Asian Hairstyles

Asian hairstyles can go from very soft and feminine to extreme and elegant.

If you are an Asian person, it is almost certain that you have been complimented for your beautiful hair.

«Who would not like to have a silky hair like yours?»

But like any other type of hair, Asian hair has its own needs and limits, so it is important to stay informed about what Asian hair can or cannot do.

Asian people usually have black, dark brown or  medium brown hair, but if you are a mixed ethnicity person, you could have other tones in your hair.

Pure Asian hair is usually darker and it is also more resistant when it comes to dyeing  in a different color or treat it with chemical products.

If you want to dye Asian hair a lighter color, you will probably need to use a bleach treatment to get the exact color that you are looking for.

cute asian hairstyle

Even though Asian hair is usually thick and dense, there are no two exactly identical hair types.

Every tpe of hair is special on its own way!

 Smooth and soft Asian hair

Asian hair also tends to be smooth as a stick or even a bit wavy, so you’ll rarely see an Asian woman or man with wild, unruly hairs.

Since straight hair implies a flat cuticle, each hair will reflect the light really well, giving Asian hair its beautiful and characteristic shine.

For Asian girls who want to keep their silky, smooth hairs, there is not much else to do to style their hair.

A conditioner application that is left on overnight will soften any stubborn strands, just as an oil spray will do for shine in the morning.

If you want to curl your hair, you will need to use a shampoo to increase the volume and a conditioner along with a curling iron.

A curling iron is an essential element for many Asian women; it’s a must have, no doubt.

And get ready to exhaust the hair spray after you have finished in order to get those curls to stay in place.

curly asian hairstyle

Hair care for all types of hair is divided into three principal factors: cleaning, avoiding split ends, and keeping the hairs hydrated.

Luckily, Asian hair shaft tends to be stronger than other types of hair, so you can afford to be a bit harder on your strands.

Although, you should use shampoo and hydrate your hair like the rest of the world does.

Wash your hair with shampoo every day to keep your hair clean and use an appropriate conditioner for your hair type.

Supplements are good enough for chemically treated hair, but can make virgin and oily hair look a little bit greasy.

Common struggles with Asian hair

struggles with asian hair

If you are an Asian girl or women, then you know just how annoying it can be to do anything in order to style your hair, and we mean anything.

As a disclaimer, we all know that shiny Asian hair can inspire envy among many girls and women with curly hair.

You know what they say: «the grass is always greener on the other side”.

We can take this to make reference as everything looks better from the outside and don’t judge a book by its cover.

Having said that, we would like to address one specific and significant problem that all Asian girls and women have.

Asian hair is in fact slippery.

While others may see Asian hair as smooth and shiny, Asian girls and women see it as almost impossible to work with.

The overly flat texture of Asian hair makes it very difficult to create a style. Seriously, sometimes even a basic ponytail turns into a challenge for them.

textured hairstyle

Another very common problem for women and girls who have very fine hair like the Asian type is that very easily it rises.

In fact, it  looks as if the hairs were electrified throughout the head.

Or the fact that you can’t  wear pigtails or high buns because the hair weighs so much that everything just looks like the hair  is melting down.

Advices for Asian hair

advices for girls with asian hair

The first thing you have to do is try to get a special product for straight hair.

The fact of using a special product to comb the straight Asian hair will give you many advantages.

The product that you use to comb the straight Asian hair has to be one that is ideal to eliminate the frizz.

It’s also important that it leaves the hair completely manageable and as smooth as possible.

Do, however, try to avoid products that will result in heavy and oily hair.

The use of a moisturizing product for all hair types is also very important.

This type of product you have to apply it only on the body of the hair and the utilization will also depend on the length your hair has.

If the moisturizer is applied to the hair roots it can result into the hair getting oilier than it should be.

In addition, it is very important at the time you untangle your hair and for every hairstyle you’ll do in general.

You should use a wide bristle comb or simply use your fingers to untangle your hair.

special products for asian hair

If you have some hairs that are rebellious and not so docile and also very small, it is necessary to opt for the use of some hair spray.

Apply a little amount of hair spray for the frizz and rebellious hairs.

Then you can apply a little more on the rest of the hair at a distance of 20cm approximately from your head.

To finish, comb your hair only with your hand by running your fingers all over your hair, this technique will put all of those rebellious hairs in place.

On the other hand, if you are going for a high hairstyle, then it is recommended that you use a bit of the back brushing technique.

This is to prevent high hairstyles from falling given the texture of the Asian hair.

