Homecoming Hairstyles

When we talk about homecoming hairstyles the first thing that comes to our minds is how is going to be our look.

That means; shoes, dresses, and of course, hairstyle.

Compare to prom, homecoming is a less formal event, everyone wants to look gorgeous and chic, and have the best homecoming hairstyle.

Moreover, is important to notice that fashion is not only for women.

Nowadays, men are more concerned about their looks because they want to be attractive to find their soul mates.

So, we need to take this topic seriously because we need to look amazing that day.

That is the reason why we want to offered you some ideas of several hairstyles for homecoming.

Homecoming hairstyle

Just to help you to look flawless, and confident.

Even though shoulder length hairstyles for men were the latest trends, men turn short haircuts into a fashion statement.

Women are more complicated because we have a lot to keep on mind, like why are we going to do if I want curly hair but I have it short?

That is the reason why we are to talk for homecoming looks for men first because we have to admit, they are less complicated, so, here we go!

How to style your hair

How to style your hair for gomecoming if you are a man.

Nowadays, boys are breaking the rules, they are creating their own signature on fashion, making themselves noticed mostly for their hairstyle.

Girls believes that boys are simple, but they aren’t. They have a lot to have on mind when they are going to chance their look!

No matter what style are you going to do, you have to consider your styling needs and the situation!

Are you going to homecoming? Why are you styling it? Want a cool hair?


We cannot tell you how to stylize but we can give some tips and advices to choose the right one!!

The key words: Contrast and Balance. You need to balance your face shape and your hair texture.

Because it is better to use a hairdo that rocks on you than use a trendy one but doesn’t fits on you.

Choose the right hairstyle

How to choose the right hairstyle according to your face shape!

For oval face shapes

If your face looks like these:

For Oval Face Shapes

You are a lucky man! This is considered the ideal face shape!! This face shape looks better with a classic short cut.

This means, short on the sides and slightly longer on top.

The trick here is not to wear your hair down on your forehead, use it backwards, that is how you avoid making your head look round.

You can also create some volume on top!

For round face shapes

For Round Face Shapes

Here is recommended to create the illusion of height and angles, keep your hair really short on the side and longer on top.

A messy v-cut hairstyle on top will do a stunning look!

Men with this face shape can go for long hair, but they have to keep it in a side part and make contrast with the roundness of the face.

For square face shapes

These are the blessed ones! They can play with any haircut!! Softer and classic looks, long hair, whatever.

For Square Face Shapes

With this shape is recommended to use a classic undercut, a slicked back hairstyle will be perfect for all occasions!!

(From office, college or homecoming), a buzz cut, or a messy disheveled look! Even you can use bangs, this looks amazing on square faces!!

For Square Face Shapes 2

For diamond or triangle face shapes

This always look great with shorter on the side and volume on top haircuts.


According to the hair type

If you have wavy hair

This one is the best type of hair for men!

They are blessed guys, you can do whatever with it! You should definitely use haircuts that have movement and volume, also you can use it long too.

It’s all about personality.

If you have Wavy Hair

If you have straight hair

Men with this texture tends to avoid wearing slicked back because if it is straight and thick tends to look spiky, and they just don’t like that.

You should use a lot of conditioner to make your hair softer and easier to play with!

If you have Straight Hair

If your hair is straight but thin, use a simple short classic cut, like a tamed version of the undercut! And you will look really stunning!

If you have curly hair

Okay, this can look absolutely great with an edgier version of the undercut, or with a longer hairstyle.

Of course you can rock it like Adrien Grenier, Lenny Kravitz, or keep it casual like Justin Timberlake, James Franco or Denzel Washington.

It’s up to you!!

If you have Curly Hair

Receding hairlines!

If you are suffering because of this, don’t worry!

You can cheat the balding a little letting your hair growing on top, and styling it in a messy way to create an illusion of you have more hair!

Even you can wear it slicked back! Or you just can be brave like Jason Statham and wear a buzz cut!!

At the end of the day it is all about swag, having fun and of course your personality, this define your style.

Receding Hairlines!

Another tip is to have a photo of the look that you want to emulate on you! And talk to your stylish about it.

Probably, he will give you some advices or figure out how to give you the look that you want while adapting it to your face shape and your hair type.

Receding Hairlines! 2

Homecoming is around the corner, which means women competing with their looks.

We all know that girls have a lot of work for this special night.

Because they need to give their best between the makeup, the outfit, and the homecoming hairstyle.

