Shoulder length hairstyles

Long hair is considered as the princesses’ hair. It represents the whole picture of absolute femininity and innocence: voluminous, versatile, thick, romantic.

Short hair is thought of as risky, bold, fun, unique, daring, sexy.

Due to this, people don’t give it much thought to shoulder length hair, whether because they think it’s boring or for any other reason, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth!

But not too short

If you think shoulder length hair is dull or has nothing special, then think again!

The truth is that shoulder length is probably the perfect hair length; not too short and not too long either, it’s just right.

It doesn’t tangle as much as long hair and it’s the most versatile length of them all! It’s short enough.

But not too short, so you can tie it back into a ponytail or weave it into a braid if you want, and it’s long enough that you can experiment with textures, straighten or curly it as much as you desire.

In here we’ll show you several hairstyles and haircuts in which you can style your shoulder length hair that are not boring at all, for women and men alike who love growing their hair until their shoulders.

You will be able to try a new hairstyle every day and fascinate everyone with your gorgeous and shiny hair.

Even if you have thin or thick hair, there are always options for you, so fear not and go on reading!

But not too short men

Top 5 shoulder length hairstyles for young girls

For young girls, the list of shoulder length hairstyles is endless! Braids, loose, wavy, ponytails, up-do’s, half-up half-down, etcetera.

Even though we would love to talk about every single hairstyle that you could recreate on your hair, they’re just too many, so the list was narrowed down to the Top 5 best and cutest shoulder length hairstyles for young girls that were found, which you’ll absolutely adore.

Braids are certainly one of girls’ favorite hairstyles ever, no doubt, and braids always look amazing, especially on shoulder length hair.

Hairstyle number 5 of the list is the double fishtail braids.

You probably have not braided your hair like this since middle school, but this is a new trend that girls love to replicate on their hair.

All you need to do is weave your hair into two fishtail braids at either side of your head.

Once they’re tied, pull lightly on the braids to add more volume.

Top 5 shoulder length hairstyles for young girls

Another favorite and number 4 of the Top 5 is the half up bun, or beachy bun.

You just gather one piece of hair on each side of your head and tie it back into a small bun that rests in the middle of the back of your head.

You can secure it even more and give more texture with extra bobby pins. Super easy and fast!

greatest combination

Number 3 is one of the greatest combination of hairstyles ever: the upside down braided French bun. You need to divide your hair into two sections, top and down section.

Tie the hair at the top of your head in a messy bun with a hairband (don’t worry, it’s not the final product); then throw your head front and start braiding your hair upside down in a French braid.

When you get to the top of your head, braid your hair normally and tie it where the two sections of hair you previously divided meet.

Lastly, undo the bun you did at first and make it again into another more arranged messy bun at the top of your head.


The twist back hairstyles in a half up-half down up-dos earn the number 2 spot on the list. This style gives you a princess’s hair-look, absolutely cute and feminine and it ensures you a perfect look for every season.

One of the amazing things about this hairstyle is how versatile it is; you can use a simple twist back or you can make it even more beautiful by weaving it into a braid.

This is a perfect shoulder length hairstyle, and you can style it with straight or curly hair.

straight or curly hair

Finally, number 1 of the Top 5 list is smooth and straight hair. Shoulder length hair allows this hairstyle a simplicity that looks intentional.

Straight hair is just as cool as perfect curls or waves on a regular basis, and now it is one of those very easy and particularly beautiful shoulder length hairstyles.

You’ll see you don’t need much to perfect this hairstyle; just straighten your soft locks and that’s it.

Simplest hairstyle ever!

Simplest hairstyle ever

Shoulder length hairstyles for girls with thin hair

If you have thin hair, sometimes it’s difficult to recreate some hairstyles. Sometimes your hair either falls off too quickly or looks flat and boring because it doesn’t have any volume, and you can’t give it some more because you don’t have enough hair to add more volume, for example.

