Prom hairstyles

This is one of the most coveted days for all girls since the first day of high school, we all think of the day of prom although several years are missing for it.

This is because we think about all the details of that night, who will be the boy who will accompany us, how will the decoration of the room, what we will do to have an amazing time with our friends, we think of so many things that make our prom day become an unforgettable night full of beautiful memories and anecdotes to tell.Hair for prom

Each girl inevitably despite the time that is missing for that day already thinks about the amount of colors that she has available for the color of her dress, the accessories, the shoes, the makeup and the  hairstyle of prom.

For the girls, none of these details is overlooked, so we want to talk to you about the many options that you have available for your prom  hairstyle and that you can look as you always wanted, fabulous and glamorous in this special and unforgettable day in which everything is about fulfill your greatest desires.

The right prom hairstyle

So you can choose the right prom hairstyle according to your face type this is what you should keep in mind.


The right prom hairstyle

We already know how important your prom  hairstyle is for you so it is also important that you know how to choose the right one according to the individual characteristics of your face, since this will benefit the features of your face, allowing them to look much more graceful.

Many times women overlook this by choosing what they like and not what will make their appearance stand out, so do not overlook the advice we give you, as this will guarantee a dreamlike appearance.

There are different types of face and therefore are very varied specifications for each of them when we talk about choosing a haircut or  hairstyle, there are some faces that are more benefited than others but that is or you have to worry less because there will always be an incredible look available for you.

In fact there are many, all you have to know is how you should work with your face, if you do not know what type of face you have, here we will teach you how to determine it.

Face type

Choosing your prom hairstyle according to your face type.

Now that you know that choosing your prom hairstyle according to your face type is important, if you still do not know which one you have, pay attention to the following.

Choosing your prom hairstyle according to your face type

Now that you know that there are different types of face, will arise the question of how you can determine for yourself what kind of possess face.

If you do not know how to do pay attention to the following steps, it is quite simple and satisfying, after that you can search the variety of  hairstyles prom that are available to you according to your face shape and your compass when searching options will have a north, all you need are some tools and follow the step below will show.

You will only need implements that you can find at home, yes, as you are reading it, it is not necessary to go to a specialist, it is something that you can determine for yourself with simple objects.

You will realize that they are a series of steps simple so that you can then choose your beautiful prom  hairstyle.

Search at home for a pencil or pen, also a white sheet in letter size, you will also need a mirror and a ruler or tape measure to begin to determine.


Hairs in prom

Steps to follow

With the necessary implements in your hands, now we show you the steps to follow to determine what your face type is before choosing your  hairstyle for the prom.

Steps to follow

Now that you have the necessary objects to determine your face type to choose your prom  hairstyle, the first thing you should do is stand in front of a mirror and stand upright with your face completely straight and facing forward.

Then you will begin to measure different points of your face to represent them on the sheet of paper that is why we advise you to put yourself in a place where you can look at yourself with enough light and so you have accessibility to draw the lines.

You will measure the length of your face, start from the line where the hair is born until it reaches the chin, then going through the nose, that is, splitting the face in half vertically, this line you will have to represent it on the sheet also in half of vertical form to later take measures of horizontal form.

What you have to remember is that if you use a tape you have to place it as straight as possible, do not follow the outline of your face, but keep it firm as if it were a rule.

Best hairstyle

These are the other steps you must follow to determine what your face type is before choosing your prom hairstyle

Face type

Now you must measure the width of temple to temple and draw the line at the top of the sheet, making a perpendicular with the first vertical line, this will form a «T».

Then you will continue with the measurement of the line of the eyes, just place your measuring instrument where the hair growth starts and for over the eyes until you reach the other end, this line you will draw about 4cm below the first line horizontal.

It’s quite simple and it will be worth it when you can choose your prom  hairstyle properly.

We are almost done!

Pic of prom


Prom hairstyles for each type of face

Prom hairstyles are suitable for each type of face

Girls! Now that you know how to determine your face type, it is time to know which prom hairstyles are suitable for each type of face.

