Medium length hairstyles

People around the world (especially women) can agree that many times our hair does not look the best and look for ways to make it look good, for that there are hairstyles and although many girls say they are past fashion.

The truth is that according to the passage of time begin to become a trend in a shocking way.

There are more and more styles to choose from and there really could be a person at this moment inventing some new style to comb our hair.


As for medium-length hair, not everything is about hair care but also make it look as beautiful as possible, which is why hairstyles are one of the healthiest ways to help with this work, because it does not require chemicals or products that can damage the health of our hair directly.

Girls, you should know that there is a variety of hairstyles available to you and that there is always a perfect hairstyle for you, all you have to do is look for the best one of all and change the appearance of your hair in the most satisfactory way.

Why are hairstyles so important these days?

Why are hairstyles so important these days

Nowadays, society has become very conscious as regards appearance. A lot of attention is also being paid to personal individuality and perspective, and everyone wants to look good and fashionable.

Both in the case of the feminine point of view as in the masculine, the hairstyle plays a very important role, and, as a result, it has become very important to be aware of your own hair.

Contacting a professional stylist or hairdresser at least once a month is critical to ensuring a correct and modern look, as well as the health of your hair.

Apart from helping you to look elegant hairstyles for medium lenght hair, stylists also have many tips to give on good hair care and how you should treat your hair type.

stylists also have many tips

Everyone is worried about how they look, and it seems that this has taken on an importance that would seem ridiculous before. In the world in which we live, appearance brings with it a reputation, and it is fundamental to think about getting a partner.

And it’s not just the hairstyle, but also the dress, makeup and accessories, among other things.

Importance of hairstyles

Now that we talk a little about the importance of hairstyles, we want you to know how important it is to take care of your medium hair.

It is as important to take care of our hair as our skin, even before thinking about hairstyles, that is why we emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy, shiny and silky hair.

For this, it is necessary to visit every certain period of time a hair professional, who is the one who best understands about the possible dangers that lie in wait for your scalp.

importance of hairstyles

Healthy hair grows by leaps and bounds, and it looks beautiful with any type of hairstyle but due to sea salt, sun and chlorine, among others, your hair can be very deteriorated.

So it is recommended to go to a hair stylist, which is able to heal and recover hair quickly.

Do not hesitate, trust your scalp in your hands because yes, it can be noticed. And this is like everything, the better the professional, the better your hair will look.

Good profesional

Among the most important things before choosing a hairstyle for your medium hair is the choice of a good professional.

It is important to choose the right person who will work with our hair and our hair, because putting your hair in the hands of someone without experience or professionalism is almost like leaving your child with a complete stranger.

One of the things you should know about a good stylist is that he will respect your decisions, they are artistic people who contribute too many ideas.

And that is not bad but the best professional is the one who respects the wishes of his client, of course if your elections are wrong, your duty is to tell them, so try to be as wise as possible.

good professional

As we are talking about hairstyles for medium hair another of the characteristics that the professional should help you is to know about the subject.

That is able to give you personalized recommendations without necessarily pressing you to do what he wants.

We all want our hair to be in hands of someone who knows on the subject, on the appropriate techniques and also likes what you do so you can dedicate yourself completely to help you as a professional, the latter will determine the decision to choose it whenever you need it.

We bet you did not know how long the hairstyles are between us, this may seem interesting before knowing the options for the hairstyles of your medium hair.

hairstyles of your medium hair

Hairstyles do not have a recent appearance among the options to improve the appearance of our hair, really the hairstyles are present for many centuries and some styles that suggested many years ago have been transcended and evolved and nowadays they are requested by many women in the beauty salons worldwide.

Hairstyles such as braids and up – do were used as hairstyles for centuries and the truth is that today are still safe options to make our hair look beautiful.

The truth is that women, regardless of whether we talked about how they were in the last century or in the present, we have all constantly looked for options so that our beauty is enhanced, so hairstyles have only been a small part of all the elements that can be enhance the beauty of women in different occasions.

