70s hairstyles

If you thought you had seen amazing hairstyles, just wait until you see these unbelievable 70s hairstyles!

During the 1970s, fashion was all about individuality and breaking boundaries. This decade was actually called the “Me Decade”.

greatly in fashion

By the 70s, most citizens of the United States had overcome the trauma generated by World War II; thus, they became more interested in themselves.

Since they no longer had the pressure or fear of another war hovering over their heads, people became more peaceful and individualism became more important.

Citizens were not happy with war and politics; as they realized these did nothing for the good of society; instead, they nurtured themselves to “become the change they want to see in the world”.

This influenced greatly in fashion.

70s fashion and 70s hairstyles were a contrast to everything that had been seen previously.

Suddenly, every rule that existed in fashion was broken.

It was bolder, riskier and more encouraging for people to express themselves.

70s hairstyles followed the same steps as fashion.

Volume reached levels never seen before, as did layers. Those were the two most important factors in any 70s hairstyle.

Although 70s hairstyles are not so popular nowadays, you might see someone strolling around in the street proudly sporting a 70s look, and how could they not?

street proudly sporting a 70s look

70s hairstyles and fashion totally revolutionized the world back then. Its influence cannot be erased so easily, even almost fifty years later.

If you’re interested in the 70s and are looking forward to give this decade a try, keep on reading and check out these cool 70s hairstyles.

70s hairstyles for women

The 70s were incredible years for music and cinema, and there is a lot of inspiration on where to choose from for some cool 70s hairstyles for women.

Not only were they completely inspirational back then; they’re also super relevant nowadays. Its influence has carried on through the years.

Even in this modern era, you could walk around sporting a full 70s hairstyle and you’d look amazing either way. For sure you’d be turning heads everywhere you go.

One of the most famous 70s hairstyle for women is the timelessly classic Farrah Fawcett look.

70s hairstyles for women

The Charlie’s Angels starring actress sure knew how to work her volume.

To get this 70s hairstyle correctly, it’s best if you get a layered haircut; that’s the essence of this hairstyle. Besides the volume, of course.

If you want to recreate this 70s hairstyle, you’ll need a barrel brush and a hair dryer. Alternate between blow drying different sections of hair inwards and then outwards.

That way, you’ll get a full-on volume layered hairstyle that would make Farrah proud.

Goldie Hawn wasn’t left behind either when it comes to representing 70s hairstyles.

Her classic style usually consisted on nearly perfect curls. The top of the hair was kept straight, maybe a little tousled, but the ends were always curled neatly.

Also, bangs. If you’re going for this Goldie style, don’t forget about her timeless bangs that nearly covered her eyes. Add some mile-long eyelashes and you’re all set!

This 70s hairstyle is a classic even now.

classic even

Meryl Streep has been cool since the beginning of time, that much is obvious. Her 70s hairstyle can confirm us as much.

Back then, the famous Hollywood star brought the “natural look” to life.

This look consists on letting the hair loose and teasing the ends to create some volume.

Besides teasing the ends of the hair, you can also get the roots lightly teased, too, to get a better illusion of volume.

This is a 70s hairstyle that could pass off easily as a modern hairstyle.

The straight look is a style that never dies.

It’s timeless and forever amazing, just like Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep

Stevie Nicks is yet another name that most likely pops up in the dictionary when you look up for the definition of cool.

The singer was one of the biggest influences who brought forward one of the most amazing and highly recreated, by both man and women, 70s hairstyle.

Stevie went a lot with a choppy bob mostly kept shoulder length, or sometimes a little longer. This 70s hairstyle has a rocker vibe, but it’s also very chic.

For this 70s hairstyle bob, the hair is mostly cut shoulder length and in many uneven layers. Volume, as always, is an ever-present factor.

If you’re looking to follow Stevie’s vibe, don’t forget about her classic bangs. They are very important to get the full look.

Stevie’s vibe

These are only some of the most famous 70s hairstyles recreated by some of the most famous personalities from that era.

