Hairstyles for thick hair

If there’s one thing we love, it’s thick hair; seriously, how could we not? If you have thick hair, make sure to check out some of these hairstyles for thick hair.  Thick hair is a blessing –frizziness and all included– according to the popular opinion. It can be voluminous and versatile and so fun to style.

If you’re one of the lucky people with thick hair, you know that your hair can be really amazing, but sometimes it can also be a piece of work.

Hairstyles for thick hair

The thing about some hairstyles is that they’re not the best option for thick hair; the inadequate haircut can make your hair look dull and motionless.

One length haircut should be avoided at all costs. Any great hairstyle for thick hair involves many curls and uneven lengths.

If you have thick hair and are looking for some new looks, keep on reading and try out any of these cool hairstyles for thick hair.

Hairstyles for thick and long hair

Believe it or not, long hair and thick hair have more in common than what you might think.

For one, thick hair can be very voluminous and texturized, just like long hair. When it comes to hairstyles for thick hair, texture is everything.

Secondly, much like long hair, thick hair can be a handful. This type of hair texture is not exactly the easiest to deal with.

Like with many other types of hair textures, thick hair requires its ounce of care and maintenance to look beautiful and healthy.

Hairstyles for thick and long hair

Many women have long since abandoned their long locks due to all the care it requires, simply because they don’t have the time to dedicate to their hair.

Suddenly, long princess curls stopped being a priority on girls’ lists of goals to achieve, instead they opted for shorter and simpler haircuts; easier, in other words.

Even so, there still are some girls who stay faithful to their long tresses, and we are right on board with that choice!

It’s a classic, after all.

We know that sometimes the extra dedication can get a little tiring, what with doing all that maintenance, but you’ll come to notice that the results will be worth every minute.

However, even if you keep your hair beautiful and healthy that might not be enough to look your best. You’ll need the appropriate hairstyles for thick hair.

Keep in mind that the right hairstyle for thick hair will make your hair look soft, romantic, voluminous, versatile and slightly messy, but in the best way possible.

Give these hairstyles for thick hair a try!

try hairstyles for thick hair

The first hairstyle for thick hair you should ever try out, even if it’s just once in your lifetime, are layers.

Layers are pretty much the perfect hairstyle: they add volume and shape to your hair and a vibrant shape to your curls.

What’s so great about layers is that they work with any hair length; although they look particularly great on long hair.

Blunt bangs make a perfect combination with a layered hairstyle. This hairstyle for thick hair is a great way to tame your tresses in the most stylish way.

Besides being a great option to keep your locks under control, this hairstyle for thick hair keeps the frizz away.

Also, if you’re feeling particularly frisky, top this hairstyle for thick hair with some bangs and a color fade. With that combination, you’re bound to stand out!

some bangs and a color fade

This ombre technique is one of the coolest you’ll probably ever see! Layers, unsurprisingly, are the main attraction, and we don’t regret it one bit.

When you have thick hair, you want to create styles that look weightless and effortless but fashionable at the same time.

To recreate this hairstyle for thick hair, the locks are cropped into uneven layers and the hair is straightened out.

The ombre style will keep your look from seeming too lanky and elongating your features. This hairstyle for thick hair is probably the most stylish choice ever.

Make sure to give this style a try if you’re looking for something different, effortless and eye-catching.

something different

Is there anything more perfect than some luscious waves combined with layers? The answer is probably No.

As it’s customary, go for your layered hairstyle, which will keep your hair with a nice shape and frizz-less, and you’ll still look amazing either way.

Long hair luxurious and elegant, no questions asked, and layers make it look five times more amazing.

As an extra, you can pair this hairstyle for thick hair up with some caramel highlights and you’ve got in your hands a style that is too beautiful to be true!

luxurious and elegant

These are only some of the endless possibilities there are for long hairstyles for thick hair.

Remember that long hair is versatile, you can recreate as many hairstyles as your imagination allows you. Don’t be afraid to give any of these hairstyles for thick hair a try!

Hairstyles for thick and medium hair

Remember that we said maintaining long hair is not something everyone has the time to do, which is why medium hair is now trending.

Medium length hair gathers the best qualities of both long and short hair, all together in a single length.

The medium length can be just as voluminous, versatile and romantic as long; meanwhile the short length is easy to maintain, modern and very flirty.

Hairstyles for thick and medium hair

A shoulder length hairstyle is always a good choice; always keep that in mind for when you’re looking for something new!

What’s so great about shoulder length is that it never goes out of style, and it’s a perfect style for both women and men of every age.

Medium length is possible the best length possible for thick hair. Your hair still looks long and luscious but it doesn’t look too thick because the length is a little shorter.

Layers, curls, straight… medium length hairstyles allow pretty much every style you can think of, and they still look as fabulous as long hair hairstyles.

For a refreshing and fun look, make sure to try out some of these wonderful hairstyles for thick hair. You won’t regret it!

medium length hairstyles

A straight across long bob is one of the best options for hairstyles for thick hair. This type of style lets you show off the volume and density of your locks.

