Crochet Hairstyles

Crochet hairstyles have gained popularity since 2016, they were a debut back then and it looks like they are not going out of sight anytime soon.

This style is one of the most refreshing and unique we have seen. It just screams personality and boldness.

edged crochet hair

We could say these hairstyles were born from the wish of bringing back both the hair and the 90’s fashion trends.

They are not always easy to do for women with a different hair texture, but don’t stress, because they are absolutely not impossible.

The best part of them is that they will allow you to experiment with all different type of textures, colors and lengths of hair.

Crochet hairstyles are one of the perfect options for you to try on a new style without damaging your hair and to still keep it safe.

Because our main goal is that you look awesome but still take care of your hair, here are several useful techniques you can employ to do a crochet hairstyle.

However, the most common way to do it Is by braiding your natural hair into cornrows and making the rest of the shape with a crochet hook.

The finished result could be a seamless look that allows you to show off some bold crochet cornrows while the rest of your natural hair lays aside chilling.

How to do a crochet hairstyle

how to do a crochet hairstyle

First if all, we must remember that there are many different things or hairstyles you can perform when crocheting.

However, the majority of them use a same pattern and materials to get them done.

If you still are not sure about doing a crochet hairstyle check out these pros:

  • The process can take some time, but once you’ve dived yourself into the technique itself, it will not be a big dead and you’ll finish within minutes.
  • There is a minimal damage or stress to your scalp as all your doing is looping through your braids some extensions of hair. No pressure or pulling required.
  • You will not believe how realistic they look, people will think you grew the hair since you were a baby kind of realistic.

Now that you’ve convinced yourself to jump into the crochet hairstyles world, here’s the list of things you are going to need:

crochet extensions

Crochet extensions are the most essential part from this hairstyle.

You must decide how you would like your hair to look, in order to make the right decision.

Keep in mind what are the hairstyles you can freely perform with them.

Do you want it always to look colorful? Sassy? Natural? So, head to the nearest store and take your time to decide.

latch hook

A latch hook is also important to complete this process, is not expensive at all and you can find it anywhere.


Scissors are only necessary if you feel like cutting a few inches of hair at the ends.

Probably there will be some uneven strands so the scissors will help you to figure them out.

Steps to follow to do a crochet hairstyle:

Technique #1

Braid pattern:

technique 1

The braid pattern is evenly important at the moment of the installation of any crochet hairstyle.

The way you braid your hair will determine how the rest of the hair extensions will fall or look.

The most commonly used way is the cornrow.

Divide your hair into sections in a way in which you can separately braid according to the style you want to have when the extensions get on the game.

For example, if you want to have a side part so the hair will get styled in a different way, make sure to locate the braids in a way that is going to achieve that look.

It is important to remember that the thinner you do the braiding the more natural the final result will look.

  •  Installation


The first thing you will have to do is to grab the latch hook and one of the hair extensions in your hands. Next, open the latch of the hook and slide it underneath the braid.

latch hook and hair extension

Then, insert one of the extensions onto the hook and close the hatch to secure it, try to start from the bottom so you can have a clear vision of the following strands of hair.

secured extension with hook

Also keep in mind the whished length of the hair as this will determine in which part of the extension you will be locating the hook.

Once you have secured the latch, slide the hook backwards as pulling the hair in reverse until there’s a part of it that you can open as if you were creating a tiny hole.

secure the hair

Removing the hook, use two fingers to separate this section in order to do a gap.

separated section

Now, take the rest of the hair and insert it though the hole as creating the illusion of a regular knot.

finished knot

To finish off, pull the strand of hair upwards so the knot will be done and the extension of hair will be set in position.

All you have to do is to maintain repeating this process all over your hair until the hair extensions have filled your head up with a whole new hair itself.

We could say that is one of the best advantages from the crochet hairstyles, you get to switch your hair texture, color and length all of a sudden!

Technique #2

technique 2

Nevertheless, if you don’t feel comfortable with the previous technique, there are a few more ways to get your crochet hairstyle done.

Many girls are not masters of braiding, but that should not be an impediment to perform a crochet hairstyle.

One of this hairstyle’s awesome atributes is that it doesn’t discriminate! And it does not matter if you have long or short hair.

This technique can be a simple and funny way to do it. Don’t be afraid to try it out at least once.

The first thing you will have to do is to section your hair depending on the hairstyle you want to perform and transform them into tiny buns.

