Braided Hairstyles

When thinking about braided hairstyles all we can’t but avoid to think about all the wide range of options.

And ways you can braid your hair that there has to be a look for any occasion and any hair length.

Braid hairstyles are a great option for you if what you are looking for is an easy to make and beautiful look on your hair.

You just need the basics of how to do a braid and how to make it look amazing with your type of hair.

Braiding your hair allows you a plethora of possibilities, with the biggest difference is that you can add it to one hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles 2

That you already love to make it look like a whole new look, or to just add a little something to that specific hairstyles.

Or you can also create a whole new look only with braids. And not only that but you can also have the decision of having just one.

Two or countless braids all around your head in a fabulous look that you can decide.

Braids do not only work as a decorative hairstyle for your hair, it can also help you take care of your hair when going out on extreme conditions.

Like extreme cold in winter, or even when you are going to the pool; chlorine can be a very damaging factor to your hair.

Having a braided hairstyle does not only add texture to your hair if you have it straight.

But it can also leave you with some beautiful waves on your hair once you take the braids out. This is an old trick that plenty people know.

And use when looking for an easy and less damaging way to add wave to your hair without the damage of the heat.

Taking care of your hair

Taking care of your hair

Before talking about any type of braided hairstyle we thought that it would be a great idea for you to know how to take proper care of your hair.

This will have a great effect on the way any hairstyle will look on your hair when doing it properly.

As doing a hairstyle on healthy hair is not the same as doing it on unhealthy and hazy hair.

Taking proper care of your hair may be a 24-hour job, but we promise you that doing all the work will be completely worth it.

Once you see the results on your beautiful hair.  To take care of any hair type you should start listening to it, and we know that it may sound crazy.

But think about it, who’s better to tell you what it needs? We don’t mean that you are going to suddenly start hearing your hair actually talking to you.

But by this we mean that what you should do is pay attention to what it needs, for example.

If you notice your hair is getting dry you should apply hydrating products your hair and such.

Taking care of your hair 2

Some base products and advices you will need to take care of your hair are:

Trimming: We know what you may be thinking, and we know that cutting your hair may not be in your future plans.

You may even want to make it grow longer, but the truth is that you should trim down any damaged..

And open ends of the hair when you see them in other for your hair to grow healthy and beautiful.

Reduce the amount of times you wash your hair: Contrary to popular believe washing your hair everyday.

Can be a very damaging thing for your hair, especially if you are using a shampoo with sulfate in it as it can be very damaging for your hair.

Washing your hair once or twice a week can be more than enough if you have dry or normal hair.

But if you have oily hair then washing it once every two days can be perfect for you.

Taking care of your hair 3

Avoid heat damage: Heat damaged is cause when blow drying, curling or straightening your hair.

These hair tools can be damaging to your hair while applying heat. But if you have a reason for you to still use this heat tools.

Then try to avoid damage by applying a heat protector before applying heat to it.

Oils: Oils are also a great option for you to try to apply to your hair, either to hydrate it or to add nutrients to it!

All you need to do is apply a little amount to the roots of your hair a few minutes before you wash your hair.

In order to give it enough time to absorb the nutrients. The best part about this is that you can use any oil you can find!

Jojoba, argan, coconut and even olive oil.

Taking care of your hair 4

Before jumping to the braided hairstyles let’s talk about some of the different types of braids you can do and how to do them.

Let’s be honest, there are so many different ways and types of braids that just saying “braid your hair”.

Or “add a braid” is about as descriptive and picture describing as saying “do something to your hair”.

The most common thing when people use the term braid is thinking of the basic three stranded one, as is the most used and known one.

Sure, all the different braids are mostly based on the same structure, or concept.

But the truth is that they all have different twists and turns of their own. Between fishtails, french braids, dutch braids and more.

There is plenty of things we need to learn before even thinking about braiding our hair.

Two stranded braid: this simple braid is sometimes not counted as a braid and more like a twist.

But we decided to add them to the list as they are not only an easy but also a cute way to add an extra thing to your hairstyle.

Or your hair when looking for a simple look.

This look is achieved by dividing your hair in two pieces and twisting each of them individually, and then twisting both strands together.

Sort of like when you are bored and twist two braids of hair together.

This braid is perfect for when you want to add a simple braid to your hair in less than a few minutes.

Regular three stranded braid: This is the most basic, could even be the baseline of braids.

