Updo Hairstyles

An updo hairstyle is a perfect style that you can pull off in any situation, whether casual or formal.

You’re going to a party and don’t know what to do with your hair? Updo. You’re going out for lunch with some friends.

And your hair isn’t cooperating? Updo. To the beach? Pool? Supermarket? Updos. Updos everywhere!

Updo hairstyles 2

You can make the updo hairstyle as casual or formal as you need.

If you’re more into intricate knots, or you like combining a simple updo with an intricate braid, or just a quick updo.

Other reason to love updo hairstyles is that they work and look amazing on any hair length or type.

These are some of the reasons why we love updo hairstyles so much: there are countless options where to choose from.

Works with any hair texture or length, you can go crazy and add bangs or braids or whichever accessories you wish, and not only women love them –men do too!

That’s right, if you’re a guy you’re totally allowed to love updo hairstyles. Seriously, who doesn’t?

Updo hairstyles for long hair

If you’re a girl with long hair, you probably know by now that having long hair can be either a curse or a blessing depending on how you look at it.

Long hair is absolutely beautiful –it’s versatile, voluminous, romantic.

Which pretty much means you can do whatever you want with it as long as you have some creativity… Although that can be hard sometimes.

Also, it can be curse because long locks are very demanding, and sometimes you just don’t know what to do with so much hair!

Now that summer is finally here and heat is wholeheartedly making sure everyone notices that.

Yes, it’s crop top season, so an updo hairstyle should be your go-to solution. Updos are very easy to recreate, and they don’t need much time.

Depending on what you want to achieve, if you want an effortless look, it will take absolutely no time at all.

And if you want something more elaborate it might take some time, but not much difficulty.

The current trend for updo hairstyles are about top knots, low and high buns, coiled twists, pinned curls, and even intricate braids.

To create an updo on your long hair, all you need is some imagination. The trend of messy updo hairstyles are not only seen in a casual way.

Around the street, but you can also appreciate this look on more than one lady walking down the red carpet!

Updo hairstyles for long hair

A voluminous casual messy bun is a perfect updo hairstyle for nearly every occasion.

Gather your hair back into two or three bobbles and secure it with a hairband, instead of tying it back in a ponytail.

The bobbles will give volume to your long tresses, and for an even messier look you can let some hair strands loose to frame your features.

Easy and effortless!

Updo hairstyles for long hair 2

Another gorgeous updo hairstyle is the braided low bun. This style gives you a softer look and it flatters your features.

You need to start off by brushing your hair back (you can leave out some hair strands if you want)

And braid it French style until you get to the nape of your neck. Coil the rest of the hair into a low, thick bun and secure it with an elastic. All done!

Updo hairstyles for long hair 3

You can opt for an asymmetrical French twist as an updo hairstyle for when you need to go out to a formal event or work meeting.

Although this look is messy, it doesn’t look effortless at all, even though it is! It’s perfect to show off your long and thick tresses.

Sweep all the hair to one side and pin it to the head with several bobby pins; twist the hair.

To the opposite direction from where you swept the hair and coil into a vertical bun, and use some bobby pins and hairspray!

Check out this updo hairstyle tutorial by clicking on this link:

A circular twist updo hairstyle is perfect for girls who want to show off their highlights.

This makes the hair look so much thicker; it seems endless. All you need to do is twist the hair and crisscross it.

Updo hairstyles for long hair 4

Make semicircles and pin them to your head. By hiding the ends of your locks under the semicircles.

You’ll achieve a beautiful look of an endless twisted updo hairstyle.

To recreate this updo hairstyle, make sure to check out this tutorial:

Updo hairstyles for medium length hair

Many women think that medium length hair is boring, but that’s far from the truth!

While it is true that some hairstyles might look better on longer lengths, what you might not know is that medium length is probably the perfect hair length.

It’s not too short and not too long either, it’s just perfect.

Updo hairstyles for long hair 5

With shoulder or medium length hair you can recreate many amazing updo hairstyles that every girl will wish she had done it.

Although the length is not too long, you can still play around with your tresses.

