Viking Hairstyle

If right now you went out to the street and started looking at the hair of each of the people you met, what would you see?

Endless possibilities. long hair, short, blond, brown, cared for, unkept, lacy, curly, fringe, collected, loose, braided, bows, dyed, natural… For this is, broadly speaking, what you would also have found if you had carried out the same experiment in Scandinavia from the 8th to the 11th centuries.

Vikings posibilities

For this is, broadly speaking, what you would also have found if you had carried out the same experiment in Scandinavia from the 8th to the 11th centuries.

A whole range of possibilities.

Well in this case, viking possibilities.

Thanks to a mixture of archeology (which has contributed figurines and stones and wood carved with images which you can see in hairstyles) and written sources, you will know that the Vikings not only combed their hair every day, as John of Wallingford recalls, that they enjoyed a wide repertoire of hairstyles.

Today you will enter into them.

Viking hairstyles for women

These hairstyles were characteristic, both for men and women, because they were used in this era. In recent years, this trend has returned, as several men and women have been seen wearing these amazing hairstyles.

They are so many and each one of them have a specific meaning.

For women these hairstyles give a touch of rudeness and subtlety, most of them are accompanied by braids and collected, which differences one from another.

Viking hairstyles for women

The girls and the single women usually wore their hair loose, being able to opt for diadems, a braid or kransen (a kind of headdress similar to a wreath of flowers) on special occasions.

Married women, as in many other societies, used to pick up their hair.

The Vikings did it in multiple ways; tied with a ribbon of colors on the nape of the neck, horse tails, braided with intertwined ribbons, with a low bow, with some type of higher arrangement…

Below, you will see some Viking hairstyles and accessories that are used with this specific style.

At this time the article will be focused on the ladies, but later you will enjoy some iconic styles that men will wear with elegance and rudeness.

Viking hair accessories for women

As well as there are different types of hairstyles and collected, for each of these there are also the indicated accessories. They give a unique touch to each of the hairstyles of your style.

Some sources indicate that they would have taken it collected in headdresses or covered with caps, hats, hoods, veils or handkerchiefs.

Viking hair accessories for women

Most of these accessories were made of gold or silver, some of steel and others made of wood. These accessories are characteristic in both men and women, women usually wear it in their hair, while men use it to hold their hair and also their beard.

The fillet

It is a kind of band or ribbon of brocade cloth that women put around their heads, like a kind of crown.

It could take itself alone, interlacing it with the hair or holding some kind of veil or handkerchief.

The brocade could be made of gold or silver thread and the linen or silk scarves, according to social class.

The fillet

This type of headdress was not only used by the Vikings, but it was also common among the French, Anglo-Saxon, German, Bavarian, Lombard and Visigothic women of the Iberian Peninsula during the same period.

Scarves: It is not known what exact use they would have been given. Those found in Dublin, for example, are dyed purple and have fringes.


These usually consist of rectangles of cloth that cover the head to the lower part of the neck and are tied with ribbons either on the nape of the neck or under the chin.

Currently they are not very used, but it is important that they are outstanding, because at that time they were a fundamental part of the look of a woman.


Jorvik Hood: the upper part, right at the crown of the head, ends in a rounded shape, knots under the chin and is made of silk.

Dublin Hood: the upper part is more pointed because the shape of the fabric is more rectangular than Jorvik’s, it is tied in the same way under the chin and is made of wool.

Viking hairstyle female

The braids are a must-see piece in a Viking hairstyle, in this era all women, or at least most of them wore a braid in their hairstyles.

For that reason, today you will see a series of hairstyles that can be made easily and each of them have braids, it does not matter if you wear your hair loose or collected, a braid will always be the best choice.

Viking hairstyle female

The most used braids with this Viking hairstyle are the french braid, the braid rope, the fish braid, the spike braid, the boxer braid, the messy braid, the snake braid and the typical three braid.

Each of them is very easy to make, and they add subtlety to your hair, braids are a unique technique that every woman should use.

At the beginning not, all of them will turn out so well, but continue practicing and you will be fabulous!

French and rope braids

In this first hairstyle you can notice that almost all the hair is being held in a braid, creating a nice collected, but at the same time giving looseness.

The first thing you should do is comb your hair back, then move it gently to create a little volume, if you want to add more volume, you can take a comb and comb your hair down.

French and rope braids

By completing this step, you can proceed to make a French braid with the central part of the hair, the hair on the sides will not be included in this braid. Having finished the braid with a transparent tail, preferably.