The back brushing technique consist basically on brushing your hair from the middle part all the way back to your roots.

It creates volume and is also the perfect base for a high hairstyle.

In order to achieve a hairstyle with better grip, you have to help yourself with the mouse and the hair spray.

How to create volume in Asian hair

how to create volume in asian hair

Our first recommendation in order to create volume in Asian hair, is that you change your part to create volume at the crown of your hair.

We know that you might have a favorite side of your head to part your hair.

Most of the time this side it’s where your hair likes to fall naturally, it could be the centre of your hair or the side that is closest to it.

The struggle is that this specific point is also where your hair looks the flattest, and you are accustoming it to stay that way.

Flipping your part to the opposite side from where you normally part it, creates instant volume illusion at the crown of your hair.

If you’re worried about looking unbalanced, then try to do it while your hair is still wet.

To build up more height, try a dramatic side part on the opposite side in dry hair.

You can also lightly apply a little bit of hair spray to hold it and lock it in place.

This is the model like type of look everybody has been talking about lately, which is a little bit ’80s vibe and super sexy.

asian hair with texture and volume

Our second recommendation for you is to back brush the roots of the under-layers of your hair in order to create a soft volume in Asian hair.

This, however, does not necessarily consist on aggressively back-brushing your hair with a comb!

Agressive brushing can make huge tangles, which actually result into a nightmare to get rid of in the shower.

You can actually create soft volume in the crown of your hair by back-brushing the roots, using a large paddle brush for example.

One of the easiest techniques is to pick up the upper layer of the hair, keep it separate, and then back-brush the rest of your hair, part by part.

Holding each part extended and away from the head, brush in a descending motion at the roots in three fast strokes.

Finally, to make the created volume last, use a little bit of hair spray in each back-brushed area.

Once you have completed all the parts, let down the rest of the hair, leaving it even.

blow dried asian hairstyle

Our third recommendation is to Blow-dry your hair upside down in order to create instant and easy volume on your hair.

The best trick to a voluminous blow dried hair is just as simple as flipping your head upside down.

Blow dry

We know it sounds easy, that exactly how many hairstylists blow dry Asian hair.

Then they finish off the ends of the hair with a hair straightener, for a straight with volume type of look.

The reason why this technique works is because when you flip your head upside down, your roots are by design lifting off your scalp.

Asian women and girls like to use this technique to get their hair about 90 percent dry, and then they might do the final smooth out with a round brush.

You have to take into consider that if you have bangs, you should always dry them out in the normal position first.

root booster products for asian hair

Our fourth recommendation is to use a root booster product on damp hair before you blow-dry it.

Booster products

If you have Asian hair root, booster products have to become your friends.

Think of them as the framework to any hairstyle you want to wear.

Root booster products provide structure and support for any lift you create near the roots of your hair.

This will help any Asian hairstyle last all day or even a few days more.

When you look for a root booster product, make sure that is specifically designed for fine hair or Asian hair, so it won’t weigh your hair down.

You have to apply it all over the head, right at the scalp. Make sure you use it on wet hair, root booster products will not work once the hair is dry.

ot rollers to curl perfectly your Asian hairstyle

Our fifth recommendation is to throw in a set of hot rollers in order to get easy waves without all the work of using a curling iron.

Almost everyone forgets about hot rollers.

But hot rollers are pretty amazing.

Not like curling irons and flat irons, there is no special method required to use them.

Just throw them in while you are doing your makeup or choosing your outfit and 20 minutes later, you will have voluminous hair.

This is a great shortcut if your hair is already dry and it’s too late to create volume with the help of you blow drier.

In order to create volume with hot rollers, all you need to do is decide on which direction you want your waves to go to.

For example, if you roll your hair away from the face, this method gives you glamorous Hollywood type of waves.

On the other hand, if you do it towards the face it creates a more vintage effect.

To make your volume last, we suggest misting each section with hairspray before throwing in the hot rollers.

Let the rollers cool completely before removing them.

Finally, brush out and shape your waves for a soft and fancy look.

This look is feminine, voluminous and sexy. Every stare will be on you while showing off this gorgeous look.

sexy and voluminous Asian hairstyle

Our sixth recommendation is to crimp the roots of the under-layers of your hair to make them stand out.

We all know that crimped hair was big trend back in the 80s and 90s decade, and now it is making a comeback but in a different way.

Just crimping at the roots, in the under-layers of the hair, is a creative way to bump up the texture and make it stand out.

We can say the result is a soft, natural looking voluminous hair.