So everything is about how women do everything possible to feel good about ourselves, inside and out, which makes hairstyles for medium hair part of everything that women seek to highlight our beauty.

The health of our hair always comes first regardless of the hairstyle for medium hair you want to choose.

The health of our hair

The hair is a treasure for each of the women, so instead of applying different tonics, or any other type of hair product in addition to dyeing it repeatedly.

We should all choose the hairstyles from time to time to get our hair have that change that we want so much while we take care of our hair because one of the best news we have for you, is the hairstyles are excellent for the hair.

Anyway, you should not forget to follow some tips to take care of it.


The first thing you should do is say goodbye to all those too tight hairstyles, another thing you should avoid is sleeping with your hair after the party.

On the other hand, we invite you to purchase products that help ensure the durability of your hairstyles for medium hair, for this consult an expert.

We also advise you to have a suitable shampoo and conditioner and avoid showers with hot water to not weaken your hair.

You will not regret it, if you follow these tips you can enjoy healthy hair, beautiful and full of life.

There are many elements that you should keep in mind before choosing a hairstyle for medium hair.

choosing a hairstyle for medium hair

We wanted to tell you a little about the history of how hairstyles began to be taken as an element that enhances the beauty of women because it is important to consider styles of hairstyles such as those mentioned before you discard hairstyles, the idea is to invite you to know all the options of hairstyles for medium hair and so you can find the best option for you.

There are so many styles of hairstyles that even men could not rule them out completely, although as for this particular issue, women have much more scope than them.

If we talk about the elements you need to make a hairstyle for medium hair, it really is not about major problems but things that are available to any woman to look in the best way.

We also want to tell you that the first thing you should have in mind is that making a change in your physical appearance does not depend on the comments of others, but on how you would like to look and how you feel your looking like that.

Let’s talk a little more about the aspects you have to consider before choosing any hairstyle for medium hair.

the aspects you have to consider

We agree that many people do not take seriously the choice of their hairstyles, that is why in the end they choose something that does not favor them at all.

It is not about choosing what we like but about choosing something that makes us look good and therefore we like the result.

Whether it is to choose a haircut or a hairstyle for hair in this case, it is best to choose according to our physical characteristics and also consider if the type of hair we have is coupled with that type of hairstyle that you liked previously.

To know a little more about what suits you, we recommend consulting beauty salons to professional stylists who have the tools and experience to recommend what is best for you.

What fits your characteristics and finally tell you what are the hairstyles for medium hair that will favor you and make you look fantastic for the occasion so you need that hairstyle.

So, take the liberty of carrying multiple options of your preference and allow beauty professionals to advise you of the best way.

Type of hair

One of the most important things we should consider before choosing a hairstyle for medium hair is to think about what type of face we have.

Type of face

There are many bad decisions we can make when it comes to beauty, so one of the recommendations we want to give you to choose the best hairstyle for medium hair according to your characteristics is to determine your face type before selecting it and go to the beauty salon.

This is very important because you may be choosing a hairstyle that will not highlight your attributes but make the decision to choose a hairstyle that in the end will overshadow your beauty.

t is logical that the most important thing for you is to stand out on that special occasion, that is why we want to talk to you a little about how you can determine what type of face you have.

There are multiple ways to determine what type of face you have that you can use from home, but the most sensible thing is to find a professional who can tell you with total certainty what is your face type and what are the hairstyles for medium hair that you can choose to look fantastic.

The variety of options you have at your disposal is quite broad so the least you have to do is worry about having few options to choose from, regardless of what type of face you have, you will find a hairstyle that makes you look stunning.

More than knowing what type of face we have, we must first think about the health of our hair and how we are going to choose a hairstyle for medium hair taking care of it.

first think about the health of our hair

Although many times the causes of hair loss do not only depend on natural hairstyles, in fact, although the vast majority of the time does not depend on hairstyles.

Many experts claim that very tense hairstyles are the most common causes of alopecia and recommend that the hairstyles be made in a way that guarantees the health of our hair leather and prevents the breakage of the strand of our hair or damage to the hair follicles by the constant pressure to our hair, health is first girls!