Now, we will take a section of hair on one side of our face and make a rope braid, holding each of the hairs tightly, when the braid leaves our head we will make a simple braid of three.

At the end we will hold this with a transparent tail so that your look does not look grotesque. We will repeat this with each side of our hair, until we have created 2 braids per side.

Five Boxer Braids

This hairstyle is composed of five boxer braids, which as you can see, go on one side of the head. Most of the hair is on one side of the head, and where there is less amount of hair you must make the braids.

This Viking hairstyle is extremely easy to make, for it you will need a comb, five transparent tails or of the color of your hair, preferably although this is your choice.

The first step is to divide your hair, as already mentioned, most of the hair should go on one side only.

Five Boxer Braids

Having finished this phase, you will proceed to the second step, the side of your head where the least amount of hair was left, you should divide it into 5 sections, in order to braid each of the braids.

Make sure that each section is the same size.

When this step is ready you just have to start braiding, take into account that the braids should be made upwards, having woven the first braid secure it with a tail, and proceeds to do this with each of the braids. Boxer braids are usually very tight, but this is up to you.

Messy Braid

As seen in the picture, this hairstyle consists of a messy braid, which are also typical when talking about the Viking hairstyle.

It is very easy to make, and due to its simplicity, it can be accompanied by some hair accessories.

The first thing you should do is comb your hair a little, then start braiding the braid, as the name says, this is a «messy braid», therefore it is not necessary to knit it tight.

Messy Braid

When you have finished knitting hold the braid with some tail.

You can add some ribbon between it to give it a feminine touch.

Snake Braid

This braid will only serve you in cases where you need a small braid to decorate your loose hair, since you cannot make this style of braids too big.

That will be because when you make a normal braid of 3 strands, you end up stretching the remaining wick in the middle of the other two at the end of the braid, pull this strand and the braid will become 3 times smaller.

Snake Braid

In the end only to accommodate pretty with some pins or a tail, but it will be much more decorative than «hairstyle» itself.

Viking hairstyle for short hair

These Viking hairstyles are made for all types of hair, no matter the length or the amount, they will look good!

If you’ve short hair, then you’ll enjoy some hairstyles that will be simple to make and will make you look pretty and fashionable.

As you can see in the image, this hairstyle is composed of five different braids, three French braids, a boxer braid, and a mix between a braid rope and a snake braid.

Viking hairstyle for short hair

Of all the hairstyles in this article this is one of the most difficult to perform.

First you must divide the hair according to the amount of braids you want to make, in this case, five braids will be made.

First, you will start to braid the French braid on one side of our head. Having finished braiding we will hold the braid with a tail and then with pins.

Afterwards, you’ll do the same braiding the boxer braid, then the French braid in the middle and also braiding the mixture between the rope braid and the snake braid.

Having fastened each of these braids you’ll make the last French braid.

Remember to fasten them well with pins. You can add some hairspray too.

Fancy Collected

This time, you will see a unique and different Viking hairstyle. It consists of several collected which will hold all your hair in a beautiful way.

For this hairstyle you should have short haircut, usually shaved on the sides.

If this is not your case, you can make some boxer braids on the sides to make the illusion that your hair is shaved.

Fancy Collected

The first step is to divide your hair into different sections, you can choose how many you want.

The second step is to comb your hair back, and with the help of a comb, make movements down to add more volume, having done this hold your hair with the help of a pin, this step you must do with each division of your hair and ready, this is the whole hairstyle.

You can add some accessories to give a special touch and so highlight the hairstyle.

Waterfall Braid

Separate the first section of hair. The first section should be near the forehead, around the area of the bangs.

The larger the first section, the thicker the beginning of the braid will look.

Separate the first section of hair into three equal parts. You can do it by running two fingers through the hair section to make three equal sized parts.

Waterfall Braid

Complete a braid sequence. Start using the three-strand technique to braid this first section of hair.

Start by crossing the left side of the hair over the center part and then cross the right side of the hair over the center part (which was originally the left side).

Start adding more hair to the braid.

Once you have completed the first sequence, add another part of hair to the braid by taking hair from the top of the head. Continue adding hair to the braid until finished.

When finished the braid secured it with hairpins.

Viking hairstyles male

Do you like the Viking hairstyle?

It’s something more natural and wilder than what you’re used to, but in recent years the fashion trend of the wild aspect has increased, mainly due to the popularity of some series and some books.

But also, because more and more people look for little-seen hairstyles and, therefore, opt for more natural hairstyles and hairstyles or, contrarily, to devote more effort than ever to comb their hair.