But don’t stress, there are several shoulder length hairstyles that are easy to replicate on your thin locks.

The rolled bun is one beautiful solution if you want to get your hair out of your face. You need to tie your hair back into a low ponytail and after making a little hole right above the elastic.

Pass your hair through one time to get a ponytail and a second time to roll it into a bun. Secure it with some bobby pins and you’re done!

It can be used as a long hair look and at the same time useful as a shoulder length hairstyle.

Another life saver shoulder length hairstyle is the edgy Dutch braid. Clip the hair all to one side, except for one small section, which you will weave into Dutch braid until your ear, and then weave it into a regular three-strand braid and angle it towards the back of your neck.

Tie the braid with a small elastic and secure it with bobby pins to the back of your head. Let the rest of your hair loose and let it fall normally over the braid. Ta-da!

bobby pins

The braided half bun is yet another magnificent combination of braids and buns. Take a section from hair at the top and French braid it all the way back.

When you finish the braid, tie it into a bun. If you want to make the bun look taller, you have to crisscross some bobby pins behind the elastic.

Optionally you can pull lightly on the bun to make it look fuller, and that is how you end up with a beautiful hairstyle for shoulder length hair.

pull lightly

To look for more shoulder length hairstyles, make sure to watch this video:

Shoulder length hairstyles for the summer

Now that summer is here, you can finally ditch your winter clothing and dust off your cutest swimsuits.

This summer’s most promising trend is a little length; short enough so that you can tie it back into a ponytail to get it off your face during those humid summer nights, but long enough so that you can pull off any hairstyle you want effortlessly, thus, the perfect length for the summer is shoulder length.

Because the temperatures rise considerably during this time of the year, you might be tempted to get rid of your long locks entirely, but before doing that, you can try with some of these fashionable shoulder length hairstyles to fight off the heat in the most stylish way.

From braids to buns to intricate ponytails, you can have it all during crop top season, all you need is a little inspiration.

Dry it, curl it, wave it, whatever you choose, just make sure your hair has lots of texture and movement; summer was made to sport that kind of hair more than during any other season of the year.

Shoulder length hairstyles for the summer

Top knots or messy buns seriously are most girls’ favorites.

Summer is a season where young people like to laze around, being it too hot to move, and reduce work to a minimum, so, the slightly messy texture of a chunky top knot makes it a perfect solution on how to style your hair when you’re in a hurry or you just feel absolutely done.

You can soften the hairstyle by not tying the bun too high on your head or sharpen the knot by using large bobby pins and securing your hair.

Either way, it’s a perfect shoulder length hairstyle for summer time.

slightly messy texture

A way to perfection your top knot is to turn it into a double twisted bun, which is a beautiful shoulder length hairstyle, for day or night.

Divide your hair into three sections, one at each side of your head and one at the back. Twist the hair on the back of your head into a bun and secure it tightly.

Later, grab one of the sections on the sides and twist it, then pass it over the bun, down and around, and pin the hair under the bun.

Repeat the process with the other section on the other side of your head. If your hair is too short to go around the bun, then don’t worry, just pin it directly over the bun; the results will be amazing either way!

day or night

Beachy waves are another perfect shoulder length hairstyle to sport during the summer, especially because girls adore the simplicity and prettiness of this hairstyle.

You can curl it as much as you want with an iron curler or, if you don’t have one, you can weave your hair into two braids and sleep with them. It will have the same effect.

The coolest thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t need to dedicate much time to it; the messier it looks, the better.

For shoulder length hairstyles, this is one of the prettier looks you can achieve.

prettier looks

A flirty ponytail is a great idea for a shoulder length hairstyle to get a fun and sexy look, besides, it’s very functional to get your hair out of your face in a cute manner.

The idea is to get a slick and sleek front and a full-on volume ponytail in the back.

Gather the top half of your hair back into a high ponytail and make sure to secure it with an elastic band.