You can mess with textures and a wide variety of styles and updo hairstyles, so don’t be afraid to try to get something new!

Keep in mind that updo hairstyles are appropriate for almost any occasion, and they are an ingenious and cute way to style your tresses.

And shoulder length hair is not a limitation for this type of hairstyle. In here you’ll see some formal.

And casual updo hairstyles for medium length hair that you’ll most likely love. The only problem will for sure be to decide which look to recreate!

Updo hairstyles for medium length hair

If you like low buns but you don’t like them too simple, you can recreate the style into a double twisted bun updo hairstyle.

You need to divide your hair into three sections, one at each side of your head and one at the back.

Coil the section of hair at the back into a bun located at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic.

Later, grab one of the sections on the sides and curl it, then pass it over the bun, down and around, and pin the hair under the bun.

Repeat the same process with the other section on the other side of your head.

Don’t worry if your hair is too short to go around the bun; just pin it directly over; you’ll see the results will be great either way!

Updo hairstyles for medium length hair 2

This updo hairstyle is called a fancy roll, but if you want to recreate this look for any occasion that is not really fancy you’re absolutely welcome to do so!

This style looks particularly great with highlights too.

Remember that you can recreate this look if you have long or medium hair, it doesn’t matter.

Updo hairstyles don’t discriminate to hair length.

Updo hairstyles for medium length hair 3

This elegant bun and chignon is a perfect style for those events you mustn’t have a single hair out of place.

Updo hairstyles are very minimalist and easy, yet chic and fashionable at the same time.

Which is why they have gained so much popularity and have become an endless trend since they first came out.

This beautiful bun looks incredible on formal occasions; you’ll surely stand out!

Updo hairstyles for medium length hair 4

A low loose braided bun is an updo hairstyle that combines two styles that girls adore: braids and buns. A perfect combination!

Weave your hair into a braid until the ends and tie it with a small elastic.

Coil the braid into a bun the best you can and use some bobby pins to pin the bun to your head.

You can apply some hairspray to maintain the shape of the braid for a while longer.

Updo hairstyles for medium length hair 5


Updo hairstyles for short hair

If you had long hair at one point, got tired of it, and decided to chop it all off, you probably regret it by now, but don’t worry!

You’ll see that while, yes, with short hair there surely is a bigger restriction to hairstyles. But in here you’ll notice that what you thought impossible, which is finding updo hairstyles.

Or really any kind of creative hairstyles for short hair, is, in fact, possible!

Remember the motto of these updo hairstyles is that they don’t discriminate.

So while finding and recreating these hairstyles might sometimes be not too easy, the final results are definitely worth it.

So, take your time into learning these hairdos, you’ll see just how much you’ll fall in love with them.

Updo hairstyles for short hair

If your hair is short, yet not so much that you can braid it, like a few inches above your shoulders.

Make sure to try out this low bohemian braid updo hairstyle. First of all, gather your hair into four different sections and braid each one and tie them.

Grab the third braid, wrap it around the second one and crisscross them, then pin them to your head.

Later, take the second braid and pin it while tucking away the loose strands that remain.

Then, grab the fourth braid, drape it over the rest and tuck the end of it underneath them.

Lastly, take the remaining braid and once again drape over the rest and tuck it into place with the rest.

Make sure to use as many bobby pins as you need to keep all the braids correctly into place, and some hairspray is also optional.

And you’re ready to go!


Another possible updo hairstyle option that can help you keep your short tresses in place to keep it all tied up with headscarves of any color and style that you like.

You can tease the hair at the crown to add more volume.

And to keep it into place secure the hair with bobby pins. Wrap the scarf around your head and double tie it.

You can get your bangs out and hair strands to frame your face and give you a more feminine look.

Updo hairstyles for short hair 3

As always, every girl loves a good braid, and if it’s paired up with a bun even better! Begin by dividing the hair into sections.

Next, pin the one on the front forward, and then take the rest of the hair and pull it into a ponytail.

Coil it into a messy bun and secure it with an elastic and some bobby pins. Take the sections in front and braid them back.

