90s Hairstyles

The 90’s hairstyles were less extravagant compared to the hairstyles of the 80’s decade.

The frizz and hair spray had been left behind because they were replaced by Chinese bows, bandanas and small butterfly hooks.

It is true that the use of hairspray in the 90’s hairstyles could have been a little bit excessive.

By the fact that in that decade it was all about to stand out and go much more casual than the rest of the people.

But this is a way of speaking here because we do not known why they were so exaggerated with the use of such noticeable styles.

años 90

The thing is that in this decade it was truly demonstrated that there was a strong attachment in the culture of aesthetics and fashion.

So much so that there is no denying nowadays many of these looks are continue to wear or every time we see them.

They result a little shocking by the frizz that is used in the hair also the bold makeup looks and the colorful clothes.

That for both men and women were the absolute best of the 90’s.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for women

The hooks were such a big trend in the 90`s hairstyles , they were the go-to hair accessory for both women and young girls.

These accessories not only were created in many styles and shapes  but also were sold at every store in that decade.

These accessories were used at all times and all occasions, especially in hairstyles for young people.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for women 2

One of the iconic and most used accessories of the 90’s hairstyles were the hooks with butterfly shapes.

When it came to this accessory the more you had the better you will look.

This characteristic and fashionable 90’s hairstyle was mostly inspired.

To create the idea that you have an enchanted forest with those numerous butterflies fluttering in your hair.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for women 3

The combination of curls and straight hair was another favorite when it comes to 90’s hairstyles.

This hairstyle was the right option if you wanted to stand out among the others in a meeting.

Or in a party without being exaggerated and the mixture of fully curled strands with random straight strands at the moment was just phenomenal.

Nowadays if you see someone with this 90’s hairstyle the first thing that you would think is that she could not finish the hairstyle.

But the reality is that this is one of the most unique hairstyles for rockers in the 90s.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for women 4

The 90’s decades was full of color not only in clothes but also were included in several 90’s hairstyles.

This trend was started by Christina Aguilera in her music video for the song “Dirty”, the young girls at that time died to have their hair dyed this way.

This 90’s hairstyle screamed rebellion, it was adored by many since they were not the regular blond tufts.

Instead they used vibrant colors like red and blue and if you dyed your hair blonde they looked much better.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for women 5

The actress Jennifer Anniston also started a trend for 90’s hairstyles with this layered haircut.

When she was playing the character Rachel in one of the most popular TV shows of all times “Friends”.

And there were many who dreamed of wearing the same hairstyle as their favorite actress.

In the mid-90s Rachel’s haircut was chosen as «the best hairdo of the year» by numerous women’s magazines.

In this 90`s hairstyle the lengths are simply degraded, there is lots of volume and the hair adopts luminous reflections.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for women 6

Another popular 90’s hairstyle inspired by a music artist more specifically Gwen Steffany.

This woman combined the jewels of her forehead with some little topknots scattered all over her hair.

When she went on stage with this look it was just so iconic.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for girls

This is a classic 90`s hairstyle, it was first used by Alicia Silverstone the protagonist of «Clueless»  for the after party of the premiere of the film.

This hairstyle made such a statement that  the next day all the young girls from North America took it in their hair .

What cannot be denied is that this 90`s hairstyle among all other hairstyles seemed to fit young girls and adults at the same time.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for girls 2

These two topknots stand for a classic 90’s hairstyle in the girls or teenagers of that decade.

If you added to that hairstyle a pair of Chinese chopsticks to give it a little extra touch you were already completely in fashion.

Currently is a hairstyle that is not used as much, not in like that decade but most of the time is seen in young girls.

But in this one was one of the hairstyles of the 90’s that was so fashionable that both women and young girls wanted to wear.

Britney Spears for example was one of the women who wore a hairstyle like this.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for girls 3

Another trend accessory of the decade was the elastic headband, girls used this non-stop and they liked them as thick as possible.

This was the final accessory twenty years ago. Alicia Silverstone proudly sported her in ‘Clueless’.