To do this braid you need to separate your hair into three sections, then you move one of the strands of the sides – let’s say the strand on the right –

And move it towards the middle, so now the section that was in the middle is on the right side and vice versa.

Now all left to doing the same to the strand on the other side and move it towards the middle.

You’ll have to repeat this process all the way down to the tips of your hair. You can think of it as juggling hair.

Before jumping to the braided hairstyles let’s first talk about some of the different types of braids you can do and how to do them

If you are a first timer it may make your eyes spin, but sooner rather than later.

You will find that it is done in less than 5 minutes and that it is the simplest way of taking your hair out of your face.

Fishtail braid: The name of this braid comes from its final look.

Once you finish the braid you may be able to see the likeness of it with the bones of a fishtail.

Getting this look is simple, you have to separate your hair into two sections, the technique consists on taking one strand – the thinnest the better –

From underneath one of the sections and moving it over to the other strand.

You should repeat this all the way down to the tips of your hair and you will have a gorgeous looking braid.

Before jumping to the braided hairstyles let’s first talk about some of the different types of braids you can do and how to do them 2

If you are a beginner it helps to tie your hair on a ponytail so you can work with more controlled hair strands.

French braid: This type of braid it is possibly the first one in which you will be continuously incorporating strands of hair.

Into a three stranded braid. This is done by adding a strand of hair each time you pass hair over to the center strand.

Before jumping to the braided hairstyles let’s first talk about some of the different types of braids you can do and how to do them 3

This is why you will get a look where it appears that that the hair has been pulled from the sides.

It may take a while to learn how to start the french braid from the top or the crown of the head but the best option for you may be watching a video.

Dutch braid: A dutch braid is technically a french braid, it uses the same technique and movements.

But instead of passing the hair over each strand of hair you are going to pass them underneath.

This will allow the braid to sit on top of the head instead of the weaving in look that you get with the traditional method.

Before jumping to the braided hairstyles let’s first talk about some of the different types of braids you can do and how to do them 4

Four stranded braid: If braiding (and adding them in certain cases) is not enough for you.

Then you will be intrigued to know that there are braids with four and even five strands of hair.

For this specific cases turning to a video is the key for your correct learning of the technique.

Seeing how a real person does this without ending up with a tangled mess can be the perfect solution for you.

Before jumping to the braided hairstyles let’s first talk about some of the different types of braids you can do and how to do them 5

Upside down braid: An upside down braid is a french braid, or a dutch braid in any case, that is done, well…

Upside down, instead of doing it from the crown of your head towards the nape you have to do it from the nape of your hair up towards the top.

If you are going to do this look on yourself, or maybe it can make the process easier for the hair stylist too.

You should turn your head upside down in order for your hair to be hanging down, in order for the process to be easier.

This braid is normally used in a bun or ponytail hairstyle.

Braiding the hair towards the bun to have a little detail on your hair when deciding to do this look.

Actual hairstyles

Now it is time to get into the actual hairstyles!

Choosing a hairstyle can actually be a difficult task, it sometimes is as easy as looking at a picture of a braided hairstyle you liked on the Internet.

But sometimes you can end up having so many options and different hairstyles that you do not even know what to do with yourself.

For this cases, you can ask your hairstylist what hairstyle would look better on you, or maybe your friends.

They can help you choose if it is good for you and for the event you want to wear it to.

On the other hand, you may be on the other side of the spectrum and not knowing any type of look.

Or maybe you always have your mind filled with what hairstyle you want to try next.

But maybe there comes nothing to mind at the moment of doing a hairstyle on your hair.

We have already stated that braided hairstyles can be as variable and versatile as possible.

They work with any hair type and face shape, now the problem could be for you to know which type of hairstyle would allow you to feel or look better.

With yourself when wearing the amazing hairstyle that you have done.

Simple braid

A simple braid will always be a great option for you to try on.

A simple braid will always be a great option for you to try on

Some people may say that simply braiding a ponytail onto your hair is old fashioned and some may even dare to say that it is boring.

But the truth it is that just because it has been done for so many years it does not mean that it is true.

Actually braiding a simple onto your hair is the simplest and yet the most versatile thing you can try to put on your hair.

To any occasion that can come to your mind.

Not only it works for any place and occasion you may think of but it is also a very easy and fast to do.

You will only need a few minutes to achieve this incredibly cute look.