Secure the braid at the top of the bun before repeating the process on the other side. Now you’ve got a beautiful updo hairstyle in your hands!

Updo hairstyles for short hair 4

This rolled updo hairstyle looks fabulous during hot summer days, so the timing’s just perfect.

Start with a deep side part and Dutch braid each section of hair.

Pin them at the back center of your head and roll both braids upwards tightly so nothing gets out of place.

Make sure to use many bobby pins to keep the hairdo together.

Optionally, you can leave out some tendrils of hair to frame your face.

Updo hairstyles for short hair 5

Updo hairstyles for dark skinned women with thick hair

Dark skinned women surely amaze everyone with their hairstyles like it’s their job.

Updo hairstyles for this type of women are even more special, because they tend to be super sophisticated and creative.

Now that the warmest months have finally arrived, it’s a perfect moment to try some of these updo hairstyles.

Dark skinned women’s hair textures go from relaxed throughout corkscrew curls to full on afros.

So having a single updo hairstyle that works for all these types of hair textures can be difficult.

Which is why in here you’ll see some variety to please every lady who has a hard time styling their hair.

Dark women impact everyone with their updo hairstyles for their braided patterns and intricate styles.

Updo hairstyles for dark skinned women with thick hair

This updo hairstyle is an all-around crown. This hairdo gives out an elegant and stylish effect, besides being feminine and fashionable.

This is a hairstyle recommended for women with shorter faces, because the added length of this high hairstyle.

Gives the illusion of elongating your face and flattering your features.

Updo hairstyles for dark skinned women with thick hair 2Updo hairstyles for dark skinned women with thick hair 2

These power puff buns are a cute updo hairstyle. This is a trend that comes all the way back from the 90’s.

With Princess Leia’s (Star Wars) iconic side buns. Divide your hair into two sections and tie them into to high pigtails.

Twist the pigtail into a rope and then coil it into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins.

Repeat the process with the other pigtail and you’re done. Super fashionable, quick and easy!

Updo hairstyles for dark skinned women with thick hair 3

A braided crown is one of the best updo hairstyles you’ll ever find. This is a strong hairdo that will certainly keep your rebel curls tamed.

Besides it’s perfect for battling through busy days, humidity and frizz. This style looks more complicated than what it really is.

Just part your hair for pigtails, French braid them, bring them together and secure them with hair pins. Voila!

Updo hairstyles for dark skinned women with thick hair 4

For this type of hair, there is one updo hairstyle that is a total success every single time.

I’m talking about a flirty high ponytail, of course. It’s super easy and quick, and completely effortless.

All you really need to do is pull all your hair back and tie it into a high knot. Arrange the curls so they fall over the front of your head and that’s all!

Updo hairstyles for dark skinned women with thick hair 5

Updo hairstyles for curly hair

Curly hair is beautiful; probably everyone agrees on that. Curly hairstyle is a sign of a funny girl with a great personality.

You can bet she’s the life of the party every single time. As much as straight-haired girls say “I wish I had curly hair” they don’t really know what they’re wishing for.

If you think it’s challenging finding out how to style your hair every day, don’t let me get started on just how difficult it is to style curly hair.

As gorgeous as curly hair is, very few know just how complicated it really is to tame those wild curls and getting them to behave when you need them to.

Updo hairstyles are a great solution to keep your curls in place, so keep on reading and try out these styles.

Updo hairstyles for curly hair

A simple updo hairstyle with ringlets is a perfect bohemian and relaxed look.

The pieces up front are twisted back and tucked in an elastic. You can tease the hair at the top to add more volume and get a better look.

Top it off with a beautiful headband of fresh flowers and let tiny ringlets rain over the sides of your head. Ta-da!

Updo hairstyles for curly hair 2

If you love low buns as much as we do, this updo hairstyle is simply perfect for you.

Divide your hair into two and coil each section into two messy sister buns. Pin them to the back of your head with some bobby pins.

As always, you can leave out some tendrils to frame your face. Voila!