A film that captures many of the most iconic 90`s hairstyles and looks.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for girls 4

The nineties decade was all about the voluminous hair so of course we had to mention the iconic permanent.

Before  the boom of the hair straighteners and the Japanese straightening, what triumphed as a 90`s hairstyle was ultra-curly hair.

The permanent was the order of the day at the time and although it has fallen into disuse.

But it was so popular that even Mariah Carey wore a beautiful permanent.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for girls 5

The Olsen twins started a trend with this look, it was pretty simple but at the same time it was so chic.

Just short hair with a few degrafted details at the hair ends which were blow dried outwards.

This 90’s hairstyle was a must-do at the time.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for girls 6

The cloth-made hair bands were a very popular 90`s hairstyle , there was a huge variation of colors and sizes.

That were sold at every store in that decade, they were the perfect accessory if you wanted to do a half pony tail.

Because the cloth-made hair bands are thick so they create the illusion of voluminous hair.

90’s hairstyles for women and girls who have long hair

90’s hairstyles for women and g

The person in the nineties who had a hair straightener that gave these characteristics waves to the hair was a person who was very fashionable.

Even many artists at different times used these zic zac shaped waves for video clips or commercials.

This 90’s hairstyle is a  very suitable option for women and girls with long hair .

If you wore this hairstyle to a party you would be the center of attention, if you did not have the hair straightener.

You could weave in the hair in very thin braids and sleep with them and the next day when you undo the braids you would get a result pretty similar.

90’s hairstyles for women and girls who have long hair 2

The iconic Cindy Crawford’s ultra-shiny, bouncy head of hair started a trend that remains until the current times.

Because we have recently seen this look on Princess Kate Middleton.

This 90’s hairstyle is just worthy of a queen.

It has the subtle movement and that gorgeous shinny finish, this look is perfect for all of the women and girls.

Who have long hair and want to look very sophisticated.

90’s hairstyles for women and girls who have long hair 3

The very fine braids or ethnic braids all over the head lived a golden moment in the 90s.

Bo Derek made them fashionable at the end of the 70s thanks to the movie “10” .

And twenty years later they made a reappearance and  became popular again thanks to celebrities such as Christina Aguilera who made it.

Not only a 70’s hairstyle but also a 90’s hairstyle.

Definitely a bold trend, very fashionable and suitable.

For those women and girls who have long hair that want to try something different.

Medium lenght hair

90’s hairstyles for women and girls who have medium-length hair.

90’s hairstyles for women and girls who have medium-length hair

In the nineties the ponytails were tied up very high and left some fine strands loose in the front.

The hair in the ponytails was curled to create volume and the strands from the front were left straight.

This is how Julia Stiles carried her in the movie “10 reasons to hate you “, this is a good option for women and girls who have medium-length hair.

So that they can create voluminous hair and not getting it messy or tangled  in the process

90’s hairstyles for women and girls who have medium-length hair 2

As a variation we can take for example the high pigtails, they became a trend thanks to the Spice Girls.

And we have been using them not only when we were children but also when we want to wear something fun.

This baby Spice’s high pigtails never go old.

0’s hairstyles for women and girls who have medium-length hair 3

It makes reappearance because there was no such popular hairstyle in the 90s as the ‘Rachel’.

It was worn by Jennifer Aniston during the first season of the series ‘Friends’ and caused a sensation.

For years it was the most demanded haircut in all beauty salons, this 90’s hairstyle is an excellent option for women and girls.

Who have medium-length hair so they have volume in their hair by creating layers and curling them but in a soft way.

Short hair

90`s hairstyles for women and girls who have short hair.

90`s hairstyles for women and girls who have short hair

The “Rachel” haircut marked a trend, but the haircut of the actress Meg Ryan was also one of the most desired as well, making it a 90’s hairstyle.

This short haircut it’s called choppy bob it consist basically in a short mane with messy ends.

That the actress wore in romantic comedies like “You have an Email”.

This look is a great option for women and girls.

Who have short hair and want to try something very stylish and fun.

90`s hairstyles for women and girls who have short hair 2

The daisy is the ultimate ’90s flower, so eventually became part of the 90’s hairstyles.

