Formal Hairstyles

Whether you want to look presentable to go to work at the office, or have an event coming up where you need to make your hair look more presentable than normal.

Whatever it is, these super formal hairstyles will make you look beautiful, elegant and classy. You do not need to go to the salon to look like in the cover of a magazine; you can look beautiful in the comfort of your home and take care of your wallet.

Formal hairstyles

In this article we will show you different formal hairstyles for any type of occasion.

Tools that will help you style your hair

Styling your hair is an easier job if you have the necessary tools and that is why I advise you to get or invest in the following:

–           A good iron for the hair: Look for one with ceramic plates and ion technology to avoid damaging the end of your hair with heat. Although these are more expensive, they are worth more than the cheap ones. You should also prefer that it be thick and that it serves not only to straighten, but to give volume and make waves.

–           Protector for heat: It is essential to use the iron a lot. A good protector will prepare your hair for the hairstyle and protect it against the temperature you apply. You can find it in various formats, from creams to liquid products.

–           A comb with split ends: It serves both to untangle the hair and to make some carded, which are usually something useful when you want to provide volume to the hair.

Tools that will help you style your hair

–           A round brush: It is used especially in straight or broken hair, when you want to give shape to the tips or accentuate more the waves that have been made.

–           A flat brush: It is ideal to polish your hair and make sure it has been knotted and very soft, before proceeding to comb it as you see fit.

–           Hairspray: Indispensable if you want to keep all the amazing hairstyles that you do in place.

Formal hairstyles to go to work

This twisted bun you can literally do in less than 5 minutes.

Just divide your hair into two parts, tie a knot with the two strands, and then hold one strand at the top and the other at the bottom. You’ll have a formal hairstyle for your meeting in the office in less than you imagine.

Formal hairstyles to go to work

If you do not want to tie a knot with your hair, simply twist two strands and then thread them between them.

When you’re done, make the shape of a bun with them. This look is a little bit more polished than the previous one.

twist two strands

The French braids are formal hairstyles that will make you look super sophisticated and cute when you go to work and do not have time to comb your hair.

French braids

This is one of the easiest formal hairstyles to do step by step for long hair that you will be able to do in matter of minutes, believe us it was never so easy to style your hair in the morning!

Here is how you do it:

The First step is that you will split your hair to the side that you of your preference, then you will take the front section until you reach your ear and you will have to tie the rest of the hair with an elastic band so that it does not bother the work you are about to do.

The second step is that you will start a three-strand French braid from the front part of your hair towards the back, but you will only feed the hair strands in the back area and under the braid.

easiest formal hairstyles

Before finishing the braid until the end, you should start to take out strands of hair, both the back and the front, this in order to make the braid thicker.

Keep braiding until the end, when you have finished securing with a garter and reopening the final section of the braid.

With the excess hair, make a low ponytail and decorate the knot by winding it to the side braid you just made, or you can leave the rest of the hair free.

Formal hairstyles for parties

If you’re looking for a half-up half down formal hairstyle with elegance, we recommend you try this one, which has a little bit of volume on the top parte and some light waves at the tips. It is simply feminine and beautiful.

Formal hairstyles for parties

An ideal and romantic bun, it is the best choice to wear at weddings, graduations or other celebrations in which you want to make an impact. And the best part is that it looks complicated, but it is pretty easy it is to achieve.

romantic bun

This beautiful braided bun begins with a French-style braid on the side and is rolled on the side of the head, ending in a formal hairstyle that is very comfortable and perfect for hot climates.

This is a formal hairstyle that you can use for special occasions, like a date or a party for example; it gives an aspect of delicacy and a totally romantic look that will impact everybody. Here is how you do it:

The first step is that you have to divide your hair into 3 strands: one central, right side and left side.

special occasions

The second step is that with the strands of hair that are on the sides you will make a half tail, with the hair that results from that union you will make a  common three strands braid and at the end seal it with an elastic band.

The third step is that you are going to open that same braid as much as you can, without removing it from the elastic band that is on the bottom, it should be as thick as your hair allows it to be.