Updo hairstyles for curly hair 3

This updo hairstyle is perfect for a relaxed evening out! Divide your hair into two equal sections and weave a small French braid on either side of your head.

Weave until you get to a few inches below your ears and tie the remaining hair into a low messy bun with an elastic.

Use several bobby pins to style the bun just the way you want.

Updo hairstyles for curly hair 4

This tucked updo hairstyle is perfect for those super texturized curls when you just want to get them into place.

Pin as much hair as you can to your head and roll it tightly upwards until all the hair is tucked away.

As always, use bobby pins to place your hair just the way you want.

Updo hairstyles for curly hair 5

Updo hairstyles for Prom night

Prom is one of the most important events in every teenage girl’s life, but it can also be more stressing than you think.

With the dress, makeup, finding a date, and above all, choosing the right hairstyle, it’s completely crazy.

Prom styles have come a long way since the puffed up looks you tend to see in the movies.

During the whole event you’ll be mostly dancing and moving around, which is why it’s not such a good idea to let your hair loose.

Updo hairstyles for Prom are very trendy at the moment, and that’s because they’re the comfiest choice to pull off a gorgeous hairstyle.

They’re elegant and incredibly stylish.

Updo hairstyles for Prom night

This low thick bun is an updo hairstyle that looks beautiful on any hair type and with any style of dress because it’s super simple and chic.

So don’t worry about it outshining your outfit. This is a hairstyle meant to be sophisticated and elegant.

Don’t tie your hair too tightly, and let some loose tendrils out front so that they frame your face. You’ll impress everyone!

Updo hairstyles for Prom night 2

No one can forget about a messy updo hairstyles, it’s certainly one of the girls’ favorite.

This hairstyle is super relaxed and effortless, but it doesn’t look careless. You just need to gather your hair back and tie it in a bun at the center of the back of your head.

Remember this is a very chilling look, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Updo hairstyles for Prom night 3

This curly elegant updo hairstyle is pretty much the opposite of the previous hairstyle –this look is very intricate and fancy, super feminine.

Make your curls very big and voluminous so your hair looks thicker than it really is.

Keep in mind that you can never really go wrong with curls! You can let very few curls loose of the bun and let them fall freely.

Updo hairstyles for Prom night 4

Braids are necessary in every girl’s life, undoubtedly, and a braided updo hairstyle can’t be missing.

This crown braid paired up with a high bun is incredible for girls with thick and flowing hair.

Grab a small section of your hair and weave it into a crown braid, and tie the rest of your hair into a sky high bun that rests at the top of your head.

Absolutely gorgeous!

If you need help on recreating a crown braid hairstyle, check out this tutorial:

Updo hairstyles for weddings

If you think that Prom is the biggest event in a lady’s life, let’s not even talk about their wedding day!

There are women out there who have been dreaming about their wedding since they were little girls –and some knew exactly where it was going to be.

What kind of dress they would wear, the type of cake they’d want… but they forget all about the hairstyles.


Updo hairstyles for Prom night 5

Updo hairstyles are the best option on how you should style your hair on your wedding day.

This type of hairdo is appropriate for women of any age, for any season and weather, and for every location.

It goes with everything; it’s perfect! Bride and bridesmaids will look amazing with these gorgeous updo hairstyles.

Most brides choose updo hairstyles as their go-to style because they can style it pretty much however they want.

It can either be elegant and romantic or relaxed and chic. There is an infinite amount of options through.

Which you can express your personality and style. Besides, you’ll most likely be running around all day.

So these updo hairstyles are a great way to keep your hair in one place, and you’ll be looking beautiful throughout it all!

Updo hairstyles for weddings

Flowers are a great idea to pair up with your updo hairstyle. You can achieve a very simple bun, but if you add some flowers the look will be anything but simple.

Flowers add so much femininity and softness to your style.

To recreate this style, you can opt for a French twist; just gather your hair all to the side and pin it with some bobby pins.

Turn it over to the other side and roll it into a bun. You can even use real flowers! And this also a great look for bridesmaids too!

