Cute hairstyles

For women, nowadays is more and more complicated to find a hairstyle that accomplishes their wishes to look gorgeous and, at the same time, original, cute and feminine.

Sometimes we may hold us back by the thought of the importance of hair’s length, color or shape; but this concern shouldn’t be a problem anymore, here’s the proof that there do exist infinity of cute hairstyles that anyone could be able to perform and wear.

For example, when we first think about short cute hairstyles for girls probably one of the things that comes to our minds is…

hairstyles for girls

That they don’t need them because its cut itself it’s enough to look beautiful, right? But what about braids, ponytails or even buns?

As we claimed before, not an obstacle anymore!   We would like to show you several ways to make your hair look beautiful and graceful without too much effort.

Some cute and simple hairstyles for shorter hairs

Hairstyle #1

Hairstyle #1

This hairstyle has become a trend, not only for its almost inexistent complexity at the moment of doing it but also because it can be worn by all kind of different hairs’ lengths, even if you use a bob!

One of the perks of having this cute hairstyle is that you can have your hair out of your face (which means bye-bye annoying and unsettled baby hairs) and it works for hiding your second day hair too.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Grab 3 separated pieces of hair in order to create a French braid that goes from the top front of your head and make it go all the way down the back of your head
  • You can always occupy a ribbon, tie or pin to secure the braid but make sure that matches your hair’s color. Once you’ve done it, if you wish, fan out a little bit the braid to obtain more volume, this will turn its original shape into a more feminine and delicate beginning for the hairstyle
  • Now it’s time to make use of the rest of the hair, taking a piece of it from the right side of your head, wrap It around the braid as in hiding the material you employed to secure it, afterwards you will need a pair of bobby pins to safe the piece of hair successfully
  • This process will be repeated just the same with the rest of hair from the left side of your head and using the rest of bobby pins to secure it

And we’re done! If you let some hairs out of place don’t panic, feel free to use them in your favor to frame areas of your face in order to gain more depth or you could just add more bobby pins so this cute hairstyle will look way more sophisticate.

Hairstyle #2

Hairstyle #2

Sideway braids are becoming a lot more popular these days; we often see different creations with this hairstyle worn in bridal events, parties or more formal businesses but that doesn’t mean we cannot turn it into a casual, simple and cute hairstyle for girls to wear at days.

This one is pretty accurate to, maybe go to university or take a walk because the touch of the ponytail gives it a casual look and the best part it’s not tricky at all!

Steps to follow:

  • Let’s begin by dividing your hair and creating a side part, coming back with the French braid, this time we’ll do it all the way down the side of your head and directing it towards the back of the head and tie it up with any elastic band you want
  • Take the braid and pulling all of your hair back, put them together into a lower ponytail securing it with another elastic band

Steps to follow

  • Grab the left tip of the braid and cover around the base of the ponytail, this will complement the hairstyle not without mention that it’ll add a touch of beauty
  • There’s the possibility that unsettled pieces of hair remain that way but don’t worry! That will provide you a messier look
  • To wrap up, substitute the previously used elastic bands with bobby pins to properly safe the tighten braid at the bottom of your ponytail

There you go! A cute hairstyle out of ordinary but still simple and beautiful to carry on those more relaxing days.

Hairstyle #3

Hairstyle #3

We’ve shown so far there’s no need of long hair to make your hairstyles look cute and feminine, also it has been demonstrated that sometimes “less is more” and this particular hairstyle is a living proof of it, its simplicity provides women (and little ones) an angelical halo but looking gorgeous at the same time, it’s perfect for both formal and informal occasions.

Steps to follow:

  • Start by creating a middle line in your head
  • Then, take a small bunch of hair at the front and left part of your face and start twisting it towards your ear
  • While you do it, make sure of adding little pieces of hair to the bunch along the hairline in order to create a more voluminous hairstyle
  • Repeat the process with the left side of the hair so you’ll have two pieces of hair in both sides of your head
  • Reach your head’s back with them and secure them with more bobby pins
  • As a final touch, pull on the hair slightly and leave out some pieces of hair to frame the front of your hair

And that’s it! You’re owner of a beautiful hairstyle that’s simple but still so elegant and classic that will drive everyone nuts.

Medium-length hairstyles

Medium-length hairstyles

In 2018, medium-length hair has been used for many women and girls all around the world.

It’s classic, cute, feminine and (as its name says) in the middle of both lengths, not too short but neither too long.

Several different techniques have been applied to complement and glamorize this haircut such as:

Degradè, highlight coloring, balayage method and many more; but when it comes to cute girls’ hairstyles, this haircut has the perk o framing your face in a beautiful way and this it’s increased when you perform hairstyles. 