However, remember these looks were recreated by thousands of people. Even nowadays, these looks live on and remain as cool as ever.

70s hairstyles for African American women

Of course, African American women can’t be left out. Their hairstyles had as much influence on 70s hairstyles as any other hairstyle you may see out there.

We know that African American hair is beautiful, but it can be troublesome at times because it’s so thick and voluminous.

Well, the dark skinned women of the 70s didn’t mind it. In fact, they pretty much highlighted their natural curls.

70s hairstyles for African American women

The most common 70s hairstyle for these women was to leave the hair loose, flowing freely in the wind. Starts like Pam Grier dug that idea, and went for full-on voluminous curls.

The curls were styled prettily on the head, but the look was kind of messy and relaxed. Super simple, quick and easy, but also stylish.

This is a beautiful 70s hairstyle for any African American women of all ages, even now.

Another queen of the 70s hairstyles for dark skinned women is Diana Ross. Although she was known for many different styles, the most popular hairstyle she wore was her full afro.

Diana was a figure who was never ashamed of her roots, and she loved her typical African American hair.

This is certainly not an easy look to pull off.

It’s almost impossible unless you were naturally blessed with some thick curls.

Most African American women favored this 70s hairstyle.

African American

Of course, us women get tired of the same hairstyle all the time, even Diana Ross. For a good reason was she thought of as the queen of hairstyles.

This 70s hairstyle is a classic; and another favorite of Diana’s.

The haircut recommended for this type of hairstyle is in layers.

The hair is blow dried, but not completely straight. It’s kept with lots of volume on every layer.

One of the best tools to achieve this 70s hairstyle is a barrel brush.

Pretty much like with the Farrah flip, you need to blow dry the hair and brush it inwards and outwards.

You can also tease the ends of your hair for extra volume.

barrel brush

There are many more 70s hairstyles for African American women, but these are some of the most important and relevant during that decade.

Even more so, not only were they relevant as 70s hairstyles. They’re also kept alive even in this modern era. Don’t be afraid to give these a try!

Hippie 70s hairstyles

During the first half of the decade of the 70s, hippie culture was at its peak.

Most of the fashion consisted on very colorful and different patterned styles. Most of the time the clothes were loose and relaxed.

Same happened with hippie 70s hairstyles. The regular styles consisted on wavy hair, ribbons and dreadlocks!

The essence of this style is easily laid back and comfortable, but it still had a chicness to it.

Hippie 70s hairstyles

This 70s hairstyle was loved by many girls. It’s super comfy and chic.

This hairstyle has a braided effect that gives a funky hippie vibe to the look. You can use some accessories, like a flowery headband, to look even more amazing.

To achieve this 70s hairstyle you can simply weave your hair into several little braids.

Once braided, use a flat iron and straight over the braids.

When you let the braids loose, you will be left looking at some very cool texturized hairstyle with a braided effect. Perfect for a hippie 70s hairstyle!

cool texturized hairstyle

Flower headbands were also very in for hippie 70s hairstyles. Girls all around the world and of all ages have loved flowery headbands since they first came out.

Mostly, the hair was parted right across the middle. The usual style was to leave the long tresses loose and straight, covering the ears.

Since the headband is supposed to be the focus of attention, it’s meant to rest directly over the forehead, where everyone can see it.

This 70s hairstyle, especially if paired with golden or silver flowers across the headband, looks regal but at the same time it’s very relaxed and cool.

Also, this style totally sends out some bohemian vibes. It’s feminine, classic and soft.

bohemian vibes

Another 70s hairstyle favorite are the simple loose beachy waves.  Girls adored it because it’s so easy and it radiates a vibe of eternal youth and summertime.

For this hairstyle, you can either use a curling iron and curl the hair into some loose waves, or you can weave your hair into two braids and sleep with them throughout the night.

Either way, you will get a totally cool 70s hairstyle; or should we say a totally groovy hairstyle.

Make sure to accessorize the hairstyle with some jeweled headbands.

