Hairstyles with bangs

Bangs are a great and amazing way to fresh up your hairstyle they can add or take five years off your face, hence, hairstyles with bangs! There are many types of bangs.

So, if you are thinking about getting one, you are in the right place!!

It is important that you know which of the bangs types is the one for you.

To know this, you need to look at your face in the mirror, and touch your hair a lot, and see what your face shape and your hair type is.

Pick the right bangs brings many positive effects on your appearance!

short hairstyle with bangs

Like hiding your forehead if you have it a little big, or making your eyes pop, even show your amazing cheekbones.

Also, as we said before, there exist several types of bangs, so, here you are going to know these types and of course discover one is the one for you,

We bring you as a bonus many bangs hairstyles so, you will know how to do your hair taking full advantage of your haircut!!

Common Styles (Bangs Type)

  • Straight – across or full bangs: Hair combed straight down with no interference. Depending on the cut, can be a little bit wispy or blunt.
  • Side – swept bangs: Cut slightly longer than the straight – across one. Usually, to a length that, were it is not brushed to fall to one side of the face, it would cover the whole eye area.
  • Blunt Bangs: In this haircut, the hair is cut straight across the forehead in a blunt manner.
  • See – through bangs: It is just the opposite of blunt style. To achieve this style, you have to trimming thin layers of hair with thinning shears or a thinning razor. Is consider as suiting all face shapes, and as versatile because you can use it falling to the front or brushed it to one side.
  • Layered Bangs: In this style, the bangs are cut into layers at an angle, this happens because there are different lengths of hair overlapping each other. The hair that is closest to the hairline is usually longer than the hair above, this helps to create a feathered effect.
  • Arch Bangs: This is a more rounded type of cut where the bangs form the shape of an arch, like a crescent moon shape pointing upward. It is similar to full bangs but here the bangs are longer as they approach the two sides of the forehead.
  • Parted bangs: Here, the hair is parted down in the middle or slightly off center. It is similar to the side – swept one in terms of length and similar to the see – through one in terms of styling.
  • Brow – skimming bangs: This style falls below the brow and can look light or heavy on the face.

types of bangs

Bangs according to your face shape

Okay, here we are!! Some girls know which their face shape is, but if you don’t know which one yours is, don’t worry!

We are here to help, you will find some examples of the face shapes of the celebrities so you can compare this to yours and find the right one.

Square Face Type: Rihanna

Rihanna tends to use a long, eye grazing bangs that is tapered on the sides an adds a soft element to square face type!

Tell your stylist that you want to snip just below the brows. Leave the heaviest parts on the sides so they don’t mask your eyes.

Rihanna square face type bangs

Round Face Type: Taylor Swift

Some stylist said that gently arching will compliment soft and feminine features.

Bangs can make circular faces appear even fuller, since this was discovered everybody said that the right shape is the key.

Taylor Swift bangs for rounded faces

Remember that curved shape will flatter your bone structure, and you can cause more impact with a thick bang than a wispy version of it.

Heart Shape Type: Reese Witherspoon

This shape can be a little top heavy. A side – swept style can create a balancing effect and draw the attention down or towards to the eyes.

Reese Witherspoon heart shaped face bangs

For this shape the best option are the layered and feathered bangs .

The shortest parts of hair hit the arch of your eyebrows and the longest meet the outer corner of them.

Oval Face Type: Dakota Johnson

Okay, if this is your face shape, let me tell you that you are really lucky!! Almost every type of fringe looks good on you!!

We recommend you that ask to your stylist for bangs that hit between the brow and the eyelash and are longer on the edges.

Dakota Johnson bangs for oval face

In this way you can wear it swept aside or straight with a middle part.

If You Have a Small Forehead like: Emma Stone

In this case, if you have this face type, a sloping, asymmetrical fringe will make your short forehead look stronger and more pronounced.

Tell your stylist that you want to elongate your brow, ask her or him to cut your bangs on a steep, swooping angle that blends into cheek – skimming layers.

