New hairstyles

It’s no secret that the World changes every day. We develop new things constantly; same thing happens with hairstyles, so, check out some of these cool new hairstyles!

As new hairstyles go, girls are really into shoulder length and wavy hair, and most guys no longer stick to short hair; instead they prefer to keep it a little longer. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl with short, medium or long hair. Options are endless either way!

New hairstyles

You will never run out. There are many different new hairstyles in which you can style your hair depending on length and whether you have curly or wavy or straight hair.

Guys don’t fall behind either; there are several new hairstyles for guys that you can try that can make you look you’re right on the newest trend.

Now, we know that not everyone has the time to perfection complicated hairstyles. It takes lots of practice and dedication, and some people just don’t have the time.

But don’t worry, in here you’ll find some new hairstyles that are as simple as they are fashionable and stylish.

After reading this article, you’ll realize just how life-saving these new hairstyles can be. You won’t need to invest much time on them and you’ll still look great!

Is there anything better than looking awesome without putting much effort into it? The answer is probably No.

So, if you want to go for some new hairstyles that are trending right now, keep on reading!

New hairstyles for girls with long hair

We don’t ever get tired of loving long hair!

Even if the newest trends consist mostly on shoulder length hair because it’s more comfortable, some girls prefer to go with the all-feminine long-haired styles.

It’s not like we can blame them though. Long hair is beautiful either way; it’s romantic, juvenile, versatile, voluminous, thick, soft and so feminine.

Girls have loved growing their hair long since the beginning of humanity. It’s a classic, which only makes it more amazing.

New hairstyles for girls with long hair

We know long hair is an all-time classic, but there are many new hairstyles that make the look into something more modern and cool.

So, don’t ever think long hair is boring! When you have so much hair you have an endless possibility of options in which you will look beautiful.

Even if long hair is a handful, because we know maintenance isn’t easy, some girls are still brave enough to embark on that journey, and we admire them.

If you’re one of the brave, keep on reading and check out some of the possible options for new hairstyles for your long hair to get some inspiration!

New and long

Layered hairstyles are always a great option for long hair. Layers permit movement, shape and flexibility.

This new hairstyle has been a favorite for a long time; but girls make it modern by adding highlights and bangs to give it an extra touch, and the results are amazing!

There are many types of layers; which’ll you get will depend on your style and preferences. There are many options to try out, so don’t worry.

This is a fantastic new hairstyle because it is so simple, but it’s eye-catching and feminine. With this hairstyle you don’t need much to look amazing.

If you decide to opt for layers, ask your stylist for graded layers to frame your face and long layers at the back, this will give you volume and versatility.


New hairstyles are relaxed and easy; nonchalant, if you will. The messy look is totally trending, and has been for a while, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

Truth is, remember what we said earlier, not many grown people have an infinite amount of time to devote to their hairstyles.

Thanks to that, the slightly messy but infinitely cute hairstyles were born.

Beachy waves are a great option; even for any other season that isn’t summer, these waves remain to be cool and awesome as ever.

This new hairstyle looks relaxed but also a little careless. It’s modern, feminine and stylish.

And it’s super easy to achieve because you don’t necessarily need to curl it with an iron curler; you can just simply weave your hair into braids and sleep with them.

When you wake up and untie them in the morning you will have in your hands some cute natural waves with no effort at all!

This new hairstyle is certainly one of the girls’ favorite, and we can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t love this style?

natural waves

If there’s a new hairstyle we adore with all our hearts and hope it never goes away, it’s highlights.

This hairstyle is perfect for a girl who wants to go for a change; something that’s different but not entirely life-changing.

Highlights come in all shapes and sizes, which makes us love this style even more.

Many people think that highlights must be blonde, but that’s not the truth. There are dark cocoa highlights, chocolate, caramel, etcetera.

If you’re a dark haired girl don’t be afraid of trying this new hairstyle just because of your hair color; you can combine it with some dark highlights and it will love incredible!

This new hairstyle is refreshing and feminine and we love everything about it! Every girl should try it at least once.

refreshing and feminine

It’s no secret that long hair is difficult; in fact, it’s the World’s worst kept secret. Sometimes even growing your hair long is a difficult task, never mind handling it.

However, if you do take care of it correctly, once you see the results and you have amazing mermaid hair everything will be worth it!

Any of these new hairstyles on long hair look particularly amazing, so don’t be afraid to give any of these a try on your long and beautiful tresses.

New hairstyles for girls with medium length hair

We don’t really believe when someone says that the perfect length doesn’t exist. Mainly because they’re wrong. It’s the medium length.

As we said before, it’s no secret that dealing with too-long tresses is not easy. The maintenance takes a lot of effort, no doubt.

And when it comes to short hair, not every girl is ready to take that step. Chopping all your locks off at once is more challenging than some think.

