Fine hair hairstyles

Let’s start by defining what fine hair actually is.

Fine hair makes reference to your hair’s texture, which is classified in terms of the thickness, diameter or circumference of the actual hair parts.

If you have fine hair, your individual strands are smaller in diameter, while thick hair has a denser diameter.

If you are not sure of what hair type do you have, a simple hair texture test might give you the answer.

Advices for women and girls who have fine hair

Tear off a strand of hair and rub it between your fingers. If you cannot feel the hair, then your hair strands are fine.

If you can actually feel it between your fingertips, you have medium hair and finally if it feels thick, you have coarse hair.

Difference between fine and thin hair

Difference between fine and thin hair

Think of when you run your hands through your hair, does it feel like there is not much hair or do you feel like there is a lot of hair?

You have to keep in mind this does not essentially mean you have fine hair, in fact your hair might just be thin. Even though these two hair types may sound very similar.

These are different qualities or characteristics that hair can have.

“Fine” hair makes reference to the thickness of the thread, as with the feel test we described above.

Having “thin” hair references the concentration of the follicles, or how close individual strands are to each other.

It’s completely possible to have hair that is both fine and thick, or coarse and thin. If the idea is still a little bit confusing to you, think about this:

When men are getting bald, the idea used to describe the hair is “thinning” because they have less tightly populated hair in a specific area.

Advices for women and girls who have fine hair

Advices for women and girls who have fine hair

The first thing you have to do is try to get a special product for straight hair; the fact of using a special product to comb the straight fine hair will give you many advantages.

The product that you use to comb the straight fine hair has to be one that is ideal to eliminate the frizz and leave the hair completely manageable and as smooth as possible but try to avoid products that will result in heavy and oily hair.

The use of a moisturizing product for all hair types is also very important, this type of product you have to apply it only on the body of the hair and the utilization will also depend on the length your hair has, because if the moisturizer is applied to the hair roots it can result into the hair getting oilier than it should be.

In addition, it is very important at the time you untangle your hair and for every hairstyle you are going to do in general, you use a wide bristle comb or simply use your fingers to untangle your hair.

Dry hair

If you have some hairs that are rebellious and not so docile and also very small, it is necessary to opt for the use of some hair spray; apply a little amount of hair spray for the frizz and rebellious hairs.

Then apply a little more on the rest of the hair at a distance of 20cm approximately from your head and to finish comb your hair only with your hand by running your fingers all over your hair, this technique will put all of those rebellious hairs in place.

On the other hand, if you are going for a high hairstyle, then it is recommended that you use a bit of the back brushing technique to prevent high hairstyles from falling or melting given the texture of the fine hair, the back brushing technique consist basically on brushing your hair from the middle part all the way back to your roots.

This creates volume and is also the perfect base for a high hairstyle. In order to achieve a hairstyle with better grip, you have to help yourself with the mouse and the hair spray.

How to create volume in fine hair for women

How to create volume in fine hair for women

Our first recommendation in order to create volume in fine hair, is that you change your part to create volume at the crown of your hair.

We know that you might have a favorite side of your head to part your hair.

Most of the time this side it’s where your hair likes to fall naturally, it could be the centre of your hair or the side that is closest to it.

The struggle is that this specific point is also where your hair looks the most flat, and you are accustoming it to stay that way.

Flipping your part to the opposite side from where you normally part it, creates instant volume illusion at the crown of your hair; if you’re worried about looking unbalanced, then try to do it while your hair is still wet.

To build up more height, try a dramatic side part on the opposite side in dry hair, and then lightly apply a little bit of hair spray to hold it and lock it in place.

This is the model like type of look everybody has been talking about lately, which is a little bit ’80s vibe and super sexy.


Our second recommendation for you is to back brush the roots of the under-layers of your hair in order to create a soft volume feeling in fine hair.

Back brushing does not necessarily have to mean aggressively back-brushing your hair with a fine-toothed comb to make huge tangles, which actually result into a nightmare to get rid of in the shower.

You can actually create soft volume in the crown of your hair by back-brushing the roots, using a large paddle brush for example.

One of the easiest techniques is to pick up the uppermost layer of the hair, keep it separate, and then back-brush the rest of your hair, working part by part.

Holding each part extended and away from the head, brush in a descending motion at the roots in three fast strokes.

Finally, to make the created volume last, use a little bit of hair spray in each back-brushed area. Once you have completed all the parts, let down the rest of the hair, leaving it even.


