Victorian Hairstyles

To understand the wonders of Victorian Hairstyles and fashion, first let’s get a bit into context of this incredible time.

The Victorian Era obtained its name due to the reign of Queen Victoria, that went from June 1837 until the matriarch died in 1901. She had a reign of 63 years, the longest in history until her great-great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II, surpassed her in 2015.

Victorian Hairstyles 2

This era was known for political risings: it was the birth of political movements such as socialism, liberalism, and, most importantly, organized feminism.

During this era, women were not allowed to vote, own properties, or even sue someone.

Women were housekeepers, and this stereotype require them to tend for their children and provide their husbands a clean home and a warm meal on the table every night.

Women were seen as perfect porcelain dolls, and they had to act and dress as such! There were puffy and elegant dresses and voluminous hairstyles.

Though this era wasn’t the best for women’s rights, some good things certainly came out of it, such as literature, education and fashion.

And, of course, Victorian hairstyles are the best of it!

You know that moment when you see an old picture, and just by looking at the people’s clothes or hairstyles, you can tell from what era is it from? Victorian hairstyles are not an exception!

Victorian Hairstyles with flowers

Believe it or not, hairstyles are an incredible time-indicator!

Though these Victorian hairstyles are not a type of hairstyle that you might see someone recreate on their day to day, perhaps they can be useful for you sometime.

Maybe at a themed Victorian party, or to dress up as a magnificent Queen in Halloween, or for special occasions like Prom, or even on your Wedding day!

Victorian hairstyles give anyone a completely royal and fashioned look.

They’re fancy, voluminous, and absolutely regal.

So in here you have some beautiful Victorian hairstyles that will most surely make you want to recreate them all!

Victorian Hairstyles redhead

Victorian hairstyles for long hair

Apparently, since the beginning of time, women have considered their hair as a valuable asset, which is why, back in the day, they tended to keep it way past their shoulders.

Long hair is voluminous, romantic, versatile, and many things more, including complicated to style; but don’t worry!

You’ll see you’ll have no trouble finding inspiration.

Victorian Hairstyles for long hair

The first is Victorian hairstyle that many young women adored for the simplicity yet beauty of it; they called it an Alluring Hairstyle.

Starting off, you need to tease your hair up to the roots to get that look of incredible volume that was a must-have back in Queen Victoria’s reign!

After teasing, separate a sky-high section of hair in the back of your head, while leaving one section loose on each side of the head, and pin it with several bobby pins.

Once pinned, go back to the sections on each side and braid them all the way to the ends of your hair.

Tie them with a hair elastic.

Next, wrap each of the braids under the sky-high section you made at the beginning.

Make sure you wrap the braids all the way through the top of your head and back down.

Once you have them wrapped tightly, secure them with as many bobby pins as you need, and that’s it! Done in just a few minutes.

You can also add some big flowery accessories to complete this gorgeous Victorian hairstyle!

Victorian Hairstyles for long hair 2

Coming up, one of the most romantic Victorian hairstyle anyone has ever seen.

It’s regal, elegant, and it has braids! Could it be any more perfect?

This a Victorian hairstyle that absolutely screams Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice.

Thus, romance!

It has elements of the Regency Era, like those wavy, beautiful curls, and it can be easily mistaken as such, but, classically, most people define it as a Victorian hairstyle.

This look has many elements: curls, braids all around and high bun; but don’t be scared! It’s not as difficult as it looks.

The most important thing is to have many bobby pins within reach, and to know that it mustn’t be done in a rush.

Take your time, and once you see the result you’ll see it was worth it!

Victorian Hairstyles for long hair 3

Click on this link to learn how to recreate this regal Victorian hairstyle:

The next Victorian hairstyle is absolutely more formal, for extremely special occasions, and it’s something most brides loved to wear on their Wedding day.

It consists in a charismatic bun with many flowery accessories that make the style look a thousand times more delicate and feminine.

This Victorian hairstyle is made, in its majority, with fishtail braids.

You need to divide several equal sections and then weave each of them into fishtail braids.