For example, if you feel like doing a high-top bun section your hair in three parts, two at every side in the back of your head and one on top making sure your scalp feels tight.

sectioned hair

And here comes the funny part, you are going to repeat the same process we did on the preceding technique with the latch hook.

Except that this time you will not be guiding yourself for the braiding pattern but for the surrenders of your tiny buns.

Do as same as before and start inserting the extensions of hair around the buns formed with your natural hair in order to hide it.

finished crochet

Once you have achieved this, keep going all over the back part of the head so it will look as natural as the rest.

tight bun with crochet hair

In order to do the front section as evenly as the rest of the extensions, you are going to replay the same procedure around the high bun so can be enough hair to complete it.

Remember the location in which you decide to stich the hair extensions will determine the final look of the crochet hairstyle.

You can style up your bun in any way you think it will look the best, is all up to you.

Aid yourself with some hairpins to keep it in place and to beef up the bun, this way you’ll make sure that it will not fall down.

high bun with crochet hair

How stunningly natural and creative does this crochet hairstyle looks?

You don’t have to be an expert in braids to accomplish any look that will help you seem more gorgeous than ever.

Technique #3

This is probably the most practical and effortless way to get a crochet hairstyle.

You could even try this one without the latch hook as all you are going to need is a bigger hair band than the ordinary’s.

The technique is all about provide the chance to use the extensions of crochet by tie them in a hair band.

That way, it can be an easier way not only to put them on but also to remove them from your head more quickly.

First of all, grab a larger hair band than usual (you can always use a lace or any other material if you can’t find one).

Then, go with the hair extensions and separate them in a way they will look even more natural.

This will also aid to the thick look that you want to give to the hair, without mention its originality.

When you have detached them all, it’s time to start tie them onto the hair band.

To do so, all you will have to do is to create a normal knot over the hairband with each one of the strands in a way that the rest of the hair will get loose, repeat this process until the hairband gets filled with hair.

Now that you get your hairband filled with hair, it’s time to put it together along your natural hair.

Do a regular bun on top of your head and make sure your scalp gets tight so will be easier to insert the rest of the hair extensions.

finished crochet

Here comes the fun part, grab the hairband filled with hair and twist it through the bun.

That way the hair extensions will seem as your natural hair and will provide the illusion of hair texture.

Wrap it around itself as much as you want so you can shape it in a way that makes you feel comfortable and pretty; aid yourself with some bobby pins or hairpins to keep it in place.

With this technique you will be able to perform any crochet hairstyle you want.

This is also a chance to put it on and off without all the effort the other procedures require so you will not have to spend hours trying to remove it.


In order to add a final touch to the hairstyle and to make it look more gorgeous, you can add some extra hair at the front of the head showing it around as a bang.

This is definitely going to add a special look to the hairstyle and the best part is that you can do it, again, without braiding as your scalp got tight enough to apply the crochet technique.

And that is all!

Now you see there is always a way to get your crochet hairstyle beautifully done with different techniques that can adjust to your abilities and wishes.

With this particular hairstyle a fine way to finish it off is by simply adding a couple of hair ornaments in order to get a final result more pleasant.

How to take care of Crochet Hairstyles

How to Properly Take Care of Crochet Hairstyles

So far, we have learnt the correct way to create our crochet hairstyles or systems.

But you must remember that once you have jumped into the crochet hair world, it is kind of a serious commitment.

You have to absorb any possible knowledge about this particular hair caring, what products to use…

Also, how NOT to style so it won’t get broken, the right brushing technique and many more.

As crochet hairstyles have become a huge trend through these past few years.

Infinity of hair textures have been influenced from hair’s movements in order to make them look more like natural hair.

As a consequence of that crochet hairstyles are compound of: havana twists, braid outs, flexi rod sets and long dreads overall.

keep you crochet hair beautiful

That is why the hair care of each one of these different textures must be accurate to their components, shape and length.

Let’s remember the recommended duration for the crochet braids are four weeks. That is the average duration.

However, you can make them last for eight weeks if you take care well of them, but it’s not that easy, so you have to be really careful.

Right here you can find a list of everything you will be needing to make sure your crochet hairstyle remains in place during weeks and looks like new.

Washing Crochet Hair

washing crochet hair

This is one of the most crucial steps from the hairstyle styling.

It is a fact that even when the crochet hair is not your own, you still do all your regular activities with it and acts as a standard and regular hair.

