60s hairstyles

Great hairstyles come back! The collected ones of the 60s are among the fashionable hairstyles now. Fortunately, currently these collections do not require a very planned design or too much dexterity.

Following these hairstyle tips, you will get them done as if by magic. Hairstyles with a large characteristic volume of the 60s, with details such as long waves and curls are not characterized by discreet and shy hairstyles.

joyful 60s

The hairstyles of the joyful 60s come back with force today.

The elegance of these classic collected not only attracts attention but also is a safe and attractive bet for festive events.

You cannot go wrong with a hairstyle full of style for special occasions and if your style is more daring, do not worry because there are many aspects of this collection with which you can adapt it.

Quickly discover the essentials of this era and make them yours.

60s hairstyles female

Something that characterizes the 60s hairstyles is that they have to be the most perfect as they can, that’s why in these years the use of hairspray was more frequent.

However, by bringing them to the present they tend to be made with a little less perfection, thanks to the fact that the hairspray is one of the worst enemies of your hair.

So do not be afraid, if you want to try any of these 60s hairstyles, but at the same time take care of your hair, you can do it.

60s hairstyles female

In the sixties what marked trend was the style «Pin Up», these are those hairstyles with ribbons and toupee very groovies that caused sensation among many women.

The hairstyles of the 60s are slowly being seen in the streets.

Even the famous one’s venture to use them again in the red carpet, awards and special events.

The flipped bob hairstyle

Also, in this decade the cut «Bob» is presented, a formal milestone at the stylistic level.

It was an angular construction forward, geometric, clear and well defined, comfortable to use, where the natural shine of the hair was enhanced.

Vidal Sassoon, of British origin, was the creative stylist in this way, through which he freed the woman of the 60’s from the long sessions of hairdressing with this cut that allowed to move freely the straight hair on the forehead and that, in Nowadays, it is still a trendsetting style.

The flipped bob hairstyle

In this photo you will see Drew Barrymore wearing a typical 60s hairstyle which is the flipped bob.

This 60s hairstyle is very subtle and little exaggerated, compared to the other hairstyles of this era.

Drew Barrymore

Both Drew Barrymore and many other actresses have decided to take up these 60s hairstyles and make them rock now!

This 60s hairstyle can be done at home or if you want it to make it look better, you should go to a hairdresser.

The Beehive

The iconic beehive hairstyle is the most popular in the British entertainment of the 60s, and was the eternal emblem of elegance of Jackie O.

This extravagant style of hairstyle became famous with stars like Dusty Springfield and Audrey Hepburn.

For those who do not have a professional stylist at your disposal, here are some tips to achieve that glamorous hairstyle of the 60s.

The Beehive

Start by dividing your hair into three parts and fix the hair on the top and the hair above your forehead at the top.

Now you can do the collection of the 60s with the hair behind the head.

hair behind the head

Roll the hair from behind in a collected banana and secure it with hidden hairpins.

Now comb the top layer of hair using a comb until you get the desired volume.

The volume of the hair is much more effective if you go alternating with a little lacquer.

Carefully roll the combed hair around the collected banana and, if necessary, secure the ends with hidden hairpins.

To finish, brush the hair from over your forehead and pass it over the collected, integrating it into it. Secure the strands with hidden hairpins.

step by step

Use all the lacquer that is necessary to ensure the resistance of your hairstyle.

A collected from the 60’s sure that makes you the star of the night. Who can look away from a collected so simple but at the same time elegant?

The Bombshell hairstyle

The bombshell hair is a type of wavy mane that is inspired by the 60s hairstyles of the great divas of cinema.

Actresses like Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake and Brigitte Bardot became some of the ambassadors of this hairstyle, which to this day is still a safe bet in an elegant look.

This 60s hairstyle consists of showing the wavy hair in a soft way, bringing a lot of sophistication and class to your appearance.

The Bombshell hairstyle

Also, this hairstyle shows the definition of women as a sexy icon, and shows her beauty and kindness.

Some people bet on wave waves of siren more marked and wavy, getting a perfect retro inspiration. But you can also bet on a more natural bombshell mane with softer ripples, such as Blake Lively.

Rita Hayworth hairstyle

The American actress is one of the modern celebrities who has worn the bombshell mane more times.

To get a bombshell mane, you have to do it with some curlers.

They should be placed on the tips and the lower part of the mane, followed by a lacquer application in the area, and let them rest for a few hours.

The recommendations are to apply the dryer so that the corrugations are more marked.

Other option, faster and less cumbersome, is to apply a curling iron on the hair.

Of course, we must bear in mind that the iron harms the hair more than the curlers.

With the iron you will get a bombshell mane quickly, and it will only be necessary to apply lacquer so that it stays intact throughout the day.

