Shaved hairstyles for women

Let’s talk business: this hairstyles can either be completely, hands down, absolutely cool, or a total failure. There’s no in between!

If you’re craving a completely different style that’s totally badass and edgy and bold, these type might just be exactly what you’re looking for.


This style is often associated with a punkish-rockish vibe, but it doesn’t have to necessarily be so. Nowadays are very popular among ladies with different likes.

One thing’s for sure: wherever you go you will be catching stares with a shaved hairstyle. all eyes will be on you.

In here you’ll see some shaved hairstyles  that will have you most likely running off to shave your hair right away; but, before you do that, think it through.

While we agree one-hundred-percent that this hairstyle is absolutely incredible, we must warn first that it might not be for everyone out there.

Let’s be real: some girls love with all their being their long locks, and it’s not like we can blame them. It’s a classic.

shaved hairstyles for women

So, if you’re one of those girls who’s attached to their hair, think it through before getting any of these hairstyles.

But, if you’re a lady whose hair preferences remain to be short tresses and want to try out a shaved style, keep on reading and get some inspiration from these cute hairstyles!

Half-shaved hairstyles for women

Remember what we were just talking about that some hairstyles might not be for every lady out there? Well, a solution might be just around the corner.

A partly shaved hairstyle is just as cool as any other hairstyles out there.

Half-shaved hairstyles for women

This type of look is particularly great because it’s a nice way to get yourself introduced into the world of shaved hairstyles in a not-such-a-bold manner.

Besides being feminine, they’re sexy, bold and edgy; probably the most perfect combination ever!

For this shaved hairstyle for women, divide your hair into two sections. Make one section larger than the other, and buzz down nearly to your scalp the smallest section of hair.

Besides being feminine

What’s also so great about this style is that it is very versatile. You can pretty much pair it up with any hair length you wish.

Even if you’re attached to your long hair (it’s true; us girls do get attached to our hair) and are not entirely sure you want to get rid of it, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a shaved style.

To get this style, you can get a deep side part and shave that smaller section, but leave the other side of your head with your hair long and flowing.

That way, you have a cool style on one side and long, voluminous hair on the other side. The best of both worlds!

on one side and long

You can also vary the length of the shaved section. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a few inches long if you don’t want to.

If you wish, you can shave the hair very short, nearly to the scalp, or even shave it completely.

With this there’s nothing written; you can play with lengths and try out until you find the one you feel the most comfortable with.

It doesn’t matter just how short the clipped hair is; this will look amazing either way!

shave the hair very short

Here’s what we were saying with lengths: you can pair this style up with any other hair length you wish on the other side.

Medium length hair will look just as amazing with a shaved deep sided section.

In fact, this shaved hairstyle for women will make your remaining hair look even better because it will make it look more pompous and voluminous.

So, yes. Keep in mind that this shaved hairstyle is always a cool choice.

cool choice

This style even looks incredible with shorter hair, which we know is a little harder to pull off, but this shaved hairstyle for women makes every type of hair look amazing.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long, curly, straight, wavy, this partly shaved deep sided hairstyle doesn’t discriminate!

Keep in mind that the essence of this is the deep side part with the longer, flowing hair on the other side.

Without any of those elements, the look just wouldn’t be complete. There shouldn’t be one without the other because it loses its coolness.

And also remember that you can alter the style; you can clip the hair shorter or leave it a little longer if you wish.

style even looks incredible

With this undercut you can go even bolder by dyeing your hair into bright, unnatural colors. Even more than one shade if you wish so.

Remember that shaved hairstyles  are all about character and expression, so don’t be afraid to go a little over the top if that means expressing yourself.

This multicolored shaved hairstyle screams style and it’s a loud shout of look at me! Wherever you go. It’s very eye-catching and unique.

Remember, don’t be afraid of going a little over the top and trying out something new. Hairstyles for women have no restrictions on what to do with them!

multicolored shaved

Another type of partly-shaved hairstyles is this high fade .  This hairstyle has some sort of tomboy vibe, but it can still be feminine.

For this, the hair length must be very short. The hair at the top is left a longer.

Meanwhile, the shaved section goes from the nape of your neck up to the middle of your forehead or sometimes a little lower.

This is bolder and edgier than the other hairstyles we have seen up until now, and, pretty much like every other fade look, it’s not for everyone.

So, before embarking into recreating this, think it through and be absolutely sure this style is what you want.

However, the final results are almost always worth it!


If you want to take this  to a whole new level and make it even more unique, you can pair it up with some cool design on the shaved side.

Fade hairstyles are very in at the moment, so much that even girls are warming up to them and are recreating them.