This style requires a deep side part, it looks amazing for a number of face shapes!!

Emma Stone small forehead bangs

If You Have a High Forehead Like: Kerry Washington

What happened in this case? Ok, swingy bangs have a double effect.

This style thickness conceals the forehead, while the gradual angle opens up and widens the face.

Kerri Washington high forehead bangs

A heavy side – swept bang that begins in the center of the forehead and taper diagonally to a cheek – grazing length can work!

Now you have discovered your face shape, and which bangs are the one for you.

It is time to learn how to do your hair, using these amazing hairstyles!!!

 Hairstyles with bangs for long hair

Okay my beautiful ladies!! Here you will find really easy hairstyles that looks super cute!!

They really look super cute on any type of hair but they look extra super cute when you have bangs.

Just for the record, if you want to have a bit more volume you can wear like two strips of hair extensions, but only if you want to!!

If you don’t need them, feel free to leave out extensions!!

Hairstyle #1

What do you need:

  • Hair protector
  • A small comb
  • A brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastics
  • A curling iron

First you are going to give some texture to your hair.

This is a style that works as a romantic big messy tousled look, it looks just better when you have some waves on your hair.

texturize your hair hairstyle #1

So, here we go, spray your hair with the hair protector to make sure that you are not frying it or something.

Okay, now divide your beautiful hair in two parts just in the middle and pull it all forward and proceed to curl it kind messily with the curling iron.

It is not necessary that you section your hair to curl it because the idea is to do it effortless and messy, it’s just a really quick way to curl the hair.

So, just grab any piece of hair that’s most in the back and curl the ends!! Don’t worry too much about the roots.

Alright, now that you have curled all your hair, proceed to brush it through really quickly to make it more like waves and natural curls.

use a curling iron

Take a quite big chunk of hair  from the front top side of your head, clip the rest of your hair away for now.

Try to take a similar sized chunk on the other side.

take chunks of hair

Now it’s time to take one of the chunks of hair and do a fishtail braid.

To do it you just have to separate that lock of hair in half, take a little piece of hair from one of the sides and bring it over to the other side.

braid a fishtail

You have to do that until your braid is long enough to reach the back of your head, then, secure it at the end with a hair elastic.

Now, braid the other side!!

Okay, now that you have your braids ready, take the clips that you were using to take the rest of your hair out.

Take a little bit of hair from the back of your head, just from the top.

Then, take a small comb and just tease that section of hair for some extra volume.

This will help with the whole messy look. Smooth a little over the top.

tease the hair at the back

Now gather all it in the back, arrange everything nicely and then bring it down with a couple of bobby pins, just to make sure it’s firmly secured.

tie both braids at the back with bobby pins

Then, take your fishtail braids and tie them together right on top of the bobby pins that you have set before,

That way you can hide the bobby pins with the braids.

arrange everything nicely at the back

Ready!! Your first hairstyle with bangs is done!! Now you look romantic, effortless and gorgeous!!

first hairstyle with bangs
Hairstyle #2

This hairstyle is really super simple but it looks so cute with bangs so we can’t just leave it out.

As the hairstyle that we have mentioned before, you can use extensions or curl your hair to create more volume on your hair.

What do you need:

  • Hair band
  • Bobby pins
  • Little ribbon on a bobby pin accessory

Proceed to gather all your hair into a rather messy kind of loose almost, high ponytail.

Don’t fuss around with this too much, just throw it up, the messier the better.

hairstyle #2

When you reach the end of your hair take a bobby pin and secure that little piece that you just wrapped.

pin the ponytail with bobby pins

Now, take a strip of hair just from the body tail and wrap it around the hair elastic just to hide it.

You can do that by sliding the bobby pin underneath and stick it into the ponytail.

Now the hair elastic is hidden and for a last little final touch, take the little piece of ribbon on a bobby pin and slide this into the top of your ponytail.