At the time all your favorite celebrities stuck them in their hair and used them as accessories.

Drew Barrymore was a huge proponent of the trend, wearing the flower on either side of her curly bob.

Which could be considered as a kind of romantic look.

Definitely an accessory that women and girls with short hair need to try.

90`s hairstyles for women and girls who have short hair 3

Another trend that was set was this  flippy bob , it  became a popular look after  actresses like Drew Barrymore helped out.

To re-popularize this 60’s hairstyle and as well as she  kept  it fresh with super short bangs.

The look gave off a fun, sweet vibe that many women started to wear during the 1990’s.

So this would be another great option for women and girls that have short hair and want a haircut with that “sassy girl” vibe.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men

Many styles of the 90`s hairstyles are coming back as a trend nowadays, for example these iconic tram lines in the hair.

And also combined  with the shaved slit eyebrow , this look gave you that “badass” vibe.

They were often worn as multiple shaved lines in the hair that had different shapes and lengths.

This look was made famous by people like M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 2

A classic 90`s hairstyle was this short banged caesar cut that was often worn slightly longer and with an even length all over.

It was the style choice of many men for that  “smarter” or “cooler” vibe back in the 90s .

It was named after Julius Caesar in wich this haircut was kind of  “inspired”, but the main man to rock this particular 90’s hairstyle.

Outside of the Roman empire and into the 90s was the actor  George Clooney.

This has also a variation in where sometimes  was worn with the fringe gelled down, but the less we talk about that one the better.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 3

The blonde highlights or also called frosted tips became a very  popular trend making them a 90s hairstyle.

These blonde highlights were often combined  with longer spiky hairstyles but this variation was more towards the rocker side.

Another variation of this look was the fully blonde longer 90’s hairstyles which became popular thanks to people like Zac from “Saved By The Bell”.

This look was a major trend of the 90s, so all around these blonde hairstyles were just popping up.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 4

The duet Kid ’n Play made a statement with this iconic 90’s hairstyle , they  gave us the perfect variety of flat- to high-top fades type of look.

Throughout the House Party movies, we were able to witness some of the various stages.

And also heights of the fade while brushing up on our dance-battle routines.

You can not even talk about 90’s hairstyles without mentioning  this look.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 5

Here is maybe one of the most popular 90’s hairstyles and also one of many others that has continued to be used.

Surviving to the pass of the years. «The heartthrob» or «hero hair» trend was started.

When people like Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt were seen using this haircut which make them look pretty charming.

As the name of the haircut suggests it, the hair was cut into a bob style and was often worn combed backwards with the fringe hanging down slightly.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 6

There were two styles of cornrows for this 90’s hairstyle, the first one are the straight backs, like Allen Iverson’s, or the middle part, like Xzibit’s.

Both were very ’90s vibe both required you to find yourself a good hair dresser who could make this type of braids.

And if your hairdresser had some skills, you could get the zigzags, mini braid connections and patterns.

This 90’s hairstyle was a whole movement by itself.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 7

If you did not know about this particular hairstyle, you definitely did not know who Michael Jackson was.

This curled hairstyle was first seen back in the 70’s decade but as we have mentioned before trends are a cyclical thing.

So this look also became a 90’s hairstyle as well.

Unfortunately as time passed.

The hair gels that you had to use in order to maintain this hairstyle became expensive so this look basically lost its foot on the ground.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 8

We all know that fashion and trends are super-cyclic, about every 20 years or so.

We see a major resurgence of something that was trendy two or even three decades before.

The picked-out Afros look of the late ’60s and ’70s came back with a shaped, modern update to it and became a 90’s hairstyle too.

Snoop dog was one of the many artists that rescued this type of look.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men9

This might be a little different but we all know that bald became a sure-enough 90’s hairstyle.

From Michael Jordan to Tommy in Martin to Tyrese, they were all showing over a shiny bald head.

Many celebrities back in the day have shaved off their hair since in the ’90s, the perfect marriage between fashion and simplicity.

Because this was a pretty easy look to achieve.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 10

Here we have a variation of the flat top 90’s hairstyle, the differences are very minimal between the top-fade styles.