Girls loved to accessorize their hair with thin headbands placed directly over the forehead. Remember that accessories will transport the hairstyle to a whole new level.


Also, braids! This was one of the most popular hippie 70s hairstyle.

Braids were used in everything, even more than ponytails.

Most girls adored leaving the hair loose but with some little braids weaved around.

If not, all the hair was weaved into two braids.

Fishtail braids were very popular back in the day, even more than regular three-strand braids.

Pair the two braids with a glossy headband and you’ve got yourself a very groovy hippie 70s hairstyle.

groovy hippie

If you need help on how to recreate double fishtails for this 70s hairstyle, make sure to check out this tutorial:

Although these hairstyles were very popular in the 70s decade, they have remained through the ages for its simplicity and beauty.

Even in this modern day Era, girls absolutely adore these hippie 70s hairstyle and recreate them frequently.

70s hairstyles for little girls

Little girls also love their variety in hairstyles.

For young girls in the 70s, the hairstyles weren’t much different than those older women recreated.

70s hairstyles for little girls were all about volume and curls. Bangs were buffy and texturized.

The hair wasn’t kept too long, maybe shoulder length, and bangs were ever-present, as well as accessories like big bows and earrings.

70s hairstyles for little girls

Since the beginning of history, girls of all ages have loved braids, which is why most hairstyles consist on braids. The 70s hairstyles for little girls were no exception.

70s hairstyles were all about comfort and easiness.

The hair was mostly kept loose with several small braids weaved all around that went from the roots to the ends of the hair.

70s hairstyles were stylish and cool.

They were a contrast to everything that had been seen before.

Suddenly, fashion and hairstyles weren’t about dressing to impress others; they were about expressing yourself and being comfortable and proud of the way you looked.

As if we needed any more reasons to love the 70s; self-expression and self-acceptation movements were everywhere, spreading consciousness.

Best. Decade. Ever.

reasons to love the 70s

70s hairstyles with scarves

Maybe you have already noticed by now that fashion is cyclic; therefore, one moment or another, it always comes back.

Now, it’s the turn of the 70s fashion to return, like wide booted jeans and platform heels. You might know that the perfect accessory to go with these articles of clothing are scarves.

Headscarves are a necessary accessory that every girl must use at least once. They are so bright and colorful, and they can give so much life to any hairstyle.

If you mix 70s hairstyles with scarves you obtain the perfect combination. Volume and color, all in one simple hairstyle.

70s hairstyles with scarves

One of the most popular scarves of the decade was a wide scarf. Usually, patters were crazy and colorful and very eye-catching.

This 70s hairstyle is very simple.

For this style all you need to do is straighten your hair, leaving only a few waves on the ends.

After, use a large scarf, set it over your forehead and cover your ears and wrap it around your head. Tie the scarf with a single knot at the back of your head.

The scarf must rest only a few inches up from your eyebrows, covering the majority of the forehead.

Your hair should rest over your ears, which should be covered too by the fabric of the scarf.

straighten your hair

For a little more volume matched with a scarf, try this 70s hairstyle. It’s perfect for you if you have bangs and lots of hair, too.

Start off by brushing the bangs forward and then brushing the rest of the hair back. Tease the hair at the back with a hair comb.

When it’s teased, grab a small section as if you’re going to tie it into a half up half down ponytail. Push the hair up until you create a sort of wide bubble of hair. Tie it into a ponytail.

Make sure to secure it with many bobby pins to keep the volume and also, as an extra resource, use hairspray over that section of hair so it keeps its shape.

Brush the bangs all to one side instead of letting them fall all over your forehead. Wrap the scarf over the section which you brushed your hair back to create the half up half down style.

Tie the scarf under the hair with a single knot, and bring it to one side of the head. Place it directly under the ear.

To complete this 70s hairstyle with a scarf, make sure to get yourself some big, round glasses. And that’s it!

round glasses

This 70s hairstyle is one of the simplest you’ll ever see.