Now you are ready!! This hairstyle looks just beautiful, really subtle but still very girly and kind of cute.

adorn it with a bow

Of course, the complement is the bangs.

Hairstyle #3

What do you need:

  • Hair band
  • Bobby pins
  • A curling Iron
  • Hair protector
  • A brush
  • Hairspray

First, you have to add more volume and texture to your hair!!

hairstyle #3

To do this, heat up the curling iron and while it’s heating, spray a little bit of hair protector all over your head.

Now divide your hair in two parts, just in the middle and start curling it.

Don’t worry too much about the roots of your hair or something, the idea here is creating a messy look.

Good! Take the brush and brush and brush it through really quickly to make it more like waves and natural curls, just give it a little bit of texture.

Gather all your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, just above where your hairline ends.

Then, using your fingers proceed to gently tug at the top of your hair to make it a little bit more poufy and voluminous.

tug the hair

Well, we know that here the hairstyle looks pretty cute but we have a little bit more to do!

So, gather all of the hair that forms part of the body tail and scrunch it to the base of the ponytail, and then use bobby pins to secure all the hair.

This is a really cute way for you to create a messy bun when you have curls or your hair is curled.

messy bun

And it is quite secure when you do use a lot of opens so, just stick them in from all sides.

Stick some of them closer to the base and work around the edges layers that you want to make sure that are secure.

Then, you can pull a couple of pieces loose near from the front just beside the bangs as well makes it look just a little bit messier.

relaxed bangs

To finish, you can spray a bit of hairspray when you have finish to secure the style. And yeah!!

There is your gorgeous, fabulous, effortless, messy bun!!

messy bun with cute bangs

Hairstyles for long hair, bangs and glasses

People with glasses are a community, and a lot of girls form part of it!!

A lot of ladies always ask if they can wear bangs with their glasses, or wear glasses with their bangs, and the answer is yes!!

Of course, you can definitely wear bangs and glasses, it actually looks really cute.

But if you still feel a little insecure about this, check the hairstyles with bangs and glasses that we bring for you!!

One of the biggest issues that you may find with bangs and glasses is that there’s just so much going on in the front area of your face.

It’s like really busy and crowded so, with these really easy hairstyles we are going to take out the weight on your face!!

Half up with bangs and glasses

What do you need:

  • Bobby pins

Take hair from the top part of your head, leaving some face – framing bits around your bangs.

half up hairstyle with bangs and glasses

Now you have to take some of the volume off of the top of your wonderful and amazing hair by just pulling the top hair back.

pulled back hair with bangs

In the back, you just have to twist the hair around, just once or twice, push it up a little bit and then pin that down with the bobby pins.

That’s all!! As you can see, it looks a lot lighter around the eyes area, it also looks a little bit fresher.

So, put your glasses on and enjoy your bangs with this hairstyle!!

cute hairstyle with bangs and glasses

Twisted Bun with bangs and glasses

What do you need:

  • Hair band
  • Bobby pins

Twisted Bun with Bangs and Glasses Hairstyle

First of all, pull all of your hair up into a high ponytail, you can do it messier or tighter, whichever you prefer!!

high pony with bangs

Now tie it up with the hair band. Pull out little pieces from the side of your bangs to frame your face.

Then, divide your body tail into two sections roughly and then wrap them around each other just loosely.

high messy bun

Then, just wrap that around the base of your ponytail, take bobby pins and pin it, use as many as you consider.

You almost finish, now, using your fingers tug your hair a little into your bun to make it nice and big messy.

Now you are ready!!

cute messy bun with bangs and glasses

This is a super easy hairstyle, super easy to really quick to do in the morning and it really looks good with bangs and glasses.

Faux Bob with bangs

What do you need:

  • Bobby pins
  • A curling iron
  • Hair protector
  • A second mirror

This hairstyle is a lot easier to do, but the hair has a little bit of texture that’s why you have to curl your hair first!!

