Blonde hairstyles

Blonde hairstyles are one of kind. Seriously, you can research on the Internet for blonde hair and millions of blonde styles of all different shades of blonde will pop up.

Us humans are dissatisfied; really, you can see girls out there with any other hair color dying their hair at least once a month to achieve the perfect shade of blonde they only could dream of.

natural blonde

And then you can see some blondes raging about how their blonde hair is boring and dull and how they wished they had any hair color but blonde.

Girls, love yourself and your hair, no matter what color it is. If you’re a natural blonde, even more so! Blonde hairstyles are a blessing to everyone’s eyes.

If you’re one of those who think that blonde hair is boring and unoriginal, this article about blonde hairstyles will absolutely change your mind.

Blonde hairstyles for short hair

If there’s one thing that blonde hairstyles and short hair have in common, is that neither of them are boring!

On the contrary, these styles are incredible, but they’re also very underrated.

Many people don’t realize just how amazing a short hairstyle can be.

Blonde hairstyles for short hair

Let’s go over the wonders of short hair: it’s manageable, doesn’t require much maintenance, styling is super easy, and the hairstyles are as beautiful as any other style for the other hair lengths.

Also, it’s for everyone. Whether you’re a teenager or a 30-year-old or you’re in your golden years, a short haircut will look great. This is a hairstyle that does not discriminate.

Not to mention just how much you save up on shampoo and conditioner!

Well, imagine the easiness of having and short haircut and combine it with a blonde hairstyle.

The result will probably be the most amazing look ever.

A short bob is a perfect blonde hairstyle for any girl or women. It’s soft, modern and feminine!

This blonde hairstyle can be really fun, too, depending on how you highlight or style it. It’s very versatile and you can actually work several lengths.

You can grow it until your ears or a little lower, somethings even grazing your shoulders. Either way, this blonde hairstyle is a win-win for every woman who tries it.

Combining this blonde hairstyle with side bangs would make the style look so much prettier.

With side bangs you also avoid the problem of having to trim them every 2 weeks or so.

Besides, they’re super fashionable! Just ask Ashley Benson; she’s a fan of this beautiful style.

perfecto blonde hairstyle

This is another version of the bob blonde hairstyle, except this is riskier and bolder.

It has a punk vibe and it oozes out coolness.

This look is cut straight across with almost no traditional layers, so it doesn’t damage the dramatic shape that is square-like.

This blonde hairstyle is ideal for those girls with medium to thick hair because the volume will make it look even better, but if you have thin hair don’t worry.

It will look cute on your hair too!

You can add some choppy bangs that will complete this blonde hairstyle with a look that is edgy, yet chic and smooth

riskier and bolder

Who doesn’t love a good pixie cut?

Pixie haircuts are so very in and have been since last year. This hairstyle is so popular because even though the hair is so short, it doesn’t stop being feminine and soft.

You can turn a simple pixie cut into a gorgeous blonde hairstyle by dying your hair platinum blonde.

Smooth layers are what make this pixie hairstyle so unique and beautiful. It’s choppy, edgy, mysterious, and overall, it’s super cute. And so easy to pull off!

Also, side bangs will also do wonders to this blonde hairstyle!

You can leave the layers looking a little edgy, but if you add some beautiful bangs the whole look will transform into something splendid!

beautiful bangs

Blonde hairstyles for medium length hair

If you thought short length hair was popular, don’t let me get started on middle length hair!

For years, girls have favored middle length hair over the longer length.

Middle length hair is pretty much the best combination possible; you still get some volume and texture from keeping it a little long, but it’s not as troublesome to take care of it as long hair.

Blonde hairstyles for medium length hair

In other words, medium length hairstyles are the best of both worlds! They are timelessly beautiful, fashionable, and offer much less trouble than long hair.

Blonde hairstyles for medium length hair are as amazing as any other. You can sport these hairstyles anywhere and anytime, without having to worry about dealing with all that hair.

A rounded bob is always a great idea for blonde hairstyles.

This look is particularly perfect for girls with thin hair and long faces.