But your barber should know better which oh the versions you were going for when it came to do that characteristic shape-up.

The ramp fade was a slight high-top that was cut to have a slight incline to the front.

This look was supposed to simulate a skateboard ramp shape.

Dwayne Wayne can show you this looks way better that the description.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 11

Locs are one of those hairstyles that are timeless. So they also became a 90`s hairstyle.

Many locs in the ’90s were a bit different that previous ones, they were more rugged and free-form.

Compared with the clean parts and thin twists of the modern style. Of course there were all type of lengths and sizes.

This style has been on the hot list for a very long time, and it has definitely made a statement in pop culture.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 12

The Beasti Boys started a trend in the middle of the nineties decade , this 90’s hairstyle is called “The mullet”.

This haistyle has a characteristic form which is shoter hair at the front part and longer hair at the back of the head.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 13

Here we have a fun and different 90’s hairstyle, we can take this as a variation of the cornrows.

And we can also address this look was sometimes an intentional style.

Other times it was pretty much the result of too much time.

Between haircuts and boredom in class. One part free-form twists and others parts two-strand twists.

These were for sure a ’90s basic thing and they also looked pretty cool.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for men 14

Here we have one of the 90’s high school crushes, Theo Huxtable, touched on many of the 90’s hairstyles.

But  the one with which  he really started a trend was with the braided rat tail that we started to see in season 5 of “The Cosby Show».

It’s not always the easiest to see given to its position which is in the back of the head.

But believe when we tell you, this piece is just 90’s hairstyle all around.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys

The 90s hairstyle known as the “bowl cut” is often referred to as one of the worst haircut trends around this decade.

But it was popular haircut while it lasted in the 90s.

This particular haircut gets its name because it basically was what moms would give their children.

By simply placing a bowl over the head and cutting the hair around it, giving it the characteristic bowl shape.

The bowl haircut was often paired with another trend, the hair curtains, to give it the ultimate 90’s hairstyle touch.

This classic haircut is seen in many children currently, we can say that this one has also survived the pass of the years.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys 2

This 90s hairstyle could be considered a variation of the heartthrob haircut.

The hair curtains were all about the pretty  and kind of “innocent” or “sassy” boy look.

This look was often worn with blonde highlights to give them the all-round classic 90s hairstyle feeling.

This variation was made famous by people like Leonardo Di Caprio and Nick Carter.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys 3

The permanent was also a thing for boys back in the decade of the nineties; this is an iconic example of a boys 90’s hairstyle.

The music artist Justin Timberlake used this look back in the nineties when he was part of the band “NSync” and became a very popular look.

Also the other integrands of the band had quite similar looks to this one.

This look was often combined with blonde highlights or “frosted tips” and also color tips.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys 4

The world famous soccer player David Beckam also started a trend for this 90’s hairstyle.

They called it the “faux hawk” and this is considered to be one of the most popular and iconic David Beckham’s haircuts.

Many people, mostly young boys, have attempted to recreate the fin shaped look, but only a handful managed to replicate the look in a decent way.

The faux hawk was often combined with the famous blonde highlights or “frosted tips”.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys 5

As a variation of the faux hawk we have another trendy 90`s hairstyle which was more towards the rocker side of the decade.

They called “spiked hair” and surely all the guys that lived during this trend are familiar or knew about this type of haircut.

Back in those days for example in school, the bigger or more outrageous your spikes were, the more badass you were considered to be.

The most common types of spiked hair were the shorter and more arranged ones.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys 6

If you have seen the series Dawson Creek, you are definitely familiar with this adorable 90’s hairstyle.

This hairstyle was a favorite because it had a natural curl that was not controlled or too tight.

This look was perfect if you wanted to look glamorous back in the day.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys 7

Long hair was not really a trend back in the nineties, but luckily for those boys who had long hair.

And wanted a look that would pass as a fashionable thing, all they did was to part their hair at the center and kept the tips spread.