There’s not much science to it; all you need to do is part the hair into a middle section.

Wrap the scarf around your head, just at the beginning of the hairline.

Tie the scarf at the back of your head, but don’t tie it under your hair.

Instead, you’re going to leave the scaf out visible over your hair.

Once tied, roll it around your head so the knot rests at the same level of you eyes.

This 70s hairstyle is super easy, so, if you’re going to recreate it try using a very colorfurl scarf with many bright colors.

Since the scarf is the main attraction of this 70s hairstyle, the very essence, it’s important that the fabric has crazy patters and many colors.

colorfurl scarf

Many of the scarves that were used as inspiration for 70s hairstyles were bold, risky and very colorful, not to mention, with very unique patterns.

Give some of these 70s hairstyles with scarves a try. They’re eye-catching and very refreshing, and so easy to pull off. Besides, they’re also full of life!

70s hairstyles for men

The most popular 70s hairstyle most men followed was long and flowing hair. Men’s styles did a complete 180 degree turn from the previous hairstyles that only really allowed short hair.

The hair was mostly kept long and natural.

Sometimes the hair was teased to add the extra volume that was so representative of 70s hairstyles.

Stars like Freddie Mercury brought forward new styles for men that consisted on shoulder length hair with lots of texture and volume.

As always, layers were the main part of any 70s hairstyle, even for men.

70s hairstyles for men

Some older gentlemen still stuck to 60s looks, where the hair was kept a little long in a sort of careless way, but it didn’t reach shoulder length.

The moustaches were current; most men sported them.

Back then, a moustache seemed to give the look a new level.

Some men thought the moustache was the real essence of the whole look, even more so than beards.

Nowadays, it’s completely the opposite.

the moustache

Shaggy 70s hairstyles were everything.

As it was previously said, the 70s did a complete turn in fashion and hairstyles in comparison to the past decades.

Men no longer went for the sleek and slicked back hairstyles that predominated the years prior to the 70s.

Instead, the 1970s decade was seen as very relaxed; that much can be appreciated just by looking at 70s hairstyles.

Shaggy hairstyles were full on swing. Men kept the hair long, full of volume and sometimes curls.

Usually, the better results of this hairstyle came with shoulder length hair. The ends of hair fell across the ears, or sometimes slightly lower.

70s hairstyles were carefree and fun, very easygoing. This shaggy 70s hairstyle is no exception. Every guy should try it at least once.

Nowadays, men are starting to return to this popular hairstyle, so don’t be surprised if you see more than one men strolling around in the street with any of these 70s hairstyles.

Shaggy 70s hairstyles

The 70s were a long time ago, no doubt, but these were revolutionary years through and through.

Artists like John Travolta and Freddy Mercury were huge representatives of fashion and hairstyles. Men from everywhere around the world looked up at them for inspiration.

70s hairstyles for little boys

Boys 70s hairstyles weren’t much different than those of older men.

The hair was kept untamed and a little shaggy; a younger version of the same shaggy hairstyle that was just previously discussed above.

Young boys never did pay much attention to the way they looked, especially during the 70s, when even women were careless with their own styles.

70s hairstyles for little boys

So, one of the most popular and relaxed 70s hairstyle was just to leave the hair grow a little longer.

It usually curled around the ears.

Some mothers even let their sons grow their hair shoulder length.

That was a very popular fashion back then.

popular and relaxed

Also, who could ever forget about the endless pageboy haircut.

This 70s hairstyle is no longer popular, but it was very popular until the decade of the 90s.

The hair was cut round, with bangs that went over the forehead and nearly into the eyes.

This 70s hairstyle was one of the most popular ways to keep the hair long but tamed and with shape.

In this modern era, no one really cuts their kid’s hair this way; but this hairstyle was the hairstyle for kids in the 70s.

pageboy haircut

Thank you so much for reading this 70s hairstyle article. We hope you enjoyed and found it useful. If you did like it, make sure to leave a comment and to share this with friends and family who might enjoy it as well.

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