The Pixie hairstyle

While some women chose to leave their hair long and with waves, others chose to cut it in a radical way, as a result of this move the «pixie haircut» was made a trend.

There are millions of ways to make this pixie haircut, and there are also many 60s hairstyles with you can accompany it, if your face is thin and your cheekbones are marked this cut will look wonderful on you.

Being so short recalls the masculine cut which reinforces a strong and bold character. However, the fringe is one of the details that make this 60s hairstyle totally feminine.

The Pixie hairstyle

It is used with almost all the hairstyles of the 60s.

The straight fringe, either full or defiled, decorated all fronts. A capillary revolution for the era that has not disappeared over the years.

The proof still remains at the heart of the trends this season!

At first it may seem that it is not a good idea to wear a pixie cut if you have a round face, but in reality, this cut is one of the most appropriate.

pixie haircut

Not only highlights the sweetness and femininity of a rounded face but throwing the fringe aside will give the effect of a longer face, so it will stylize to perfection.

It also helps you reduce the volume of the head figure.

It is easy to comb, apply restorative on the tips as a serum to give them fall at the time of washing and dry with a gentle brushing.

And although it is easy to comb and care not for that reason you should neglect the health of the hair, since a healthy, strong and shiny hair is magnetic in a pixie haircut.

60’s Hippie Hair

Due to the countercultural, libertarian and pacifist movement that was born in the 60s in the United States, the people who supported this movement tended to let their hair grow, without cutting it, they wore it naturally and it was usually adorned with ribbons or flowers.

Will you encourage yourself to wear this kind of 60s hairstyle? It’s a fabulous look!

Simple, natural and fun, because if your hair is smooth you just have to make soft waves in it, if you want you can add some braids and put a ribbon.

60s Hippie Hair

This hairstyle is one of the most used today, most women, even the artists decided to stop mistreating their hair and opt for this beautiful hairstyle that gives the era of the 60s.

Even men started using it, no matter how long, this was part of their look and it gave them a relaxed and attractive appearance.

soft waves

Musicians such as Joan Baez, Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead helped to popularize this hippie hair of the 60s.

60’s hairstyles for African American

One of the most hairstyles used by the African American women was the Beehive.

It was the indispensable one of this time, a cut that happened to be cultured by the no less iconic Brigitte Bardot.

Usually it was accompanied with a broad fringe, but you can also combine it with a side bang.

60s hairstyles for African American

The beehive was seen everywhere on celebrities such as Aretha Franklin to television shows like Star Trek.

To do this you must comb the hair located above your head to provide maximum volume and then collect the set in a bun or semi-tail horse.

Leave the rest of your hair loose, falsely disheveled.

Most of the young African-American women used to wear the flipped bob that you had previously seen, the reason for this is that most of them have a lot of volume and their hair is curly and this is a good thing for 60s hairstyles.



The African-American community in the 60s was living the Civil Rights Movement, certainly they wore hairstyle that also wore white people but when the African-American movement for civil rights gained support they decided to ignore a new technique, which was to show off their natural hair.

This style was known as «Afro», and also «Fro» this took place in the African-American culture, reaching a point where they were known for this.


This 60s hairstyle was wear by the civil rights supporters and leaders such as Angela Davis, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown.

African-American culture

60’s hairstyles with scarves

The most used accessory with the 60s hairstyles is the hair band, also known as hair ribbon.

To join the 60s trend, choose it in a wide version.

The hair band looks on loose hair, in the beehive style hair, in the flipped bob cuts, and even with a pixie cut it looks good.

60s hairstyles with scarves

A clear example would be with a nice blow-drying with the tips towards the outside and a wide fringe.

The tape is placed in the middle of the head.

Or simply over loose hair falsely disheveled or slightly wavy with, this time, the tape near the forehead.

In this photo you can see that the girl has a beehive hairstyle, something smaller and accompanies it with a banded fringe, which characterizes the hairstyles of the 60s.

To create this look you will need some very simple things to find, you must have some lacquer, a comb hair hooks and obviously, a ribbon, preferably a little thick.

The first thing you should do is start combing your hair towards the root to add volume, and then we’ll start making the hive style.

60s trend

If you do not know how to do it in one of the previous sections of the article, there are some very easy tips for you to do at home without having to attend a hairdressing salon.

When finishing the hive hairstyle, hold with the hair clips and add a little lacquer.

For the banded fringe you can use a hair straightener (in case your hair is curly), instead if it is smooth, you can skip this step.

The last thing will be to add the tape to the hairstyle, this should be stuck to the head, near the bangs, you can adjust it with the hooks and that’s it.

Here is a beautiful 60s hairstyle.

beautiful 60s hairstyle

Dolce & Gabbana presented a more tropical version with a 60s hairstyle in the summer season 2013.

The style presented volume accompanied by a canvas, which pleased the visual and linked the models with the European style of 1960.