Sometimes it can be high maintenance, keeping the shape on a daily basis because it starts growing uneven, but once you see the results you’ll realize that all the work was totally worth it.

This blonde hairstyle is very modern, soft and romantic.

Every girl should recreate it at least once.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, right?

soft and romantic

This blonde hairstyle is a beautiful middle lob. The hair is cut into even layers everywhere.

This is a blonde hairstyle that women of all ages can pull off because it looks very modern and sexy.

If you straighten the hair, the layers will look even more pronounced and the hairstyle will take a whole new turn that’ll make it look even more amazing.

It’s cool, edgy and bold! And everyone can easily look great with this blonde hairstyle.

looks very modern

This blunt bob with sides wept bangs is a blonde hairstyle that absolutely never goes out of style. Girls everywhere adore it, and how could they not?

This hairstyle is considered the “classic of middle length hairstyles”, because it’s been around since the 2000s and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.

This blonde hairstyle is very versatile because you can recreate it over and over, no matter the shade of blonde your hair is, or your age.

It’s perfect for thin hair, too! It’s timeless and amazing.

It’s also Reese Witherspoon’s to-go style!

Reese Witherspoon

Blonde hairstyles for long hair

Although we have already talked about the benefits of not growing your hair too long, some girls still prefer to remain true to themselves and keep their tresses long and voluminous.

Seriously though, who could blame them? The look is timeless.

Long hair has been, since the beginning of time, associated with grace, elegance and femininity. Blonde hairstyles for long hair is a look that is always on trend.

Blonde hairstyles for long hair

Even if it is true that long hair requires more maintenance and time, if you have the time to dedicate to your hair, then you should totally let it grow long and beautiful.

Long hair is classic.

It’s romantic, feminine, versatile, voluminous and texturized.

Girls feel like beautiful princesses when they have long hair; it’s empowering.

If you have kept your hair long and you’re blonde or would like to be, don’t worry.

There are many blonde hairstyles that you can try that will accentuate the beauty of your voluminous locks!

Layers are always a great choice, and they’re a better choice as a blonde hairstyle.

If you have thin hair, this hairstyle can do wonders, because it will give you the volume and texture you seek. It’s perfect for any girl!

The brightness of this blonde hairstyle will accentuate your features, making them look softer and lighter.

This hairstyle looks particularly great if you do a deep side part; that way, the layers will fan out lightly over your face in a relaxed but delicate manner.

volume and texture

There probably doesn’t exist any other style that is as classic and as feminine as the timeless princess curls. This blonde hairstyle is one of the most beautiful of all time.

It’s not only romantic; it’s sweet, delicate, girly and oh, so incredibly gorgeous!

Although princess curls don’t necessarily have to be blonde (you can recreate this hairstyle no matter your hair color), the style looks a hundred times more amazing as a blonde hairstyle.

Some girls (including me) would kill for a natural blonde hairstyle like this! It’s so relaxed and effortless, but so perfect at the same time!

Girls don’t worry though.

Princess curls can be easily recreated with a curling iron or some hot rollers for a more natural look.

Remember that the main attraction to this blonde hairstyle is not necessarily the color, but the shape of the curls.

Your curls don’t have to be completely perfect, just make sure they are well formed and have a nice shape!

Even if long hair can be inconvenient sometimes, this is the kind of blonde hairstyle for which many girls wouldn’t hesitate one second to grow their hair long.

I would too, no doubt!

princess curls

Now, this blonde hairstyle is completely the opposite of the princess curls we just talked about above.

While the princess curls were all about the volume and shape, this completely straight blonde hairstyle with long bangs is all about smoothness.

You don’t have to worry about straight hair being dull or boring, because this simple blonde hairstyle is anything but boring!

The bangs are the essence of the hairstyle, because they add an extra touch that is very modern and fashionable.

Long side swept bangs are versatile and very stylish, and they’re also very easy to pin back if sometimes they bother you, like when working out, for example.

Keep in mind that bangs most of the time are the right choice; and if they’re paired with this blonde hairstyle, even more so. Don’t be afraid to give them a try!

versatile and very stylish

Blonde hairstyles with lowlights

Do blondes really have more fun?