Updo hairstyles for weddings 2

For this textured low updo hairstyle you need to gather your hair back all to one side and make a loose French braid.

Then, pin it to opposite the side of your head with some bobby pins.

You can recreate this hairstyle for the bride or bridesmaids. If you want, add a small and glittery barrette to add an extra touch to your hairstyle.

Updo hairstyles for weddings 3

This updo hairstyle is perfect for when you want to use a long veil covering your face.

To recreate this high Ballerina Bun, brush your hair back tightly with a hair brush and coil the hair tightly into a high bun and secure it with an elastic.

You can leave out a hair strand to wrap around the elastic or use a big accessory to cover it.

Updo hairstyles for weddings 4

This updo hairstyle is a happily ever after princesses’ look. Once again, the hair is brushed back tightly and wrapped into an arched bun.

Pin the sides of the bun to the head with some bobby pins to nail the look perfectly.

With this hairstyle you can use a hair comb with rhinestones or pearls that go with your dress!

Updo hairstyles for weddings 5

Updo hairstyles for little girls

Mothers love to experiment with their little girls’ hair, it’s not a secret.

Some moms don’t like to keep their daughters’ hair growing too long and they don’t like to let the hair loose.

Because, well, they’re small girls who like to run around and play like any regular kid. And, obviously, playing around with hair covering your face is not too comfortable.

If you and your daughter are getting tired of always having to tie her hair back into a boring old ponytail keep on reading and make sure to try these updo hairstyles for little girls.

Your daughter will have the prettiest hair of her class and all the other moms will ask you for tips on how to do their daughters’ hair.

Updo hairstyles for little girls

Every little girl loves pigtails. It’s such a beautiful and easy style to recreate.  Part the hair in two equal sections and tie a high sided ponytail on each section of hair.

To tie both ponytails, you can use hairbands, which you can cover  with some colorful bows or glittery barrettes.

This is probably the easiest updo hairstyle you’ll find that you can recreate on your little girl’s hair!

Updo hairstyles for little girls 2

An incredible updo hairstyle that looks far more complicated than it really is, is a double braided high buns.

For this look, part the hair in two sections and on each side weave an upside down braid.

When you get to the center of the back of your head, coil the remaining hair into two high buns.

Secure each bun with an elastic band and some bobby pins. This is a super cool look.

Updo hairstyles for little girls 3

Because braids are a necessary hairstyle in every girl’s life, try this updo hairstyle.

You need to divide the hair into two sections. After, start French braiding each section of hair until you get to the nape of your neck.

Then just weave a regular three-strand braid and secure them. Once the braids are done, crisscross them on the back.

This will give it a sort of halo look, and pin them to the head with some bobby pins. And you’re all done!

Updo hairstyles for little girls 4

Updo hairstyles for men

It’s true that the current hairstyle trends for men is usually hair cropped very short on the sides and kept longer and more voluminous at the top –even including fade looks.

However, it’s also true that some men still prefer to grow their hair long until their shoulders, or even past it, and they can pull it off amazingly!

If you’re a guy who loves keeping his hair long, but know that sometimes having your tresses so long can be troublesome.

If sometimes it bothers you and you need to get it off your face easily, then make sure to give these updo hairstyles a try.

From buns to ponytails and even dreaded styles; just choose the one you like best! You’ll realize that all of these updo hairstyles are incredibly easy.

The first updo hairstyle that all guys with long hair adore is a man bun. A man bun is also a fabulous option for you.

This isn’t just a hairstyle that came up in 2015 with hipsters, which is what most people think.

Instead plenty of long haired men over the years have styled their hair into a bun, but it turns out that it started gaining fame recently.

All you need to do is gather your hair back and tie it in a bun on the top of your head. Keep in mind that the messier it looks, the better. Done!

Updo hairstyles for men

The next updo hairstyle you can use to try and keep your hair in check is a very simple ponytail.

You just need to brush your hair back and secure it with a hairband. You can either choose to make a high or low pony, depending on what you like best.

A tip to make your ponytail look great is that once the hair is tied, tease the hair with a comb, going from the elastic all the way down to the ends of your hair.