60’s hairstyles male

The decade of the 60 marked an important guideline for style and the fashion world.

Not only for the clothes of the time, also for the hairstyles that were worn in those years.

The 60’s were a period of change and a characteristic style that even today has many followers.

60s hairstyles male

The 60s hairstyles for men reflected a time of compromise between the conservative 50s and the relaxed and unbridled that would be the 70s.

You could say that these styles were a mix between the fashions of the past and inspired the coming hairstyles.

Here you will see some 60s hairstyles that were very fashionable at that time.

The Mop Top

One on the most iconic men’s hairstyle in this era, the mop top was popularized by the band The Beatles, imitated by rock bands like The Rolling Stones.

The mop top was a haircut that sported a long fringe that brushes the brows on the forehead and on the back the long hair until the shirt of the neck.

It was based on a haircut that John Lennon and Paul McCartney saw on the streets of Paris in 1961 and they liked it that much that they had their hair cut to match exactly.

The Mop Top

A few years ago the pop sensation Justin Bieber showed us a modified version of the mop top.

Justin Bieber 60s hairstyle

It is part of those precise cuts that are used to combing perfectly smooth.

The geometric haircut does not accept curls, rebellious strands, escalations or waves.

In fact, these precise cuts, cool and perfectly combed are totally opposite to one of the most popular fashion hairstyles, the disheveled look.

Slick Back

Figure out how to rock the slick back hairstyle for men may present a set of challenges to those who have never tried this 60s hairstyle before.

This slick back hairstyle has become one of the most popular modern hairstyles in men, that means, this is a hairstyle from the 60s that requires «training» your hair, regardless of whether you have short or long hair.

For beginners, long hair that is combed back, may require a stronger ointment or wax, with patience, and an additional hairstyle, especially if you have wavy or curly hair.

Slick Back

Also, after you get that hair style the way you want it, it is important to keep your hair collected throughout the day.

A strong water-based style product for men would allow to keep this hairstyle, which is what we recommend instead of gel.

A low cut back polished is common and any barber should know how to do it.

As for a gradient, there are many options ranging from low, medium, high, razor, bald, tapered or any combination in the middle.

To do the hairstyle in the right way, you need relatively have short hair on the sides for that high contrast style.

The Crew haircut

It defines a kind of hairstyle very short, shaved to the sides or shorter in the sides and with longer hair in the upper area of the head.

Derived from the military courts that in the 50s led men and boys.

Although this hairstyle was more seen in the era of the 50s also made an appearance in the group of hairstyles of the 60s.

The Crew haircut

The reason for this is that, because some of the hairstyles of the 60s were riskier, few men preferred to stay out of it by being more conservative.

The Rockabilly hairstyle

It was a very popular style among the rock stars of those years. This 60s hairstyle consisted of a rather high toupee that was fixed with wax or hairspray.

To wear this 60s hairstyle you must have long hair, on top of the head, a bit long and shaved sides or you must create the illusion that it is like this, keeping your hair tight to the head, you should use hair gel or wax to keep the hairstyle longer.

The Rockabilly hairstyle

Rockabilly hair is a classic cut that first appeared on rock ‘n’ roll stars. Rockabilly music style is one of the early forms of rock. Think it’s like bluegrass but with more hip movement.

  1. Start with completely dry hair. It does not work if you have it even if it’s a bit humid.
  2. Apply enough wax for your hair in your hand
  3. Rake your hands through your hair. Rake in the opposite direction on the side where your hair is split in half.
  4. Smooth the back and sides of your hair. Rake the upper long part in the direction you want.
  5. Comb the top of your hair to shape it. Keep the sides smooth and gummed up.

60s hairstyle for children

Even the youngest of the house used to wear these beautiful and extravagant hairstyles of the 60s, it is not very common that these days they wear some of them, but here you will see this section in case that you want to take a risk and make your little one stand out.

This little girl is wearing a beautiful pixie haircut, with a long fringe, something degrafted.

60s hairstyle for children

This 60s hairstyle has been used by girls lately, since it greatly facilitates the work of mothers.

Little girl 60s hairstyle

This will go even better for your daughter if her hair has not grown in its entirety.

This time you will see a flap top haircut, it is about cutting the hair flat on the top, leaving the sides and the back of the head very well shaved.

However, there are variants with which you can play, leaving each part of the head with different lengths.

60s trend boys

It is a 60s hairstyle that is quite practical and very easy to make.

beehive hairstyle

And the beehive hairstyle is back! to be one of the most important of the era of the 60s should also try with the smallest, isn’t it?

Well, there is not much to explain this 60s hairstyle is very easy to do and you can decorate it with a ribbon or a diadem so that will make your little one looks very cute.

Thank you for read this article! If you liked it, please leave a comment and share it with your friends.

Also, which of the 60s hairstyles was your favorite?

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