Once you have all your hair braided into fishtail braids, create three sections of braids and weave them into a regular three-strand braid.

When braided, coil it into a low-sided bun and secure it with either an elastic or many bobby pins.

Also, don’t forget about the flowery accessories, as these bring a whole new level to this Victorian hairstyle.

Absolutely stunning!

Victorian Hairstyles for medium leght hair

Victorian hairstyles for medium length hair

Although during the Victorian Age the majority of women preferred to keep their tresses long and flowing, a portion of ladies were faithful to their shorter, yet still beautiful, locks.

You’ll find that most of the previous Victorian hairstyles for long hair are also able to recreate on shorter hair, like shoulder length, which women call “the perfect length”.

Not too long, not too short!

Victorian Hairstyles for medium leght b&w

However, if you’re not a huge fan and prefer something simpler yet still as beautiful, keep on reading.

This a beautiful Victorian hairstyle that women adored for any occasion; whether completely formal o something more relaxed.

First, start off by dividing the hair in three sections: one section on each side of the head and one section the back.

Tie the middle section with a thin elastic band, nearly at the ends of your hair.

As for the other two sides, make a fishtail braid (or it can also be a simple braid) until you get to the ends of the hair.

Once they’re done, tie each with an elastic band.

Coil back the middle section into a low bun.

Not around in circles, but as if you were rolling back a big piece of paper.

If that’s done, use as many bobby pins as you require to secure the bun to your head.

After, grab each braid and pass it over the low bun. Secure them with bobby pins.

You can hide the ends of the braids by very carefully opening a small section of hair and stuffing the ends of the braids under the hair with bobby pins.

Isn’t is an amazingly easy and beautiful Victorian hairstyle?

Victorian Hairstyles for medium leght redhead

The following Victorian hairstyle is very fancy yet relaxed, like something you might see a modern woman wearing proudly while walking down the street or going to work.

It consists of a sort of crown, except it is not braided, which makes it even easier, as if that were possible.

First, you’ll need a thin headband, preferably the same color as your hair so it blends in.

Place it a little bit above your forehead.

Then, carefully and with the tip of a thin hair comb, start pulling small sections of hair and teasing them.

Once they’re teased, grab the section and start weaving it around the headband.

Weave the hair around the material of the headband as much as you can.

Once you run out of that section, follow the same steps until you get to the back of your head.

When you get to the back, things become a little simpler.

Just grab the remaining hair and twist it back into a sort-of coiled low bun.

You can accessorize the hair with small flowers and leaves.

Ta-da! Gorgeous, yet simple.

At the very end, you can always apply some hairspray so all your hard work doesn’t fall off as easily.

Victorian Hairstyles for medium leght 4

Now, this Victorian hairstyle is one that is totally unforgettable.

No one can say that there is a more Victorian hairstyle than this one.

Who could ever forget about those timeless corkscrew curls that were too perfect to be real? Nothing screams more Victorian than those incredible curls.

Nowadays, they’re a thousand times easier to recreate than back in the day.

Now, all you have to do is get an iron curler or some hot rollers and you will for sure get those magical curls you’re looking for.

You’ve got in your hands a beautiful Victorian hairstyle.

Victorian Hairstyles for short hair

If you want some help on how to use hot rollers to recreate this cool Victorian hairstyle, click on this link:

Victorian hairstyles for short hair

Like it was said earlier, back in the day, women were all about the length of their hair.

They weren’t so confident about cutting it short because they felt they were being deposed of their beauty and femininity.

Thus, there might not be many Victorian hairstyles to try out for girls with short hair, but the few ones that do exist are as beautiful as any other hairstyle for long or medium length hair.

Victorian Hairstyles for short hair 2

Keep on reading and be bold enough to try these Victorian hairstyles for short hair.

One hairstyle that never goes out of style and that has been popular since the Victorian Era and still prevails nowadays is the braided crown.

This is considered a Victorian hairstyle because it is so beautiful, stylish and simple and women have just kept falling in love with this look for ages.
You must start off by parting your hair into two sections.