It does not matter only that it looks good, but that it does us good.

There is something you have to know and so you will take better precautions when taking care of your hair when you decide to make natural hairstyles.

Your hair is a treasure, so it would be good if you knew that there are hairstyles that if they are not made in the right way can cause hair loss.

Everything will depend on the professionalism in which it is done because there is nothing more stressful for a woman than hair loss, it is something that worries us, because we always want this to look beautiful and full of life and health.

If you want to make the best decisions when it comes to hairstyles for medium hair, check out this.

Best decisions

Our main mission is to give you all the tools we can to achieve your goal when choosing the hairstyle for medium hair you want, beyond choosing it according to your face type, you must take into account that the clothes you use according to the occasion will also make vary the type of hairstyle that will fit perfectly with your attire.

So, do not ignore this advice too much because this will definitely determine as well as the other factors of what we already talked about previously how fabulous or disastrous you can wear for the occasion

It is also important that you know that there are types of hairstyles that fit in certain social groups and another simply would be completely out of place, so we invite you to report beyond the information that we provide so you know even more what the type of hairstyle is specifically recommended for social events, in fact.

This will benefit you too much because it will make the attention that everyone focuses on you so positive that everyone in that event will want to be close to you.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Girls! Let’s talk a little more about the implements that are available to you when you are going to put to work your hairstyle for medium hair.


Certainly the hair styles for hairstyles with medium hair are too varied, many of them only work by placing the hair in a certain way and others work partially with the hair, the reason why we insist constantly that you go to a professional is that they have the tools and experience necessary to determine the correct use of the implements in the beauty salon.

There are products such as combs, hair dryers, hair gel, fixative and other products that although it seems silly could damage your hair if used improperly.

On the other hand, we want to indicate what are the steps that you must follow before putting hands to the work to your hairstyle for medium hair.

Regardless of the stylist and the type of hairstyle you are going to choose, the first thing is to wash your hair in the best way, especially because there are too many occasions where the girls before some hairstyles make the decision to cut their hair a little, this is why washing it is so important and that the hair remains wet during the haircut to better handle it and be able to cut it properly.

Keep reading the following you need to know before putting yourself to work on your hairstyle for medium hair.

Keep reading the following you need

As we said before the haircut is not completely necessary, but it would not hurt to do this, because cutting the tips of your hair will make you look much healthier after you have your hairstyle, plus you can add some details like a fringe or maybe make a haircut that you had wanted for some time, the important thing is that your hairstyle for medium hair look as good as possible and that you feel satisfied with the result, do not forget this.

Another important aspect that can be really useful before making your hairstyle for medium hair is that the haircut can also be used to create the shape you want; this can positively affect the appearance and final result of your hairstyle.

Although there are different ways of cutting hair, never think about doing it because the symmetry of your hair is difficult to maintain if you cut it yourself, so leave this part of the process in the hands of a professional so you can do a job exceptional.

We will explain a little more about the importance of beauty implements before making a hairstyle for medium hair or any hair type.

Beauty implements

Girls! You should know that when you use the brush when you shape your medium hair is mainly to unravel it and although it may seem too obvious this is necessary to get the hair to the direction you want and get better results.

Additionally, we want to tell you to brush your hair when it is dirty is excellent for the health of your hair, so try this before doing your hairstyle for medium hair.

Why is it so important to brush my hair when it is dirty? Because it spreads the natural oils that your leather hair produces and after washing it will look brighter and more beautiful.

There is no major concern in girls when it comes to information like this, but we want you to consider it part of the care of your hair, because one of the most important things about hair care is how to comb it.

When you untangle your hair, the ideal thing is to eat from the tips and then comb from the roots to avoid breaking your hair and help you look much healthier, when you notice the results after putting our advice into practice you will be completely impacted with the results.

Let’s talk a little about the right way to dry your hair, but believe it, there are specific ways that will preserve the health of your medium hair before doing a hairstyle.

Dry your hair

Although it may not seem like it, drying your hair in the right way is more important than it seems because it not only means drying it with a towel but also knowing what is the correct use of the hair dryer which can do a lot of damage to our hair if not you use it correctly.