The results of this look will come out better if you get some layers to go with it, otherwise you might end up with a square, boring lob.

The choppy layers will give off a relaxed look that is shaggy yet girly and completely fashionable.

This hairstyle for thick hair is tousled and cool, and the thick hair texture makes the style a whole lot better!

straight across long bob is

If you were blessed with natural curls, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off some cute layers as a hairstyle for thick hair.

Curls are not easily tamed, we know. They are beautiful, thick and very interesting, but they’re also hard to handle.

For the reasons mentioned previously is that a layered look is a great hairstyle for thick hair; because it helps to minimize the frizz and keep up the shape and volume.

When you cut your hair into layers, you’ll never have to worry about a bad hair day ever again! Layered hairstyles are a great problem solver.

When you get this hairstyle for thick hair, make sure to get at least three different levels of layers so the look is more structured.

three different levels of

Choppy haircuts are very trendy at the moment. If you’re not a fan of super short hair but don’t like it too long either, this style is right for you.

Choppy layers with a shoulder length haircut will make you look right out of a fashion magazine. It’s the perfect amount of cool and girly!

This hairstyle for thick hair will heighten the natural volume of your hair and it will make you look so much modern and amazing.

You can top off the look with a colorful ombre fade, like black and chocolate brown. this will enhance the impact of your hairstyle for thick hair!

black and chocolate brown

To summarize, it’s safe to say that this length is most likely the perfect length: not too short, not too long.

Medium length is a great option as a hairstyle for thick hair, especially if you’re looking for a change but don’t want something too radical.

Hairstyles for thick and short hair

Modern women no longer have the time it truly requires dedicating to their long-haired hairstyles, which is why most women are opting for short haircuts.

If there’s one adjective that fits correctly when we try to describe short hairstyles, it would be bold.

Short haircuts are edgy and sharp, and oh so wonderful. Don’t swear off short haircuts until you’ve tried one.

Hairstyles for thick and short hair

Short hairstyles for thick hair are no exception. They are risky and girly and powerful all at once; a combination too great to pass up!

Thick hair is flattering; the texture provides shape and a very nice form, not to mention all that volume!

You’ll find that these short hairstyles for thick hair are as amazing as any other hairstyles for any length.

However, we usually recommend that before getting a short haircut you think it through before actually going with it.

Women grow attached to their hair, that’s not a secret, and sometimes getting rid of your long tresses all at once can be emotionally painful, not to mention difficult.

We approve of trying out some short new hairstyles for thick hair, but we suggest giving it a deep thought first.

If you’re sure a short hairstyle is what you’re looking for, keep on reading to check out these awesome hairstyles for thick hair!

short hairstyle

Remember that fashion is cyclic: it’s always coming back, so it doesn’t hurt to get some inspiration from some older fashions.

This hairstyle for thick hair is a short vintage haircut.

This pixie haircut is layered all over, and with some long sided bangs that go all the way down to your cheekbones. They add a whole new level to the look!

This style is super cute and feminine, but it’s also edgy and powerful.

Try it out and you’ll realize you’ll be left with a cool 1920s inspired hairstyle that’s just as amazing nowadays!

1920s inspired hairstyle

On the other hand, this look doesn’t scream out cute, instead it has edgy and bold written all over, and we love every aspect of it.

This hairstyle for thick hair is a sleek bob haircut. This style offers up so much structure and shape thanks to the layers in the back.

For this inverted lob the hair is layered unevenly, kept shorter at the back with pointy tips at the front.

Complete this hairstyle for thick hair with some heavy long sided bangs, and you’re all done.

This look is super daring and edgy, which makes it even better. Your hair will be the envy of everyone who sees you walk by, no doubt!

layered unevenly

Angled bobs are also very flattering hairstyles for thick hair.

This hairstyle is just as great as the sleek bob we just talked about. In this hairstyle, the silhouette is everything.

The essence of this hairstyle for thick hair is focused on a dramatic shape with lots of volume in the back, and a slightly less bold front.

Fringed ends are also a must-have. They’re perfect for thick locks because they give them shape and style.

This look is very interesting, sexy and edgy, perfect for young women who want to stand out!

very interesting

Men’s hairstyles for thick hair

Men also have to deal with thick hair, although for them it’s a little bit easier than for women. Most men have, in fact, thick hair.

However, that only accentuates the fact that men deserve some awesome hairstyles for thick hair just as women do.

Even for men, sometimes the thick hair can be just too much, and they too are in need of a new cool haircut.

Men’s hairstyles for thick hair

There are many cool hairstyles for thick hair that you can try. From relaxed looks like wavy curls to more elaborate styles like a sky-high pompadour.

Even so, many of these looks can be achieved with the same technique. Try going in for a short haircut on the sides and add a fade.

Most of these hairstyles for thick hair have in common that they’re very easy to recreate, and they’re mostly messy and relaxed.