What’s a better opportunity to sport a cool fade style than with a half-shaved hairstyle?

With fade hairstyles there’s pretty much no limit. You can create almost any shape you want on your shaved side. The only limit will be your imagination and your stylist’s abilities.

If you wish, you can decide to recreate something simple, just a straight line going down or to the side. Something minimalist yet cute.

Even if it’s small, you are still meant to catch a few interesting stares with this.

straight line

But, you can always opt for something more intricate, complicated and daring.

You can go for shapes: circles, triangles, even hearts and stars, or just some random patterns that look cool.

As we just said, your imagination’s the limit, but don’t forget that no matter what shape you decide to get, you’ll look incredible either way.

more intricate

It’s important to remember that when –if– you do decide to get this hairstyle, especially when including the fade look, you should leave it to a professional.

When shaving, or even cutting, your hair by yourself things could go awfully wrong.

No one likes to walk around with a disaster for a haircut, so, if you do decide to give this amazing style a try, make sure you go to someone who knows what they’re doing.

As long as you leave it to a professional, things should work out amazingly for you and your new hairstyle!

Female buzz cut

When we talk about bold  the first look that should come to everyone’s mind is a buzz cut.

If you’re one of those girls who isn’t too feminine, or you don’t like having too much hair just because it bothers you or something, a buzz cut is actually a good choice.

This works great because it is a quick, cool, fashionable and easy solution for ladies who are tired of dealing with long tresses.

Female buzz cut

Nowadays, long gone are the times when only men buzzed their hair nearly down to their scalp; now girls do it all the time too, and they can still look fabulous in it!

Seriously, girls can pull off any hairstyle. We look amazing even in guys’ hairstyles!

Before, the idea of buzzing their hair came up to women as an act of rebellion against men who victimized them and made them feel inferior.

Therefore, this haircut was meant to represent the ultimate sign of power and boldness. This look screams equality and respect. What’s there not to love?

Nowadays, several female roles with shaved hairstyles have surged in movies and TV shows, and it’s impossible not to feel identified and follow them and their stories.

Evey Hammond in V for Vendetta, Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, and Eleven in Stranger Things, are only some of the many female cinematic inspirations with buzz cuts.

All these women have in common a buzz cut to represent that they were robbed of their innocence by the cruelty of the circumstances.

cruelty of the circumstances

Even so, these ladies are the definition of female power and they have become an inspiration to every woman out there who’s familiar with their stories.

However, keep in mind that, although this  is beyond cool, it is very daring and edgy, and not everyone might be destined to use it.

It takes a whole lot of courage to chop off all your hair, and certainly not everyone can do it in the blink of an eye.

So, before you do anything you might regret later, think it through and do not take any rushed decisions you might not be sure about.

might regret later

This is certainly a very liberating and fresh look, as it represents fierceness and female empowerment.

Remember that you don’t need to have Rapunzel’s long locks to be considered beautiful; you can still be beautiful and girly with a buzz cut.

So, you go, girl, if a is the hairstyle you want to sport, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

What matters is that you feel comfortable with yourself. As long as you feel comfortable in our own skin, do know that you will radiate confidence and beauty!

Shaved hairstyles for dark skinned women

Dark skinned women –and men– are well known for having a type of hair that’s really thick and sometimes very difficult to manage.

It’s true that sometimes it’s complicated to find hairstyles that are able to tame those wild curls, but these  can do the job just fine.

Remember when we said that hairstyle don’t discriminate because they go great with every hair length and texture? Well, we meant it.

Shaved hairstyles for dark skinned women

Don’t worry about your untamable hair, because even those curls won’t be able to resist to one of these.

In fact, this type of hairstyle actually looks even better with the natural volume of thick and curly hair, because the contrast of the shaved part is even greater.

So, if you’re a lady whose hair sometimes gives her trouble thanks to its natural thickness, these might just be a solution.

Some women are naturally blessed with amazing curls, while others are blessed with slightly less thick hair.

Those girls whose hair isn’t as thick have it easier than others sometimes, so they don’t need much to get their hair under control.

Thanks to that, they can also pull off pretty much any they wish because their hair won’t rebel against it.

With a straighter and less curly hair texture, this half shaved head paired up with long hair looks fabulous and feminine.

If you wish, you can straighten your hair even more with a hair straightener to get a neater look, or you can leave your hair natural.

This will look amazing on you either way!

a hair straightener

If you’re looking to go for a bolder, you can opt for a Mohawk style. You must clip the hair on the sides very close to the scalp.

Instead of only shaving one deep side part, you can actually shave both sides of your head. The longer hair left at the top will create a Mohawk look.