The best part of this technique is that it only takes you a few minutes to do it, and not like curling irons and flat irons, requires zero experience.

And the top layer of hair completely hides the crimping from being too obvious.

keep a bun overnight

Our seventh recommendation is that you sleep with wet hair in a bun overnight in order to wake up with volume and wavy hair.

Do not miss the scrunchie.

It is tremendously useful for this overnight volume trick with absolutely no heat required.

After taking a shower at night, pull your hair up into a high, loose bun while your hair is still damp.

Secure with a soft elastic that does not create creases.

Your hair will dry up lifted off the scalp, so when you wake up and take it down; you will have instant volume in your hair, plus a soft wavy look.

Another method to easily create volume while you sleep is with a stretchy fabric headband.

Wear it across your forehead and wrap sections of wet hair around it until all your hair is wrapped up, secure it with some hair pins if required.

Take it out the next morning, and you will have stunning Hollywood waves.

This classic look never gets old and anyone can pull it off.

apply dry shampoo to avoid oily hair

Our eight recommendation for you is to apply dry shampoo right after any technique to prevent oils from sabotaging the volume you have created.

Do not wait until day two or three to use your dry shampoo.

You don’t have to wait until the very last minute to apply this produce.

By the time you notice your hair is starting to feel oily, the natural oils of your hair are already messing up your volume .

We recommend a preventive method by covering your scalp with a layer of dry shampoo as soon as you finish blow drying your hair.

By applying this method, you will have built up an obstacle to the oil, stopping it in its paths and facilitating your volume style to last more time.

Also we have to let you know that dry shampoo is naturally a volume building product.

Spray it through the length of the hair as well, to create even more smoothness.

Our ninth recommendation for you is to add some color to your hair.

Bleaching your hair can rough up the hair cuticle, since the hair gets thicker and gives it more body.

If you are not used to bleach your hair, then here is secret from those who do it.

The thing is not just about the bleaching or dyeing your hair another color, it is as well about the texture it gives to your hair.

A little bleach on your hair creates additional body and roughs up the hair, so the result is that your hair is not as slippery as before.

Ultimately a blessing for anyone, especially for those Asian women and girls, whose hair lies flat and are not able to hold a voluminous hairstyle.

But if you are not looking for a whole new hair color, there are different ways to profit from the volumizing effect of the bleaching technique.

A few baby highlights strategically placed can give make the difference.

Highlighy the medium part and towards the end of your hair and in a tone that looks good in combination with your hair color.

Also, you will not be having to worry about doing your roots when your hair starts growing.

Ashy colors are the trend of the year.

This Asian hairstyle is suitable for almost every skin tone and will suit you perfectly if you have big, pretty eyes.

Choose this ashy bob hairstyle and if you want to make more emphasis on your facial features, try to add a straight fringe.

This one might seem like the simplest Asian hairstyle, but it has a very beautiful effect.

Think of light brown hair and a layered fringe, this Asian hairstyle could be the transformation you need for the autumn season.

This Asian hairstyle is romantic and very easy to style in case you start getting bored of it.

If that happen you can make your hair wavier or pick it up in a chic ponytail.

When black or dark brown hair meets a really light-toned skin it is just a perfect combination, but you have to be very careful with it.

In order preserve the cleanness and balance of this Asian hairstyle, you just have to keep it natural.

We suggest you to make warm makeup your go-to; otherwise, the effect will be too exaggerated.

If you want an additional touch of glam, you can opt for a colorful lipstick.

honey blonde with dark roots asian style

Colors like warm blonde in combination with dark brown in the roots of your hair are just a perfect match.

This is an Asian hairstyle that suits all girls and women, regardless if they have slim or full facial features.

For an added touch of charm, do some light waves with your iron curler and part your hair on one of the sides to create added volume.

thin asian hair

The majority of Asian women and girls do not have a lot of hair. Instead, the hair is very thin and straight, and not too abundant.

On the other hand, there are techniques with which you can create the impression of extra volume, like several hairstyles and hair products.

Layered haircuts are the best for this type of hair because they help to frame the face and integrate it gorgeously into this Asian hairstyle.

light red and brown asian style

Think of light red hair with hints of blonde all over the hair creates the most spectacular highlights.

What we love of this Asian hairstyle most is that this color is tasteful; and it could have a very amusing effect if you add some bouncy curls.

If you have long length hair, this Asian hairstyle may be just what you need if you change of look.

high ponytail asian hairstyle

Every one loves messy high ponytails that give out a sense of pure originality.