Accelerating the process so that our hair dries with a hair dryer usually does not cause major damage if we use it in the temperature at which we expose our hair when we use this method looking for speed and save time.

However, it is important to be careful how many times we use this method and how we do it because the excessive heat can damage your hair a lot, this makes your hair split ends, besides that it could burn it.

To minimize the damage when drying your hair before doing the hairstyle for medium hair we recommend using a diffuser to widen the area where the hot air flow passes, so the temperature at which your hair will be exposed will not be so strong and you will be able to properly take care of him.

Now is the time to talk to you about how to straighten and curl your hair in the appropriate way with the hair iron before working with your hairstyle for medium hair.

curl your hair

This is one of the things that girls and even some stylists in beauty salons do in the wrong way. To get the results you want, you not only need a curling rod or an iron but the knowledge that is required to use them correctly.

Be careful with these implements for the hair since the heat they provide to your hair is what guarantees the change of your wavy hair to straight hair or straight hair to undulating hair temporarily.

What are the cares? Well, to start you must bear in mind that the use of these tools can cause damage to your hair if used excessively or if while you fix your hair you spend the iron over and over repeatedly unnecessarily.

Try to buy irons that regulate the temperature, although it will take a little longer, your hair will not be exposed to so much damage and it will look beautiful with the change and at the same time as healthy as it should always look.

It is important that you follow our recommendations so that your hairstyle for medium hair is the best of all.

follow our recommendations

Now that we explain why it is so important that you protect your hair from the heat you should know that although these beauty tools can damage our hair one of the ways in which you can avoid further damage and protect your hair when you use hair irons and dryers is to buy products of heat protection and product of deep hydration.

These hair care products will become your best allies providing strength and health to your hair despite having been exposed to heat by these tools before your hairstyle for medium hair in many opportunities.

This is when the best part comes, let’s talk about the variety of hairstyles we have for medium hair. As we have already said, hairstyles have transcended through the generations to provide style to all types of hair.

For example if you have straight or curly hair you do not have to worry because the options are very varied for you too, either you are looking for a simple change or an extraordinary one for a special occasion we know that you are dying of curiosity to know how you would look with these styles so, let’s start!

In addition to complicated and elaborated hairstyles we also want to show you more natural options if you are looking for simpler results for your hairstyles for medium hair.

elaborated hairstyles we also want to show you more natural options

There is a wide range of natural hairstyles for your medium hair that you will be surprised to know that it is not only expensive chemicals, but things as simple as hairpins, hooks or elastic bands for your hair, so do not worry too much about what you will need to.

Among the natural hairstyles we have water waves for you, which you can do only with cream to comb some curls without using hair straightener.

Braids are a safe option of which there are more and more styles to choose from, do not hesitate to take them as one of your options, for a change of natural appearance.

One of the things that most girls care about is hair, we could say that is the most important thing, because almost all women think that hair defines their personality and sensuality, so when it comes to a change of look.

Usually there are many girls looking for results that generate the least possible damage to their hair, so they do not think of chemicals or products that deteriorate it, but something simple that suits their needs and makes them look even more beautiful.

Watch this video for more information.

Water waves are a very flattering trend that allows us to wear loose hair with a different air to your medium hair.

Water waves are a very flattering

To give a sophisticated touch to our medium hair. There are the marked ripples in the hair, which clear the face and frame the features, achieving an effect of the 20s.

There is a profound difference between the traditional laughs, which is more uniform and monotonous, while the waves to the water propose a counterpoint between the classic smooth hair and the grace of the curl.

Normally we work with wide waves, leaving the first 15 centimeters smooth from the root, approximately up to the height of the eyes so that the first wave falls on the forehead.


They can also partially hide the face and thus get to emphasize the look. The waves to the water are the ideal option for marked occasions, like a wedding or a special dinner in which you want a different hairstyle that goes out of the habitual thing.

The waves to the water are perfect to give a different touch to your mane.