While some hairstyles look more sophisticated only with long hair, medium-length hair can be adapted into a more fashioned and innovative way.

Color curls

Plenty of hairstyles had been released until the present day to style this particular hairdo: buns, braids, knots and many more.

We could also locate little girls within this group, most of them in the ages between 3 to 5 years old tend to carry this kind of haircut and that’s when we can take advantage of and make little princesses look even more beautiful than they already are.

Most of the time, mothers get crazy when it comes the moment of performing cute hairstyles on their daughters’ hair.

cute hairstyles.

They are extremely busy human beings and we are perfectly aware that sometimes, their mornings are so full of hard work or tasks to complete in home that there is no much time left to braid, curl or pin every strand of hair.

But as always, we never run out of options for doing a hairstyle that will not take more than a few minutes, so your little girl may carry a hair as gorgeous as her mommy’s.

Here we show you some cute hairstyles for little girls to do at any occasion! We assure you won’t have to worry anymore for those rushed school mornings.

#1 Bubble Ponytail

#1 Bubble Ponytail

Ponytails were probably the first hairstyle ever performed in human history, but we have found the way through years to modify it whether for our convenience or simply to glamorize even more the hairstyle itself.

The best part of it is that it’s pretty easy to do it besides the fact that the hair remains still and there are no strands of hair out of place, that’s why it could be accurate for school or any party and event where your little one will be playing around.

pretty easy

Steps to follow to do it:

  • Pull your little girl’s bang back and make a regular ponytail
  • Next, add another layer just below, maybe two inches lower on her head
  • Put it together with the previous ponytail and secure with an elastic band
  • Softly, pull on the section between the 2 layers to bubble them up a little bit
  • Continue repeating the process all the way down her head until you reach the base of the skull, so the rest of the hair will get incorporated to this hairstyle

In essence, your little princess is all set up to jump around without losing her grace and cute hairstyle.

#2 Faux Waterfall Braid

We know that not always it’s time to rush when it comes to hairstyles, and as it was said before, braids have grown in popularity among girls these past years.

So it was impossible to avoid including many of them in this list; starting with the Faux Waterfall Braid is just wise due to its lack of complication which at the same time, will help you acquire practice with other more difficult braids.

#2 Faux Waterfall Braid

This precise hairstyle is flawless to carry around through formal events without looking too presumptuous and tends to transmit beauty and finesse whether in women or little girls.

Steps to follow:

First of all, you will need an elastic band and a bunch of bobby pins.

  • For starts, divide the hair in a deep way on one side
  • Once you have the side with majority of hair, create a three inch section in order to do a braid that will go right towards the end of the head and secured with an elastic
  • Now is when it gets a little more complex, introduce your thumb and index finger though the small holes that are parts of the braid and then, grab a small piece of hair from the front of your head
  • Insert this section of hair through the holes that were open in the braid
  • Repeat the same process with the rest of the braid’s spaces until the effect of the waterfall has been done line down and parting on the other side of the head
  • Take a bobby pin to secure the end of the braid under the head and, if you can, fan out to provide a better fist look of the hairstyle

#3 Elsa’s Coronation Bun

#3 Elsa’s Coronation Bun


Which little girl in the world didn’t fall for Queen Elsa from Frozen?

Not only their special personality features make her a strong and independent role to follow, but also because of her beautiful hairstyles are beyond astonish!

Your little princess can wear this exact hairstyle at several cases thanks to the elegant and sophisticate air the bun provides, and we assure you she will adore looking as graceful as one of her favorite princesses.

The use of a ribbon can be optional but remember it will give the hairstyle more adornment and remarkability.

You will also need a “rat tail comb” in order to create the partitions of the hair so much easier.

A hair elastic band must be used so take this into account.

Elsa's coronation

Steps to follow:

  • Take your little girl’s hair on one side of her head
  • Grab the rat tail comb and draw a horizontal line from the final point of the opposite ear to the one who has the rest of the hair
  • Dismiss the rest of the hair by putting it in the back with a sectioning clip
  • Use a medium-sized strand of hair from the side you decided to pull your hair and create a partition dividing it into two separate sections
  • Then start applying French twisting to both sections by making a flip to the front one over the back section. Afterwards, continue the hairstyle by adding more strands of hair to the twisted braid from the side of the head with each twist
  • When the French twisted braid has gone past the ear and you are running out of hair to add to the bun, simply wrap it up with an elastic band
  • If you have decided to use the ribbon, it’s time to combine it with the braid. You must take one of the ends and insert it into the elastic band
  • Pull together all of the hair into a perfectly shaped side bun under the French twisted braid and secure the bun with all of the bobby pins you possibly can


Your little girl now can play to be Queen Elsa with the conclusion of this beautiful hairstyle, and you see, it might have looked complicated at the beginning but never give up on trying on these lovely hairstyles.