Usually homecoming is the spotlight of the season, that means a bunch of whispers, gossip and photos for social media.

Twitter, Instagram, and snapchat.

It is all about likes and comments.

The key for homecoming is find a look that is not too fancy, and not too casual.

So, are you looking for the perfect hairstyle? Are you in the perfect mood but still have not idea of how are you going to do with your hair?

Then you are in the right place!

Girls with long hair

If you are a girl with long hair you have to try these looks!

If you are a girl with long hair, you should consider Cascading, Braids, Buns, Curls and Ponytails.

These are the trendiest hairstyles this season so, if you can, you have to rock it!!

There are several ideas of looks that you can try with braids and ponytails.

To be more specific, we are bringing you these amazing ideas to use with these hairstyles.

Vintage Classic Ponytail

Vintage Classic Ponytail

An elegant and classy ponytail never gets old or out of fashion, you can make your hair easily putting your own style based on this.

Additionally, this hairstyle works for all kind of faces even if your face is rounded or oval. It just works for every kind of shapes!! Really.

To achieve this look, we have to follow a few steps, but relax… It is easy!!

First of all, you have to do from two to three sections in your hair and curl it all with a long barrel iron or rollers.

Now that you already curl your hair, you are ready for the next step.

You have to comb your hair with a soft bristle brush smooth, passing over all your curls to achieve a style called “flowing waves”.

The next step is to collect all your hair to one side and secure them with an elastic band.

Then you have to take a lock of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap this lock carefully all over the elastic band and secure it with hairpins.

To finish this amazing look, use a bit of hairspray, and that’s it!! Now you look gorgeous!!

The braided hair band

Okay girls!! Here’s the thing, braids are always fashion, no matter what, you can always look gorgeous with this hairstyle.

The best of it, is that it works with any hair type and any length. So, you have no excuses to try it!!

The Braided Hair Band

Follow these steps and go to homecoming like a princess!!

Okay ladies! First of all, you have to create a braid, you have to do it taking three locks of your hair close to your hairline, starting just behind your ear.

You can go for simple braid but also you can be more creative and create a new braid style!

After that, look for an elastic band and tie it and keep it nice.

Second, you have to tweak your amazing and gorgeous braid over the crown part of your head, and also to the other part of your head.

A piece of advice will be use this hairstyle with a strapless dress… You will look fabulous and no one can be against that!!!

The cascade waterfall braid

As we already said, braids are always gorgeous. This is one of the cutest homecoming hairstyle ideas for girls with long hair!!

This look is trendy, flawless and fashion, even flirty and totally romantic style!

The best part of it is that works for everything, for casual and elegant nights, and you can do it easily at home.

It works with every face shape and hair type!

The only thing that you have to do is follow these steps and be prepared to look amazing with this hairstyle!!

The Cascade Waterfall Braid

Braiding your hair can be easy for you, but even if is really easy you have to prepare your hair in order to make it look wonderful.

For this braid you need to have maybe a brush, hair ties, and bobby pins. It is important to do your hair in a comfortable space.

Because it is really annoying being braiding your hair and have the hair ties far from you!! So be sure that you have everything you need close.

Okay, now you are ready and have all the materials that you need, it is time to brush your hair.

It is better if you know your hair and what kind of brush is the perfect one for it!!

For example; a bristle hairbrush if your hair is dry, or if is wet, a wide-tooth comb.

The thing here is that you have to remove any tangles, and the knots, in special knots from the end of your hair.

This will make the braiding much easier.

You should consider apply a smoothing serum, this will keep your hair manageable while braiding.

Now it is time to braid your hair!! First of all, your first section of hair should be close fo your forehead.

This type of braid usually starts out with a section that is about an inch in length, but this can be any, it depends on how thick you want it.

As usual in braids, you have to separate your first section of hair into three equal parts.

Full Side Braid!

All you have to do is running two of your fingers through the section of hair and then separate it in three pieces of hair with the same size.

Then, start the braid, crossing your hair lock by lock. After that, you have to start incorporating more locks of hair into the braid.

Collecting more portions of your hair from the top of your head, and continue braiding.

Here you have to continue braiding, I know it sounds like a long-time work but it is not, it is easier than we think!

Once you dropped the right portion of your hair, you have to take a portion of it from the roots.

Grab another piece of hair approximately the same size as the hair sections you already took in the braid. Cross It over the middle section of hair.

If you have follow all these steps, I can sure you that your hairstyle looks amazing, and you should look like a princess!

Remember that you can secure the bottom of the braid with a small hair tie, or with a pin.