The “water waves” to give a different touch to your mane, also the clothes that you think to wear is also a factor to value, this hairstyle is very successful if you are going to wear a night suit or an elegant outfit.


We are convinced that you would like to know a little more about where these beautiful hairstyles for your medium hair come from.

little more about where these beautiful hairstyles

Surely there is no girl who has not been braided to go to school, their comfort, delicacy and variety of styles have made the braids the most popular hairstyle of all time.

But we want to include them within your hairstyling options for your medium hair because the options that are available to you are far from giving you a childlike appearance.

But it can give you a sophisticated and elegant appearance that will work perfectly with the occasion you are going to attend and for which you need to have a completely beautiful appearance.

Medium hair.

So, you know a little more about braids, let us tell you that braided hair is one of the oldest beauty techniques, although its origin is uncertain, it is said to come from Africa and dates from 3500 BC, for this time combing and taking care Hair was a symbol of social status and hierarchy.

But also, there are other countries and cultures in which braids defined the social status, ethnic origin, marital status and even the religious affiliation of a woman or man.

Currently, braids have become so popular that anyone can use them.

Their functionality, freshness and elegance have made them an infallible resource of beauty, for any age and gender.

Medium hair hairstyles

To know what are the most beautiful hairstyles for medium hair we have for you, read the following information.


We will all agree that the braids are the hairstyles that could have more time between us.

We can think that many women have already ruled out this type of hairstyle for medium hair because they are outdated or because they believe that the styles are not attractive enough to wear on a special occasion, the truth is that it is not like that but the braids.

They are more dynamic with the passage of time and there are more and more ways to include it in our style every day.

Medium length braids

Definitely it’s time for you to include the braids within the options of hairstyles for medium hair and place your hair in the way you want.

Braids are one of the easiest and fun ways to tie your hair with style and beautiful different designs, you can tie your hair the way you want, whether you want to collect it partially or totally.

The truth is that with braids there are no limits, so you should make the decision to include these beautiful styles so they can make you look much more beautiful whenever you need them.

We assume that you want to know a little more about styles for hairstyles for medium hair so let’s continue with this.



Surely you must be thinking how many styles can be available for hair that is not too long like yours.

But wait a moment, remember that we told you that as for the braids there are more and more styles that you could try to change the appearance of your hair, do not limit yourself.

Your medium hair is also ideal to try new styles, plus you have less hair!

That means you need less time to look wonderful and that is the best part of your hair, feel proud of that.

Something we would like to recommend and we would like you to have in mind is that although the braids are beautiful you should try not to over tighten your hair because it can cause damage to your hair.

It could damage the hair follicle and cause headaches, but not always this is the case, none of this will happen if you take precautions such as not leaving the braid in your hair more than necessary so you can avoid the loss or breakage of your hair.

We also invite you to take a look at some simple and beautiful haircuts that can complement your braids in the best way.

To talk a little more about the types of braids that you could use for your hairstyle for medium hair, we invite you to read the following information.

types of braids

We have talked very little about braids, so we want to tell you about beautiful, dynamic and even elegant styles that are available for your hairstyle for medium hair.

In fact most of the hairstyles to which we refer are hairstyles that do not necessarily have to be done by a professional but you can also try to do them yourself.

Yes, as you read them, they are hairstyles that you can do with just a little practice and following the steps necessary to look beautiful on the occasion that you require it.

But you will ask: what are the hairstyles that you can include in your list of options? just keep reading.

Braids and braids

One of the hairstyles that bet the sure thing is the two fish braids in the hair, obviously it is not a hairstyle that you would take to a formal occasion.

But it can be of great help when you need to leave home quickly and you do not have too much time to fix your hair.

Another of the extremely easy options for your hairstyles for medium hair is the cascade of hair, which you can appreciate in the photograph.

It is one of the most tender but beautiful hairstyles that you could try to improve the appearance of your hair.

Formal ocassion

We want to talk about a hairstyle for medium hair and even any type of hair that will never go out of fashion and we know that everyone wants at least one special occasion.

Many ideas may be going through your head, but among all the options you have in hairstyles for your medium hair at this time we want to talk about the voluminous loose curls.