Be like Elsa

Now, as can be seen, all of these hairstyles are meant to make you feel comfortable, beautiful and cute.

As women, we seldom believe that there is never enough time to take to look more fixed up as if we didn’t care about our appearance.

Take a minute and contemplate how easy can be to seize the opportunity to give yourself a new look without too much radical changes.

In the same way, we must remember not to restrict ourselves from trying something different and new; you will be surprised how simple hairstyles can change someone’s perspective.

Long Hair Hairstyles

It has been proved there’s no obligation of a strict extremely-long hair, but we do must recognize there could be exist way more chances to be creative and sassier with the hairstyles for girls.

However, we are also aware that not everything is all rainbows and flowers, though having long hair may make look like a goddess there will always exist the issue of “what to do with all of that hair?” besides of the thought that any hairstyle may take years to be finally done.

Long Hair Hairstyles

These concerns have even leaded many women and girls to just grab a scissor and get rid of it but here we are to hold you back from that decision

From 2017, braids have not only been the ones to rule in the hairstyles’ business but also many other features such as: flowers, crowns, jewelry, wraps and many others.

We could say they are a complement to braids and buns but there’s no doubt they perform a fancier air to our hairstyles.

They are more commonly used at more formal events like weddings, graduations or balls, and when you find yourself in this type of situation we know you could use a little help.

Flowers in hair

We are here to show you some cute hairstyles that will become best friends with your complicated long hair, remember there is no need to stress you out and no matter how long your hair might be, there is always a chance to style it in beautiful but simple ways.

#1 Khaleesi Inspired Twist

Even if we try, it is known by everybody that no one wears a braid as the mother of dragons, there is no doubt that this tailed style and simple braid will make you seem as an empowered Khaleesi.

It’s simple but still so elegant and easy to perform that will turn you into everybody’s wish.

As in having to do two braids instead of one, we can appreciate how useful long hair can be for this kind of hairstyle.

#1 Khaleesi Inspired Twist

Steps to follow:

  • For starts, brush back all of your hair
  • Another thing that characterizes Daenerys’s hairstyles are the usual pieces of hair she leaves in the front of her face to frame it, and that is exactly what will do.
  • Grabbing the first layer of your top half hair and tie it into a little ponytail
  • Use your fingers to create a gap above the elastic band you employed to secure your ponytail
  • Next you’ll have to involve your ponytail up into this gap in order to tail it
  • Take two strands of hair close to your ears and tie them up into another ponytail that goes above the first one
  • Tops tail this ponytail twice

Look finished off! You are now ready to rule more than the seven kingdoms.

This hairstyle will definitely get you out of troubles when you don’t know what to do with your hair for that special rendezvous and might as well be accurate to wear along sundresses or long skirts.

#2 Ideal Rope Braid

#2 Ideal Rope Braid

We know we are unable to get away from braids, but, how could we?

They have a particular way to make our hair look beyond styled and gorgeous, not to mention that the possibilities to create hairstyles with them are practically infinity.

Furthermore, as it was mentioned before, we must admit that sometimes comfort is our priority and having long hair may turn into annoyance with all of those pieces of hair flipping right in our face; however, we’ve found a solution with this magnificent hairstyle.

It has a way to embrace every strand of hair out of place to make us comfortable but at the same time seems delicate and formal thanks to the length of the hair, the hairstyle will get such volume and beauty that you will not regret ever again to have it that way!

#2 Ideal Rope Braid steps

Steps to follow:

  • Let’s begin by pulling your hair on one side of your shoulders with a partition
  • Once you’ve decided your side, take a medium-sized piece of heart close to your parting and fragment it in two parts
  • Using both of your hands, start twisting the strands of hair in direction to your face until the end
  • In this step is when the length of your hair will make everything easier, after the twisting you will have to ravel these pieces of hair with another ones away from your head and adding more and more twists from the hair near to your forehead and the top hairstyle
  • When your curled braid has reached the nape of your head it’s time to use as well the hair that got left from the back, next divide your hair equally in two sections
  • We are back at twisting to our face with your hands and repeat the process of intertwine them with each other aside from your face
  • Ensure the end of your twisted braid with an elastic band and if you wish, release some of the pressure so the hairstyle will look prettier

There you go! With this braid your hair will not be disturbing you in scenarios with wind ever again, it is easily done, and your hair is tamed by a hairstyle that looks literally like a rope.