However, if you try to wash it as you do with your regular hair there is always the risk of loosing the knots.

Another way to avoid this is to get ahead and wash the hair just before install it.

Here’s the best technique to wash it:

Using a spray bottle, prepare a mix of watered down shampoo and water, subsequently, spray your scalp all over your head with the mixture.

If you wish, give the mix a little aid by massaging the scalp with the pads of your fingers.

This one is an option but consider cowashing your hair extensions in order to moisturize them aiding this way the hygiene of the hair.

Now, performing a gently technique, rinse out the mixture you used before to wash your scalp (same if you did it with the crochet hair).

We know how hard the brushing or untying can be, so do not hold yourself from using conditioner in your added hair just the way you would on your natural hair.

Once you have done it, rinse out gently.

Nevertheless, your cornrows or scalp is a different story.

You will need to use one more time the bottle spray and prepare a light mixture of leave-in conditioner, afterwards, spray it all over your scalp.

Let’s finish off by adding a moisturizer on both your natural and crochet hair, this will provide not only a more natural and flawless look but also will aid compact the hair.

Seal with a hair oil.

short crochet hairstyle

As mentioned before, washing still can be manageable with crochet hairstyles as is an important part of its hair care.

You just have to know how to perform the right technique and there will be no problems.

Also, keep in mind the relevance of your natural hair.

Focus your attention on the scalp and not so much on the added hair as it will depend on the texture of hair you choose.

Do not forget to let your hair dry thoroughly so will not get yourself any surprises.

Moreover, if you want to make sure your braids or your hair will not get loose, change your washing habit to once a week .

Daily Maintenance

Daily-ish Maintenance

  • Trim the frizz:

A really good way to keep your crochet hair vividly fresh is to get rid of those annoying strands that have become frizzy.

They usually do not aid the look of the crochet hairstyle at all and actually makes it look more careless.

So, taking a pair of scissors look for the hair that has turned frizzy and trim it as necessary.

This usually should not be more than 3 to 4 inches but just make sure that it will not ruin the whole shape of the hairstyle itself.

You will confirm for yourself that after every day the hair gets worn and ripped, the waves will eventually separate or shed.

There is no doubt trimming is going to make your crochet hairstyle look like if it would be just-installed even when it has a few weeks done.

  • Oil your scalp:

oiled scalp

It is known that with more protective styles we need to provide a more consistent and healthy hair care.

Our scalp can be easy to damage or suffer from dryness, that’s what we have oil for.

It has many advantages as are helping our roots remain healthy and soft underneath any hairstyle or hair texture, stimulate growth and remain shiny.

So, for crochet hairstyles a soft mixture of castor, olive and sunflower oil are surely going to benefit your crocheted scalp.

Although, try your best not to let a bigger amount than a drop to fall over the waves of the hair extensions.

You can run the risk of causing the added hair to weighted down, as long as you are careful, it will be fine.

Do not make the mistake of using hair products directly on the added hair as this will cause it to become greasy.

  • Respect your edges

edged crochet hair

One of the most common mistakes in people with crochet hairstyles is not to take care of the edges.

They always use some help with gel or edge control every now and then to provide some aid to the snatched air.

To use a scarf to help them settled is also a good manner to manage them.

Night Maintenance

night maintenance

As much as we adore how crochet hairstyles can look as actual natural hair, we cannot deny how easily they can trick us around.

Tangling, for example, might be one of the hardest things to control when it comes of crochet hair.

If this may happen to you very often during the day, we can only imagine how out of control everything must be at mornings when you have just woken up.

Therefore, we want to help you to keep things in order while nights so that you can go to bed with the proper hair routine and a safety feeling, check it out:

  • Put crochet braids into sections

In order to get this done, start by gently detangle your hair from ends to roots using your fingers only.

Do not push it if the knots are too hard to untie as you may lose the crochet’s knots, you can always use a little of hair oil on the knotted section for untangling.

Once it’s untied, divide your hair into several sections in which you feel relaxed enough to sleep.

A good option could be two sections on both sides of the head and one at the back.

If you perform a bun or a ponytail it is up to you, anything as long as your added hair gets separated from each other.

  • Keep the curls

Nevertheless, one of the best and most recommendable ways to put your hair together at the time of sleep is to create a two-strand twist for each ponytail.

Take a look and see that this technique is perfect for the curls to remain that way so the use of any hair products will not be necessary.

How many twists to create? That is up to you, your hair texture and the hairstyle you are looking to achieve.