This 90’s hairstyle was made kind of fashionable because of the rock star Kurt Cobain that used to wore this style.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys 8

Another 90’s hairstyle for those boys who had a long and thick mane was this “shaggy” hair.

This look as many others was also inclined towards the rocker side of the decade and all you had to do to.

In order to get this look , was to cut your hair at the height of the shoulders and also add some bangs at height of the eyes.

Sometimes this look was used with longer hair but the length as shown in the picture was the most popular among the boys who wore this type of look.

Most popular 90’s Hairstyles for boys 9

Among other popular 90’s hairstyles there was this side-parted slicked haircut which look very sophisticated.

The popular actor Matt Le Blanc used this look for a few years while he was starring in the famous TV show “Friends”.

The main idea of the whole look is to put a generous amount of hair gel to make to make it look wet and shiny.

Also the top hair must be divided with a side line to achieve the neat look.

Celebrities recreating

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles.

If we have learned something throughout the years, it is that fashion is a cyclical thing.

And that what has triumphed at one specific time can be repeated a few decades later.

One proof of this is the boom that we have been experiencing this season with iconic outfits and hairstyles of the wonderful decade of the nineties.

But the thing does not stop there, those 90`s hairstyles that we remember that may have seem a little bit outdated.

Are becoming the currently favorites of many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande and Jasmine Sanders, among others.

If you also want to follow this recent trend of remembering the old classic 90`s hairstyles.

Make your bet on one of these options that we have selected for you.

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles

Bringing two thin and well stretched strands in the face was the perfect way to give a  little bit of a sexy touch to your outfits back in the 90s decade.

So now, this is our first choice. Currently Dove Cameron has wanted to bring back this 90`s hairstyle.

By creating a perfect combination for a day to day type of look. In order to get this look first pick up your hair in a high ponytail.

And roll a ribbon around the rubber forming a nice bow and afterwards release two very fine strands on your face.

And some more in the area of ​​the sideburns.

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles 2

This hairstyle that so fits well to Kylie Jenner is just nothing new. It would be the Spice Girl.

Emma Bunton responsible of starting this trend back in the nineties and making us fans of the two pigtails in all of its versions (half hair, low, high)

This iconic 90`s hairstyle was perfect for both day to day type of look and also you could use it to a Saturday night-out with your friends.

If this season you want to show off to this look, rescue your most select hairbands and pick up your hair like she did.

Marking precise line in the middle and taking only the top half of your hair.

Make your bet on a shiny-ended and extra smooth finish so you can include it in your night-out looks.

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles 3

To break with the type of “good girl” that gave us the two high pigtails already mentioned, we can find another 90`s hairstyle.

The classics two half-made bows, ideal to combine with a choker to give that “badass” type of look.

For example the model Jasmine Sanders has been one of the celebrities who have recovered this hairstyle of the nineties that is so simple to achieve.

All you have to do is mark the line in the middle or, for the most nostalgic ones, zigzag it, and pick up the hair in two high ponytails.

Then roll up the hair and tie it with hairpins like bows and finally let loose a few strands to give it a more casual look.

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles 4

In the recent years, hiding the hairpins when making a picked-up look was a fundamental step in order to wear an elegant and beautiful finish.

This is quite the opposite of what happened back in the nineties when this hairstyle was invented.

The nineties decade was the time in which these elements were rather decorative.

Nowadays artists like Chloë Grace Moretz appeared with this 90’s hairstyle and shows us that.

There is nothing wrong with showing your hairpins and that the bigger they are the better.

This young woman combines a wavy mane, finishing that you can get by using foam and drying it with a diffuser with the head upside down.

Or sleeping with a few braids the night before, with two clip hairpins in black.

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles 5

We also focus on hiding the hairbands as much as possible by covering them with hair in order to get a more polished look.

But if we look back in the 90’s this did not happen, the bigger and more pompous your hairband was, the better.

So in this season the tables turn and the hairband returns, this time with all the strength possible.

The use of these rubbers with stones, bright colors, and decorations, as shown by the singer of the Little Mix band, Perrie Edwards.

If you want to try this 90`s hairstyle, all you got to do is   apply a generous dose of hair gel.