Well, we can’t really testify that, but what we can say is that these blonde hairstyles with lowlights will make you wish you were blonde.

Once you see these popular blonde hairstyles, you will be itching to change your hairstyle into something new and modern.

Blonde hairstyles with lowlights

Lowlights are a great option for all you blonde girls who want to get something that’s new and refreshing but not entirely life-changing.

First thing you need to keep in mind when you get a blonde hairstyle with lowlights is to leave the whole process to someone who knows what they’re doing.

Blonde hairstyles with lowlights can be the most beautiful combination and hairstyle you’ve ever seen, but, only when done correctly.

Results can be catastrophic if the person who’s handling your hair are not specialists.

Lowlights are a way of art.

Not everyone can master art.

So, unless you want to be looking like a hot mess, leave the hair dyeing to an expert.

The results will be worth it; you’ll definitely won’t regret it!

Now, that being said, let’s go talk about some amazing blonde hairstyles with lowlights.

hairstyles with lowlights

This blonde hairstyle with lowlights is called the angled ombre.

The roots start off with a darker shade; maybe light wood brown that keeps getting lighter and lighter until the ears or a little higher.

The roots are kept darker because it is a great way to reduce the maintenance, so you don’t have to visit the salon so frequently.

The hair is cut into layers, and the ones that frame the face are dyed pale gold.

The layers streighten the weight of the hair and add texture and volume.

This look is casual and bohemian; but it’s also very modern and fashionable.

angled ombre

Platinum has been one of the most popular blonde shades for the past two years or so; and so far, it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.

Seriously, who doesn’t love this platinum shade? It looks amazing on everyone!

The roots blend in with the rest of the hair; perhaps sometimes they are kept one shade darker for the same reason of easier maintenance.

This is well-suited blonde hairstyle for straight hair that looks beautiful and not at all boring. This shade is light and shiny. Absolutely beautiful!

well-suited blonde hairstyle

Who ever said blonde color is boring? One single shade of blonde is not boring at all, on the contrary.

Blonde hairstyles don’t necessarily have to be of several shades or colors to be beautiful; this single shaded caramel is proof of that.

This shade is very warm and sunny, perfect for summertime.

If you pair this shade of blonde with a one-length cut, you get a perfect combination.

The light highlights of this blonde hairstyle are very minimalistic and girly.

Create some waves to flaunt that volume and you’ve got the perfect summer look for girls of any age.

minimalistic and girly

This sandy blonde hairstyle is absolute perfection, no questions asked. It’s very popular among young girls, but more mature ladies are taking into this look, too.

This type of blonde shade looks great on every hair length, but it looks particularly amazing on long, flowing mermaid hair.

It’s difficult to achieve such length, but not impossible.

It’s best to go for a subtle color to minimize the damage, that will permit your hair to grow longer and healthier.

This type of shade looks great with some beachy waves. It’s a blonde hairstyle that’s super relaxed and never goes out of style.

beachy waves

These are only some of the many blonde hairstyles with lowlights, but there are many more that you can try if you’re looking for a change, each more beautiful than the last.

This type of blonde hairstyles is always a good idea. If you want to go for a bold and edgy look, don’t hesitate to get some lowlights. You won’t regret it!

Blonde hairstyles for little girls

If you’re tired of the same old boring hairstyles for your little girl, you can fire up your creativity by reading about these looks.

These cute and girly blonde hairstyles will totally inspire you on how to do your daughter’s hair. Just check them out!

A hair bow is absolutely adorable; and it can be used for formal or casual events.

Blonde hairstyles for little girls

Your little daughter will feel like a fairytale princess with this style.

This blonde hairstyle requires lots of practice to get the best result possible, so don’t panic when you don’t get it right the first two or three times.

Just practice and the results will be worth it!


This bob is the definition of “adorable”.

In all seriousness, have you seen anything cuter? We haven’t!

This is the classic bob most women wear.

It’s very appropriate for little girls because it’s so versatile; you can use barrettes or headbands or just leave the hair down and it will still look great!