Usually hair stylists recommend people to do between four to eight medium twists depending on the large of the hair.

  • Secure the curls

As much as we wish the twists to be enough for the maintenance of the curls, the best method to make sure they remain in place is with the help of a scarf or bonnet.

If you count with any of them just wrap it around your head to immobilize and secure your curls for the night.

This way they will not get crushed for the weight of your head while sleeping.

crochet hairstyle with bandanas

How to remove Crochet Hairstyles

Although crochet hairstyles have stolen our hearts (and time) we must learn when to let them go as after some determined period of time.

Remember keeping it for such a long time  might have no benefit for your natural hair.

This is a process that not every one is excited about:

“if it took that long to get it done, how much time will I lose in undoing this crochet hairstyle?”

Here we are to break through that thinking and show you the lack of complexity that actually takes to remove it.

The first thing you will need to do is to grab a pair of sharp scissors and start cutting off all of your crochet hairstyle as close to the knot as you can.

Be careful though! Make sure you’re not cutting off the rest of your natural hair that can still be attached to the braids.

When you have finished off cutting the hair and your head remains with rests of the crochet hair that got tied to the braids, you will have to use as much conditioner as needed.

That way your hair will get so much more manageable so the removing of left hairs and the unbraiding will have no difficulty.

Once you have managed to get rid of the left hairs, focus in undoing the braids and when you feel like they are finally unleashed, rinse out the rest of conditioner and you’ll be done to your natural hair.

In general, you have learnt how to perform the procedure to install the crochet hair, how to properly take care of it and how to remove it.

However, that is only the top of the cake.

Next comes the best part, in which you’ll discover that having crochet hairstyles is also an opportunity to attempt a whole different kind of hairstyles that you had before

Also, that are going to make you look stunning without mattering the type of hair extensions you choose.

Crochet Hairstyles for girls

crochet hairstyle for girls

As mentioned before, crochet hairstyles have become extremely popular among girls of all ages nowadays.

Nowadays, dreads, curls and twists are the more popular choice to style up their hair.

There are so many ways to perform hairstyles with this recently gained hair that girls probably don’t know about them but be afraid no more!

Here we show you not only different hairstyles to do with your crochet hair but also other ideas or types of extensions to use if you want something else:

Hairstyle #1 Super Long Crochet Braids

Hairstyle #1 Super Long Crochet Braids

If you are a girl who is forever into the long endless hair, this crochet hairstyle is the right for you!

To obtain this look you will only have to get longer extensions at the moment of applicate your braids.

Whether you are looking for a daily messy look that will not take so much effort or one for a night off with your friends.

There is no doubt this eccentric hairstyle will get everyone turning heads to you.

To achieve this texture, make sure to brush down the extensions before you put them through the braids.

This way you will not have to do it at the end when they are all set together and have the chance of tangle each other’s strands.

Hairstyle #2 Half Up Bun

Hairstyle #2 Half Up Bun

The half up bun for crochet hairstyle is another beautiful and simple way to use the crochet hair. Everyone loves buns!

It works just fine for a party or any event in which you want to drag attention besides of having a more developed sense of creativity.

The look is easy to do but still showy and powerful.

Steps to follow:

Section your hair on the back top of your hair and pull the section you want to be part of the bun, you can help yourself with a comb so the hairline will be even.

Once you’ve gotten your division, grab your crochet hair and start twisting it, this way the creation of the bun will be much easier.

Make sure to have some bobby pins nearby as they will be the ones who secure the crochet hairstyle.

Now it’s time to do the bun, given that your section of hair is tight and twisted enough you are going to wrap it around itself on top of your head.

After, start pinning it along the way with bobby pins.

Repeat this process until you run out of hair, if you feel like your hair is too thick and long you can always use a bigger hairpin or some jewelry.

You can use anything as long as you can make sure the bun is not falling down.

That’s it! You have mastered the half up bun with crochet hair.

This hairstyle can be perfect for those days when you feel like trying on something different and new.

It also works for any social events such as music festivals or even going to the beach.

There is no doubt all looks are going to be in you with this fantastic crochet hairstyle.

Hairstyle #3 Curly Crochet Faux Hawk

Hairstyle #3 Curly Crochet Faux Hawk

Crochet hairstyles have proved all along that there is nothing you cannot do with them.

So, why not jump into the attempt of this classic and modern hairstyle with some aid from crochet hair?