So, heat up the curling iron and while this is heading up you are going to spray hair protector all over your head!!

Don’t worry too much about the roots of your hair, the idea of the look is to have messy and softy waves.

Faux Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Once your hair is curled, gather all your hair at the nape of your neck, then grab your ends and twist them into a little bun.

Then, flip that underneath your hair and pin that bun to the nape of your neck.

You can use many bobby pins, as many as you need to feel the bun secure.

bun at the nape of your neck

Now you can just tight the sides a little bit or wherever that you think you need a little bit more of length.

To finish, take the second mirror and check how this looks from the back.

That way you can see where you need to pull out a bit more hair, or if the hairstyle its okay!!

loose bun with bangs

And there you go!! Now you have a cute little faux bob!! It’s fashionable, feminine and stylish, a perfect combination for sure.

This works just with the same principle of the other hairstyles that you read before.

The principle of this is removing extra weights from the hair. This is a little bit of a lighter look than having long hair.

It’s still a bit more kind of top – heavy but I think that with the shorter hair with like any kind of bulb type hairstyle it just looks a lot cuter.

Also, it’s perfect for the winter months, you can use it with a scarf, bangs, and glasses of course!!

Hairstyles with bangs for short hair

Braided Hairstyle

What do you need:

  • Hair protector
  • Straightening iron
  • Ribbon
  • Small hair bands
  • Bobby pins

First of all, you are going to spray a little bit of hair protector all over your head!

Then, take the straightening iron and slightly curl the ends of your hair. It is super easy!!

braided hairstyle

Then take pieces of hair from the crown and give them a bit more volume using the straightening iron.

Take your bangs and use the iron slightly inwards for a more polished look.

straight hair

For the next step you need some ribbon, fold the ribbon in half and pin it just where the braid will begin.

You can use a ribbon of any color, or even a multicolored ribbon! Don’t be afraid to try out. This will give you a vibrant look.

Now you have to incorporate the ribbon into a small french braid, taking three sections of hair separate the tails of the ribbon into two sections of  hair.

braided style with bow

After each section of braid take a little bit of hair on each side and add them to the section of hair you are holding.

Repeat this for about for braves then, finish with normal braiding, secure it with a small elastic band and that’s it.

braided hairstyle with bow a

It didn’t take much time but this unique braid adds a bit more cuteness to the fluffy bulb we first created.

Braided Pigtails Hairstyle

What do you need:

  • Ribbon
  • Straightening iron
  • Hair Protector
  • Scissors
  • Hair ties

Then, heat up the straightening iron and proceed to slightly curl the ends of your hair.

Spray a little bit of hair protector all over your head!

braided pigtails hairstyle

Use the iron to give more volume to your hair at the top and in your bangs.

Fold the ribbon in half and pin it with bobby pins just with the braid will begin.

Now we are going to incorporate the ribbon into a French braid just like the hairstyle we mentioned before.

French braided sides

Except this time, you are going to do a larger braid using all the hair to make pigtails.

Do the same on the opposite side of your head.

Grab the scissors and extremely carefully cut the excess of the ribbon off.

To finish off the look, use hair ties, they can be decorated like these sunflower hair ties.

The ribbon for the style is optional, we think that it makes a super cute and effortless combination with the braids and flowers!

But it’s up to you!!

Braided Crown

What do you need:

  • Hair protector
  • Straightening iron
  • Bobby pins
  • Small hair elastics

Grab the hair protector and spray a little bit of it all over your hair. Just a little, don’t go over the top with this product.

A little bit of hairspray will do the job just perfectly!

Heat up the straightening iron and start to slightly curl the tips of your hair.

Use the iron to give more volume to your hair and your bangs.

braided crown

Now start braiding your hair into a French braid, the hair down along the curve of your head.

When you run out of hair on the sides to add to the braid, just continue with a regular braid and secure it with an elastic band at the end.

braided sides

Repeat this on the opposite site of your head!

Once you have braided your hair, you will be left with some wonky pigtails.

