1940s Hairstyles

During the human history have existed several moments that have marked our existence, the most important one is the World War II, as we know this decade is extremely iconic for many reasons.

Besides all the tragic event of the war we have the iconic style during the forties, which is much acclaimed, even when it was a delicate time where the attention wasn’t focus on the fashion.


During those years a lot of products were regulated, and a lot of women had to be creative and improvise at home.

When women had to fill the space, men left when they went to the war women became even more creative, they created a lot of hairstyles that could help her and be safe during their works at companies.

Nowadays we remember this decade with a feeling of glamour and style that sometimes we want to recreate these hairstyles, some of these forties hairstyles were highlighted with use of rolls, curls and turbans.

If you are interested in knowing which were these famous hairstyles keep reading and you’ll find out a hairstyle that you’d like and maybe that you should try.

 40’s Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

Women with long hair during this time were a complete symbol of femininity and a lot of women wore and decorated her hair with hairbands or turbans and stylized them with long and well-defined curls.

Long Hair

Peek-A-Boo Bang

This hairstyle is one of the easiest and popular between some celebrities and high-class woman, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is that your hair must be cleaned and almost dry, after that you must part your hair in one side.

Once you have this, you’ll already create an effect of peek-a-boo in the part where you have more hair, this will create a mystery aura that any men could resist.

Peek-A-Boo Bang

Now is time to stylize the hair with, pick a curling iron and select small sections of the hair, to create a better effect we recommend you do it from the top, now to let the curl fall over the hair just open slowly the iron and use bobby pins to pin the hair to your hair.

high class woman

You’ll have to wait until the hair is cool, when this time comes you must use your finger tips to un do a little bit the curls and let the hair al wavy and sexy, add a little bit of spray and you’ll be ready with a hairstyle that always will look cool.

Victory Roll

This hairstyle was more common between housewives because it was easy to do and bring volume to hair, the curl was supposed to make a frame in the woman face and was commonly named in honor of the maneuver which were a type of airplane that was really helpful during the World War II

In case you want to try this hairstyle, you must know that the first step is to curl all your hair in small sections of hair, this create a wavy hairstyle in case you have straight hair or if your hair is naturally wavy then it will help to make it look more stylized.

After this use some hair mousse to create an effect of more malleable hair, now is time to part your hair in the middle across the hair and pick two medium sections from the front side of the hair, a section from left and another for right.

Victory Roll

Now is time to make the roll, the first step is to pick the section from any side and tease it from up to down this create a lot of volume to the hair, once you did this proceed to curl the section from the back to the front of the hair and pin the hair with bobby pins and add spray, repeat this step with the other section.

To finish this flattering 1940’s hairstyle curls the rest of the hair with the help of a round brush and finally add a little bit of hair cream to add a little shine to the hair.


Now you have finished, and you have this beautiful hairstyle that looks extremely good for any occasion and add a lot of vintage to your routine.

Bouffant Style

This hairstyle was popular during the half of the forties, the name only means hair gathered on top and is actually the same as the pompadour, besides some people thing this hairstyle is from the fifties is actually from the middle of the forties.

This is an easy to get hairstyle and you don’t need to many things to stylize the hair if you want to get this hairstyle for a party or a formal social event.

As we know a pompadour is done by combing back the hair and by pin it with some bobby pins and hair spray.

Bouffant Style

First of all the hair needs to be clean and untangled, if you already have this part done then pick a section of hair that is near to the top and front of the hair, now that you already have this straight this part of the hair and use a roll comb to stylized the hair from the end of the hair to the root of this.

With this you are teasing the hair enough until you have a lot of volume in the lowest part of the hair, now you must take the section that you already have and comb back the hair, this will create the pompadour, now use bobby pins to pin the hair in the correct place.


This creates a pouf on the hair; you must be really careful that the hair you are combing needs to be off the head stylize the rest of your hair with the use of the roll comb and create some curls.

Now you are completely ready for the event. If you want to add more style decorate the hairstyle with a headband

1940’s Hairstyle for Women with Short Hair

During this decade it was common to have women with short hair and they had stunning hairstyle that made her the center of attention during the social events.

If you are a woman with short hair and want to try some of this retro hairstyle keep reading and find one that you may enjoy.

Hairstyle for Women with Short Hair

Pageboy Hairstyle

This is a hairstyle that looks amazing in women with short hair and is completely stunning and versatile because it fits completely well for party or for the daily day, this hairstyle is very easy, and you don’t need too many things.