As far as the bangs are concerned, you can see they are uneven.

That’s exactly what makes this Asian hairstyle so different.

Sometimes you do not need to try hard to get a killer Asian hairstyle in a couple of minutes. This look is a proof of it.

beachy waves for asian girls

You can never go wrong this beach waves!

They are an easy Asian hairstyle that you can wear to college or you can use it to get ready for a party.

This hairstyle is really easy to do and it is also long lasting.

The secret for this hairstyle to last is to use high quality hair products for the effect of the beach waves to be visible for hours.

cool asian pink style

Do you to make an impact on everyone you this year? Do you want to stand out?  Then you may want to try out this cool Asian pink hairstyle.

It is trendy and incredibly stylish.

If you add short bangs to this pink hairstyle, it gives it a touch of vintage appeal; which will make emphasis in your eyes.

So we suggest you to make a bold change and try this out. It’s a change, yet not completely exaggerate.

layered asian hairstyle

This is a universally flattering Asian hairstyle

It’s one of the most popular haircuts for Asian women and girls because layers through the bottom three-fourths parts of the hair a wavy texture.

When your curl your hair with and iron curler looks amazing. You can combine this hairstyle with some caramel highlights to give more dimensions to this look.

bold asian hairstyle

For our Asian girls that want to stand out from everybody else, try out this bold Asian hairstyle.

This style combines a fake side cut, a bright color and some waves. Beautiful! It’s super original and modern, and young girls certainly love it.

This hairstyle requires maintenance because of the color and also you have to deal with a lot of hair.

But we assure you this unicorn inspired Asian hairstyle will be worth the effort. It’s bubbly, bright and spectacular!

ost popular Asian hairstyle for men and boys

This is what we call the Bro flow.

The long and soft layers of this Asian hairstyle surround the face and drag the attention to your eyes and eyebrows.

This Asian hairstyle works for almost any face shape and is perfect if your hair is more on the thicker side.

To rock this look we suggest that once you washed your hair, you can blow dry it upside down in order to add extra volume.

Once you finished blow drying it, comb it backwards, add a little side or middle part and let gravity do the rest.

faux hawk asian hairstyle for men

This is what we know as a Faux hawk, which is a variation of the from the Mohawk haircut.

This Asian hairstyle offers a lot of flexibility, which will allow you to modify your hairstyle exactly to your likings.

Nothing like its forerunner, the faux hawk is classically kept short in the back part of the head and then increases into a longer and spiky top layer.

To achieve your cool faux hawk, all you got to do is towel dry your hair and use a generous amount hair gel.

You can also use mousse or wax, to give your faux hawk the boost you are looking for on the top part.

We suggest you to smooth the sides for a more presented appearance.

low fade asian hairstyle

This one is the low fade.

It’s a very versatile Asian hairstyle because it can be used to add dimension and smoothness to practically any haircut.

This Asian hairstyle usually presents a thinning fade above and behind your ears. The deepness of the fade is completely of your choosing.

You may prefer a light cut or to let the fade smoothly and progressively blend into your skin.

The full point of this Asian hairstyle lies only in your hands.

buzz cut for asian men

This is known as the buzz cut, if you are thinking of liberating yourself from your long hair, this Asian hairstyle will not let you down.


On the other hand, this Asian hairstyle might not require a lot of maintenance

However, this bold haircut exposes it all and would not leave anything to hide.

This manly Asian hairstyle normally works for everyone but is specially recommended for those who have strong facial features, as it  intensifies cheekbones and jawline.

The greatest thing about this daring haircut is that if you own an electric razor it is easily self-made at home.

slicked back asian hairstyle

This one is called the slicked back Asian hairstyle and it has surely progressed into the favorites over the last couple of years.

If your hair is fairly dark brown or black and you have lots of hair, a mid-fade helps to ease up the overall look while it adds a fresh twist.

All you will need in order to get this Asian hairstyle is a fine-toothed comb and some hair gel to keep your hairs in place all day long.

crew asian haircut

This is what we call a crew haircut and is a great option for those who would like to increase a little natural height to the crown of their hair.

The forelock in the front is the longest part of the haircut, while the rest of hair gradually runs shorter in the back part of the head.

The overall length of this Asian hairstyle is kept pretty short, so the front hair will nearly stand up on its own.

If we see this haircut from a profile profile view, the top of the head will almost show a straight horizontal line.

To style this Asian hairstyle, use your fingers and a hair gel of your preference to add some height and smoothness.

pompadour asian style

This one is called the pompadour and is a fashionable way to keep your curly hair in form.