Our third recommendation is to Blow-dry your hair upside down in order to create instant and easy volume on your hair.

The best trick to a voluminous blow-dried hair is just as simple as flipping your head upside down. We know it sounds easy, that exactly how many hairstylists blow dry fine hair.

Then they finish off the ends of the hair with a hair straightener, for a straight with volume type of look.

The reason why this technique works is because when you flip your head upside down, your roots are by design lifting off your scalp, which is how you would want them to dry.

Women and girls with fine hair like to use this technique to get their hair about 90 percent dry, and then they might do the final smooth out with a round brush.

You have to take into consider that if you have bangs, you should always dry them out in the normal position first.


Our fourth recommendation is to use a root booster product on damp hair before you blow-dry it. If you have fine hair root booster products have to become your friends.

Think of them as the framework to any hairstyle you want to wear.

Root booster products provide structure and support for any lift you create near the roots of your hair, helping any fine hair hairstyle last all day or even a few days more.

When you look for a root booster product, make sure that is specifically designed for fine hair or thin hair, so it won’t weigh your hair down.

You have to apply it all over the head, right at the scalp. Make sure you use it on wet hair, root booster products will not work once the hair is dry.

Hair fine

Our fifth recommendation is to throw in a set of hot rollers in order to get easy waves without all the work of using a curling iron.

Almost everyone forgets about hot rollers.

But hot rollers are pretty amazing. Not like curling irons and flat irons, there is no special method required to use them; just throw them in while you are doing your makeup or choosing your outfit and 20 minutes later, you will have voluminous hair.

This is a great shortcut if your hair is already dry and it’s too late to create volume with the help of you blow drier.

In order to create volume with hot rollers, all you need to do is decide on which direction you want your waves to go to.

For example, if you roll your hair away from the face, this method gives you glamorous Hollywood type of waves.

On the other hand, if you do it towards the face creates a more vintage effect. If you want to make your volume last, we suggest misting each section with hairspray before throwing in the hot rollers, and let the rollers cool completely before removing them.

Finally brush out and shape your waves for a soft and fancy look.

Finally brush out and shape your waves

Our sixth recommendation is to crimp the roots of the under-layers of your hair to make them stand out.

We all know that crimped hair was big trend back in the 80s and 90s decade, and now it is making a comeback but in a different way.

Just crimping at the roots, in the under-layers of the hair, is a creative way to bump up the texture and make it stand out. We can say the result is a soft, natural looking voluminous hair.

The best part of this particular technique is that it only takes you a few minutes to do it, and not like curling irons and flat irons, requires zero experience. And the top layer of hair completely hides the crimping from being too obvious.

Bun in a fine hair

Our seventh recommendation is that you sleep with wet hair in a bun overnight in order to wake up with volume and wavy hair.

Do not miss the scrunchie. It is tremendously useful for this overnight volume trick with absolutely no heat required.

After taking a shower at night, pull your hair up into a high, loose bun while your hair is still damp, and secure with a soft elastic, one that does not create creases.

Your hair will dry up lifted off the scalp, so when you wake up and take it down; you will have instant volume in your hair, plus a soft wavy look.

Another method to easily create volume while you sleep is with a stretchy fabric headband.

Wear it across your forehead and wrap sections of wet hair around it until all your hair is wrapped up, secure it with some hair pins if required. Take it out the next morning, and you will have stunning Hollywood waves.

Volume products

Our eight recommendation for you is to apply dry shampoo right after any technique to prevent oils from sabotaging the volume you have created.

Do not wait until day two or three to use your dry shampoo.

By the time you notice your hair is starting to feel oily, the natural oils of your hair are already messing up your volume as oil travels down the hair shaft and starts to weigh down your hairs.

We recommend a preventive method by covering your scalp with a layer of dry shampoo as soon as you finish blow drying your hair.

By applying this method, you will have built up already an obstacle to the oil, stopping it in its paths and facilitating your volume style to last more time.

Also, we have to let you know that dry shampoo is naturally a volume building product. Spray it through the length of the hair as well, to create even more smoothness.

Hair short

Our ninth recommendation for you is to add some color to your hair, bleaching your hair can rough up the hair cuticle, since the hair gets thicker and gives it more body. If you are not used to bleach your hair, then here is secret from those who do it.

The thing is not just about the bleaching or dyeing your hair another color, it is as well about the texture it gives to your hair.