And  comb your hair in a high ponytail and pick it up with a hairband decorated with striking stones.

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles 6

It was the pop princesses in the decade of the nineties who made crimped hair such a big trend, or what is the same, zigzag shaped hair.

This retro 90`s hairstyle will give a fun touch to your outfit and a proof of this is how good this look fits to the singer Ariana Grande.

Who combines it with her usual and almost iconic high ponytail.

In order to achieve this finish it is necessary to appeal to special plates that.

Applying heat, will make marks on your hair this will give you this chic touch.

You can also leave your hair loose or combine it with different hairstyles, it’s up to you.

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles 7

Surely you also appealed sometime back in the 90s, to this spikes shaped diadem like the one that looks actress Amy Adams.

Perfect to remove hair from the face, this decorative element became the best ally for our loose hair (curly or extra smooth).

The colors ranged from discreet black to fuchsia allowing you to choose one for each occasion and outfit.

Rescue this 90`s hairstyle by reaching out this relic from your drawers and add it back to your hairstyles, you will success!

Women celebrities re-creating popular 90’s hairstyles 8

If you never made you bet during your vacation to pick up all your hair in an African braid look.

Probably is that you were not an “it girl” when you were a teenager. There was no summer.

In which we could not see many young people with this iconic   90’s hairstyle.

That artists such as Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Christina Aguilera, among others, have worn with such style.

The Commander interpreter, also picks up the upper part of her braided mane in a high ponytail.

In order to make a combination of two hairstyles in one, this is a look that you can also wear.

All you got to do is go to a specialized center to make your braids , ask a friend who knows how to do this type of braids.

Or arm yourself with patience and go dividing your hair into small sections to make dozens of three-strand braids, it’s your choice.

Men’s 90`s Hairstyles trends that are looking forward to come back.

Men’s 90`s Hairstyles trends that are looking forward to come back

This 90’shairstyle was such a trend for many men back in the decade of the 90’s.

We are talking of numerous quantities of celebrities, from Brad Pitt to David Beckham.

But the actor Leonardo DiCaprio was really the best known for this hair curtains iconic look.

The front curtained hairstyle is an amazing option for medium length style and maybe we will be seeing more of this look in today’s young people.

Men’s 90`s Hairstyles trends that are looking forward to come back 2

We all know that color used to be a big thing back in the 90’s decade.

We have to remember the classic backstreet boys 90’s hairstyles like frosted tips and also the blonde highlights.

We think we are not exactly ready for that trend to comeback but a smart blonde highlight.

Just on top part of the hair seems to be working for guys that are looking to spice up or try a different look nowadays.

Men’s 90`s Hairstyles trends that are looking forward to come back 3

If you have never watched The Fresh Prince, you are not aware of the importance of the flat top haircut.

This was one of the most important and iconic 90’s hairstyles. An indispensible hairstyle for many men in the 90’s decade.

We are going to definitely be starting to see a lot more guys rock the flat top haircut and it is just amazing.

Men’s 90`s Hairstyles trends that are looking forward to come back 4

Many young celebrities in the 90’s had this stunning look. It was the signature teen heartthrob hairstyle.

A90’s hairstyle that all girls love for sure , this look that consist basically in the hair combed backwards with a few strands of hair in the front.

In the current day we have seriously not seen many medium length hairstyles

So hopefully we will see some more manes like this and it is going to be fantastic.

Men’s 90`s Hairstyles trends that are looking forward to come back 5

Side tram lines in the hair were a 90’s hairstyle for sure.

It is a simple hairstyle that would go with many haircuts as long as the side hair was trimmed almost to the skull.

The hair was often trimmed on the sides and three line-likes illustrations were drawn in both sides of the head.

Nowadays we are definitely seeing a comeback on this hairstyle because many football players are bringing it back in style.

This look is also being combined with blonde highlights and also a few tram lines in the eyebrows.

Thank you so much for reading this article, and we hope you enjoyed these 90’s hairstyles as much as we did. If you liked it, make sure to share it with your family and friends so they don’t miss out on these incredible looks. 

Thank you for reading!

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