Believe us, the reason why we emphasize so much about the types of faces and how to identify which one you have is that this determines in a surprising way if your prom  hairstyle will be a success or a complete disaster, people often say in many parties and we know that maybe you could have heard phrases like the following:

«That girl has something special in her face, but I cannot identify what she is».

Elegant prom

The reason this happens is that the choices of her  hairstyle were correct according to the characteristics of her face.

That is why it stands out among other people, when the aspects of each face are highlighted in an appropriate manner, the results are beautiful and very flattering.

To choose a  hairstyle according to your face type you should take into account that what you most need to choose your prom  hairstyle is your disposition because it is not about what you want but what looks more beautiful in you.

We are sure that there are magnificent options that you had not even had in mind, but here we present them so you can feel much more secure than you will use that day.

Long face hairstyle

Everything you need to know to choose your prom hairstyle if you have a long face, there are some aspects that will benefit you in a surprising way.

Long face hairstyle

When we talk about girls who have long hair, you should take into account that it is a type of face that is considered quite simple and common, in this type of face in particular the lines of the faces tend to lengthen and this type of features predominate mainly in very thin faces, but what do you need for your prom  hairstyle?

The truth is that the main thing is to tell you what you should avoid having too long hair, we know it is difficult because it is a trend rooted in these days, but it is not a type of cut that suits you and let us tell you why

The reason is that this lengthens your face much more and will add more years than you really have and the truth is that no woman would like, therefore we recommend a cut, perhaps by the shoulders or a little lower and a Layered haircut try to achieve a hair cut directed towards the chin.

For an appropriate prom  hairstyle you should give volume to the lower sides of the hair and you should never discover the temples, also, a long fringe will benefit you a lot.

Square face

If you have a square face pay attention to the following before you can choose your fabulous prom hairstyle, you will love this.

Square face

If we talk about people with square faces, we refer to those with faces with very defined and marked features, they generally have a broad and broad face and forehead, therefore this type of face tends to show a lot of expressivity to the point that characteristics that this type of face have a lot of attention and that same attention is focused on areas of the face such as the cheekbones and of course.

The chin, this type of face is possessed by relatively thin people, but not as much as those of elongated face, for the square face there is a great variety of prom hairstyles with which your hair can work easily.

Among the many characteristics that this type of face shows, one of the most outstanding is the aggressiveness since the people who possess it generally project a provocative attitude that does not go unnoticed.

The objective in terms of your prom hairstyle is to soften the strong characteristics of your face, a layered haircut will soften the features of your face in a very subtle way and then choose  hairstyles that seat the front of your face, you will look completely beautiful.

More options

If you thought that was all, let us show you more options according to your face type for your prom  hairstyle.

More options

Another type of face is the round face, prom  hairstyles for this type of face are quite varied, you will be surprised by the variety of styles in which you can focus to choose the one you like, the truth is that for this you will have plenty to choose from as there are  hairstyles that adapt perfectly to the characteristics of your face.

Specifically the area of ​​the cheekbones and chin, these areas tend to be rounded and those are the features that we should lengthen so you will love Know that in this time where long hair is trend, you will not even have to think about cutting it.

The amazing thing is that by not cutting your hair you’ll have a lot of  hairstyles to work with your long hair, it does not matter if you have your hair by the shoulders or more, because in the end the important thing is to lengthen your features with a beautiful  hairstyle that makes you look fabulous.

Stay away from the fringes and because this will not help you at all and make sure that the front of your hair has a straight cut to add strength to your face and make your features look much more harmonious.

Oval face

Pay attention to the options you have available for you and your oval face for your prom hairstyle, this will exceed all your expectations, take a look.

Oval face

Although there are many types of face there is something that we have not yet told you, something you will not even imagine is that there are face types that are perfect, yes, it is not a joke, not a trick, there are face types whose features work perfectly with any type of haircut or in this case any prom  hairstyle.

The oval face is one of them, this opinion has been endorsed by multiple beauty professionals who claim that this is one of the face types that work with almost all the styles by the balanced proportions that in this case, the oval face has.

But what is it or what the stylists say about this type of face?