To nail this look, it’s important that the hair on the sides is clipped very short to the sides, meanwhile the hair at the top is left much longer and voluminous.

This is as cool as any other, and it has a punkish vibe that makes it even more amazing.

Mohawk look

If your hair isn’t as straight, fear not. Remember these can go through any hair length and texture and still look awesome.

Curls are adorable and cute. They’re a traditional style, and even by themselves they are a very great hairstyle.

Imagine pairing up your curls with a deep side part. The shave will make your natural curls pop out so much more.

As always, it doesn’t matter if your hair is short or medium or long. Regardless, a shaved section of hair will add so much character to any hairstyle.

natural curls pop

A shaved side can even go with dreads or crochet hairstyles.

As always, the deep side part is essential. The one thing that changes is that the rest of the hair is braided into dreadlocks of crocheted.

Crochet hairstyles and dreads are already hairstyles with lots of personality and style; imagine pairing them up with a shaved side. What do you think the results would be?

One of the best  we have seen in quite some time might just be the answer you’re looking for.

It’s beautiful, unique, daring, edgy, bold, feminine and cooler than we can describe. We totally think this hairstyle is worth giving it a try!

dreadlocks of crocheted

Also, who could forget about afros?

We know that if regular curls are complicated to deal with, don’t let us even get started on afros. They’re a completely different level.

Not everyone can manage to grow an afro, and not everyone knows how to get it under control when circumstances require so.

And here’s when come to the rescue.

The hair is mostly shaved all around the head into a high fade that ends pretty much on the same level as the forehead.

Meanwhile, the hair at the top is left as wild and untamed as ever. Keep it long and let some of it fall forward over your forehead as if they were bangs.

This  is full of personality and character. This look is for those fun girls who are the life of the party.

If you’re worried about it not being too feminine, don’t be! You can even get a feminine fade to go with it, like stars or hearts.

Also, accessories. Wear larger than life accessories that make you stand out and no one will dare think your style isn’t feminine enough.

personality and character

If you’re looking for something much, much shorter, this super short haircut with shaved sides might be just what you need.

This is anything but boring! Especially if you add some details to the fade sections.

Remember what we previously said: for a woman, chopping off all her locks is no easy task, and certainly not everyone can do it.

Many women worry that cutting their hair will make them look less attractive, or not feminine enough, but that’s not necessarily true!

Cutting your hair won’t make you any less beautiful. What’s important is that you feel comfortable with yourself.

Being comfortable will make you feel confident, and confidence will make you look even more beautiful! Confidence is key.

cutting their hair

Trendiest shaved hairstyles for women in 2018

During 2018 we have had many trends so far: nude colors, short hair, highlights, off shoulder shirts, flowered patterns, and who knows how many more.

Well, the thing is that shaved hairstyles for women have had their own fair share of trends. Throughout the current year we have had some impressive styles.

So, if you’re in the market of getting a new haircut that’s very popular, in here you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that there’s a wide variety of shaved hairstyles for women. Long, short, straight, curly, you are meant to find something in here that you like!

Trendiest shaved hairstyles for women in 2018

This subtle shaved bob is the definition of simple. Seriously, the shaved side is so subtle that sometimes people don’t notice it’s there!

It’s a great way to get yourself started into the world of this type of hairstyle. If you’re a business lady, this hairstyle works just fine because it’s still professional and girly.

This look is perfect for any woman who wants to try something bolder yet not entirely life-changing.

professional and girly

The following hairstyle is completely the opposite of the previous one: it’s daring, edgy and dangerous. This look is for a lady who is not meant to be messed with!

For this hairstyle, create some regular shapes, lines and patterns on the shaved side. This look is all about go big or go home!

This is completely interesting and cooler than what can be possibly put into words.

interesting and cooler

Since waves are coming back, it’s only fair that they’re paired up with a shaved hairstyle for women.

This wavy one sided shaved hairstyle is soft and feminine, and it’s so full of personality.

The bouncy waves are cut in layers that frame the face, which brings out your features and softens your face.

This look is a classy one, but the shaved side is what makes the difference.

bouncy waves

This style is one of the newest that has earned popularity just recently. This look is perfect for young, vibrant girls who love wearing their hair up.

If you’re not sure you’re entirely committed to a shaved sides hairstyle, you can always opt for an undercut on the nape of your neck.

This look is very unique and powerful, and it’s also very interesting. You can change it up depending on what design you decide to get on the shaved part.

shaved sides hairstyle

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about shaved hairstyles. If you found it useful make sure to share it with someone else whom you think might enjoy it as well. Also, make sure to check out some of our other articles. Thanks for reading!

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