As we said during the forties many things were out of stock because of the war so women had to use what they had.

Pageboy Hairstyle

Once you already have your hair clean, separate it and curl your hair while is half dry, once the hair is already curled and dry, release the curls slowly being careful to not mess the curls, after that start brushing the ends of the hair up.

While you are doing this, you need to be careful put some bobby pins in the curls in order to pin the ends of the hair to the roots of your head and add some hairspray to get it right.

As a final touch to the hairstyle curl the bangs of your hair a lot until is very curl then add more hairspray, so the hairstyle will be long latest.


This hairstyle as you have seen is easy and flattering so you must try this beautiful hairstyle.

Middy Magic

This a hairstyle that seems to be done for girls with short and as well is very practical and easy to get, the idea is to have a wavy hairstyle that frame the face and highlight the eyes of the woman who wore the hairstyle.

The first thing that you have to do to get this stunning hairstyle is to part the hair asymmetrically and curl the hair with a round iron, after this the ends of the hairs are curled into the inner part of the hair and is secured with the use of bobby pins.

Middy Magic

This gives a classy impression that is always well placed in every situation and also left the shoulders off and bring a youth aura that every woman wants try.

In case you are interested in trying this hairstyle you have the steps to follow to be stunning in every party.

classy impression

Pinned-up Trickery

This a hairstyle that is pretty similar to the faux bob, but this is already done with the hair short and stylized, the first thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you need to have a bang, with this you can frame your face and add a sweet hairstyle.

With the help of a roll brush you have to blow dry your hair and, in the ends, you must roll up the hair until the ends are curled and if you think it is necessary add a little bit of hairspray and pin the hair with the bobby pins.

Pinned-up Trickery

This hairstyle can be perfectly decorated with the use of a headband; this will add a vintage style that will look flattering on you.

perfectly decorated

1940’s Hairstyles for Men

Of course, during the decade of forties men were busy in the outside fighting against the axis powers, so they weren’t in the world of fashion during these years.

Men mostly used short hairstyles and sometimes military hairstyles that were easy to maintain and to cu during the awful years of the World War.

1940’s Hairstyles for Men

If you as a man are interested in knowing these hairstyles that are recently having a comeback keep reading this article and find out one that you’d like to try.

military hairstyles

Military Hairstyle

Men who were at service must cut their hair very short, it was something necessary during the war, it was a low maintenance hairstyle and was better to wash and basically didn’t need any kind of styling.

This was a buzz hairstyle and the hairstyle was done all around the hair, this hairstyle was done with electric clippers.

There was a variation of this hairstyle that as called the butch hairstyle that was a military hairstyle too, the variation was that the top was left a little bit longer for about two inches longer, besides the men who were at service many jazz musicians and other actors wore this classical hairstyle.

Military Hairstyle

In case your hair was too wavy the top was left a little bit longer during those years and the upper part must be slicked back and pin it with the use of some types of oil.

This hairstyle wasn’t very popular but the hairstyle survived during the years that came after the forties. Nowadays a military hairstyle is popular between men that don’t have too much time to stylize the hair, so in case you are this kind of man we recommend you to try it.

Slick Back Hairstyle

This a hairstyle that was popular during the twenties and the forties, this was the classical manly hairstyle, that is appropriate for men with straight hair and wavy hair, the hairstyle is done by going to the barber shop and asking the barber to cut the sides and back of the hair and top was left a little bit long.

This hairstyle can be easily stylized by the use of hair oil or pomades, this makes the task of combing the hair easier than you think, this oil or pomade must be applied through the wet hair, once you have done this you can slick back all the hair.

Slick Back Hairstyle

When you are slicking back the hair you can do it to one side or not at all this is your completely election. If you have finish this step then you can proceed to add some waves to the hairstyle with a stiff bristle brush, this is the final touch to your hairstyle and you’ll be perfect for a vintage party.

Wavy Hairstyle

This is another solution for men who have wavy hairstyle and wavy hairstyle, this is the same hairstyle or at least pretty similar to the slicked back hairstyle, the change that this hairstyle has is that is a little bit longer in the upper part the hair.

The first thing you have to do is to make a line in the middle of your hair, this line needs to be very straight and well defined, now that you have already made this you must comb the sides of the hair up and after that make it to a side to highlight the part wavy hair.