A little bleach on your hair creates additional body and roughs up the hair, so the result is that your hair is not as slippery as before.

Ultimately a blessing for anyone, especially for those Asian women and girls, whose hair lie flat and are not able to hold a voluminous hairstyle, but if you are not looking for a whole new hair color, there are different ways to profit from the volumizing effect of the bleaching technique.

A few baby highlights, strategically placed into the medium part and towards the end of your hair and in a tone that looks good in combination with your hair color, can give you that little helping hand, without having to worry about doing your roots when your hair starts growing.

Some ideas of fine hair

Ideas of fine hair hairstyles for women and girls with short hair.

Ideas of fine hair hairstyles for women and girls with shot hair

This one is called the A-Line Bob, this haircut is known for being layered and short in the back part of the hair and gradually goes longer toward the front part of the hair, often both sides are equal but it exists a variation of this bob hairstyle in which one of the sides is longer than the other one, besides this hairstyle is often combined with highlights.

This one is very popular because of the forms and varieties it has, you can try alternating between a sleek middle part, or a deep side part, in order to adding even more dimension to such a multi-layered look.

This haircut is highly recommended as a fine hair hairstyle because of the volume that adds to your hair.


This Stacked bob hairstyle is a timeless haircut that is evolving day by day. It seems women around the world; don’t have an intention to give up on this crop, which is pretty amazing because this cut is not only low-maintenance but also very fashionable.

This haircut is highly recommended as a fine hair hairstyle because of the volume that adds to your hair.  Stacked bobs are possible to style in many ways and you don’t need to limit yourself only with several options.

It good idea for you to enter the bob hairstyles trend with a gorgeous stacked- bob like this.

The choppy layering of the bob is one of the most impressive details that make this particular look really stand out.

They add movement and dimension throughout the locks and we suggest you combine this look with a sophisticated hair color.

Pixie cut

This is what we call a pixie haircut; it is a short hairstyle usually short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top part of the hair.

This haircut is highly recommended as a fine hair hairstyle because of the volume that you can create in your hair.

The classis pixie chic haircut is one of those haircuts that are only suitable for girls with fine hair, so you should be flattered.

Take advantage of the qualities of your hair and pass the scissors besides that this fine hair hairstyle is very comfortable, you will save on time and products.

Whether it’s a shorter cut or a longer one, bring your pixie haircut to life with an Audrey Hepburn-style fringe, and make it look like new every day.

Bowl cut

The name “bowl cut” possibly will make you want to run for the hills at first because normally you see this type of haircuts in mean, but here is the ting.

Some of the most famous celebrities in the industry have rocked this fine hair hairstyle and showed us how incredibly stylish and edgy it can result.

This cute childlike haircut includes long, shaggy layers up in the top part of your hair with a dramatic buzzed bottom that begins just above the ear.

When the hair is straightened and worn a little bit messy it is absolutely amazing and on-trend.

Go for it if you want a bold change of look.

Ideas for medium lenght hair

Ideas of fine hair hairstyles for women and girls with medium length hair,

Ideas of fine hair hairstyles for women and girls with medium length hair

We know that some bob hairstyles tend to have a little less hair, but that is not the case of the Bang Bob which has a little more hair to it.

This haircut is highly recommended as a fine hair hairstyle because of the volume and movement that adds to your hair.

We achieve this look by having our typical bob haircut with a mid-to-long length and also, we add some bangs.

This bob haircut can have straight blunt bangs, feathered bangs or a soft side swept bang, and also goes from shorter to longer but not in such a notorious way, we could say that this particular one it’s a little bit more subtle fine hair hairstyle.

Straight hairstyle

Here we have one of the trendiest medium length fine hair hairstyles nowadays, they are called textured Bobs and they have broken out as a favorite in the recent years by adding a little fun and movement to what many people call a “severe and strict” haircut.

The textured bob can be worn angled cut as the classic bob hairstyles or cut bluntly and get its texture through curling methods.

Soft waves, layers, and curls give this bob an extra boost that results to be very attractive. This haircut is highly recommended as a fine hair hairstyle because of the volume and movement that adds to your hair

cute hairstyles

From time to time cute hairstyles do not have to come through a haircut. As an alternative, think about creative techniques to style your hair.

For finer hair, a braided pompadour is just charming.