Now just to keep it simple, just overlap them and pin them in place.

And that’s it!! You can leave it like this as it is for a messy updo or use a headband to hide the back.

There you go!! A pretty woman with a cute and amazing hairstyle using bangs!!

finished braid crown with bangs

Just like women, little girls can have bangs too! They also look adorable even more than they really are.

The trouble comes when they are tired of have hair on their forehead or when the bangs starts growing up!

Most of the time, mothers get crazy because they don’t know how to style the hair of the little girls to hide the bangs.

If you are one of those mothers and you want your princess to be comfortable and still look beautiful, you are in the right place.

These hairstyles are just what you need!!

Hairstyle #1

What do you need:

  • A brush
  • A clip
  • Hair elastics
  • Rubber band
  • A bow or any hair accessories

To start, you have to take the clean dry hair, brush it out and if your child like to keep clips in these, you can use it and leave it like that.

styles with bangs for little girls

But if she doesn’t, this is what we are going to do.

Take the bangs and twist it all the way from the beginning of where the hair starts.

Twist all the way around into got extra hair until that’s long enough to pull to them back.

twisted hair back

Then secure it with a hair elastic. Repeat this on the opposite side of her head.

Then, pull the two locks of hair together and put a rubber band around it. You can use a little bow or any other accessory to make it look cuter.

Hairstyle #2

What do you need:

  • A brush
  • A hair ties
  • A little bow or any other accessory

First of all, take the brush and brush all the precious hair of your beautiful little kid!

Now, pull all the bangs and some extra long hair into a ponytail on top of the head.

Do it a little bit to the side and make sure that it is really loose so you can easily slip the ponytail below and towards the back of the hair.

barrette with bangs

Okay, now you can pin the little bow with bobby pins or put any other accessory that you want, just to secure it, and it also looks very pretty.

The Princess Crown

What do you need:

  • A brush
  • Rubber bands

Take your little princess hair and brush it all the way forward and make a middle part.

the princess crown

Okay, after you have parted the hair, you are going to do a half ponytail on both sides right above the ears and secure it with rubber bands.

We prefer rubber bands because most time little kids like to take their hair out as soon as they get home.

Rubber bands are amazing because you just cut them out later!

Continue the step that we have mentioned before on the other side of your princess’s head.

You can leave it just like that or, if her hair it’s a little bit short, you can twist it and pull it into a ponytail in the middle and twist it.

The hair goes backwards and that’s it!!

twisted hair backwards

There you have a princess crown on your beautiful daughter controlling her bangs!!

Hairstyles with bangs for men

Definitely, girls are always trendy and whoever can say that bangs are only for women but the truth is that men can use bangs, they are also doing it!

And they know how to look amazing using fringe.

Since men are putting themselves on the spot thanks to their looks, this style has earned a huge following in recent years.

The most important and impact thing here is that, these fringes are never the same between each boy.

This is a science guys, you are lucky if you have a good stylist!

There are three important things that you have to consider to use these bangs hairstyles: The length, the volume, and the shape.

Of course, it is also important the hair type!!

Because of the texture, density and the natural fall.

Well, stop talking about how to know and just scroll down this and you will know how to style your hair bro!!

Long Fringe Hairstyles

Okay guys, when it comes to long fringe hairstyles it is important that you be prepared for the fringe to take the spot!

It is also important for you to know that this can be create a look that you might love or that just irritate you.

Heavy bangs can look great on some boys, but for this it is require a good amount of styling and regular trims.

Styling to always keep it looking cool and trimming to keep it from completely obscuring your precious vision.

Heavy Statement fringe

Well guys, let’s see! If you have got thick hair, then, you can go for a bold, heavy fringe.

While, of course, keeping it in place with a good wax or pomade.

Try to add some texture and keep it messy, pulling it down to cover the whole of your forehead.

This will create an amazing intense unstructured look! Effortless-looking but so very modern and cool.