If you already have in mind to make a beautiful change in your hair this hair style adds volume and dynamism to your hair, making it stand out among many styles.

In addition, this type of style helps to soften the jaw, giving a much more pleasant appearance to your face allowing your face to have a much more delicate and soft appearance, it is amazing how highlight all the attributes of your beauty!

Medium length curls

This hair style is available for you to highlight the beauty of your hair, making your hair no longer look monotonous and out of style, you can also add other details that will help your hairstyle for medium hair with curls look much more audacious and versatile.

No matter what the color of your hair we know that this hairstyle with large curls can give your hair a much more natural look and make you look beautiful and stunning without making greater efforts to achieve it.

Let us talk a little about the different styles in curls for your hairstyle for medium hair, so you will know how to work with them in the best way and you can look fantastic.

Beautiful and brighter

The curls that defy gravity is one of the most beautiful ways to adapt your curls, besides there are no limits due to your hair type but it is available for any of yours.

This style will make you stand out from the rest thanks to the great complementary and contrasting combination of large retro curls on the top of your head or also on the back of hair.

To achieve this effect, you will need a strong fixer to keep curls raised as much as possible so that your hairstyle for medium hair looks great for as long as you need it.

One of the ways you can recreate this style if you have medium hair is to use hair clips and immobilize the sides of your hair and fix it in the best way so that the rest of the curls fall towards the back of your hair.

Hair, when applying this to your hairstyle for medium hair your hairstyle will look much more dynamic, fun and fresh and will undoubtedly give you satisfactory results that you will want to repeat on another occasion when you need to see yourself much more beautiful and brighter than ever.

Another hairstyle for medium hair that you could try is a haircut that we want to talk to you next, you would love it.


It is important to know that this style of hairstyle depends on your face type so first you must know what your face type is to know if this type of hairstyle for medium hair adapts to your physical characteristics.

This type of cut is the one that consists of leaving the front part of your hair longer and the shorter back paste.

This is a style that can also work with curls if that is what you were also looking for, it is more if you already have the curly hair will look even better, all you have to do is fix your curls a bit more with your fixer so that they last longer.

Haircut curls

As you can see there are too many opportunities that you have available with this type of haircut, if you are looking for a hairstyle for medium hair that makes your hair look beautiful without having to risk too much, this is for you, you can also change this look completely no matter how you prefer it.

If you also want to straighten your hair to show off this type of cut you can do it, the important thing is that you have beautiful hair that steals the looks of everyone wherever you go.

If you are looking for another style that works perfectly with your medium hair, let us tell you about this style of hairstyle that you will like to try on your hair.

works perfectly

As we know that your hair is not too long and sometimes it is difficult to know what the best way is to comb it, you can choose the different moderately long lob models, yes, the lobs are not only for short hair.

This type of hairstyle for hair medium you will like it a lot and you will adapt in different ways au hair, this type of hairstyle can vary in length, is one of the funniest and fun styles that are in trend today so do not stay behind try a wonder lob style.

Modern bob

The lob hairstyle can reach much lower than the shoulders, so it qualifies within the options for medium hairstyles that are available to you, there are several ways in which you can use this haircut, one of them is to leave your hair is completely straight.

But the most popular is to cut your hair in layers and thus be able to combine much better with beautiful waves, this is an extremely feminine style and even tender for the movement that this gives the hair making it look dynamic.

One of the most beautiful hairstyles for medium hair that suits for more formal occasions are updo hairstyles.

Most beautiful hairstyles

These hairstyles provide a fresh and retro touch.

Its concept really takes care of almost all type of hair and type of event to which you go to attend, as you will see the photographs are many occasions where you can use them.

Just a touch of the fingers in the waves above the ear gives the up do a vintage look.

Wavy hairstyles are a method of fixing hair without heat.

The final appearance is similar to the Marcel wave, which uses a hair curler to the waves defining them.

Either way, this subtle addition of a vintage hairstyle adds sparkle to this simple up do.