And keep it manageable spraying it with a small amount of hairspray.

I hope you like it! Because this look it is just gorgeous!!

Curly hair for homecoming!

We all just love curls! They look great on any occasion.

Even if is casual, elegant or an “everyday hairstyle”, it just works for everything.

So, for this special night, you can side-sweep all your loose curly hair and combine the look with amazing hair accessories!

This style is amazing because you can use it natural or a little more elaborated if you want.

This is one of the favorite homecoming hairstyles ever!!

Curly Hair for Homecoming!

If you want to use it Natural, you only have to do this!!

It is recommended to wash your hair the night before or the same day that you want the curls because your hair needs to be wet.

After that, you can apply some serum or special creams for this type of hair.

Then with the help of an iron hair or rolls, take locks of your hair and wrap it!! From the middle of your head to the end.

Finally, use a small amount of hairspray and there you go!!

If you want to use it Natural, you only have to do this!!

If you want this hairstyle a little more elaborated, you can combine it with a braid!! This hairstyle is called “Ringlet rag curls”.

Basically, starts like the natural style, but here you can make a braid or a rope twist starting out around the bangs area to the middle of your head.

Then you have to secure it with pins or a small hair tie!

This hairstyle tends to maintain it form during the days, so you can use different accessories to make it look better!!


Twist and turns hairstyle

This is a simple and beauty option to go to homecoming, celebrities usually use this hairstyle!!

So, with this you can look like a movie star!!

Nothing better than use rope braids and twists for spring, and you can use it for every occasion, twists are also easier than braids.

That means that is perfect and can save you in the morning for school or at night for party!

So, here you can find how to achieve this amazing and wonderful hairstyle.

Twist and Turns Hairstyle

First, all that you need are pins and a fine-tooth comb. Now you have to separate your hair in your crown area, this using the comb.

Then you have to use your fingers or the wide-tooth end of the comb, and smooth your hair covering the teasing. After that, secure it with bobby pins!

Now you have to separate a lock of hair in front of one ear and twist it leading it backwards.

Positioning the twist on top of the previously inserted pins to cover them. Then you have to insert bobby pins to secure it.

After that, go and do it on the other side!

We almost finish!! Now you have to take a hand mirror and check the back of your style, make sure all the pins are covered.

Then spray your hair with a mist of hairspray.

For girls with Medium – Length Hair

Oh my God! You are so lucky!!

This is the perfect length hair because you have the best of both worlds.

You can do anything with your hair, and show your beautiful face with this fab half-up, half-down, knots and braids homecoming hairstyles.

For style this look you need some stuff, like a fine comb, a paddle brush, elastic bands, u-pins, bobby pins, hairspray (preferably a light – hold one), a rat tail comb, a teasing comb, and sectioning clips.

Now here we go!!

First, use the rat tail comb to make a deep side partition, and separate the crown part of the hair.

Now use a sectioning clip to secure the crown part of the hair. This way is to avoid that this section interferes with the styling of the lower section.

Use the teasing comb to create a voluminous effect in the lower section.

Then, you have to create a low side bun close to the nape of your neck using this section.

Release the crown section from the clip, then tease its back for extra volume at the crown area.

Now smoothen the surface of the crown and brush it in the direction of the bun.

With locks of hair, wrap the section around the bun. Secure the edges of the upper section around the bun using pins.

Finally, use a small amount of hairspray to make the hairdo stay in place.

Stylized Low Bun Hairstyle

Low bun and side braids hairstyle!

This style is always classy and sophisticated, and is a variant of the chignon. It is easy to create, easy to manage, it is just a perfect and fresh hairstyle!

That’s one of the reasons you should use it for homecoming.

To style this we need hair elastics, bobby pins, hairspray, u-pins, and a paddle brush.

First, you have to take out two sections of your hair from each side of your head, above the ears.

Then take the rest of your hair and tie it up into a ponytail using an elastic band.

The next step is to wrap the ponytail around itself creating a low bun at the base of your head.

Now it is time to start working in the braids.

Remember that you have to braid until you have finish all the section of your hair in both sides. Secure them with small elastic bands.

To finish this hairstyle you need to wrap the braids around the bun and secure it with pins.

Then spray your hair with the hairspray to make the hairdo stay.

low Bun and Side Braids Hairstyle!

Twist your crown

If you are a girl with urbane style, this hairstyle is perfect for you!! It is stylish and you can use it for homecoming of course.