Therefore, if you want a change that’s not too extreme, you should go for a shoulder length new hairstyle.

New hairstyles for girls with medium length hair

The truth is that the medium length is most likely the perfect hair length; it’s not too short and not too long either, it’s just right.

It doesn’t tangle as much as long hair, and it can still be as voluminous and versatile as you want it to. You can still curl it or straighten it as you wish.

It’s short, but at the same time it’s long enough for you to tie it back into a ponytail or weave it into a braid if you want, and it also lets you experiment with textures!

experiment with textures

Girls love braids, no doubt. A braid is a classic style that’s super cool and useful. It lets you get your hair off your face in the most fashionable way possible.

Even if braids have existed for a long time, you can give this classic hairstyle a twist and turn it into a completely new hairstyle.

For example, try this double fishtail braid. It’s super modern and it looks amazing as a shoulder length hairstyle.

You probably haven’t weaved your hair into two simultaneous braids since middle school, but this new hairstyle is totally trending right now!

And it’s easy, too. You need to weave your hair into two fishtail braids at either side of your head. Once they’re safely tied, pull lightly on the braids to add more thickness. Done!

Girls love braids

Two of the most popular hairstyles for girls are braids and buns. These two looks are timeless and can be perfect for any occasion.

Even if these hairstyles have been around for a long time, you can combine them to achieve a completely new hairstyle.

To recreate this new hairstyle, take a section from hair at the top and French braid it all the way back. When you finish the braid, tie it into a bun.

To make the bun look taller, crisscross some bobby pins behind the elastic and push it up.  Optionally you can pull lightly on the bun to make it look fuller and thicker.

And you’re all set! That is how you end up with a beautiful new hairstyle. You will be turning stares everywhere you look.


Half up half down hairstyles are the best possible combination; the best of both worlds!

This style is comfortable and feminine at the same time. Pretty much like braids, this look lets tie your hair back so it doesn’t bother you, but you still look amazing.

Half up half downs are the classical princess’s style. Romantic, soft and sweet, but they can be modern and cool too, if you give them a twist.

To turn this simple hairdo into a new hairstyle, you can pair it with a halo style or braid half the hair and tie it into a braided crown.

That’s what’s so great about this hairstyle! It’s so versatile; you can pair it with different looks and you’ll get a new hairstyle every time.

The thing about this new hairstyle is that you can pair it up with pretty much any other hairstyle you wish. Your imagination is the limit.

This new hairstyle is a great solution for any occasion; casual or formal meetings alike you will look beautiful with this hairdo.


Don’t be afraid to give shoulder length hairstyles a try. If you previously had long hair and cropped it to shoulder length you will freer and lighter.

These new hairstyles are perfect during summertime. They’re flirty and relaxed and so easy to recreate.

New hairstyles for girls with short length hair

All of us, at least once in our lives, have gotten tired of dealing with the stress of what having long hair entails and have ended up chopping our locks off.

Even more so, nowadays girls are not huge fans of growing their tresses too long. Once they realize the comfort of having short hair, not many go back to long lengths.

Whether you had a crisis that made you get rid of your long hair, or you decided to cut your hair just because you felt like it, don’t regret it just yet!

There are many new hairstyles for short hair that are cooler than you can imagine. These hairstyles are modern and stylish but feminine at the same time.

New hairstyles for girls with short length hair

Whoever said short hair wasn’t as great as long hair probably didn’t know what they were talking about.

You don’t need waist-length hair to look fabulous or feminine, and we will argue with whoever claims the opposite!

While it is true that finding new hairstyles for you short locks can be a little more challenging, and short hair is not quite as versatile, you still have where to choose from.

New hairstyles for short hair are as great as for any other length, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these styles.

fabulous or feminine

Who ever said girls with curls couldn’t pull off short hair?

This deep side haircut is feminine and incredibly stylish. The hair on the sides is left a little shorter while the hair at the top is kept more voluminous.

The curls are the essence of this hairstyle. If you have naturally curly hair, consider yourself one of the lucky ones!

This new hairstyle is flirty and sexy. Gone are the times when short hair was only meant for men. Girls can totally rock any short hairstyle they want!

naturally curly hair

If you’re looking for something on the bolder and more mysterious side, this side buzz cut is just what you need.

This new hairstyle screams empowerment and rebellion. It speaks about a girl who’s edgy and is not afraid to shout it out loud.

For this hairstyle you need a deep side part. The smaller section is clipped very short to the head, buzzed nearly completely.

As for the hair on the other side, it is kept longer. This new hairstyle makes the hair you left long look more voluminous and so much fuller.

Another new hairstyle you can pair up with this one is a fade style. You can recreate a fade on the buzzed section of hair or even get some specific shapes.

If this new hairstyle isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, then we don’t know what it might be.

buzzed section

Another new hairstyle many girls are opting for is cropping the hair very short, nearly to the scalp.