#3 10 Second Top Knot

#3 10 Second Top Knot steps

So far braids have ruled, but what about those sunny days when your loose hair will only make you hotter?

Or those rushing mornings when you head to the office and there is no enough time to do an elaborated hairstyle? Here is the answer!

The biggest perk of this cute hairstyle is that you can perfectly perform it when you are just getting up off bed, the exact moment when your hair is all messy and tangled might be the picture-perfect to do it because that is part of the hairstyle’s body.

Our goal here is that provides you a wild and messy look without stop looking feminine and graceful; having the chance to do it within nothing more nor less than 10 seconds, you cannot miss this opportunity.

Steps to follow:

As we previously explained, the more chaotic look your hair may have, the more accurate the hairstyle will seem, but if your hair is straight trying to use some hairspray or dry shampoo in order to give it more volume and curls so the final bun will see curlier and delicate.

Step by step

  • So the first you are going to do is to pull all of your hair back and start losing out your roots by sticking your fingers in your scalp so the hairstyle will get more texture
  • Once you’ve done it, use your fingers to brush back your hair (do not use a brush itself because otherwise your hair will be too tamed and flat) and pull it up into a ponytail
  • With the hand that it’s not holding the ponytail, introduce your fingers under the hair at the top of your head and gently pull it out a little bit to gain more volume to the hairstyle
  • Next you will twist the ponytail twice to get halfway, the rest of the hair will be hanging out
  • Now role it around itself until the non-twisted part gets hung
  • Using a wide opened hand, go at the bottom of the hair and shove it up to the top bun
  • With the other hand, grab your elastic band and pull it all the way over the bun, when you’ve gotten it right by your scalp twist it and let it go just half way through the bun
  • If you want it wilder, shape it with your fingers until it reaches the form you wish
  • Take some bobby pins to control some of the strands left off the bun, this will also provide the hairstyle so much more security and you won’t be In danger to fall apart


And you are all good to go!

What we love about this cute hairstyle, is that as you could appreciate, it only took you seconds to be done and there is no need of plenty of supplements.

Only with an elastic band and a few of bobby pins you are perfect to wear it around, not to mention the fact your hair does not have to be ironed or curled to provide that messy look to the hairstyle.

Cute hair

As has been noted, no matter the length, shape, or color of your hair, the chances to do a good hairstyle are here to stay.

These past few years society has increased the importance and relativity of personal appearance, and we cannot deny that hairstyles are a huge part of what a look carries.

Maybe we haven’t thought trough about the real importance of hairstyles in our lives but the truth is that they cannot define a person’s integrity, character or make it whole and secure but they are symbol and representation of what takes to be oneself and not only for women but also for men.

Cute men hairstyle

What leads you to the next point.

At the present year, variations and different hairstyles for men are reaching a big expectative, they have combined vintage barbering styles and classy undercuts to achieve a neat and masculine appearance.

Hairstyles are becoming the daily bread for men due to the swiftness their hairs grow so men must constantly go to barbershops to maintain their look.

However, not everything must be dark, when this happens they also have the opportunity to try on new hairstyles that will definitely last more than girls’.

Especially because the majority of men usually prefer short hairstyles; yet they still sometimes will need some extra help to polish up their styles.

Nowadays the use of gel, mousse or spray is helping to create new styles that men are loving.

Hairstyle for gentlemen

Here we show you some of the trending topics hairstyles for gentlemen, though the ascendance of popularity in long-haired hairstyles, the short ones are not left behind.

Men tend to prefer them not only because of the comfort they provide but also thanks to the fact that they can look handsome without too much effort.

Equally important is to mention boys’ hairstyles, probably many parents all around the world will agree in the fact that having little boys sometimes means not knowing what to do with their hairs.

They often want to look just like their daddys due to the styled haircut they carry; however, it might not always turn into the most accurate for their ages.

Hairstyles for men and boys:

#1 Pompadour Haircut

#1 Pompadour Haircut

This one was maybe the pioneer of men’s fashion in hairstyles these past few years.

They rocked even back in the 50’s, let’s not forget about many artists who made it fashioned and styled just like Elvis Presley.

Now this hairstyle has returned this century to provide gentlemen simple, neat and defined dimensions; it has also been recognized as a street style haircut and got its boom in summer of 2016.

Now, if you’ve decided you want to have the pompadour hairstyle make sure you are heading to the right barber, check out online or its social media to be confident about who’s hands you are leaving your hair in and read its reviews.