It is so flawless and fancy that the air of sophistication you are going to provide with it will get everyone astonished.

Steps to follow:

Start by detangle your natural hair, the best advantage from this hairstyle is that has no need of cornrows; and even if you have them you can still perform the crochet hairstyle.

how to start crocheting

Section your hair on the very front part of your head with a well-shaped amount of hair.

Divide it in two and twist them around themselves in order to put them together and tuck it away for now by getting it onto the top of the head.

Now, as part of the hairstyle’s charming is how perfectly polished and moisturized look the sides of the head, use some oil to make your scalp get wet.

Then follow up with some beeswax for hair as it will be a fantastic way to get the texture you need.

Spread it backwards using a brush so the product will get into the hair. As you do so, use it as well to create a secured ponytail at your nape.

Moving forward, get to the back section and if your hair is too messy, you can use any sealing product or moisturizer so the controlling will be easier.

Then, divide it in two and create twists with each one in order to do a simple bun and secure It with bobby pins.

Cool hairstyles for girls with curly and short, medium or long hair

For the tucked away and front part of the head you are going to repeat the exact same process.

Massage your scalp with hair oil and when you are done, apply some more of wax on the edges of the parting assisting yourself with the brush to spread the product.

Once it’s done, you will have to create between two to four sections (you can aid yourself with a rat tail comb) and subsequently, create ponytails.

Gather together the left-over hair and begin a braiding or twisting pattern, it’s up to you, and repeat the procedure done with the low bun.

After having taken cared of your natural hair, it’s time to prep the crochet hairstyle.

You can employ any texture of crochet hair you like the most, but in order to be clean and polished a good choice would be any thin long hair extensions.

That way you will get more volume and more hair for the creation of the bun

Now is the moment of start crocheting, you can locate the insertion of the hair pieces around the bun done with your natural hair or following a row from top to the knot.

When you’ve finished crocheting you will have to braid the hair al the way down and secure it with an elastic.

crochet hairstyle for girls

Next you will just have to wrap the braid around the bun performed before and keep pining until you feel its’s secured enough.

Focusing our attention on the front part again, if you want to add some spice to the hairstyle, a really nice way to do it is by using crochet hair of a different color and texture.

This technique will provide the clear effect of the faux hawk.

Once you have chosen the one you will be using, restart the crocheting on top of your head, from the tip of the back bun until you reach the knot done at the front of the head.

Finish off definitely by trimming a little bit if you don’t feel comfortable with the length of the curls and make sure to maintain them by wrapping them on your fingers or using your hands to stick them in there.

And we are finally done!

This crochet hairstyle might take some hard work behind but does not the result worth it? Do not hold you back from trying it at least once, you’ll totally shine!

Crochet Hairstyles for Men

Though men have not been wearing braids as their main hairstyle.

They do have taken charge of breaking stereotypes nowadays by wearing styles alike to crochet braids.

Being influenced by this trend, we could say that one of the most famous hairstyles for men whose hair is long enough to braid, it’s definitely going to be in the spotlight.

Here are some of the most trendy hairstyles for men:

Hairstyle #1 Messy Men Braids Pulled Back

Hairstyle #1 Messy Men Braids Pulled Back

It is known that hip-hop, rap and trap are music genders that have grown in popularity these years, and so have the way to style of the musicians.

That is why braids are spreading their charm by their messy quality and allowed growth blurring the sections of hair that make up each braid.

Hairstyle #2 Cornrows

hairstyle 2 cornrows

Classic cornrows have taken a twist by using the variation of sizes and wavy patterns, they create some extra interest and originality.

This hairstyle gets better done if you are lucky enough to count with long hair.

That way the ends can be shown off as well, it also can last an entire month with right hair care.

Hairstyle #3 Box Braid Bun Man Braids

Hairstyle #3 Box Braid Bun Man Braids

There is no doubt long box braids are a hairstyle that is hard to get, but that does not change the fact that look great on their own.

However, this trendy hairstyle is a perfect way to change of air for a while, it fits for a polished look on more formal occasions.

And if you add the fact that it can get your hair out of your way on hotter days there is no excuse for not trying on this hairstyle.

We hope this information was of help for you and that you have learnt all of the wonders that crochet hairstyles have to offer. Remember: don’t be afraid to try!

Share with your friends and family if you enjoyed it and do not be afraid of jumping on to the world of crochet hairstyles. Thank you for reading!

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