This style is certainly bold, and it might not be for every girl out there. Not everyone has the courage to get rid of mostly all their hair.

Before going for this style make sure it’s something you’d be comfortable with. It can be a difficult change for most people.

The hair is equally buzzed very short all around the head; only about an inch of hair is left.

This new hairstyle, although very short, can still be feminine and stylish. You can use some accessories if you want to look more girly and fashionable.

very short

Remember to keep in mind that these new hairstyles are very different from what you might be used to, so think it through before getting one of them done.

If you’re sure you might like them, don’t hesitate to get one done! They’re a complete new change of look and very modern.

New hairstyles for men

Lately, men have been keeping up with trends just the same as women, perhaps even more so. They too like looking fashionable and modern.

Men no longer stick to short hairstyles anymore; on the contrary, one of the trendiest new hairstyles is to keep the hair long at the top.

Men also have a wide variety of new hairstyles, pretty much like women do. Each style is cooler than the previous one, and all the options are great and modern.

New hairstyles for men

A pompadour is a new hairstyle that gained fame mostly this year. This is the guys’ favorite, and, thankfully, it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

Getting a pompadour hairstyle is very easy. You only need to crop the sides short and leave the hair at the top longer, from 3 to 5 inches long.

This is new hairstyle that screams absolute manliness. It’s so stylish and fashionable and guys and girls love it alike.

To make this style even cooler you can pair it up with a fade hairstyle on the sides, and a full beard is always a great extra option.

This new hairstyle is manly, daring and sexy.

daring and sexy

If you thought the pompadour was great, wait until you see this new hairstyle with medium length hair on top.

It follows pretty much the same pattern as a pompadour: longer hair on top with the sides cropped short.

What makes it different is that the hair at the top is spiked and swept into a side fringe. The spikes take the look into a whole new level of amazingness.

Pair this style with a fade look and a beard and you’ve got in your hands a new hairstyle that will have girls –and guys– swooning for you.

the top

Wavy hair looks amazing regardless of your hairstyle, but there are always great ways to highlight your natural curls.

This low fade with long, wavy hair at the top is the new hairstyle every wavy-haired guy has been looking for.

For this look opt for buzzed sides and pair it with a deep fade look. Make sure your beard is neatly cleaned. It will go with the fade.

For the hair at the top, leave your waves flowing freely, as they’re the essence of this new hairstyle. If you want to keep them in check, you can always use some hair gel.

By now you might have probably noticed just how important pompadour styles are, and they come in all shapes and go with all hair textures.

pompadour styles

This brushed back new hairstyle is probably one of the easiest you will ever see, and it looks particularly great on wavy hair.

For this look, the hair length is mostly kept even all around the head. Only the hair at the top is kept an inch or so longer than the rest.

You just need to brush the hair back completely, no deep side parting anywhere, and keep your curls in check with some hair gel or hairspray. Super simple and great!

hair gel or hairspray

These are only some of the many new hairstyles possibilities there are for men. Make sure to give any of these a try.

These looks will for sure be turning stares towards you anywhere you go!

New hairstyles for kids

Fashion in kids has also evolved, and hairstyles go hand in hand with it. Check out some of these new hairstyles for kids.

Little boys follow older men’s hairstyles. They, too, are fans of the pompadour hairstyles and fade looks. Not like we can blame them.

Deep side parts are very common among young children, as are fade hairstyles.

For this new hairstyle one side is cropped a little shorter than the rest and paired with a fade look. The hair at the top is kept voluminous but not too long either.

New hairstyles for kids

Spikes are also very trendy for kids at the moment. This cool undercut is everything you’ll ever want for your child and more.

The sides are cropped short and the top is kept longer and spiked in the coolest way you’ve ever seen. The most adorable thing ever!

This new hairstyle probably won’t ever stop being amazing. We certainly hope so

most adorable thing

As for little girls, braids are always a great to-go style.

Turn a regular look into a new hairstyle by combining to looks together, like this half up half down braided style.

It’s absolutely adorable, soft and feminine. Any little girl out there would love it.

Accessorize the hairstyle with some colorful hairclips or bows for an extra dash of cuteness!

Accessorize the hairstyle

We love high buns and we love braids, now, think about those two hairstyles combined.

Buns paired with braids is a very modern hairstyle. Women love it, and little girls do as well.

This is a perfect new hairstyle for every occasion: school, birthday parties, playdates, etcetera. Little girls look so incredible and grown up with these buns.

What’s there not to love about this new hairstyle? it’s fun, refreshing and girly. We absolutely adore everything about it.

refreshing and girly

We hope you enjoyed this new hairstyles article and get to recreate some of the hairstyles we talked about. If you liked it, make sure to share this with someone who might enjoy it as well. Thanks for reading!

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