Next, Dutch braid your hair from the roots to ends, to about the middle of the back of your head.
Then, make sure to Dutch braid your hair on each side of your head.

Tie each braid at the ends with a small elastic.

To finish up, crisscross the braids on the back of your hair and fasten them with bobby pins, as many as you think you need.
If you want more volume to achieve a full-on Victorian hairstyle, tug lightly on the braids and you’re all set!

Victorian Hairstyles for short hair blonde

If you need more help on how to recreate this Modern-Victorian hairstyle, click on this link:

This Victorian hairstyle is one of the simplest most relaxed you’ll find; mostly used for informal occasions, yet as beautiful as any other you might find.

This simple hairstyle consists on gathering all the hair back and twisting it into a low bun at the base of your head.

You can leave some tendrils out to frame your face.

This will make the look seem softer and more feminine.

It’s a Victorian hairstyle that women didn’t mostly use at social gatherings, because it looks informal; instead, they recreated it to spend the day at home or taking care of chores.

Victorian Hairstyles for short hair bun

Don’t forget about the easiest Victorian hairstyle for short hair yet: just letting your short locks loose and a bit styled with an eye catching accessory was enough!

Sometimes, when women decided to crop their hair very short it made it difficult for them to style it, so they decided to let it flow freely.

Instead, they curled it as much as they could.

Curly hair everywhere: framing their whole face prettily in a tender way.

However, don’t think that just because they had cropped short tresses they weren’t noticed, quite the contrary!

Instead, they frequented wearing eye catching accessories; either flowers, shiny or antique accessories! Anything fancy and feminine they could use on their hair to complete their look, that was it!

Victorian Hairstyles for short hair black hair

If you really want to achieve an accurate Victorian hairstyle, make sure you don’t forget about the accessories.

Headbands, barrettes, even jewelry can contribute to the perfect hairstyle!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the lengths of your hair or with hairstyles.

You’ll see that the more you try them, the more you’ll love them. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Victorian hairstyles for little girls

As always, you can’t leave the little ladies out of the mix.

Back in the Victorian Age, many little girls used the same Victorian hairstyles as their mothers or older sisters.

There wasn’t much variety regarding little girls’ hairstyles, but they could still pull them off beautifully.

We’re sure that braids are a necessary hairstyle in every girl’s life, even in the Victorian Era.

Victorian hairstyles for little girls

This Victorian hairstyle for little girls is a proof of it.

First, you need to part the hair into two sections.

After, start French braiding each section of hair until you get to the nape of your neck.

Coming up, just weave a regular three-strand braid and secure them with an elastic or some bobby pins.

Once the braids are done and safely secured, crisscross them on the back, giving it a sort of halo look, and pin them to the head with some bobby pins.

All set!

Another commonly used Victorian hairstyle is a high bun.

Little girls could pull high buns off as much as grown women.

This Victorian hairstyle is infinitely more formal.

It consists of braiding all the hair into little braids, and after, securing each braid with a small elastic.

Once it’s all braided, tie the hair back tightly and coil it around into a high bun.

Use as many bobby pins as you need to safely secure the bun to the head.

As an accessory, you can always use some colorful flowers or even pastel colored bows for a more elegant style.

Victorian hairstyles for little girls 2

Little girls too adore the crown braid.

This a Victorian hairstyle that doesn’t discriminate by age.

Women of all ages and, almost every, hair length can pull it off beautifully.

This Victorian hairstyle is super easy and it doesn’t require much time or effort.

Your little girl will adore it, and she’ll feel the most beautiful girl in the world!

Victorian hairstyles for little girls 3

If you need help on how to recreate this Victorian hairstyle on your little girl’s hair, click on this link:

Victorian hairstyles for men

Men’s fashion has evolved a lot through the years, that can be said just by looking at these timeless Victorian hairstyles for men.

Although time passes and people change, fashion is a cyclic thing; thus, it always comes back.

You might recognize some of these Victorian hairstyles for men.