Well, the three words that they love to use when it comes to working with these types of faces are flawless, lovely and spectacular, working with the hair of people who have this type of face is always a pleasure as it is a type of face that as far as prom hairstyles are concerned admits any type of volume in the hair making you look lovely whatever the occasion where you have to shine.

Latest categories in face

To finish our step through the types of faces before choosing your prom hairstyle, take your time to know a little more about our latest categories in faces.

Latest categories in face

We know that perhaps it is too much information to process, but do not worry about it, the truth is that for women it is never too long when it comes to choosing the best options that make us look beautiful on any occasion and of course on our golden night where we will look fantastic with our prom hairstyle.

To end with the types of face we want to talk to you about two more types, one is the diamond face, which also has sublime and balanced characteristics that can work perfectly with any style like the oval face.

And last but not least we have a triangle-shaped face, this type of face stands out for having a jaw much more pronounced and prominent than any other face, you will find many styles but you should definitely opt for some prom hairstyle.

And that generates much more volume at the temples to harmonize the characteristics of your face, it is not advisable for you to have straight hair but to give volume under the chin so that your features look completely beautiful.

Some mistakes

There are some mistakes that you should not make when it comes to your prom hairstyle or even any hairstyle, this you will thank us.

Some mistakes

Many times, either by individual nerves or bad advice, we tend to make bad decisions when we go to the beauty salon for our prom  hairstyle, remember that tonight is for you to look just fantastic and there are some things that other people do not They will say for ignorance but do not worry here are some tips for you.

Ee know that the  hairstyle is one of the things that you care about tonight so this will help you a lot so that magic and class are present in this So awaited and magical night for you.

People in general and also some stylists make the mistake of applying too much hair fixative because they believe that the elements they used will not sustain the  hairstyle for too long.

But even though the fixer is adept at keeping things in place as well is expert in destroying a  hairstyle if it is applied in excess, will make your hair and prom hair lose naturalness so trust and do not apply too much, all professionally done  hairstyle will look beautiful all night, you have nothing to fear.

If you want to know a little bit more, watch the following video.

Take care of making things easier for you

This night it’s about you and making you look your best so let your prom hairstyle take care of making things easier for you.

Take care of making things easier for you

There are things you should not forget, despite wanting a fantastic prom hairstyle, also take into account that you want your hair to continue to look just as beautiful when you are no longer wearing the hairstyle.

Be careful not to expose too much so that later you do not find the next morning with a battered hair, remember that it is very important that you remove the hair of your hair to not cause harm, the first will always be the health of your hair and is something you cannot miss.

If your dress has a beautiful neckline, do not ever hide it, it’s not about how others feel or what others think but about what makes you feel beautiful and resplendent, remember to use a beautiful hairstyle picked up so that your neckline steals the looks of a lot.

If your dress is as beautiful as you the point of everything is that nobody during the party is left without knowing that the most beautiful of the night is you, so do not be afraid to show everything your style and beauty has to offer and let it out to shine!

Look as authentic as possible

Let the beauty of your prom hairstyle and your natural beauty speak for itself and look as authentic as possible, this captures more looks than many other things.

Look as authentic as possible

Since we talk about the hairstyles collected above, avoid exaggeration, there are many girls who have a beautiful hairstyle and ruin it with too many accessories making it look ornate, the looks will be on you for the wrong reasons.

You should never forget that less is more and that beauty goes beyond placing too many things on you, instead we suggest you make wise decisions that surprise everyone around you in a positive way and above all that makes you completely happy and satisfied.

There is something that should disappear from the world, mainly all beauty salons and curls are too tight tube, are completely outdated and no style no matter what they say do not let you do a prom hairstyle of this type because it will make your hair look totally plastic and out of fashion.

Choose more natural waves that make your hair shine or even better by more open curls that make your hair look full of elegance and beauty, there are things that should not be used anymore because the seasons They change so you can shine all of you with a current style.

dsappear from the world

Do not look older

Even though you are celebrating the culmination of a stage in your life, do not look older than you really have with your prom hairstyle or other accessories.

Do not look older Even though you are celebrating the culmination of a stage in your life, do not look older than you really have with your prom hairstyle or other accessories

There is nothing more beautiful and celebrated on this night than your youth and how beautiful it is to be starting to live life to the fullest despite finishing high school, no matter what happens do not increase your age with your prom hairstyle.