Marcel wave

 The up-do hairstyles are a technique used to retain the hair, preventing it from falling freely, which usually uses bras and spray to fix the hairstyle, the final hairstyle being able to present any shape.

To create this style, little is needed to stand out, you already «play» with the length of the hair itself, they are relevant and elegant, ideal for parties where you want to have a positive visual impact.

This type of hairstyle is inspired by the glamour of the last century.

This type of hairstyles usually can be done on medium length hair.

Steps by steps

Pay attention to the following hairstyles for medium hair, where we explain step by step what you need to do.

hairstyles for medium hair

When we need ideas to collect our hair we always resort to easy hairstyles step by step, since on the one hand we can do them in a matter of minutes and on the other.

Thanks to the images in the form of a tutorial we know that we will do the right thing to achieve a result end of the most impressive.

That is why easy hairstyles step by step will always get us out of more than one hurry.

Whether you have an appointment or a party where you want to make a great impression, the following hairstyles will be a great help.

Both for very long hair and for the average hair you will get a fashionable pickup.

That’s why we want to show you in detail how you can do the following hairstyles, this will avoid more complications, besides that you can show the steps to your stylist and he can be more sure of what he has to do with the hairstyle for medium hair you want and to give you the results you always expected.

See the steps of this hairstyle for medium hair that you will surely love, the tang braid is ideal for you.

Steps of this hairstyle for medium hair

There are several ways to make a tang braid, but here we show you one of the simplest.

It is true that it consists of several steps, but they are all very easy to follow.

On this occasion it is preferable to have medium hair.

The first thing we have to do is to separate two strands on both sides of the head, curl them on themselves and knot them with a thin rubber band on the back of the head.

The resulting ponytail will have to be introduced through the center of the semi-collected, that is, just above where we have placed the rubber.

Now it only remains to take new strands from the sides and always down, to go collecting all the hair.


It does not matter that at first glance you see the rubber bands holding our braid, because then, we will give you some perfect brushstrokes so that they remain hidden among hair.

Each time, we will make the pigtails closest to each other, completely collecting the hair. When we have it, we can only stretch each part of our braid with the help of our fingers.

This will cause the gums to be covered and the spiky braid to come out into the light.

Romantic bow

How about a romantic bow as one of the options for hairstyles for medium hair?

romantic bow

One of the most beautiful options for medium hair is a romantic bow because romanticism should not be lacking when we talk about easy hairstyles step by step and as such, here we have it.

The low picks always have that romantic air while elegant and with the example of today, we mix both concepts.

On this occasion, if you have medium hair you can do our pick up.


The first thing will be to comb the hair well and if we have something wavy, it is better to smooth it.

We make two deals, helping us with a line in the middle.

When we have them we have to tie them as if we were going to tie a knot on the hair.

This will be the basis and form of our elegant collection.

Once done, we will have two strands that will be the protagonists to give volume to the hairstyle.

It is about placing them around you, one on one side and the second, on the other.

As we see in the images, the hairstyle is a kind of thread that you can accompany with a floral headdress and even with a fringe or loose strands in the front.

Curled hairstyles

Curled hairstyles are an idea of ​​the most modern in hairstyles for medium hair.

Curled hairstyles

This hairstyle allows us to enjoy a unique and elegant style in just a few minutes. To do this, we comb the hair back and collect it in a low ponytail and with a very thin elastic band.

Again, just above said rubber band, we separated the hair so that we have a gap.

It will be this one where we will enter our queue.

Now with the excess part we have to screw it over the fingers and we will be the shape of a tube, which we will adjust with hairpins.

If you have a little dry or frizzy hair, it is always advisable that at the time of doing a pickup like this, you apply to the hair a little foam or moisten it.

Thus, we will achieve a perfect result.

The result is a new elegant hairstyle that has only taken us a few minutes.

Needless to say again, as we speak of a romantic pickup, you can leave some strands on both sides of it, but provided they are very simple.

Also, the hair does not have to be very tight and as this will get a more natural touch.

If you thought these were all hairstyles for medium hair you should think twice because here we have more for you and your hair.

hairstyles for medium hair.