In this Asian hairstyle, even though the sides and back of the head are kept up shaped and short, the hair in the top part is kept longer.

If you are a men or boy who has natural wavy hair, use a little amount of hair spray to define individual parts.

But if your hair type is more towards the smoother side, a curling iron or a couple of hot rollers will help you attain this Asian hairstyle.

With the help of the right hair spray, this look has the potential to last until the next time you wash your hair.

disconnected asian undercut

This Asian hairstyle is known as the disconnected undercut and is famous because it has a severe contrast in hair length.

Though the crown of the hair is kept long, the side parts and the back of the head are almost entirely shaved off, showing off much of the scalp.

The success of this Asian hairstyle depends on the amount of volume in the top part of your hair.

In fact, this recommendation is for men and boys with a thick head of hair, as it looks the best in them.

To give this look a little bit of a fun twist, try creating some waves or curls for a beachy vibe.

ceasar haircut asian version

Here we have the Asian version of the famous Caesar haircut, which has been enjoying a huge comeback in the recent years.

This iconic hairstyle is characterized by the short and horizontally cut fringe.

The top part of the hair and the side parts are typically the same length of the front parts but you may possibly go shorter if you want.

We suggest you to complement this Asian hairstyle with little bit of texture thus you will personalize this haircut to your taste.

The possibilities are abundantly to make your own version of this style.

side part asian style


The side part Asian hairstyle will surely raise the level of sophistication of your normal style.

This hairstyle will serve you to complement business clothing.

All you got to do is part your hairs on the side of your preference but you have to make it just above your temple.

Then use a comb and some hair gel or hair wax to put your hairs into place.

On the other hand, if you have long length hair, we suggest you to think of using a little bit of hairspray instead of a hair gel because it might leave your hair looking oily.

soft spiked asian hairstyle

This Asian hairstyle is called the soft spikes

This is a nice look if your hair type is more towards the thinner side.

Keeping the side parts of your hair shot will maintain a smooth appearance, while the spiky top layers add a touch of movement.

To achieve this look, all you have to do is towel dry your hair after you wash it, and then coat your fingertips with a generous amount of hair gel or wax.

Then, begin settling single parts into place till they form soft peaks.

To really rock this woke-up-like-this Asian hairstyle, be sure not to use excessive amounts of product.

asian undecut

This is what we call an undercut.

If you are interested in the disconnected undercut but not entirely sure about doing it with the skin-shave part, this might be the option for you.

All you got to do in order to achieve this Asian hairstyle is to keep the lower parts of your hair buzzed.

Remember that you’re not supposed to shave them completely so they will preserve the integrity of the hairstyle while not revealing too much skin.

asian pompadour

This Asian hairstyle is called the pompadour and it seems to be a little bit gravity-defying hairstyle, no doubt an eye catcher anywhere you go.

In order to achieve this smooth and shiny hairstyle; you have to start by drying your hair with a blow dryer.

Teasing some hair from the top part will add some extra height. To finish, comb the front up and back to form a really voluminous pompadour.

If you want to prevent your hair from falling down, seal the hairstyle with a generous amount of hair spray.

We have to let you know that this hairstyle can be combined with some tram lines as well.

asian side bangs

This Asian hairstyle is called the side bangs

If you want to give your facial features a little advantage then you can add these fashionable side bangs to your look.

This Asian hairstyle is demarcated by an asymmetric line running through your forehead, with side end being considerably shorter than the other.

In addition, the top part of your hair, which is usually kept longer, is brushed towards the front to add some extra volume and smoothness.

If you want this look to work, then you must keep the side parts shorter than the crown of your hair.

The length of the side parts is up to your choosing.

long flowy asian hairstyle

Long flowy hair

We can define this Asian hairstyle as long flowy hair.

Long hair has been making a strong reappearance and it’s being the center of attention in the recent years-

However, it has not been this popular since the grunge trend back in the 90s decade.

Though long hair may be a lot of effort for many men and boys, this look is a lot more effortless than the majority would think.

For a cool relaxed look, just let your hair air dry in the sun after you wash it of if you are in a hurry use a blow dryer.

You can ask your hairdresser for an undercut if you are looking for something a little bit more edgy.

In any case, you will have to get used to wearing a hair tie around your wrist for the hot summer days.

If you liked this article, please share it with your family and friends to help them have a better idea of what they should do with their hair look, you will be doing a big favor to them!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to keep reading our updates!

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