Updo hairstyles for men 2

A dreaded hairstyle is a look that is full of personality, and it is certainly very eye catching.

If you’re looking for a style that is absolutely different than what you’re used to, then why don’t give dreads a try?

African American men demonstrate that this style is not only manly, yet also very easy, although it takes some time.

You can convert your dreads into an updo hairstyle by tying all the hair into a low ponytail and you’re all done!

Updo hairstyles for men 3

Updo hairstyles for little boys

What was said for men previously also applies to this section of the article dedicated to little boys.

Even though the majority of boys like to keep their hair short, whether it is for comfort or trends reasons, there are still some boys who prefer growing their hair long.

Little boys, all men, really, know how to exactly pull off an updo hairstyle to style their long locks.

So, if you know any young boy that wants to grow his hair long or shoulder length but doesn’t know how to style it so that it’s not uncomfortable, make sure to show them these updo hairstyles.

The one updo hairstyle that never goes out of style for men, older or younger, is the man bun.

It’s so popular because it’s so stylish and easy to recreate at the same time.

Gather the hair back, coil it into a bun at the top of your head and secure it with a hairband.

See? Done in three simple steps!

Updo hairstyles for little boys

Also, ponytails! Who doesn’t love ponytails? This is an updo hairstyle that no one knows when or where did it come from.

We just know that it’s always been there and that women and men alike adore it for its easiness and simplicity.

This is the all-reliable updo hairstyle that we know it will never fail us.

Once again, brush all the hair back and gather it at the top of your head or nape of your neck with an elastic band. Easy peasy!

Updo hairstyles for little boys 2

You can make a mix of hairstyles. You can crop the hair on the sides very short, nearly to the scalp, and even add a fade if you want, and leave the hair at the top very long and voluminous.

Long enough that you can twist it into a bun at the top of the head. This is a great combination of a cropped short style and updo hairstyle.

It’s very modern and boys certainly love it.

Updo hairstyles for little boys 3

Updo Asian hairstyles

Asian women always make sure style their hair like it’s their actual job.

Somehow, they always manage to pull off gorgeous hairstyles that look really intricate but actually are very effortless, flirty and super easy to recreate.

Updo hairstyles are very in at the moment, so in here we’ll be talking about some updos for Asian women that will look great and won’t take no time at all.

This elegantly messy updo hairstyle is perfect for most formal occasions.

All you need to do is gather your hair back into a very high and messy bun. You can use some hairpins to pin the hair wherever you want.

And always remember that leaving some hair strands out front give out an extra touch to the look.

Updo Asian hairstyles

Another gorgeous updo hairstyle that’s perfect for any occasion, whether during the day or night, is a lazy low bun with face-framing curls.

Divide your hair into two equal sections and leave out a few hair strands up front.

After, twist the hair at the back into a relaxed bun and secure it with an elastic. Use an iron curler to lightly curl the loose strands you left out up front.

Break through the curls to make them look more natural and lazy. Ta-da!

Updo Asian hairstyles 2

You can never really go wrong with high buns. A bun is the perfect updo hairstyle, whether formal or lazy, a bun is a perfect everyday look.

Sometimes it’s not easy to achieve a perfect-looking bun, or even a great messy-looking bun.

But once you get the hang of it, your high buns will for sure turn out just the way you want them to.

Updo Asian hairstyles 3

You can create a beautiful formal looking updo hairstyle by teasing the hair at your roots to achieve more volume.

Once the hair is teased, give it shape and twist it into a low bun that you can secure with an elastic band and some bobby pins.

Apply some hairspray to keep the teased hair looking nicely shaped up. And you’re all set!

Updo Asian hairstyles 4

These hairstyles that you can carry out in 5 minutes and always come out with a different look from home.

You will definitely feel more secure and less monotonous every day that you take them with you.

You do not need to go to the hairdresser to be able to do them, simply read this article and follow each step.

Thank you so much for reading this article; we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! If you did like it, make sure to share it with your friends and family whom you think might enjoy this updo hairstyles as well.

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