What would you think about a twist with much glamour for your medium hair hairstyle?

This hairstyle is cute even if you do not have too long hair, it is super simple to make, it is ideal for many occasions, you can use it on a formal or informal occasion and you will continue to look completely beautiful.

This hairstyle is extremely easy to do, rather than going to find a professional we are sure you want to try it for yourself, just pay attention to the following steps.

All you have to do is take two small pieces of hair on each side of your head and try to roll them up.

We call this twist, take into account that it should be from the ears to the nape of the neck, and secure them with pins or hooks like you know If you want to look a bit more formal you can add a flower of your choice.

But if you want to look a little more casual you can leave some little hairs, and you can even make the twist in different directions, play with them and you will see how easy it is and how good you will look.

Elegant ocassions

A flirty plus is a beautiful option for an elegant occasion that you will surely take as one of your alternatives for your medium hair.Elegant occasion

This hairstyle is perfect for when you go in a hurry or you have very, very little time and you need a hairstyle that makes you look different in a matter of 3 seconds or for women who chose a shave next to you, which is a good trend today and can be your best ally for medium hair.

You have the option to leave your hair straight or if you want you can make a few waves, you can use the curling iron, or if you know how to do it in another way, perfect.

Take the part of the fringe, or if you do not have fringe, it would be the part that we call fringe that is to say the part in front of your head, then drive it backwards so that it is a plus raised and secure it with a brooch or a cute accessory.

Remember to make it elegant can be a discrete flower, but if you want to make it fun you can use some striking accessory at the end of the fringe you took.

This hairstyle for medium hair is completely gorgeous!

Another hairstyle completely beautiful that you can use is the headband of hair, this hairstyle can accompany you wherever you want.

use is the headband

The hair headband is one of the most beautiful and simple to do hairstyles that will surely accompany you to different special occasions.

This hairstyle is basic for girls who have medium hair, which is beautiful, and you can take advantage, you just need to follow the series of steps that we give you here and get the necessary elements to make this beautiful hairstyle.

For this hairstyle you only need a ribbon or ribbon of your hair color and some pins or hooks as you know them to fix the hair.

Then take the ribbon or the garter and you must put it in your hair, eye without passing it under the nape of the neck, then take some hair, from the top of your head and start to make a twist that is to wind, this should Pass over the tape or band, and remember to secure your twist with a pin or hook.

Do this same thing with different strands of hair to form a headband with your own hair.

A hairstyle with ribbon is one of the perfect options for an informal outing with friends.

A hairstyle with ribbon

This hairstyle with ribbon is one of the options that are available for your medium hair when you need your hair look beautifully in an informal occasion with friends, so follow the steps below to know how to do it.

First of all, you should choose a ribbon for your hair, the one you like the most, according to the color of the costume you will be wearing during the day.

This hairstyle can be used for those hot days, when you do not know how to pick up your hair because of how short it looks.

Take the center of your hair and try to give it volume, either with a brush or with your fingers so it is a little bulky, then take three strands and make a braid until you get in the middle of your hair, tie it or secure it with a rubber band.

Take the ready and pass it through your head, then tie it under the braid, where the neck is, if you have fringe will help you a lot and you can leave some hair loose, as it will make you look very relaxed.

To finish we want to show you that hairstyle for your medium hair, which is beautiful and simple, so you can do it for yourself.

beautiful and simple

For the last hairstyle option, we have for your medium hair we want to show you this hairstyle with braids that can be easily made.

Divide your hair in two parts as you see in the photo you do not have to be very precise, with each side make a French braid and tie them with a garter.

To finish, hide the final part of the braid in your hair at the bottom of your head, and place the other one on top.

As you can see, there are too many options among which you can choose to make your medium hair look beautiful, so dare to use one of these options for some of your special occasions so that everyone is surprised with your beauty and elegance.

Always remember to take care of your hair in the best way, do not forget that your hair is a treasure that you must take care of and when it looks good you feel good.

We know that one of these hairstyles will adapt perfectly to your desires so get to work.

Medium Hair

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