So, if you’re interested in some new hairstyles for thick hair keep on reading and don’t hesitate to recreate any of these.

same technique

This heavy crop haircut gives out a full-on European-teenage-guy-backpacking-across-Europe vibe.

For this hairstyle for thick hair, the locks are clipped short on the sides, while the waves at the top of the head remain wild and free, only if a little spiked.

This is a very easy style to recreate, and it’s gaining lots of popularity among young men.

Not that we can blame them for absolutely adoring this cool hairstyle for thick hair. We love it too, to be honest.

heavy crop haircut

A comb over hairstyle looks so 1950s, which makes the hairstyle even more amazing; because, let’s admit it: the 50s were pretty great years.

Those years left a whole lot of inspiration behind in fashion, and, therefore, hairstyles. This comb over is the proof of that.

For this hairstyle for thick hair the hair is parted into a deep side. After, it is cropped short on the sides, while the hair at the top is kept longer and more voluminous.

This look is manly, stylish and sexy. It’s currently on trend because guys of all ages love it thanks to its easiness to recreate.

inspiration behind in fashion

A taper cut’s a classic; it never goes out of style, no doubt.

This hairstyle for thick hair can be very relaxed or a little more formal, depending on the occasion you’re styling it for.

To give this hairstyle the vibe you want to, you have to play with textures; if you go for more texturized and relaxed, you’ll totally look more casual.

If, on the contrary, you’re looking for something a little more formal, go for some hair gel to tame your thick locks. The gel should do the trick just fine!

trick just fine

Another look that has been stealing guys’ hearts are the high fades with slicked back hair at the top.

For this hairstyle for thick hair, the main attraction is the high fade. If you forget about it, this look won’t stand out as much.

The high fade goes up from the neck and around the sides and nape, until a little higher than the ears’ height.

The hair at the top is left medium length and it is slicked back with some hair gel and hairspray so it sticks to its place.

You can also style it with your fingers for a bit of extra texture. This hairstyle for thick hair is certainly a guys’ favorites.

left medium length

Fringes are always a great choice, whether you’re a guy or a girl. This side swept fringe is a proof of that.

To recreate this hairstyle for thick hair you don’t really need to do much; you just have to get a low fade on the sides and leave your hair a little longer at the top.

The hair at the top is texturized, and you can style it yourself by running your fingers through it a few times.

The only part you should be careful with are the fade sides, but the hair at the top is relaxed. Keep in mind that this style is messy and totally cool by nature.

top is relaxed

These are only some of the many hairstyles for thick hair that exist for men. If you have thick hair, make sure to try out some of the cool hairstyles we talked about just now.

Kids’ hairstyles for thick hair

Kids are not unaffected when it comes to having thick hair; kids with thick hair are almost the same proportion as grown people with thick hair.

So, if you’re struggling with having to deal with styling your kid’s thick, rebellious locks, keep on reading and try out these cool hairstyles for thick hair.

The best thing about these hairstyles is that they cover their purpose just right, while managing to still look incredible in them.

Is there anything better? Probably not.

Keep on reading and see it for yourself.

Kids’ hairstyles for thick hair

To tame a little girl’s wild locks, braids are the perfect solution. Literally, when in doubt on what hairstyle to choose, the answer to anything is most likely “braid”.

Fortunately, there is an endless amount of easy and comfy braids so your little girl can take a different one to school every day of the week.

She will be left looking beautiful, her wild locks will be kept in place and you will take no time at all to recreate her hairstyle for thick hair.

French braids, Dutch, waterfall, fishtail, the list goes on and on, and each braid is cooler than the previous one.

French braids

A low chignon can be either formal or casual depending on how messy you leave it and the accessories you use.

This hairstyle for thick hair can be more tousled or more uptight. It’s not necessarily used by only small girls; this look also works perfectly on young ladies.


High buns are a blessing on every person’s life; whether you’re a little girl or a young woman or even a man, high buns will always be there solving problems for us.

These braided space buns scream out adorableness, no doubt at all.

For the braids, you can tie the hair into pigtails at the back of your head. Once tied, weave the hair into braids and then coil the braid into a bun. Ta-da!

Easy hairstyle for thick hair in only minutes.

Easy hairstyle for thick hair

Young boys are also fans of the whole tousled and relaxed looks.

For this easy hairstyle for thick hair, remember that the hair on the sides is cropped a tad shorter than the rest of the head.

However, the hair at the top is kept in its natural form; straight, waves, afro, the hair is usually kept naturally styled with some extra texture.

natural form

Also, little boys adore fade hairstyles. It’s a favorite hairstyle for thick hair for guys of all ages.

This style for kids follows the same pattern as any other guys’ haircut; the hair is clipped very short, nearly to the scalp, on the sides.

Meanwhile, the hair at the top is kept in all its own thick natural form. Show off those natural texturized thick hairstyles!

guys’ haircut

Thank you for reading this article about hairstyles for thick hair. We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful as well. If you did like it, make sure to share it with someone else whom you think will enjoy it too!

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