Layered Hairstyles

For several years and particularly during 2015, the trends of female haircuts have insisted on proposing long and straight hair.

This has determined that the current capillary ideal passes through a mane, combed with a stripe in the center that falls on the face, with a certain beatific air. However, there is life beyond that type of long haircut, which we could define as «no cut».

Layered hairstyles

We refer to long hair cuts in layers.

These haircuts are still sued, but it is true that they do not usually appear on the covers of fashion magazines.

Layered hairstyle is ideal for any type of hair, it does not matter if yours is finite, medium or abundant, and this style will set you great!

Even it is a good option for wavy or curly hair, for some people this would be «too much» because the curly hair bring volume by itself, but it also goes in the tastes of each person.

When its talking about this kind of hairstyle, do not only refer to women, but also men, girls and boys. But first, you need to know some specific things about this long layered hairstyles. 

Layered hairstyles for long hair round face

This type of face usually has a totally curved contour that is creating a circle.

Usually it is not a perfect or definite circular shape.

Its most prominent part is usually in the area of the cheekbones or cheeks. In short, cheekbones somewhat wide, jaws of equal proportion.

The chin does not usually stand out much; because it is in if it defines the rounded face.

Hair yellow


For this type of face the long layered hairstyle is ideal, because it marks a bit the traits that it lacks from the person who is wearing it.

It also shapes the face and enhances its features.

Layered hairstyles for long hair oval face

This type of face usually has a harmonious and somewhat symmetrical shape.

That is to say, this face is usually somewhat proportional. As for cheekbones, chin and forehead, they are practically the same.

If you have this type of face consider yourself lucky, this is the «ideal» form, because of this, this is the face that best fits the classic beauty canons, in other words, it is considered the most beautiful, clear, as long as the eyes, nose and lips are correctly located.

oval face

As already mentioned, this type of face is almost perfect, that’s why it’s time to show off!

With the long layered hairstyle your hair will look abundant and wonderful and each of your features will be subtly marked.

You can also play with your hair, if you just want to have it split in half it’s fine, you can also make some bangs and accompany it with some natural waves.

Layered hairstyles for long hair square face

Its main features are a broad forehead and jaw.

That is to say, that both the bones of the jaws and the bones of the forehead are practically proportional.

Take into account that the length of your face if it is larger than it can be called elongated face.

By contrast, if they are almost equal then you have a square face.

hair square face

This type of face usually has a somewhat strong jaw.

The features of this type of face are straight and regular.

The jaws are usually pronounced and are angular.

With a large forehead and bulky jaw, this type of face is commonly characteristic of «Eastern girls».

The layers, since they provide volume and movement, break the linearity and visually counteract that elongated effect.

The long layered hairstyle also favors, in general, those people with a square face or with a very marked jaw.

In general, the layers reduce the severity of the face.

Long Layered hairstyles for long faces

The shape of this type of face as its name says is elongated.

This means that both the bones of the jaw and those of the forehead are practically the same size.

They usually have a somewhat fine chin in relation to the part of the forehead.

The most dominating part in this face is the forehead.

Long Layered hairstyles for long faces

The layers will favor if you are looking for a change of look that is not too drastic.

If for example your current look is a straight long bob and you want to change, the layers can be a good transition.

Or if for example you have a long mane and you do not want to give up the length, but you can make a small change … long layered hairstyle can also be for you!

Layered hairstyles for long hair with bangs

The retro cuts trend will continue in demand during 2018, especially bangs styles.

To receive the New Year, models and celebrities wore their hair in layers with bangs.

The bangs is one of the best companions of this type of hairstyle (long layered hairstyle), because both intertwine in an impressive way, thus providing a chic and modern touch to your look.

layered hairstyles with bangs

Layered hairstyle makes long hair more manageable and eliminates the irritating factor of longer strands getting in the way or falling into your face every now and then.

If you also want to rock your long hair without a single pin, get that hairstyle right now!

On the other hand, there are many types of bangs that you can wear with the layered hairstyle, below are some images of those that have more recommendations and also those that are trend at this time.

Layered hairstyles with side fringe

As you may know, fringes are something that does not matter what time you are, always give a special touch to whatever your hairstyle is.

This is the case with the fringes on the side, in this time has been shown as one of the most demanded by women, young people and girls.

layered hairstyles side fringe

No matter how old you are, a fringe on the side it will always look good on your look, in this case, these fringes are accompanied by a layered hairstyle, which makes them the perfect pair.