After, gather the bottom section and bring it up with the top half, and secure everything with another hairband.

You can use bobby pins to make the pony higher to create a bolder look.


Braided shoulder length hairstyles

A braid is an essential hairstyle that every girl loves, mostly because how easy they are to replicate and how they give a look so effortlessly beautiful.

Braids are the most fashionable and stylish way to get your hair out of your face when it’s bothering you, besides being appropriate for any kind of event or time of the day, and for any type of hair, with more texture or thinner, it doesn’t matter as long as you can weave a braid.

However, if you have shoulder or medium length hair, looking for braids you can replicate on your hair can be tricky, but don’t worry.

Because braids are a must-have in a girl’s hairstyle list, in here we have some braided shoulder length hairstyles you will love, and you will realize just how easy they are.

If you ever run out of inspiration on how to style your hair, just check out these unique shoulder length hairstyles paired up with braids.

Braided shoulder length hairstyles

An easy braided hairstyle comes up from just mixing up your braids. Weave your locks into two or three braids, alternating between bigger and smaller braids.

Crisscross them the way you want on the back of your head and secure them tightly with a few bobby pins and ta-da!

You’ve got yourself a gorgeous look in only a matter of minutes.

These braids paired up with medium hair make the best shoulder length hairstyle.

These braids paired up

A side Dutch braid is a feminine and perfect style for any occasion.

All you need to do is part your hair into two sections, one larger than the other, and then weave a Dutch braid on the smaller section of hair and clip it with bobby pins to the back of your head.

Leave your hair as messy as you want; your hair will look more voluminous and with lots of texture. This hairstyle is fun, girly, and absolutely fashionable.

Dutch braid

A French braided crown is a hairstyle that looks amazing from every angle. Part your hair into a deep side and start French braiding until you reach the other end of your head.

Once it’s done, tightly secure one side to the back of your head with some bobby pins.

You can tousle your hair or curly it with an iron curler to add some extra volume and create a messier, yet completely stylish, shoulder length hairstyle.

iron curler

If, instead of letting your hair flow into the wind, you like it better tied back in a ponytail, this particular shoulder length hairstyle is perfect for you.

A side braid pony is as unique as any other hairstyle that has been previously discussed, and just as chic.

Once you try this, the same old everyday ponytail will be long forgotten.

Part your hair into two sections and make a Dutch braid on one side. Secure it with a small elastic and gather your remaining hair into a high ponytail. Voila!

particular shoulder length hairstyle

Shoulder length hairstyles for little girls

If you and your little girl are already tired from the same every day boring shoulder length hairstyles, these looks will light up your creativity, and your little girl will love going to school every day to flaunt a new beautifully done hairstyle, she’ll be the most popular girl in her class, and you’ll earn the title as the coolest mom ever.

A “little love” hairstyle is the prettiest thing a girl can use in her hair; it’s subtle, simple, adorable and soft. Take a section of hair from each side of your head and tie them with a hairband.

After, take another section from each side and weave it under the other hair sections you previously tied back, making a heart.

Secure it with another elastic band and you’re done!

Shoulder length hairstyles for little girls

Ballerina buns are the absolute definition of cuteness.

They’re a perfect shoulder length hairstyle for when you want to keep your girl’s hair out of her face.

These buns are completely adorable and sweet, and little girls love them.

Gather up the hair into two ponytails, each secured with an elastic band, and slightly twist them back into buns and clip them to the head with bobby pins.

As an accessory, you can wrap thick ribbons of any color around the hairband.

Cuteness overload!

wrap thick ribbons

If your girl is not so little anymore, nothing quite says maturity on a young girl more than a sleek long shoulder length hairstyle.

Just part the hair into thin sections and use a flat iron to go through section by section to get an even look.

You can also bevel the ends to add a little more shape to the hairstyle and give it a very nice and polished touch, and it’s done.