The last step is that to finish you will wrap the braid on itself in the upper part, where is the upper ponytail, you have to hide the tip of the braid behind with the help of a couple of hairpins, the final look will be like an absolutely delicate and feminine rose.

upper ponytail

This variation of bun is a formal hairstyle that also looks great with bangs and even with some loose strands. If you wear it like this, it is recommended that the braid start a little behind. Here is how you do it:

  • First step: Start a braid with a side root that is half the width of your head.
  • Second step: Hold the hair that has been left out of the braid in a pigtail; It works whether you do it with high or low queue.
  • Third step: Make a bun and fix it well with pins; You can help with a bump it (stuff for buns) to give it more volume.
  • Fourth step: Wrap the base of your bun with the braid and secure it with pins.

To give it a romantic and practical touch place some flowers as a final brooch; Not only will it enhance your hairstyle, it will also help to better hold the hair of the braid and disguise the ends.

This classic formal hairstyle is perfect for bohemian brides and can have many variations depending on the height at which the braids are born.

If you want to wear your hair almost loose, but your wedding is outdoors and you fear that the breeze may ruffle you, with this option you will get to show off hair and have a clear face.

Brides in search of hairstyles with easy braids, to practice! Here is how to do it:

Elegant French Twist

  • Take a section of hair from the front of your head, on the right side.
  • Make a braid with this strand. To give volume, lightly pull the loops out.
  • Take a strand from the left side of your head and shake it. It can be a little smaller or with less volume than the right braid or they can be both equal; everything depends on the effect you pursue.
  • Bring the braid right to the back of your head and tie it with pins to your loose hair. The idea is that it is at the height of the birth of the braid on the left side. If it does not come because you do not have hair that long, hold it where it reaches.

luxurious and elegant

  • Bring the left braid to the right side and tie it in the same way.
  • You can pass a braid through the middle of the other’s loops, or create a cross with them. You can also jam only part of the braids and drop the rest, so you have even more loose hair to show off. The classic thing is to bind both braids together so that they look like they are one.

The classic

Formal hairstyles for weddings

This formal hairstyle is one of the easiest to do. First of all you should make sure that the hair is prepared and has no knots. Then, divide the hair into two sections and tie them as if they were a knot.

When you have done it, take the hair that remains at the top of the knot and place it on the right side of it, down. Engage it with several hairpins so that the hair does not move. Repeat the same process but with the tuft below, up on the left.

Gibson or Pompadour

Comb your hair with the stripe to the side.

Take a lock of the top part (of the side on which you have left more hair) and separate it in two.

Tie the two pieces of hair in a loose knot and secure them with a fork.

Repeat this step as if you were making a chain on your hair.

When you reach the center of the back of your head, pick up the hair on the other side of the head back with hairpins to maintain the balance of the hairstyle but giving an asymmetric touch that is so fashionable.

This formal hairstyle is perfect for guests who have their hair over their shoulders


The Gibson or Pompadour was a very popular formal hairstyle at the beginning of the 20th century.

This elegant style mixed with some fishtail tail braids will give you a bohemian but sophisticated touch. Although it may not seem like it, this is one of the easiest wedding hairstyles to make.

Separate the hair into three sections, leaving more hair in the back. Make two fish tail braids, one on each side. Then tie the hair of the center section with a rubber band and roll it up and hook it with hairpins to create a Gibson bow. To finish, you will only have to place the braids on the bun well so that they do not move.

Gibson or Pompadour

What’s easier than wearing loose hair with two braids? This formal hairstyle, one of the easiest to do, is perfect for guests or bohemian brides.

Leave the hair loose (comb it with natural waves to give it an even more romantic touch) and make a small braid on each side. Give a little volume to the back of the head and join both braids there with forks.

bohemian brides

This formal hairstyle is perfect for guests with short hair. Start by giving volume to the top of your hair.

Place a thin headband, pull back the hair on both sides of the head, twisting the ends of the strands and securing them on the back of the head with hairpins.

Continue securing the tufts on the underside of your hair until you have the full hairstyle.

thin headband

This spectacular braid is one of the easiest and most surprising formal hairstyles you can find.

Comb with the stripe on one side and start to make a French braid on the part of your head that has more hair (in each braid, take more hair with the front strand, the one that is closer to the ear, so that the braid follow around the head).

