Medieval Hairstyles

Welcome to a magic era, where dragons were terrifying kings and queens, and knights were there to fight with them using magical swords.

I’m plenty sure that you have read about the Crusades, and the dark side of that time like the persecution and the Black Death.

It was an era with gorgeous dresses and amazing suits, a time which was rich in history and culture.

medieval hairstyles

One of the most reminders is the gorgeous and classy hairstyles and trends, at that time women were always wearing an appropriated hairdo for her status.

Usually, they loved to use long hair and wear romantic hairstyles like twists and braids. Hair was very important at that time because was a prime hallmark of a woman status and also femininity.

The thing with this style is that is actually present today, thanks to Netflix by the way, and of course, thanks to Game of Thrones.

The hairstyles and head coverings for men and women have changed over the centuries, nowadays, many girls and men are wearing these medieval hairstyles and looking chic, elegant, gorgeous and of course, classic!!

That is why we have compilated some hairdos for you to try and live the vibe of the pass times!

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair

As we have mentioned, one of the favorite styles for woman with long hair were the romantic and beautiful braids and twists.

Something that people or better say, girls don’t know and is one of the main reasons that woman wear braids at that period, is because braids do not only work as a decorative hairstyle for hair.

It also helps to make your hair grow up, and to take care of your hair when you are going out on extreme conditions as extreme cold, or even on summer when you are going to the beach, or even the pool, chlorine is very damaging for your hair.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair

It’s a fact that girls from that time wore braids to sleep, this is a good trick to add texture to your hair if you have it long and straight when you just take the braids out in the morning.

It’s a really good advice because it helps to use less the curly iron so, you can reduce the damage in your hair.

The first hairstyle is called “Medieval rope braid”, it was a really common hairstyle at that era, and is really easy!

To start this medieval hairstyle, you are going to do a waterfall braid. If you don’t know how to do it, please visit our braids hairstyles articles!

So, take a section of hair in the front, fairly good-sized probably medium sized piece, and then just divide it into three pieces and start with my top piece and cross it over the middle first.

So, just grab some hair and add it. Then, before crossing this piece just drop it! So, you are not actually gonna cross that piece, but you are going to grab some hair under it and cross that over.

Now you have to repeat the same process to continue to waterfall your hair until you get about five waterfalls because that’s how much you need to create this medieval hairstyle.

Medieval Hairstyles

Once you have your five waterfalls ready and you’ve dropped the fifth one, don’t take another piece after this one.

Just twist those pieces together, then take and alligator clip and pin it up for now. Alright, now you have to go back to each of your waterfalls and start to braid them all the way down.

Okay, now you are again where the waterfall ends, so, grab your first waterfall that you have braided, and you are going to add it in that final piece to cross over and cross it, of course.

As you go down, you’re still going to lace braid on the side, but you are not going to waterfall anything.  Repeat these steps with the other waterfalls. And there you have it!!

Medium Length Hair

The next medieval hairstyle is a “crown braid style”, this was a really common hairstyle at that time, mostly used by Vikings, so, we hope you like it.

Long and Medium Length Hair

First, divide your hair into two low pigtails, and cut two lengths of rough cord that is two to three times the length of your hair.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair part 1

Now, with each length of cord tie the middle around each ponytail and knot it tightly. Then, braid each ponytail in a three-strand braid pattern.
Clip the ends of the braid or hold them in your mouth momentarily while you wrap the long ends of the cord around the braid.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair part 2

Wrap all the way to the ends of the braid and tie off the braid with these ends, so, instead of using a modern-day ponytail holder, you’re essentially just tying off the ends of the braids with a couple knots using these cords.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair part 3

Next, wrap the braids up the sides of your head and over the top if your hair is too long, keep wrapping the braids in a circle formation at the back of the head.
Then, with a large knitting needle and a third length of cord, that’s roughly three feet long, so, stretch the middle of the cord across the lower back of your head.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair part 4

So, each of these ends through the braid as well as some hair near you scalp all along the braid until you almost run out of cord.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair part 5

So, the other length of cord up the braid on the other side of your head as well, this is called “hair taping” and is actually a very comfortable way to secure braids in place on your head if you don’t like pins and is very common throughout history.

When you have just a little bit of length left in the ends of these cords either, tuck them in under the braid to finish or tie them together if they can reach each other.