Because no It is necessary, you do not need to try too much, avoid haircuts and hairstyle that add years to your appearance, like makeup and dress, the best thing for you and your age is to look «forever young» beautiful and fresh, according to your age and the styles that will enhance your beauty, dedicate yourself to enjoy this night with all the beauty that your youth has to offer.

In addition to this we want to talk about hairstyles with too much volume, please! Avoid them at all costs because too much volume in your prom hairstyle is completely outdated and is not at all elegant, in fact, these days it becomes vulgar.

It should be clear that it is different if your prom party is inspired by a theme of past decades; this comment has no relevance but if it is a party with current theme seeks to look in the most harmonious way.


Get here some recommendations for the accessories that will accompany your prom hairstyle so you can make the most intelligent and beautiful decisions.


It is important not to choose the accessories just because they shine and are striking but to think about if they will look good with the prom hairstyle you will choose for that special night, so keep in mind the following tips.

For the collected hairstyles, which are completely graceful and feminine and are a common factor in formal events because they are always elegant the indicated thing will be to choose long earrings.

You can choose chains or those that are adorned with shiny stones, you can also choose medium sized stones Very bright and flashy and it will be more than enough.

If you have short hair and you will wear a prom hairstyle that leaves your lobes exposed you will also have a perfect scenario to use some beautiful earrings.

Keep in mind that if you choose too flashy earrings this will distract others from your beautiful face and even your hairstyle so choosing a pair of subtle earrings such as hoops or pearls will be one of the best decisions to make your beauty look balanced and exquisite.

Medium hair

If you have medium hair or long hair this is all you need to know to choose the perfect accessories for your prom hairstyle.

Medium hair

When you choose a prom hairstyle for medium hair where it reaches the man or below the chin, you will be surprised to know that almost all types of earrings will be splendid with your look.

However you can opt for large and striking hoops or a slightly smaller or subtle if you prefer, depending on the dress you will use and of course the type of faces you have.

If you want your earrings to stand out you have to wear the hair behind the ears or hold the top layer with hairpins to that they leave the ears more in sight.

In the case of long hair the decisions should be much more accurate when choosing the accessories since sometimes the hair does not allow the earrings to shine at all, in the best case if you want your earrings to shine so much like your prom hairstyle.

It is best to look for hairstyles that help keep hair out of your face or behind your ears in this way, the jewelry will not get tangled in your hair and will look beautiful, use smooth surface jewelry to avoid these kinds of problems.


Perfect prom hairstyle for short hair

Everything you need to know to choose a perfect prom hairstyle for your short hair.

Perfect prom hairstyle for short hair

Maybe you think that there is not much you can do if you have short hair, but the truth is that there are beautiful techniques that Hollywood stars have also used for the red carpet and they will be perfect options for your prom hairstyle.

What do you need? Well, maybe you do not believe it but one of the most beautiful and elegant styles for a gala hairstyle is the «wet hair» and no, it does not have to do with keeping your hair wet all night, let us keep you explained.

The wet effect looks are one of the most recurrent and refreshing hairstyles for short hair, in fact, Emma Watson has used it on different occasions, this hairstyle is to apply gel from the hair root to the tips with the help of a comb with fine tines to ensure that the fixator is uniform.

You will immediately notice that this type of prom hairstyle will give you a completely seductive and sensual look that will make everyone wonder:

«Why did not I cut my hair before? She looks fantastic. »

Bun for prom

A low bun could be one of the fairest simple options to choose an prom hairstyle for your short hair.

Bun for prom

Here we will explain quickly how to achieve a beautiful bow under the gala for your prom hairstyle, all you need are forks, fixer and rubber band.

You can do it yourself at home if you prefer, but our recommendation is always that you go to a beauty salon where a professional makes you look like you always dreamed on this important night that you will only live once.

To begin divide your hair into three sections and hold the back with a rubber band, then create a small bun with the tail of hair and attach it with several hairpins.