When you reach the bottom of your ear, tie the braid with a rubber band to continue with the other side.

Take the hair from the other side of the head and twist it back to join it with your French braid.

Now that you have all the hair together on one side, start making a fishtail braid until you reach the end.

This spectacular braid is one of the easiest and most surprising formal hairstyles you can find. Comb with the stripe on one side and start to make a French braid on the part of your head that has more hair (in each braid, take more hair with the front strand, the one that is closer to the ear, so that the braid follow around the head).

When you reach the bottom of your ear, tie the braid with a rubber band to continue with the other side.

Take the hair from the other side of the head and twist it back to join it with your French braid.

Now that you have all the hair together on one side, start making a fishtail braid until you reach the end.

hair with curls

One of the most elegant and easy to make formal hairstyles.

To achieve this style, you will only need to braid your hair while spinning it over a headband.

It starts on one side and then repeats the same process on the other. When you reach the back, hook the rest of the hair on the headband with some bobby pins.

bobby pins

Formal hairstyles for little girls

In fact, this beautiful and elegant formal hairstyle is very easy to make.

All you got to do is simply part the hair to the side and take some hair near the face and above the ear, then you must roll it up to form a braid, at this point your girl can help you hold that part, then pick up the rest of the hair using a comb and tie it with the little braid that you already had.

To finish you make a ponytail just to the side of the head, then you must turn the ponytail between herself and pull a little so that the hairstyle fits.

Formal hairstyles for little girls

To achieve this beautiful braid crown, you must take the three strands of the braid on each side starting from the sideburns to the central part of the head, making sure that you take the same amount of hair on both sides.

Then complete a braid until it reaches the point in which it joins with the other to there make a subtle knot in the center of the head and let the rest of the hair hang down.

central part of the head

This is an easy and beautiful formal hairstyle that seems to be very elaborate, but in reality, it is totally simple to do, ideal for a young worker who wants to look different every day. Here is how to do it:

–           First step: After having brushed all of your hair well, you will split it in two parts and you will make two high pigtails in the back, it is important that you make them very close to one another.

–           Second step: Those pigtails should be braided, with the style of your preference. if you want to twine two strands together or make a three-strand braid that is up to you.

–           Third step: With the help of a bobby pin you will fixate the pigtails on the opposite side from where they are located; the tips should hide behind the hairstyle.

You can use this style in meetings or important events, people will think that you lasted a long time in the mirror to do it.

braid bun

To achieve this cute formal hairstyle all you got to do is simply part the hair to one side and make a ponytail taking into account that all the hair of the head is well tempered and thus make sure that there are no raised parts, then roll up the hair until it starts to form a bow and at the end when the girdle has been formed, tie it with a pair of fasteners or clips.

This is the cutest of the formal hairstyles for girls, in order to do it you must take all the hair and make a ponytail on the top of the head and adjust it with a garter, then you simply have to split this ponytail into three sections and accommodate them in a shape that looks like in the image appears and then simply hold it and secure it with a bobby pin or clip.

formal hairstyles for girls

Formal hairstyles for men

A straight line increases the elegant style of the formal hairstyles for festive occasions. Ideally, when you make the line you have a little wet hair.

Comb your hair back and help yourself with a comb to make the line straight.

Then you’re ready to comb the rest of your hair.

It is a haircut that is becoming fashionable and you can even do it alone at home.

The only thing you have to do is to shave the sides and part of the nape of the neck and leave more hair on the top of the head, to comb it to the side or back, or even if you do not leave your hair very long, to put it on end with a little gel, wax or hair gel.

The undercut style haircut is perfect for combing with a toupee, since the hair on the top of the head is longer.

But you do not need to do the undercut to be able to comb with a toupee, you can also do it even if you do not have shaved the sides of the head and the part of the neck.


Formal hairstyles for boys

The pompadour haircut is a style that fits almost every young boy, but they use it more they are going into their pre-teen years.

As usual, the hair is buzzed very short to the scalp on the sides and kept long and voluminous on top.

This look kind of resembles men’s hairstyles back on the 1940’s and 1950’s and it looks very elegant and polished.

If you want to add an extra touch to this style, you can clip the hair even shorter on the sides to get a fade look.

Formal hairstyles for boys

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