Get motivated by the French braids of childhood and braid only the top part of your hair, adding a boost of volume while the rest of your hair flows freely.

fine hair hairstyle

A good idea as a medium length fine hair hairstyle would be a messy bun, an easy yet so stylish way to do your hair. In order to achieve this particular look all, you got to do is basically comb back your hair with your fingers and pick it up in a high ponytail and then turn it into a bun.

For the final touch release some strands to get the messy effect.

Ideas for long hair

Ideas of fine hair hairstyles for women and girls with long length hair.

Ideas of fine hair hairstyles for women and girls with long length hair

For our women and girls with fine hair, we have to let you know that layered haircuts are you best friends.

Choppy layers emphasized with very subtle highlights work excellent as a fine hair hairstyle.

They create the volume that you are looking for and improve the body of your hair, even if you do not do any styling and wear it straight.

In any case, using your low dryer with a round brush, lifting your hairs at the roots and blow dry the ends of your hair outwards suggested.


This fine hair hairstyle is not your classic ponytail. We all know that the ponytail, besides being one of the most simple and comfortable hairstyles, can become an off-road look that gives your hair a very distinguished touch.

If your hair is fine, the unkempt effect will become one of your secret weapons. Create some volume at the top of the ponytail, and then collect your hair leaving the rubber a little bit loose, so you will achieve the acclaimed messy effect.

Take some strands to give a disheveled touch. If you also give some fluffiness to the ponytail, the optical effect of a larger volume will be a success.

Disheveled tones

Once again, the messy effect has the solution.

Braids can be very simple or very elaborate depending on the level of difficulty you choose.

Here is the key, once that you have finished your braid, remove some hairs and make it look like a very natural hairstyle. Give that spongy look to the braided part of your hair.

The low braids will be of great help to you since you will be able to remove strands of the high part to obtain that volume as much in the braid as in the rest of your hair.

This hairstyle is highly recommended as a fine hair hairstyle because of the volume that you can create on your hair.

Hair 1

The majority of the fine hairs hairstyles, they focus on create volume, either creating curls or waves but what many people do not know is that straight fine hair can be a major statement as well.

Ask your hair dresser for a razored facial framing layers but keeping the length of the hair and then use a hair straightener to make everything very smooth and finish the whole look with some hair shine spray.

How to create volume in fine hair for men

How to create volume in fine hair for men

Our first recommendation for you is to establish a regular washing routine. Many men believe that washing their hair regularly increases hair loss or the appearance of fine hair. However, the opposite happens.

Oily or unwashed hair tends to turn into a mess, exposing larger areas of the scalp. Find a washing regime that maximizes the appearance of volume and stick to it.

There is a large number of shampoos and conditioners that provide volume cover the hair follicle with a special polymer designed to increase the appearance of volume and you can use them in your regular washing routine.

Before deciding on a post-shower treatment, be sure to try shampoos and conditioners designed specifically to increase volume.

Shampoos and conditioners that provide volume do not really add volume but the appearance of volume.

You should notice a difference in the appearance of volume in your hair immediately after using these products.

Men hairstyle

Our second recommendation is that you use a styling product that provides volume. There is a wide variety of waxes, sprays, foams, gels and other topical styling products claim to increase the appearance of volume in a man’s hair.

However, these products have a different effect on each person. Try to identify where your hair looks thinnest and why and choose products that can help increase the appearance of volume in that area.

Avoid products that harden hair.

If a product leaves your hair «crispy», it is probably not ideal to increase the appearance of volume.

The more flexible your hair is after using a styling product; it will be more effective to increase the appearance of volume.


Dry hair men

Our third recommendation is that you use a hair dryer after applying styling products. Dry hair tends to look more bulky than wet hair or hair saturated with products. For best results, dry your hair after using a styling product.

Also try to avoid combing your hair.

While for a long-time comb have been considered the ideal tool for combing a man’s hair, they can have a negative impact on the appearance of volume.

The combs have a tendency to pull the hair and tear it by the roots and this can pull the hair in unusual directions, which leaves larger areas of visible scalp. Comb your hair with your hands to get better results in terms of increasing volume appearance.

several techniques

Our fourth recommendation for you is to experiment with several hairstyle changes.

Changing your hairstyle to maximize the appearance of volume is often a test and error process.

Take a little time to try several techniques to see what works best for you. Use your fingers and hands to make the necessary changes.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, try to separate the curls and waves with your fingers to help maximize the appearance of volume.

If your hair is straight, try to «lift it by the roots» to increase the appearance of volume.