On the other hand, there are many types of bangs that you can wear with the layered hairstyle, below are some images of those that have more recommendations and also those that are trend at this time.

Hairstyles for long layered hair

If you have hair in layers or a long layered hairstyle, then you will know that it can be difficult to control or comb it.

That’s why in order to feel comfortable with your hair and create fun and different styles, today you will see some layered hairstyles that will make you look radiant and beautiful every day.

hairstyles for long layered hair

Most of these hairstyles are easy to make and you will not need many things, you will simply use things that are easy to achieve.

They also have as a principle to take care of your hair and not mistreat it with the heat of machines, this is very important for this type of cut.

Boxer braids

This hairstyle is perfect to control your long layered hair because the braid will help to hold even the smallest hair.

You just have to start braiding from the crown of your head down and reach the height you want.

For this Layered hairstyle you should simply have your hair loose and have two tails at hand, which will be used to tie the ends of your hair for each one of the braids.

boxer braids


First, you have to divide the hair in two, in equal proportions.

Then, you will begin to weave, in each part, each of the braids from the beginning of your head. You should be careful when you are weaving so that the braid is straight.

Having completed this phase, should only hold the end of each of the locks and loosen them a bit so they are not so tight.

And that’s it; you have completed your fancy boxer braids.

Mohawk Braid

If you have hair in layers, it will be much easier to just hold the top of your hair in braid.

Make a braided Mohawk like a French braid. It will allow you to leave your hair medium / loose.

For this hairstyle you should take a small part of the upper area of your head and start to pull a French braid, having completed this phase you can hold the braid with a tail or you can proceed to make a bow, this will make you look pretty and chic.

Mohawk Braid

With the hair that is loose you can make some waves using styling cream and just your fingers.

This hairstyle will make you look fresh and fashionable; currently this hairstyle is being worn by young girls.

If you want to use it more formal you can make waves with a curling iron in the hair that falls.

Double bun

If you want a more modern look, then instead of making just one bun, make two.

This hairstyle is super fun and modern, and also prevents all the hair clogging you.

This hairstyle is very versatile, because it can be done with braids or without them.

Double bun

At the same time, the braids can go through the front of the head or the back, and does not involve much complexity.

You only have to divide the hair in two and start to braid in each of the halves.

And at the end make a bow in each, and then hold each one with a tail.

For the mode with the braids on the back side of the head you must place your head down and split your hair into two halves, then perform the same procedure as in the previous one, and at the end of the braid hold each of the buns with a tail in each one, on top of the head.

double bun with braids brunette

Half braid

If every time you try to make a half ponytail your little hair is degrafted from the fringe, just braid on both sides of your hair and fastened in the back with a tail.

It is an easy hairstyle; you do not need anything else. Simply to finish the braids loosen a bit to give a fresh and relaxed touch to your look.

half braid

Braids crown


As with the previous hairstyle you should make a braid in each hair strand, hold each of them with a tail and then loosen them a little.

Having done this, affirm each of the braids around your head with one or two hooks.

To keep the hairstyle firm you can add a little hairspray, it is not mandatory, but it would keep the hairstyle firm all day.

braids crown

This is one of the most formal hairstyles, it is ideal to be used in weddings, prom dances and special events of this type.

You can decorate it with a hook or put a wreath of flowers, you will look amazing.

Twisted half tail

If you do not like braids, because you think that braiding your hair so much can damage it, calmly, today you will know this other easy way to control your degrafted and layered hair.

Take two strands of hair from both sides and twist your hair until you reach the tip.

Attached to the back and if you want to give an elegant touch, you can link a small braid.

twisted half braid

In addition, you can decorate this hairstyle as you want, each simple touch will make you look subtle and feminine!

Take into account not to overload any hairstyle that you do, because otherwise you will see yourself overloaded and it is not what you are looking for.

Twisted Ponytail

Now, if you do not want half a ponytail, just make a classic ponytail and hold it with a tail.

Put the ponytail in the middle until a small «twist» is made, and the loose part of your hair just hold it in a tail.

This hairstyle is ideal for those studious and hardworking girls who need to feel fresh; it is also very used in those hectic days where you do not need anything to get in your way.

 twisted ponytail

In case you have an important meeting, you can make some waves at the tips of your hair, with the help of a styling cream and your hands, if you want to look a bit more sophisticated, you can go to a curling iron and you will look radiant!