Then take the left side section and divide it into two strands and then roll up each strand and place it around the bun, repeat the same with the other strand and place more hairpins to prevent it from coming loose and go!

Apply hair fixative for a better finish and your prom hairstyle will be finished.

Medium hair

There are very beautiful options that you can choose for your prom hairstyle if you have medium hair, check out these styles

Medium hair2

For your average hair there are very beautiful options that you will surely love and that will make you look fabulous on your prom night, to give you some options.

Check out this bun very easy to make, whether you make the decision to go to the salon or that you want to do it for yourself since you have some experience in this type of beauty work.

Let us explain step by step how to achieve this beautiful prom hairstyle.

The first thing you should do is apply just a little bit of fixation to add some texture to the beginning of your prom hairstyle, then proceed to divide your hair in two equal parts.

Literally make a knot with the two sections of your hair, rotate the Left section around the knot and fix with hairpins making sure it is properly secured, do the same with the other section and apply a little more fixed and ready, you will have a beautiful hairstyle for your dream night.

Beautiful braided

Look at this beautiful braided twist for your medium hair, sure you will take into account for your prom hairstyle options.

Beautiful braided

We’ve already heard about the «French twist» hairstyle but what about if we risk a little more and we do braided to make your hair look a lot more jovial and fresh but of course while still looking elegant with your prom hairstyle.

This is an option that is in trend since all girls are wearing braids lately so you will look completely fashionable with this style.


The first thing you should do is take two side strands of your hair and fix the right strand to the left side and left strand with hairpins right in the center of the back of your head.

Then braid the rest of your hair in a normal way , when you have finished the braid, lift it and fold it and fix it firmly, you can decorate it if you prefer, you will look completely beautiful.

Long hair

The variety of options for your prom hairstyle if you have long hair is infinite, you will love these options we have for you.

Long hair

For your prom hairstyle, you will be surprised to know how many options are available for your long hair, there is too much that it would be impossible to mention them all, so we would like to tell you about options that will make your hair look beautiful without exaggerating too much, it is more.

We want to talk to you about two hairstyles that are extremely easy but definitely never fail when it comes to long hair.

The first is the waves of half a side, if you are looking for a hairstyle as natural as possible and that does not expose your healthy hair to further damage you will only have to make waves in all your hair with a curling iron and with a few hairpins to fix it on the side.

This is a sure decision that will make you look fantastic without doing too much, so if it is what you were looking for, you will also love that if you have some kind of subtle accessory you can decorate the waves to your liking.

The bun with braids

The bun with braids is also a safe and beautiful option for your prom hairstyle that will make you look totally magnificent.

The bun with braids

If you like to wear your hair completely collected, this prom hairstyle is for you, you should only remember that there are different types of hairstyles and everything depends on whether this hairstyle is according to your face type, so do not forget the tips that you We gave previously.

If this hairdo does not conform to your facial features we encourage you to keep looking for options because this is only the beginning for your options and if this hairstyle is for you, pay attention because you will need the following.

What you need for this prom hairstyle is a donut for hair, elastic bands, forks and fixer, the first thing you should do is pick up a high ponytail and then place the donut for the hair, cover the donut with your hair and Place an elastic band around.

With the excess hair make two braids and pass them around your bun to later fix it with hairpins and finally apply fixative to leave everything in place, you will be ready to shine that night.

It is important to remember that you go for more information and more prom hairstyles, you must make sure you have the best for you.

Beauty prom hair

The possibilities are endless, they are too many styles that it is impossible to mention them all so do not forget to keep looking for many more options for you and in this way you can find the prom hairstyle you always dreamed of.

Always keep in mind that beauty professionals always will be to help you make the best decision and that they have the tools and skills necessary to enhance your beauty, do not put limits because tonight is about you, so it’s time to give your best.

Give yourself time to go to the beauty salon before to test your prom hairstyle, so you can have a wide variety of styles from which you can choose, it is important that you choose the one that is appropriate for your type of face and hair, accessories that you are going to use, the neckline of the dress, this will make your appearance look as harmonious as possible.

It is not about using everything you want but what fits your characteristics better, remember that it is not about what you use but how do you use it?

Hairs in prom

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