Pompadour hairstyle will stress the shapes of your face, however round, however square, this haircut will make you see as king of the streets.

#1 Pompadour Haircut.

Pompadour Hairstyle

As Pompadours have become a trending hairstyle for men, the different types of them that have been created until the present day are countless, this is something else to consider before heading off to the barbershop, be sure that the particular pompadour you’ve chose is the one that fits your face’s shape.

Pompadours for Boys

Which Pompadour Hairstyle Should You Choose

Is it has been mentioned, this hairstyle has become very popular among kids all around the world, it provides them a summer and styled look good to show off in formal events but can be also right for school, here we leave you some of the pompadour’s variations to perfectly select the one who fits to your baby boy’s aspect.

Long Pompadour Fade

Long Pompadour Fade

This one’s perfect for a stylish boy, it is done by a fade effect on both sides of the head and the voluminous sections of hair right on top, if is within your possibilities, try to buy a pomade or a stylizing product to achieve the size your boy wants.

Tiny Pompadour

Tiny Pompadour

This is probably one of the classiest pompadours, and we cannot avoid looking a toddler that has it.

The hairstyle is done by short edges and amid the rest of the hair brushed upwards and backward.

We assure it will give an angelical look to your baby boy.

Pompadour Undercut

Pompadour Undercut

The present variation of the hairstyle is neatly done more carefully, the style up with success this pompadour you will need to do an undercut and also trim both sides of the head in order to sweep an inch from the scalp into the top of the hair.

#2 Fade Haircut

#2 Fade Haircut

We know for sure that the fading technique is giving men’s appearance an air more sophisticated and original, the best part of the cut itself is than has the chance to be applied to almost any hairstyle.

Always remember that the fade must be precise, not too high to maintain a balance looking men’s haircut.

Fades must have a delicate transition from long to short or vice versa as all the way down the skin.

Buzz + Fade for Curly Hair

Another perk, is that not only it’s good enough to be used in almost any hairstyles but also if you are a bearded man, this technique will suit you just fine to shape it along with your haircut.

Check out these few dapper hairstyles you could get

Thick Crop + High Fade Hairstyle

Thick Crop + High Fade Hairstyle

We could say this particular hairstyle is one of the most popular for men right now. It’s a slight mix between the fade technique and the rest of hair on the top of the pompadour.

Buzz + Fade for Curly Hair

Buzz + Fade for Curly Hair

The fade technique can be effortlessly to men or children to enjoy of the privilege of having curly or wavy hair, the cut is short and simple and you will not lose the original shape of your hair, this is more of a way to highlight its best attribute.

This hairstyle can also be performed and beautifully applied in children; it will only give them a more angelical and messier look.

Buzz + Fade for Curly Hair boy

#3 Long-Haired Haircuts

Though the lack of complexity that carries the portray of short hair, as has been showed, we should not limit ourselves with short hairstyles, in 2018 a lot of men have taking the choice of wearing long hair, maybe because it was more of a 90’s thing and some of them do not want to let it go but these men carry it with pride.

It is true that the care of the hair itself might be more exhausting; however, this did not take the chances to play on some hairstyles that will make women sigh.

#3 Long-Haired Haircuts

A small amount of celebrities are owners of a few of the most flawless long hairs in all Hollywood. They even have the ability to try on some of these hairstyles for men with long hair.

Half ponytail

Half ponytail

If you are a bearer of long hair, you must be acquainted with the use of ponytails when heat attacks you.

Nevertheless, this hairstyle is accurate for those days when you feel like losing your hair but still don’t want any strand of hair near your face.

It will give that bohemian or messy look that you might still wish to portray.

Messy Bun

Messy Bun

Having a beard or not, it’s impossible your hair not to look well with this selfless hairstyle, the bun has no further difficulty than having an elastic band, grab your hair, twist it until the end and roll around itself in order to create the hairstyle.

To finish off, twist your elastic band one around the bun and that is all!

Cute hair boy

Though sometimes long hair may not be parent’s first option for their sons, it is not a crime to respect their wishes if they long to let it grow.

Little boys’ hairstyles with long hair have the same amount of variation, do not let everybody’s prejudices hold you back from trying something new or let your baby boy start taking his own decisions related to a part of his body.

We do not have to be hairdressing experts to be able to wear beautiful hairstyles that impress with their beauty and simplicity.

You should be encouraged to make these beautiful hairstyles that you can take to school or work every day, in addition to looking different every day.

We hope this information was of help for you and that you have learnt all of the wonders that cute hairstyles have to offer.

Share with your friends and family if you enjoyed it and do not be afraid of jumping on to the world of cute hairstyles.

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