Hair red

Shoulder length hairstyles for women over 30 

When you’re a 30-year-old woman, or even older, the odds are that you’re not as in love with your long tresses as you were throughout the majority of your teenage years.

Now, you probably are a business woman who doesn’t have the time to be worrying about styling her long hair with this or that hairstyle.

As we grow older, all we care about is comfort, and we want to get rid of the things that provide us only with extra work.

Sometimes having long hair can be very tiresome and demanding: on how to style it, the extra care, etcetera, but it’s hard to grow unattached enough (because believe it or not, most women are attached to their long hair) to chop it all off.

If you’re not sufficiently ready to take that revolutionizing step, a shoulder length hairstyle is just perfect for what you’re looking for: something new and different, yet not entirely life changing.

Shoulder length hairstyles for women over 30

The blunt ends shoulder length hairstyle is perfect for someone who’s looking to say, “I’m still here, and I still look fabulous with shorter hair.”

This hairstyle is all about simplicity, not too many layers or blunt ends. The length remains all the same and gives it a look of easy styling.

The cut does amazing things for wavy, more textured hair and straight locks. You can opt for a few framing layers that will be the cherry on top for this look.

more textured hair and straight locks

An angled shoulder length hairstyle is perfect for that lady who wants to demonstrate empowerment wherever she goes.

This look is sexy and bold, and, pretty much like the blunt ends shoulder length hairstyle that was just mentioned previously, this is a cut that doesn’t admit many layers to preserve simplicity.

The hair on the back is a little shorter and rounder than the one in front, giving your hair an angled look, which gives your tresses more volume than a uniform cut.


Nothing quite says more “chic” and “I’m ready to take on the world” than a deep side part hairstyle.

This look works beautifully with any kind of hair texture, but it looks especially incredible on the ladies with particularly thick and versatile hair, because this type of shoulder length hairstyle combined with the natural fullness and volume of your hair is what some might call a perfect combination.

versatile hair

Once again, layers make their apparition (because they’re amazing; you might have realized by now) only this time they come in the form of layered and highlighted waves as shoulder length hairstyle.

By now you have probably come to notice just how important layers can be.

They give your hair a unique look, and by adding waves you can highlight your haircut and your style even further, adding your very own personal touch.

important layers

Bangs, pretty much like layers, can really make the difference in a haircut.

You can either try out any of the gorgeous shoulder length hairstyles that were mentioned earlier, or you can just cut your hair in a simple symmetrical shoulder length haircut with several layers, and get some bangs later, and your look will be complete.

Bangs are stylish and modern, perfect for a new spring look, and the long layers make the bangs really stand out.

bangs later

Bangs can give you a refreshing look, they could even make you look younger than you are, especially if you pair them with shoulder length hairstyles.

The bangs frame and soften your face, and also, they are very versatile: you can choose a straight across fringe, shorter, longer, pinned back entirely; and they certainly are the definition of getting a whole new look.


Facts you should consider before getting bangs with your shoulder length hairstyle.

At least once in her life, every woman asks herself, and her friends and/or loved ones, whether getting bangs would be the right decision or not.

During those moments of hesitation, there’s several things to consider before taking a decision as life changing as getting bangs is, as beautiful as they look with any shoulder length hairstyle.

Believe it or not, bangs are a serious commitment in a lady’s life: consistent styling and ends-trimming, not to mention what kind of style should you get depending on your face shape.

First of all, you’ll need to trim your hair every three weeks or so, otherwise you run the risk of being blindsided by your own hair.

Besides, you will need to figure out creative ways to get your hair off your face when you don’t want it in there, like when working out for example; tying it back into a ponytail doesn’t really work when you have bangs.

Facts you should consider before getting bangs with your shoulder length hairstyle

Sometimes having hair on your forehead can be useful to cover pimples, but it can also be the cause of them, having extra hair on that area; and with the extra heat you will probably need to wash your bangs more than any other section of your hair because it sits over one of the oiliest parts of your face.