Apply more product to comb areas where hair looks thinner and uses less product in areas that already have volume.

This should help ensure that the application of styling products makes your hair look naturally abundant and unsaturated.

Leonardo hair

Our fifth recommendation for you is to try a «curtain» style haircut. If your hair looks fine at the crown of the head, it can sometimes be effective to take the areas where your hair is most abundant and comb them over the areas where your hair is thinnest.

Many men, both with fine hair and without it, choose to comb their hair with the «stripe to the side» method.

This can be easily used to comb the hair over the fine areas while giving the appearance of being a natural style.

While curtain-style hairstyles are effective in some cases, their meaning is very widespread culturally and often makes it easy to identify when a man uses them to cover areas of fine hair.

In addition, these hairstyles are often not effective if the area of ​​fine hair is too large or too drastic to effectively cover it. In cases like this, hairstyles often make worse the notoriety of fine hair.

stripe to the side

Our sixth recommendation is that you decide if dyeing your hair will increase the appearance of volume.

Often, darkening hair tone can increase the appearance of volume. If you think this could be beneficial, identify the reliable products to dye your hair, choose a tone that mimics your natural color well and apply it according to the instructions.

Be careful not to choose a color that is much darker than your natural color since an unnatural or too dark tone can make it obvious that you used a product to dye your hair.

Also, choosing a very dark shade can actually make your hair look less bulky if it contrasts a lot with the color of the roots.

dyeing your hair

Our seventh recommendation for you is that you cut your hair short or shave your head. In contemporary society, several men choose to have very short hair as a style option regardless of lack of volume.

A military cut or simply shaving your head could be a good option to help cover fine hair.

Ideas of fine hair hairstyles for men and boys

Ideas of fine hair hairstyles for men and boys

This style of Pompadour is perfect for fine hair. With a faded end to the sides and back this hairstyle will make the top of the head stand out.

Simple and sophisticated this fine hair hairstyle is a great option for elegant and stylish men and boys.

Simple and sophisticated

This is what we call a Bro flow; the long and soft layers of this fine hair hairstyle surround the face and drag the attention to your eyes and eyebrows.

This fine hair hairstyle works for almost any face shape and is perfect if your hair is more on the thicker side.

To rock this look we suggest that once you washed your hair, you can blow dry it upside down in order to add extra volume.

Once you finished blow drying it, comb it backwards, add a little side or middle part and let gravity do the rest.

you finished blow drying it

This is what we know as a Faux hawk, which is a variation of the from the Mohawk haircut. This fine hair hairstyle offers a lot of flexibility, which will allow you to modify your hairstyle exactly to your likings.

Nothing like its forerunner, the faux hawk is classically kept short in the back part of the head and then increases into a longer and spiky top layer.

In order to achieve your desired faux hawk, all you got to do is just towel dry your hair and use a generous amount hair gel, mousse or wax at the ends of your hair, to give your faux hawk the boost you are looking for on the top part.

We suggest you smooth the sides for a more presented appearance.

Justin hair

This is known as the buzz cut, if you are thinking of liberating yourself from your long hair, this fine hair hairstyle will not let you down.

On the other hand, this fine hair hairstyle might not require a lot of maintenance, but this bold haircut exposes it all and would not leave anything to hide.

This manly fine hair hairstyle normally works for everyone but is specially recommended, for those who have strong facial features, as it is assured that will intensify cheekbones and jawline.

The greatest thing about this daring haircut is that if you own an electric razor it is easily self-made at home.

electric razor

This is what we call a crew haircut and is a great option for those who would like to increase a little natural height to the crown of their hair.

The forelock in the front is the longest part of the haircut, while the rest of hair gradually runs shorter in the back part of the head.

The overall length of this fine hair hairstyle is kept pretty short, so the front hair will nearly stand up on its own. If we see this haircut from a profile view, the top of the head will almost show a straight horizontal line.

To style this fine hair hairstyle, use your fingers and a hair gel of your preference to add some height and smoothness.

fine hair hairstyle men

This fine hair hairstyle is known as the disconnected undercut and is famous because it has a severe contrast in hair length.

Though the crown of the hair is kept long, the side parts and the back of the head are almost entirely shaved off, showing off much of the scalp.

The success of this fine hair hairstyle depends on the amount of volume in the top part of your hair, which is why this fine hair hairstyle works great for men and boys with a thick head of hair.

To give this look a little bit of a fun twist, try creating some waves or curls for a beachy vibe.

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