Now, tuck any extra length of the cord under your braids, and you’re set with this ancient crown braid hairstyle from the medieval era.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair part 6

To continue, let’s do the famous Elling women hairstyle, which is another amazing and gorgeous medieval hairstyle wore by the Vikings.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair part 7

First, place your fingers right above your ears and draw a part on either side of your head up to your crown.

Medieval Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair part 8

Gather all the hair in front of this part and make a three-strand braid with this hair, holding the braid close to the back of your head as you form it when your hands get down to the same height as your back hairline.
Add in the rest of your hair to this braid, in other words, start doing a French braid but only add in new hair to each strand once, and make sure all the rest of your hair is added in what you do.

step by step

After this, keep braiding normally all the way to the ends of your hair. There is no hair tie on the end of this braid.
So, to keep it from completely falling out, the braid is wrapped up a bit on the head. First, tuck the tail of the braid behind the length that stretches between the point where it started and the point where you added in new hair.


Pull the tail of the braid out the other side and then wrap it once more around this base braid pulling it out the other side again.

braided hairstyles

You can now let go of the length of the braid the strands may unravel a bit, but the wrapping should keep the general form of the hairstyle in place. There you go!!

cute hairstyles

Now, our third braid is a modern medieval hairstyle, short hair wasn’t in trend then, but it is now so if you have long hair but want to rock a short looking up-do hairstyle with medieval vibes this is just perfect for you, in just 10 easy steps.

medieval hairstyles step 1

We will start by making zig-zags in your hair and once you did the first one, tie it down with a hair band. Go further with the zig-zags and have the hair tied down on both sides

medieval hairstyles steps

After all of your hair is ready, start curling each small ponytail with the iron or curling iron, make sure to start from the back so it looks flawless.

medieval hairstyles step 3

When you have curled your ponytails, proceed to curl each hair strand and leave it in a roll, then secure with bobby pins. Do this for all of your hair strands and use as many bobby pins as you need, you’ll want to hide them under the rolls of curls.

Use hairspray to fix the hair and your modern medieval hairstyle is ready. Put on the right accessories and you will definitely look like from a different era.

medieval hairstyles last step

Braiding our hair is always a way to look cute anywhere we go, we call this next medieval hair braid “casual elf”, the name may sound funny, but the final look is absolutely gorgeous and it’s very easy to make, dare to try it?

absolutely gorgeous

The first step is to divide our hair in half; you can use a comb, a pencil or even your finger if you don’t have anything else.

The first step

After you divide your hair, take medium portion of hair from each side and then tie the first part of the hair you divided with an elastic band

Now we have our hair divided and here comes the fun, NOT the hard part. With the ponytail make a simple French braid; you know those braids mom used to make us for school, the classic Wednesdays Adam braids.

medieval step 2

If you like you can add some hair accessories, just to add a fancy touch and make it seem more realistic.

So, now we have the back part done we can now go back to the front. With those portions of hair, we will make ROPE BRAIDS, heard about them before?

medieval step 3

They are very easy to make, just divide the portion of hair in two, and twist each one separately, with the sides twisted proceed to twist them together like a rope. Do the same on both sides

Pretty easy, right? Now you’re rocking those Viking vibes. For a more sophisticated look, with a curling iron curl the tips of your hair and then pass your fingers through it.

medieval step 4

Short medieval hairstyles

If you have short hair this next medieval hairstyle is absolutely perfect for you, let’s do a beautiful half-up braid crown.
Start by wetting your hair just a little bit (if you have bangs, straighten them out and apply just a little hairspray to help it stay in place). To achieve this look you will want a middle part.

Short medieval hairstyles

Continue by sectioning the top half of the hair from the bottom, tie up the bottom half with an elastic band so you can have control of the other half and the hair doesn’t mix up, also tie up the hole other side, as mentioned before you will have to do this hairstyle in two parts.

Short medieval hairstyles part 2

When your hair is divided start from the back, grab three stains of hair and being to do a Dutch braid but only taking hair from under the braid and not from both sides, this to prevent the final from getting lumpy and bumpy while adjusting the crown.

When you’re out if hair to pick up just continue braiding normally and then tie the end with a clear elastic band.

Short medieval hairstyles part 3

Repeat the same thing on the other side and once you have both sides braided, line up one of the braids along with your hairline and secure it into place using bobby pins and make sure the end is tucked underneath the other braid.
Then take the other braid and cross it over the first one and secure it in place again hiding the tale into the braid.