Also, they require attention throughout the whole day; you’ll need to be constantly checking them to make sure they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be, especially in the mornings after waking up.

mornings after waking up

Remember to keep in mind that it might take a couple of tries before you get the bang style that suits you best considering your face shape and your type of shoulder length hairstyle; very few people get it right on the first try, so don’t despair and don’t swear them off completely if you don’t like it the first time you get bangs.

If you have a square face, bangs just below your eyebrows add a soft element to your features.

With a round face, an arching curved fringe will complement your features and flatter your bone structure.

round face

If you have a high forehead, swingy bangs can conceal it, and the angle widens the face; but, if you have a small forehead an asymmetrical fringe will make it seem more pronounced.

If your face has an oval shape, you’re lucky, almost any kind of fringe will look flattering on you, so, airy, straight bangs will accentuate the prettiest parts of your face and soften your features even more. With a heart-shaped face, side-swept bangs will do wonders to your style.

It doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly or wavy hair, bangs work for everyone!

oval shape

Best accessories for shoulder length hairstyles

If even after seeing all the shoulder length hairstyles that were mentioned previously into the article you’re still not convinced you like them or that they’re the right style for you, don’t worry!

There are several accessories you can try that will look incredible on your hair.

All hair accessories work and look great on any hair length, but the accessories that will be mentioned in here look best on shoulder length hair, giving out a feminine and sophisticated look

Best accessories for shoulder length hairstyles

Sparkly barrettes are certainly a must-have. A barrette just the right size adds so much personality and sophistication to a look.

Besides, these kinds of hairclips are very versatile: you can use them to decorate your ponytail or bun, pull your bangs back, or even sweep your hair back and pin it with the barrette.

With this accessory you’ve got yourself a cute shoulder length hairstyle in less than a minute.

very versatile

Kerchief head-wraps with colorful stamps give out a very tropical, relaxed and effortless look, yet totally stylish.

This is a perfect shoulder length hairstyle because these kinds of head-wraps tend to be thinner than other wraps, and it’s made with a hidden wire, which makes it even easier to master a perfect look.

To get an even better look, you can tie your hair back in a high bun, or just leave it down with your bangs on display, or just make a gorgeous combination of both!

gorgeous combination of both

Antique accessories are so in at the moment.

Every girl needs to own at least one vintage accessory to complete her look, whether it’s a headband or comb.

Combs are perfect for a shoulder length hairstyle because they add so much femininity to their look with it being too overly formal.

The same thing with headbands, they are a great shoulder length hairstyle, especially with layered hair, because the headband fits snuggly and is very eye catching in the best way.

layered hair

If you’re a girl, you probably have a ton of different hairclips.

Like barrettes, hairclips are the easiest way to ensure a cute look that can be done in literally just a minute; it’s one of the best accessories for a minimalist shoulder length hairstyle.

One of the trendiest hairclips of the moment are the button, jeweled and flower clips. Jeweled and flower clips are perfect for more formal events, yet still functional for an everyday look.


Shoulder length hairstyles for guys

If you’re a guy and you have read throughout the whole article to get to this particular section, you don’t have to wait any longer!

In here there will be discussed several shoulder length hairstyles for guys that will make your hair look amazing and will catch everyone’s stare when you pass by.

Not many men can grow their hair shoulder length, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, make sure to flaunt it with dignity and pride.

Embrace your long tresses!

Once upon a time, back in the archaic and Roman ages, for men, having long hair was meant as a sign of masculinity and bravery, and when someone wanted to humiliate a man for whatever reason, all they had to do was crop their hair very short.

Obviously, times have changed, and short hair is no longer a sign of weakness or whatsoever, and actually most men prefer it like that for comfort reasons.

If you’re one of the guys who prefers to keep their hair shoulder length, these shoulder length hairstyles are just right for you.