This is the mix of twits and the crown style. You can use this updo with anything. So, if you are a “good vibes” kind of person, you should use this!

Twist Your Crown!!

This hairstyle is very simple, all that you need to do this hairdo is to have a small elastic band, pins, and hairspray.

To start, it is necessary to make an off-center partition.

Then you have to take two locks of hair, one from each side of the partition, and twist them until you reach the end of the sections.

Now you have to tie the ends of both sections together using a small elastic band.

After that, you have to wrap the rest of the hair around the hair tie by looping sections through the hair enclosed by the elastic band.

Maintain the sections using the pins as you go.

When you have finish to wrap and twist all the sections.

Use bobby pins to tame the flyaways and apply a small amount of hairspray to make the hairdo stay.

The ballerina or sock bun

The Ballerina or Sock Bun!

Of course ballerinas love this style! And they have a lot of reasons to love it! Because it is easy to do and to maintain.

Besides that, it is classy and sophisticated, and you can use it in casual occasions and elegant ones too!

Definitely, you should try it for homecoming.

All we need to achieve this look is a sock, and of course, pins, a fine comb and an elastic band.

Now, take your hair and tight a fashion ponytail. Then, use the sock! Take it and attach it to the edge of the ponytail and use a bobby pin.

After this, you have to start rolling the sock upwards taking the ponytail with it.

Okay, once you have rolled the sock until the base of the tail, form it in the shape of a bun and use a few bobby pins to pin it!

Then, secure the amazing bun using pins, and now you and your bun are ready to party!!

Ballerina bun with braids!

Ballerina Bun with Braids!

This is just a variant of the style that we already mentioned! But, if you like buns, this is perfect for you.

This look is amazing and makes your hair rock!! You can wear it anywhere, anytime. For a casual day out, even for homecoming. It is just stylish!!

As usual for buns, we need a sock, pins, elastic bands (big and small), and bobby pins.

First step: You have to gather your hair at the back of your head and tight a beautiful ponytail using the big elastic band.

Then, you have to take the sock and start to wrap it around the base of the ponytail.

After that, loop the ponytail in a way that the edges of it comes out through both sides of the sock.

Now, coil the edges into a twisted braid. Wrap the braids around the bun to secure it.

Use bobby pins to tame the flyaways, and now you are ready to go!!

Messy updo and braids

This is one of the best updos for medium length hair, you can use it during summer, spring, and each season actually!! If you consider yourself like “chic with an Indie vibe”, you need to give it a shot!

All you need is: elastic bands, pins, hairspray, and a fine comb.

Okay, first you need to create extra volume in your hear!! Do this teasing the back of your crown hair.

Second, take two locks, one from each side of the head above the ears!

Make regular side braids, and secure it with elastic bands.

When you finish the braids, wrap the rest of your hair into a messy bun at the nape of your neck, and secure it with pins.

After that, take one braid over the bun and pin it down on the opposite side using pins.

Do the same with the second braid, they should overlap each other.

Gently tousle the hair on the top of your head to cause a “casual effect”.

Now, use a small amount of hairspray and that’s it!! You are ready for homecoming.

Messy Updo and Braids

The loose low bun

This is a very casual hairstyle, and you can combine it with a pretty dress for homecoming!

If you are very confident and consider yourself a “powerful woman”, this hairdo is the one for you!

The Loose Low Bun

The implements here are easy to found! These are, sectioning clips, elastic bands, pins, and a fine comb.

First of all, you have to brush your hair back.

Then, your hair into three sections helping yourself with the sectioning clips.

Now, braid your hair into a regular three section braid until you reach the edge of the hair.

Here, you have to fold the end of the braid inwards and secure it with an elastic band.

After that, roll the braid upwards and inwards to create a low bun. Secure it using pins.

Make sure to tease the top of the crown using your fingers to give a tousled look.

To finish it, use a small amount of hairspray to make the hairdo stay.

Short hair

If your hair is short, you should definitely give it a shot to this looks!

Elegant french twist

Girls with short hair have the right to look gorgeous too!

They can achieve a proper and formal look using this hairstyle, which is perfectly polished and really stunning!

This hairdo suits on a slim face and works on any hair type.

Elegant French Twist

First of all, apply a small amount of serum on your hair.

With a dry, blow your hair and keep it direction backwards.

Now you have to do a light back-coming on the top section of your head.

Use a soft bristle brush to smooth all the sides and the top of your hair.

After, you have to grab your hair and start turning and tucking your twists and secure it with pins.