Short medieval hairstyles part 4

And there you go! A stunning medieval braid crown, you can also make this an up-do by tying the rest of the hair in a low ponytail and just tuck the tale underneath the base of your ponytail and pin it up, so it doesn’t slip. This look also looks beautiful on little girls.
Another female medieval hairstyle with a modern touch is the mini French hair twist space bun. So, start by sectioning off the hair you will be using for your space buns.

Short medieval hairstyles part 5

On one side take two portions of hair and start twisting them around each other making sure to twist the strains of hair in opposite directions respectively as you go on along. As you twist the hair go picking up hair from the top and the bottom.
When you run out of hair to keep picking up just keep twisting them around each other like a rope braid with the rest of it.

Short medieval hairstyles last

With this done just twist it into a little bun and secure it with bobby pins and repeat on the other side.

You can leave the rest of your hair down or if you rather an up do you can ponytail the rest of the hair and tuck it into the base of the tail
Our last female medieval hairstyle is a very simple look compared to the other ones and very easy to do if you’re in a hurry; it’s just a nice soft Dutch side braid.

So, on the side of your head that you want the bun, section off one third of your hair and one the other side obviously leave two thirds

Medieval hairstyle

Going on the side that has two thirds just starting over your ear start braiding the Dutch braid but only picking up hair from the underneath and braid all around your head until you reach the place where your bun will be and secure it there. Do the same on the opposite side

cool medieval

When the braids are done just take the tails and twist them together into a bun.


And there you have a simple Dutch braid medieval bun, if you like you can leave some pieces of hair loose on the sides of your face to frame it, either way it looks beautiful.

beautiful medieval

Men medieval hairstyles

Now, moving on to men medieval hairstyles, currently most guys wear short hair because of the trend but in this blog, we will show you long men hairdo’s since Vikings did have long hair.

Let’s call this first hairdo ¨THE BRAVE¨, this is awesome because it gives you the short and long combination, it will take all the hair out of your face since it will be tied up but you’ll still show off that cool long hair you’ve worked for, heck of a power combination, plus its extremely easy to do!

Men medieval hairstyles

To begin, make sure you hair is completely dry and combed. Take a little bit a baby powder and put a small amount on your hands, this will help your fingers to slide through your hair more easily.

Next you will want to put all your hair back and with your hands and take hair from right above the ear and back because this is the hair that tends to get in the face.

the brave

Try to grab about half of your hair (separate the rest so it doesn’t get mixed together) and when you feel like you have the right amount of hair just proceed to divide it in tree equal portions.

step by step medieval

When you have it done, make a French braid and seal the end with an elastic band and voila, you have a cool medieval hairstyle.

braid medieval

This next look is a lot more complicated to achieve but still with some dedication it will turn out amazing, so, if you want a very medieval looking hairstyle, keep on reading, this is perfect for you.

We call this ¨Christmas elf¨, another braided hairstyle. Start by brushing your hair, making sure it’s completely dry.

It is very important that your hair is dry because if it is not it will be much more difficult to braid and also if you braid your hair when it is wet or moist it tends to smell bad later on, so make sure it is dry.

the brave medieval

As in ¨THE BRAVE¨, put a small amount of baby powder on your hands and pass your fingers through the hair.

Divide the top section of your hair with a comb, and just tie that for a minute, you’ll use that later. It doesn’t matter if it’s not symmetrical.

steps medieval

With the hair that is loose, take 3 small threads and leave a tiny portion if hair loose in the front, then start braiding a Dutch braid towards the back and all the way down, tie it up with an elastic band and make sure you don’t get any of the hair from neither the top section nor the back.

When you’re done with the braid, take that small portion of hair we left in the front and just French braid it, repeat the exact same thing on the other side.

When you’re done with that, let the top section of hair loose and from that take a portion of hair from the top and tie it up.

Take another section of hair from the sides and put them together over the portion of hair you just tied up and also tie this one.

step by step hairstyle

Continue to put another elastic band on the first ponytail, open a little gap, then take the rest of the second one and put it in between the gap. Repeat that a few times.

men hair

When you’re done with that just take the remaining hair and French braid it but still leaving some hair loose. If you like you can add some hair jewelry to hide the elastic bands.

men hairstyle

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to keep reading our posts and if you liked it, make sure to share with your friends and family to let them know how to rock some really cool and fashionable medieval hairstyles and braids that take less than 15 minutes to make. You are always welcome in our page.

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