Shoulder length hairstyles for guys

If you want to tame your wild mane, the best option is a high bun.

The so-called man-bun is one of the most popular trends since 2016, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

The best way to do it is to divide the hair into two sections twisted loosely, then join it into a low ponytail and then twirl it into a quick and messy knot. Stylish and sexy!

Stylish and sexy

Another shoulder length hairstyle for men is a deep side part. This look adds an air of maturity, but at the same time it looks very carefree and relaxed.

You need to divide your hair into two sections, one distinctively larger than the other to get a right deep style, swept completely over one side.

It’s floppy and messy, which makes it look even more attractive, particularly on guys who have very thick and flowing locks.

This look adds an air

If you’re a guy and have curly hair, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t grow your hair until your shoulders.

Girls aren’t the only ones who can pull off a messy curls shoulder length hairstyle, guys do it too, and sometimes they look even better than girls!

If you are blessed with naturally thick corkscrew curls, you have in your hands a perfect hairstyle that is absolutely effortless.

If you have thinner hair, you can too flaunt some messy waves.


A half up-half down hairstyle is a 90’s inspired shoulder length hairstyle, very Kurt Cobain and Brad Pitt.

You only need to gather the top half of your hair into a messy ponytail or messy bun, depending what you like best, and let the other section down and free.

Guys with textured and thin hair can totally rock this awesome look.

Guys with textured and thin hair

Shoulder length hairstyles for little boys

Little boys are not falling behind on trends, and they too are starting to like growing their hair long, which makes them look absolutely adorable, so if you’re one of those moms who lets her kids experiment with their hair, or you like them with their long hair, here we have some shoulder length hairstyles that your son can try.

Shoulder length hairstyles for little boys

Man-buns are also a perfect look for little boys. This is one of the most popular shoulder length hairstyles for men, women and kids alike.

All you need to do is tie a floppy bun at the top of their head, and to add a little more personality and make it the style even cooler, you can make a light or deep faded look on one or both sides of their head.

The fade certainly brings the hairstyle to a whole new level of cool.

certainly brings

A layered shoulder length hairstyle was very popular back in the early 2000’s, and in the present, some moms still choose this hairstyle for their boys’ hair.

It looks mostly better with face-framing layers and on straight hair, but if your son has wavy locks you can still try it on his hair.

The results will turn out looking very good either way!


Messy waves are also a hairstyle that looks great on little boys.

They can play around with their hair during the day and it gives them a sense of freedom.

Besides looking very relaxed, this style looks effortlessly good, and it works on boys who have either thin hair or with more texture.

With this look, your son will love flaunting his perfect curls or waves.

very relaxed

Asian shoulder length hairstyles

A big majority of Asian women don’t really like to keep their hair too long nor too short. Most keep it at shoulder length, so here are some variety of shoulder length hairstyles that look amazing on the straight, jet black hair most Asian women have.

A shaggy Asian style looks amazing on any girl, the key is to keep it messy enough that it seems you only tousled it, but not too much so it doesn’t look like you don’t care at all about how you look.

This style was born around the 1970’s, and nowadays is replicated and approved by most girls.

It’s one of those effortlessly cool shoulder length hairstyles.

Asian shoulder length hairstyles

An asymmetrical shoulder length hairstyle works wonders for everyone, because it flatters any hair shape with a slimming effect due to all the layers this hairstyle has, which are very eye catching.

For an even bolder look, you can ombre-dye your hair with a pastel color, because the contrast of a light shade against very dark hair looks absolutely incredible.

works wonders

A shaggy lob with bangs is a new funky option for those girls who want to try a brand-new fresh style.

This cute haircut has layers that are short-cut and fanned out to create bold and pointy ends.

The bangs soften and balance the hairstyle in a way that it flatters your features.

This look provides volume and structure to your tresses and is one of the most fashionable shoulder length hairstyles the Asians love.

Asians love

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