Twisted down

Now, if you want to make a «French braid» effect without making a braid and better fastened, just take two strands of hair twisted and tied with a garter in the middle.

Do the same with several strands of two in two until you get to the bottom.

twisted down


This kind of long layered hairstyle is ideal for a field day, a picnic or a special date.


Ponytail with braids

If you are looking for a simple and fast hairstyle, you should only split your hair in half, braid both sides of your hair and hold it in a ponytail.

In the same way, you can make a single braid on the back of your head, what you should do is place your head down, start to braid, finish the braid on the top of your head and hold it with a tail.

braid in a ponytail

Layered hairstyles for children

This haircut is very versatile, therefore it can be used as for women, for men and for children, obviously these should have long hair, and otherwise it will not work.

In this case you will see how your daughter will look beautiful with this cute layered hairstyle.

It will also be easier for you to comb her hair in the mornings when she goes to school, since this hairstyle will facilitate all the work.

 layered hairstyles for children

Other important fact is that you do not need to attend a hairdresser for her to wear this cut.

You can do it yourself! You only have to place your daughter with her head down and comb her hair in this way, then proceed to cut it as much as you want.

And that’s it; there you have that beautiful hairstyle.

Then you will see some hairstyles that you can easily do to your daughter or your sister, you will only need some tails, hooks and styling cream.

These will help her to go to school, or to her ballet classes, even to go to the park.

Layered Hairstyles for girls

These hairstyles for girls are very cute and super easy to make, it will not take more than twenty minutes to make them.

As you can see the first one is a side queue, so simple that it does not need explanation, you just have to comb the hair to the side of your head and hold the hair with a tail, and you can add a hair tie to give a touch of sweetness to the hairstyle.

hairstyles for children

Fish Braid

This fish braid is very easy to do, you should moisten a little hair and add a little styling cream, so that the braid stays firm all day, this step is important when you do it in girls, since they generate to move more and you must avoid that the hairstyle falls.

The first step is to begin to braid from the beginning of the head, gently, and then go braiding each tuft with the other, so until you reach the ends of the hair, having completed the braid you can hold with a tail.

fish braid

Cross Braid

This hairstyle consists of two crossed braids, the first thing to do is divide the hair into two parts and start to braid each of them halfway, having reached the middle you must cross them and keep braiding, when you finish each one of the braids with a tail at the end.

cross braid

Side Bun

Today you will see a side bun very easy to make and it looks very nice.

  • You will start by making a pigtail next to it and winding a strand around the rubber to cover it.
  • You will pick up strands and roll them from the root to the tip.
  • Once it is rolled up, you will go to it and you will stick it close to the rubber band. You will do the same with all the strands of the ponytail.

side bun


Layered Hairstyles for boys


This year the layered hairstyle was a trend in the area of haircuts for boys, so today you will see some of the cuts that enhance this type of hairstyle in boys.

In this case it will be necessary to go to a barbershop so that the cut is to your preference.

hairstyles for boys

In general, the layers cut is done in the central part of the hair, and on the sides the haircutting machine is passed, thus leaving less hair on the sides, and the impression that there is more hair in the central part (this is due to the layers)

layered hairstyles for boys

Layered Hairstyles for Men

As with the children, in 2017 and 2018, the layered cut was the protagonist, most of the celebrity men are wearing it, so here we will leave the cuts that are usually being worn with this hairstyle.

By wearing long hair, it is easier to wear this hairstyle, because you can make more layers and this gives abundance to your hair.

Usually men do not usually worry about the care of their hair, to wear this cut; they can even ponytails and look relaxed and sophisticated.

hairstyles for men with layered hair

This haircut is best suited to men who have straight hair, because men who have hair curlers will give them a lot of volume and will not come very well.

hairstyles for men with layered hair 2

Special care for layered hairstyle

It is important to keep in mind certain things when you have a layered hairstyle, because with this hairstyle the tips are usually more sensitive and you can start to get frizzy.

Keep your hair hydrated and nourished so they look healthy and bright.

Right now, long hair is fashionable, but you have to degraph it and have it in layers; to take care of it you should not rub it with the towel when they go out to bathe, you just have to press to remove the excess water.

special care

Detangle damp hair with a comb with wide and separate teeth. In this way the break is reduced.

Remember that hair fibers are more fragile when wet.

Applying oils or hydrating masks helps to keep the tips in better condition for longer, but eventually a cut of a few millimeters is the most recommended every two or three months.

It is better to cut a little more when they feel rough, open or there is little volume at the ends.

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