Wavy Hairstyle

Do the same to the other part of the hair and when you are finish comb the rest of the hair, but comb the hair going to back side of the head and this is all you have to do to have the perfect hairstyle.

1940’s Hairstyles for kids

Kids always have different styles to try and to get a lot fun with, during the forties there were several hairstyles that were conventional and the only point these hairstyles had is to make them look as childish as possible.

1940’s Hairstyle for Kids

Long Hair with Headbands

It was common for little girls to wear the hair long, this was adding a youthful aura to the girl and was easily to stylize and to maintain, in some cases the girl wore a headband to decorate the hairstyle.

This headband could be in any color the little girl or the mother wanted. When the time of stylizing the hair came it was done with irons.

In case you would like to try this hairstyle to your little princess you only need a roll brush and a curl iron, then you begin by combing the hair in order to eliminate the tangles all around the hair.

Long Hair with Headbands

Then you should use part the hair in several sections and start curling the hair and once you are finish with curling hair pin the curls with bobby pins for a while and after few minutes remove the bobby pins and undo a little bit the curls so they will look natural.

Milkmaid Hairstyle

This hairstyle was done for parties and other events so the girls how wore this hairstyle wouldn’t have problems with the hair or for fights between other girls, this hairstyle is all retro and sweet so we recommend you this kind of hairstyle for your little girl, she will look stunning with it.

The first thing you need to do is to separate the hair in two piggy tails braids then secure the both braids with a hairband, now you can proceed to the next step is to lose the braid a little bit so it will look thicker.

Milkmaid Hairstyle

After this you will pull one of the braids into the upper part of the head an pin it with three bobby pins, one bobby at the end, one on the middle and one on the top, do the same with the other braid and pin it, once you are ready add a little bit of hairspray and decorate it with a bow.

Now your little princess is ready for a retro party.

piggy tails braids

Curly Hair with a Pompadour

This hairstyle was done for little girls that are totally sweet and youthful, this hairstyle is very easy to get and was done for girls who wanted to be just like their mothers.

This hairstyle fits perfect for girls with round faces so if your little princess has this kind of hair we’ll show how to stylize it.

The first thing you need to do is to pick a section of the hair and make a little pompadour and pin it with a ribbon after that you need to curl all the hair and apply a little bit of hairspray.

Curly Hair with a Pompadour

Middle part Hairstyle

Most of the hairstyle that were done for boys were highly influenced by the hairstyles the adult men wore during the decade, this means that all the haircuts were short and a little bit longer in the upper part of the hair.

This classic hairstyle fits very well in any toddler or little kid, to stylize the hair you must in the first place to part the hair in the middle of the head and after that pick a comb a smoothly comb the hair from up to down.

This can be done with the help of mousse for the hair, repeat the process with both sides of the head and after that you’ll be finish, this is a cute and classic hairstyle that you little men should try at least once in their life, for sure he will look very handsome.

Middle part Hairstyle

Side Part Slicked Back

This a hairstyle that was done for kids who wanted to look like their dads during the forties, also was common to wear among teenagers, because it was a mature and more serious hairstyle that was necessary in some situations.

The hairstyle is perfect for every kid or for formal situations during the childhood, now in case you would like to try this hairstyle with your little boy you won’t need too much to stylize this hairstyle.

Side Part Slicked Back

The first thing you need to do is to ask the barber for a hairstyle that is short on the sides and long on the top, then you at home make a side part in the upper part of the hair and the part that has more hair stylize it with a comb by doing waves.

Ducktail Pompadour

This hairstyle is for teenagers or kids that are in their tens, this was very common in the late forties, but it all begins in the first few years for the decade, besides this hairstyle was associated to delinquent youth it was very popular, this hairstyle was wore by several singers as Frank Sinatra.

The idea was to get a pompadour that was full and wavy, in case you want to try this hairstyle we let you know how, the upper part of the hair was slicked back and created a pompadour that was usually short emulating a ducktail style and was ended in the lowest part of the neck as duck tail.

As you have seen there were several and iconic hairstyle form the forties that nowadays are a total trend and you should try them because for sure you’ll look completely stunning.

Ducktail Pompadour

We thank you deeply for reading this article until the end, we hope that was helpful to you in order to get you some ideas about 1940’s Hairstyles.

If you enjoyed it or liked it enough please share with your friends or family so more people get to know about the topic, we will bring you more articles like this very soon.

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