Victorian hairstyles for men

Men hairstyles during the Victorian Age were very changing; men had where to choose from.

Some liked keeping it long; voluminous on the top and a little longer on the sides.

Younger men, teenagers, specifically, preferred that style of growing their hair longer.

It’s a Victorian hairstyle that turned out to be very popular among younger men back in the day.

Some liked to even pair it with a light beard; a five o’-clock shadow that brought the look to a whole new level of manliness.

Victorian hairstyles for men redhead

However, the older gentlemen were fans of the cropped short tresses.

Many Victorian hairstyles for men you’ll see are with deep entrances in the forehead and slicked back, not a hair out of place.

Victorian hairstyles for men b&w

As you might notice, thick and bushy mustaches were totally in during the Victorian Era, as were well grown beards on older gentlemen.

Sideburns, thick mustaches and beards were pretty much the men’s accessories to achieve the perfect Victorian hairstyle.

Without a good ol’ mustache or beard, could it really be considered an accurate Victorian hairstyle for men? The answer is most likely No.

So, if you’re thinking of pulling off a Victorian hairstyle for a costume party or some special event, seriously consider growing a thick beard, as without it the look wouldn’t be complete!

Victorian hairstyles for men 4

Victorian hairstyles for little boys

Back in the Victorian Era, most boys’ hairstyles were the same as their fathers’, pretty much the same as women’s hairstyles and little girls’ hairstyles.

A common Victorian hairstyle for little boys was a deep side parted look.

The hair was equally cropped short and combed to the side.

Usually the hair was plastered to the head with hair gel so not a single hair fell out of place.

Victorian hairstyles for little boys


Some Victorian hairstyle for little boys, instead of plastering all the hair to the sides, consisted of brushing the hair all the way back.

There was no side partition.

The hair was just cropped shorter on the sides and kept slightly longer at the top.

Then, it was brushed all the way back.

Victorian hairstyles for little boys 2

Of course, nowadays these Victorian hairstyles seem very out of fashion and dull, but they were the most popular back when Queen Victoria was sitting on her throne.

Victorian hairstyles with hats

Now, no Victorian hairstyle would truly hold its essence without a classic hat and some gloves!

Hats were an important accessory both for men and women back in the Victorian Era.

They gave out a much more formal look, and people loved wearing them.

Victorian hairstyles with hats

There were several types of hats, rare antique bonnets commonly used during the Civil War, hats with lots of feathers, even some huge hats with birds on them!

As crazy as it sounds, the bigger the hat, the fancier it looked.

Some hats weren’t as colorful; they were demurer and, perhaps, not as impressive.

During the years of the Civil War, women took to wearing simple bonnets with some only some feathers.

Victorian hairstyles with hats 2


This type of hat was more romantic and softer-looking to the eye.

It was normally accessorized with a small amount of flowers and bows.

Victorian hairstyles with hats b&w


Some hats were huge: with an incredible amount of feathers and immense bows.

This represented the high society of the Victorian Era.

Nothing represents quite as well the Victorian Era as a hat.

Any Victorian hairstyle with a colorful and eccentric hat would look incredible.

Victorian hairstyles with hats 3

Some women liked to top their hat with a long piece of fabric to make a sort of veil.

Some dropped it behind their head, while others let it fall over the face.

Victorian hairstyles with hats 4

Of course, men also adored wearing hats; but they didn’t have such a wide range of variety as women did.

Instead, men kept simple and faithful to their high, shiny top-hat.

Of course, the hat could have different heights, as they preferred.

But, for men, as it was with women, the taller the hat, the better.

Victorian hairstyles with hats men

No Victorian hairstyle would be definitely complete without an eye-catching hat.

The hats, like every other accessory, is what gives life to every Victorian hairstyle and look.

If you have any special Victorian event or Halloween party coming up soon, be sure to try out any of these Victorian hairstyles, and don’t be afraid of wearing some crazy hat with feathers and flowers on it!

Thank you so much for reading this Victorian hairstyles article.

We hoped you enjoyed it.

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