If you want more volume, use the tail comb to pop up any section! And there you go!! Stunning and classy!!

Tousled, sexy, beachy waves

This homecoming hairstyle is romantic and chic. The best part of it is that, you don’t need an iron to get this sexy waves!

You can just prepare your hair overnight, or you can use sprays to muss it up. Most of hair types can achieve a tousled look in just five minutes!!

If you have flat hair, saltwater spray is great for you to adding more texture to your hair, making the ruffle up easier. This should give your hair more hold!

Also, you can tease your hair with a brush. If you tease your hair in this way, you can gain more volume.

Just remember to be gentle with your hair, and don’t tangle it too much.

Not only can you brush it also you can just sleep with braids in your hair overnight. The tighter the braid, the sharper the edges of the locks will be.

So, when you wake up, you only have to take out the braids, and separate the locks.

Spray your hair with saltwater spray, and crunching it up to create some curves.

To finish, maintain your look! For this you only have to do little touch-ups on during the day.

Ruffle and crunch it a bit with your hands. Then just go to the homecoming party and be the sexiest girl on the floor!

Tousled, Sexy, Beachy Waves.

Pin curls

If you like the “retro style” you will love this!! You don’t even need a curling iron for this!

You only need hair balm pins and a blow dryer. Just keep reading and you will see how easy is to prepare this hairstyle.

Pin Curls 1

First your hair cannot be too wet or the style won’t dry correctly. So, between is perfect! Not too damp and not too dry!

Now, use the blow-dry cream. Work through hair to start rubbing the product between your hands.

You need to apply and distribute the product all over your head. Focusing from the middle to the end of your hair.

Okay, it is time to part your beautiful hair and start to section off. This sections should be close to an inch to an inch and half square.

Relax princess, one section at a time! Take the locks of hair from ends and roll up to the roots, and secure it with pins.

If you start working in sections toward the hairline from the top of your head, it also ends up being more uniform. So, the hairdo looks clean.

Continue with this until you have all of your hair pinned up. Diffuse your hair until it feels barely cooled to the touch.

If you want, you can wrap your hair in a scarf to sleep on it overnight.

Now that is dry, pull out all the pins, and use your fingers to smooth the curls.

You can break up the curls by placing your hands underneath your hair, behind your ears and shaking it out.

This cause that hair falls much more naturally.

To finish, use a soft tool or a wide-tooth comb to brush out your hair. This helps to find your desired shape without stretching it too much.

Pin Curls 2

Full side braid

Cutting your hair is a hard decision because you need to learn how to handle it!

Lucky for you that exists a lot of hairstyles you can do easily for short hair! Little braids and waves always save the day!

So if you want to look natural, simple and pretty, you should try this!

Don’t wash your hair! (Unless you want to) because it is easier braid your hair when you haven’t washed your hair a day or two.

That’s because you don’t want your hair too soft or slippery.

If you have your hair in a middle side part, comb over it to make a deep part, and try not to keep an exact straight line.

To keep the back of your hair out of the way, use bobby pins to click a small section of it. Now you can easily start to braid your hair.

It is better if you use pins that are similar to the color of your hair.

Now proceed to divide your hair into three parts, and start braiding your hair.

It is better if you have a mirror by your side, in this way, you can see what you are doing.

Each time you pull a lock of hair over, grab another one on each side like if you are doing a French braid.

To secure it back you can use a new pin or the one that was holding the back section of your hair.

No problem if the end of the braid falls out, that’s not secured in the pin.

To finish this hairstyle use a mist of your hairspray. For extra secure, spray the section where the bobby pin is set.

Then that’s it!! Go out and rock the homecoming night!!

They are very good idea also for fancy dress parties like carnival, they are original and they make come very good memories to the memory of many and our old school.

Full Side Braid!

Remember that homecoming it’s about having fun!

Try to make each of these hairstyles and for sure where you will catch looks.

You do not need to go to the hairdresser to be able to look good in your day , and these homecoming hairstyles will surely impact and make many fall in love.

It is not only about your outfit, hairstyle, or shoes, but also about your friends and the tradition of being in school.

With the former students and members of the organization! So, try to feel comfortable enough to enjoy the party!!

No matter how style you use if you feel confident! I can sure you, that you will look AMAZING!!

Remember that you can look beautiful every day with these simple hairstyles that will definitely make your homecoming day easier.

I assure you that you will love them when you try them on your hair.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to keep reading our posts and make sure to share it with your friends (if you like it of course), and let them know how to have the best results for homecoming night!

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