This haircut is better for girls with thin hair, because it adds volume and texture, making the hair look fuller.

The bangs are an extra touch that’s optional, but it’s highly recommended because they add so much to this hairstyle.

Besides, this style is a classic; you can’t go wrong with it!


How about adding a little love to your daughter’s hairstyle? This one of the prettiest looks any little girl can sport; it’s adorable, cute, girly and soft.

To recreate this blonde hairstyle, part a section of hair from each side of the head and tie them with a hairband.

After, take another section from each side and weave it under the other hair sections you previously tied back, making a heart. Secure it with another elastic band and you’re done!

Has there ever been a hairstyle so simple and beautiful at the same time? The answer is most likely no.

Although you can recreate this hairstyle no matter the color of the hair, it looks much prettier on blondes because the shades mix with the heart shape of the hairstyle.


Blonde hairstyles for men

Men, much like women, sometimes don’t like to be confined to one single hairstyle. Everyone seeks change every once in a while.

It is world-wide known that blonde men, in particular, have undeniable charm. We’re wondering if that has something to do with their hairstyles.

Blonde hairstyles go from perfectly groomed hair to pompadour styles to long, flowing tresses.

Blonde hairstyles for men

All of them look great, to be honest, so it’s difficult to decide.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business man, or a surfer or even a celebrity!

Blond hairstyles are a splendid choice for everyone.

Blond men are sexy and bold, but also sweet and cute.

Everyone loves a blond. For example, just look at Chris Hemsworth!

If you want to get some inspiration for a new blonde hairstyle, make sure to keep on reading!

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, is that pompadour styles are here to stay.

They’re the most popular hairstyle for men since the men-bun, which is saying a lot.

This look is a demonstration that you care about the way you look, but it’s also careless in a sexy kind of way.

The hair at the top is kept long and flowing, but the sides are trimmed short.

This blonde hairstyle is polished and oozes out confidence.

This hairstyle has the seal of approval everywhere.

Top it off with a thin beard and you’ve gotten yourself the sexiest hairstyle ever.

sexiest hairstyle

Short blonde hairstyles have an aura of sophistication and elegance.

This is a very sharp and masculine hairstyle that every blond guy can rock.

This look is super versatile too; it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, this hairstyle is appropriate for pretty much any job.

It’s a perfect look because the short length emphasizes your face features, like the jaw, and makes them look even more masculine.

It’s very eye-catching and modern!

This is favorite of many; just ask Alex Pettyfer.

Alex Pettyfer

A manly hairstyle that can never be left out is the man bun.

This alluring hairdo will get the ladies’ (and some guys’, too) hearts racing.

Most guys, not only blondes, love this look, but it looks even better as a blonde hairstyle. it doesn’t matter the shade.

Whether you are platinum blonde, ashy, sun-bleached, strawberry… it’s not important. All blond shades are beautiful!

Growing your hair shoulder length and then tying it back in a messy man bun will get you many admirers, no doubt.

blond shades

Blonde hairstyles for little boys

Little boys also like their hairstyles; we can’t exclude them from this article. Although, most young kids share similar hairstyles to those of adults.

This is another version of the pompadour.

This blonde hairstyle looks great on little boys, and they love it, because the hair at the top is coolly spiked.

A little tip on how to win over any little boy: give them a cool spiked hairstyle. it’s edgy and modern; it’ll totally make them feel like full grownups.

And they look absolutely adorable!

Blonde hairstyles for little boys

Is there any blonde hairstyle cuter for little boys than their natural curls? Yeah, we don’t think so either.

If your little boy has natural curls, be kind to them; they are so precious!

Don’t trim them just as they’re starting to grow; instead, let them grow a little longer and let them fall in a tousled way.

Of course, when they get a bit too long trim them just a little bit, that way the hair will keep its shape and natural volume. Super cute!

shape and natural volume

Thank you for reading this article about blonde hairstyles. We hope you liked it and found it helpful; if so, make sure to share it with your friends and family, and also make sure to read some of our other articles!

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