

Hairstyle #1 Vintage curls

Hairstyle #1 Vintage curls

When we talk about curls, they couldn’t highlight more than they do with short hair. They have a particular way of framing your face and achieving a look inspired by the 20’s; they can also be styled and wrapped in different directions to make the hairstyle seem more uniform and delicate.

Complement this vintage hairdo with an eye-catching or unusual piece of hair on a side of your head or if you are more of a headband-woman you can use one, just make sure to not damaging the curls.

Hairstyle #2 Pixie cut + side braid

Hairstyle J

Who said braids were only meant to be for longer hair? This is the perfect combination for a wedding hairstyle classic and original (not to mention stunningly beautiful).

Although curls and waves are a very good way to style your hair, ironing it is also a fantastic choice to show off your badass haircut.

You’ll just need to braid one side of the front hair and lead it to the back, secure it with a bobby pin and hide this with the other section of your hair.

The best part of this hairstyle is that keeps everything simple and natural, there will be no need of hair accessories at all.

Hairstyle #3 Curly bob hairdo with side twist

Hairstyle #3 Curly bob hairdo with side twist

So far, it has been proved that short hair has no restrictions to perform several techniques or wedding hairstyles themselves; so why not taking the chance of combine many of these to do an incredible hairstyle that will make you look gorgeous and show around not only your haircut but also your hair color?

You can perform this hairstyle by taking two pieces of hair and twist them towards the back as if you were doing a half-bun and secure them with bobby pins.

You can add more glamour by using a lace flower pin with some pearls that matches your dress. This wedding hairstyle won’t let anyone to keep their eyes off you on your special day.

Wedding hairstyles for men

Wedding hairstyles for men

Even when we know that getting ready for a wedding could be easier for men than women, that does not mean that there’s not still some work to do with a hairstyle. After all, remember is the day when you’ll start a life along your partner, for instance, you’ll probably want to look even more handsome.

However, it is important to mention that at the moment of choosing your wedding hairstyle comfort should be at the top of one of the priorities; as the groom, you’ll look better as yourself and making sure that everything is clean and groomed.

Always consider a visit to the barbershop to make sure your new hairstyle is in good hands, even if you only want to style more your beard this is a good option.

If you still have no idea how you want your hair to look like on your wedding day, here we leave some choices to consider and get inspiration:

Hairstyle #1

Hairstyle #1

Being a gentleman with curly hair is nothing but an advantage, there are so many ways to have it done that you’ll never run out of options.

This one in particular equilibrates your curls at the top of the head and the side parts a little lower to make It match with the groomed and subtle beard.

If you have curly hair do not lose the chance of getting this hairstyle for your wedding!

Hairstyle #2 

Hairstyle #2

If you want to be certain that your hair won’t be messing around on your wedding day and have no problems with using hair products, this hairstyle might be the one for you.

However, if it is new for you, will be wise to visit a hairstylist so they can indicate you the right way to style it and which hair product would be the most suitable for your type of hair.

Once you know this, don’t doubt you’ll look like a total gentleman standing on the aisle.

Hairstyle #3  

Hairstyle #3

For gentlemen with long hair, we’re aware that leaving it lose it’s part of the trend that comes with it but if you feel like trying something different on your wedding day, here we suggest you to style it by performing a high bun.

This is a perfect way to tame your wild mane but still looking classic and original at the same time; add some gel to the mix and you’ll get a look even more formal.

girls and boys

Now that we have talked about the protagonists of the day, the happy pair, we should also mention the little ones.

It’s almost a sure thing that children will attend to weddings, whether to carry the rings, the bride’s bucket, throw the petals or just to be there as they are an essential part of the family.

Yet, we have to admit it must be difficult sometimes to find the hairstyle that suits better our little angels, specially when speaking of a wedding.

Do not freak out anymore!

Here we suggest you some beautiful wedding hairstyles for boys and girls that will make them look even cuter

Hairstyles for girls and boys

Hairstyles for girls and boy

Getting our children ready for school everyday is already stressful sometimes, so imagine what it is for a wedding.

We are responsible for what they wear and how they look like thus is completely understandable if you don’t know which hairstyle will be the one for them.

However, here we have some options to help you decide:

Hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for Girls

Girls are a little harder to prepare as the number of hairstyles we could do with their hairs are infinity.

Check out these few:

  • We cannot deny that waves or curls seem even more beautiful in girls as their hair colors tend to be more highlighted, if we combine flowers with some strategical placed strands, the body of the hairstyle will be incredible.

Hairstyles for Girls 1

  • Braids and buns go hand in hand like many other hairstyles, and if your little girl has the luck of having some decolored strands of hair, this hairstyle will suit her just fine.

Hairstyles for Girls 2

  •   As has been noted, not everything is about curls and waves, straight or ironed hair can be the key to perform a hairstyle as beautiful and styled as this one, it will also give your little girl the chance to look as cute as she would be a little woman.

Hairstyles for Girls 3

Hairstyles for boys

Despite the fact boys’ hairstyles could mess around a little less than girls’, you still need to leave them settle so both can securely head to the wedding, so let’s see these few options:

Hairstyles for boys

  • This hairstyle is pretty easy to perform, just indicate the barber to shave the head’s sides a little more than the top part and making sure this one has more hair, so you can brush it upwards to achieve the effect.

Hairstyles for boys 1

  • A very good part from this hairstyle is that is stylish and texturized that uses gentle wisps to highlight your little angel’s face features. Pretty, easy and perfect for a wedding!

Hairstyles for boys 3

  • With boys that carry natural curly hair, the afro hairstyle is also to consider, you’ll probably need some products and combs to finish it off at time but there is nothing to worry about, just make sure to get the hair moisturized when you’re doing the styling, so it will be easier to tame it.

Hairstyles for boys 4

We hoped you enjoyed this post and was helpful for you to give you some ideas to perform on one of the most special days of your life, remember to always choose a wedding hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable, secure and beautiful.

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