Shaved Sides long fringe

This is an amazing way to emphasize your fringe, all you have to do is literally cut away any competition, this means, all the side hair.

You have to shave sides and match it with a sweeping side fringe to create a modern look!!

And if you get a good haircut it should still look good even when it grows!

The thing with this hairstyle is that this cut requires a decent amount of upkeep.

So, you have to think about how much effort and work do you want to put into your hair before you take this hairstyle.

men bangs

Curly Long fringe

Oh boy, if God gave you a naturally curly hair, there’s no need to tame it with products or straightening irons.

You just can contrast a bold curly fringe against straight, smoothed down sides, or embrace your beautifully amazing waves with an all over look!!

curly hair with bangs

You can use a light wax, hairspray or a little hair oil and a moisturizing shampoo to define your curls and prevent frizz!!

Afro Hair with Long fringe

Afro hair is just gorgeous!! This style screams personality and coolness.

There’s a lot of hairstyles that you can try out with this kind of hair, and you can just go as simple or bold as you want!!

afro hair with bangs

Depending on your hair length and style of course, but you got it!!

You can keep things natural and simply shape your afro so, that falls into a thick bang.

Also, you can work dreads into a makeshift fringe to stylize, customize and increase the length and size of your look depending on what you prefer!

Chin to shoulder-length hair with fringe

I’m sure you have heard that unspoken rule that say that longer man’s hair the less good it will look with a fringe.

This is generally true but there are always exceptions.

If you are working with textured, slightly messy hair and your fringe isn’t too neat or blunt, there’s no reason to not look good!!

shoulder length hair with bangs

You don’t have to go for a full, heavy fringe either, and even a few, sweeping lengths of hair can add some distinction to the cut.

Men’s Short Fringe Hairstyles

Let’s be clear, of course that an angular fringe can look great for some people, but others may find this look uncomfortable.

It’s «uncomfortable» because of the constant styling and obscured vision. So, keep that in mind.

Please, life can be annoying enough and you don’t need more than that.

However, the point is that a short hairstyle can still provide a modern stylish look!!

Curly Bangs

You don’t need to flatten your curls, this hairstyle its all about accentuating them and making them the main focus on your look.

If you have thin hair, you can get away with a blunt cut fringe and let your natural waves add some dimension to it.

But if you have thick curls that have the tendency of get frizzy, then, it’s best not to cut them into a rigid cut and just let them fall naturally!

curly bangs for men

Short Sweeping fringe

This look is the best option for guys with straight and manageable hair, and it works better when its sleek and smooth.

The whole idea of this hairstyle is to create a soft sweeping fringe that joins effortlessly in with the rest of your hair.

If you maintain the sides a little shorter than the rest of your hair and add a bit of product to add texture.

You will look just amazing and handsome!!

 short sweeping bangs

Textured Short fringe

The trick of this hairstyle is that really shows off the power of a bit of product.

No matter if you are working flat hair or curls, just add a little wax, pomade or clay.

These can help to add texture and a messy, yet controlled fringe that can work with a range of cuts and hair types.

textured short fringe

Best products for men’s bangs hairstyles

Guys, if you are working with a haircut that focuses on the fringe, you have to do some styling of course!

There’s no point on spending money on a fancy hairstyle and then ruin it with cheap products.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on hair care, just search for products that suits your hair!

  • Clay and Hair Wax

These amazing products are here just to add hold and texture to your short hairstyle. 

They are great, awesome even, if you have a long straight fringe that needs definition.

Don’t use too much!! Just a little bit and that’s it! In this case, a little bit will be enough!

clay hair wax

  • Hair Lotion and Pomade

If you want something smooth while keeping it in place without adding too much texture, then this is the product for you!

Both will smooth down and add shine to your hair while providing a light hold.

hair lotion and pomade

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to keep reading our posts and make sure to share it with your friends (if you like it of course) and let them know how to have the best results when it comes about bangs with the best hairstyles!

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