Viking hairstyles male

There are different styles for men today, however fashion has decided to bring the past back with the Viking hairstyle.

Many men have been favored with it, since now it is normal to see a man show off his beautiful hair with rudeness.

There are endless styles when talking about Viking hairstyle for both short hair, medium hair, long, with bangs, without it, with parts of the head shaved, with braided hair, loose, grabbed… And many more.

Natural Viking hairstyles

The aesthetics of relaxed and wild aspect has been gaining followers at great speed in recent years.

This phenomenon has mainly been driven by the appearance of sagas of books and series such as Game of Thrones or Vikings, which today are among the most popular stories.

There are hairstyles of this style with short hair, but most are hairstyles for men with long hair, or parts longer and shorter or even shaved parts.

Natural Viking hairstyles

In this case you will see the «natural style» this style is very simple, you should only use your hair the natural as possible, you can add some braid, but without it being something very forced.

Most of the Viking hairstyles are accompanied by beards, it does not matter if it is neglected, if it is too much or too little.

It is fundamental in a Viking style.

Top knot braided with shaved sides

If you want to achieve a Nordic hairstyle for men like this, you should separate your hair in various strands and go rolling each one on itself, creating an effect similar to that of a braid, and go fixing them one by one so that they do not fall apart.

Once you have them all, you will only have to join them in a ponytail, being recommended that you put a ribbon or tail at the beginning, near the head, and at the end of the ponytail to fix the strands.

Top knot braided with shaved sides

If you want to get the most authentic look it is always advisable that you adorn the hairstyle with wide leather tape instead of rubber bands.

You can also add some braids to this hairstyle if it’s your taste, the braids are very simple to make, you just have to take a hair tuft and divide it into three, and start to pass one strand up and the other down, then the another lock on top and continue doing this until you finish the braid.

Short hair and shaved behind

If you prefer to wear short hair with a fresh hairstyle and forget the long hair, this is a Viking hairstyle for men that is one of the best hairstyles for men with short hair and, thus, discard the hairstyles you are so used.

To achieve this, you must let your hair grow a bit on the front and on the sides and shave the whole back part and cut a little to the sides, more or less to the beginning of the ears.

Short hair and shaved behind

This hairstyle is characteristic in children and boys because in the Viking Age the older men were those who had large hair, as this spoke of their experience and wisdom.

However, no matter your age, if you have short hair and you like this hairstyle, do it!

Sides shaved with a french braid

If you want to wear a hairstyle inspired by the Viking style but with a little touch more modern, you should experiment a little combining shaving, long hair, hair and braids, you will surely find a hairstyle that you like.

For example, shaving or leaving hair quite short on the sides and the back of the head, leaving only the top with long hair and make a braid or ponytail is a very good choice to both attend more casual dates as to more elegant events.

Sides shaved with a french braid

In this case, in the image above you can see a French braid which is made by braiding and adding more and more sections of your hair, this braid gives a great finish and you will look fantastic with your hairstyle.

Long hair pickup

To get this look carefree but careful, it is advisable not to dry your hair with a dryer, but let it dries mostly alone, thus getting this effect somewhat disheveled.

Take the two strands from the front and carry them back, tying them with a thin leather band or with a thin rubber band.

Placing the loose part of the mane in front of your shoulders will make your hair look both from behind and in front.

Long hair pickup

With the strands that are loose you can make some braids, if you make a braid on each side of your face your Viking hairstyle will look more sophisticated.

Viking Hairstyles for children

And since fashion is for everyone, the youngest of the house are not left behind, this Viking style also looks incredible in them.

Come on mothers, do not be afraid! Make your children look beautiful and trendy by going out of the way, it is important that they can also decide how to look.

In the picture you can see a small girl who has a beautiful collected.

Viking Hairstyles for children

To create this look, you will only need a tail and a comb.

First you have to split the hair in three parts and start to braid a French braid in the central part of your head, having reached till the end of the head, then you have to attach the hair on each side of your head in a ponytail.

In this picture you can see this little boy who rocks this Viking hairstyle, as you should know this hairstyle is so characteristic in boys.

Sides shaved and bang sideways

In this picture you can see this little boy who rocks this Viking hairstyle, as you should know this hairstyle is so characteristic in boys as his age.

If you want to make a change to your child and you do not know what to do, this is the ideal, it will make your little one look fashionable and it will also be a benefit for you, since you will not have to run after him to comb his hair, because with this hairstyle everything will be done.

Sides shaved and bang sideways

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and leave in the comments which of all the Viking hairstyles you liked the most.

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