A simple braid

All you will need is hair bands, hairspray, and a hair brush, now all you need to do is follow this steps to achieve this look.

Prepare your hair by making sure it is tangle or knot free, as well as being sure that it has been hydrated and that it has the volume you want it to.

If you want more volume, then try by slightly teasing the roots of your hair with the hair brush and applying hairspray.

Once that your hair is ready it is time for you to start braiding your hair, you can braid it with whichever technique you feel more comfortable.

If you want a looser and messier look then a simple three stranded or a fishtail braid will be perfect for you.

But if you want to pick up most of your hair to move it away from your face then a french or dutch braid can be just the look for you.

Once you’re done with your braid all you have to do is secure it with a hair band so it does not undo while you are outside with this beautiful hairstyle.

Now make sure the looks it is just as you want it.

You can tweak and tease more stray hairs to frame your face and make it look a little messier.

On the other hand, you can pin back any loose hair you do not want.

The Braided Hair Band

You are done! Add a little hairspray if needed to maintain the look as long as possible and have the desired end look.

If you are going to use the simple three stranded of fishtail braid and are new to all the braiding techniques.

Then you can try by tying your hair in a hair band or a ponytail before braiding so you are dealing with more controlled hair strands.

When you finish braiding you can either cut out the hair tie so or leave it on.

A simple and single ponytail can totally be the perfect look for you, without mentioning that this look can have so many variations.

From hanging at either one of the sides or the back of your head as well a starting from the very top of your hairnext to your hair line.

Or at the nape of your neck so you have plethora of possibilities that can allow you to do what you prefer.

Two braids or double dutch braids

Two braids or double dutch braids are a great option for you

This hairstyle has won a lot of popularity and love during the last couple of years.

Being a very easy and fun thing to use when going out if looking to move the hair away from your face.

This hairstyle does not have as many variations as the last hairstyle but the truth is that it does not matter.

You can make it look like your own if you really put some thought into it.

As an example you can divide your hair at a different angle or end the dutch braids at the nape of your head so you have half braids half ponytails.

Or you can even join both braids together in order for you to have an even more original look than what you originally thought.

Two braids or double dutch braids are a great option for you 2

Double dutch braids can actually be also made with the french braiding technique.

But as its firsts sightings where with the dutch braid they stayed with that name.

If you are afraid that with french braiding it won’t look as good as with the dutch braiding technique forget about that!

You are going to look perfect with it, it may even look better with the french braids in your opinion, remember that everybody has different likes.

And different ways of thinking, and the important thing is that you feel gorgeous and good with the hairstyle you are wearing.

To achieve this look you will need to follow this simple steps:

Prepping your hair is an important step to any hairstyle you may want to do on your hair.

First make sure that your hair is knot and tangle free to make the whole process to flow more naturally.

You can also make sure that you have everything you need at hand in order for you to not run around looking for them.

Divide your hair in half through the middle of your head, start from the hair at your hair line.

And move the division towards the nape of your hair making sure you divided all your hair.

Start braiding! Start with a little piece of hair divided in three strands of hair and moving them towards the middle.

Once you have done this once or twice you should start adding hair strands from the rest of your hair

Every time you are moving a piece towards the center. You can also see this as juggling hair strands.

Braid all the way down until you are left with no more hair to add then all you need to do it.

Finish the braid like any other three stranded braid you have done.

Once you are done you have to secure the braids in order for you not to have wasted your time.

As they are going to get loose if you do not secure them, we recommend a hairband or hair tie.

Finish some details to your hair like teasing out loose strands of hair to make the look messier and casual.

Or make take some loose hairs and pin them back if you rather not have them or they are too much for your liking.

To look unique

Add a braid to a simple bun or ponytail to make it look more unique.

Add a braid to a simple bun or ponytail to make it look more unique

Braids can be also an addition or an extra to hairstyle instead of just being a hairstyle on their own.

This helps for you to renew a look you really love but not really making it boring as it can actually change the look completely for another person’s eye.

Adding braids to a hairstyle can actually be a really fun and entertaining activity.

All you will need to add it is some creativity or you can also try and look online for some inspiration for the way your.

Braids hairstyle can end looking, you have complete freedom as to how and where you can add the braids to the look you have in mind.

Add a braid to a simple bun or ponytail to make it look more unique 2

Take into consideration what you want as a final result when thinking of what you are going to add the hairstyle, for example.

If you are looking for an easy and simple look you shouldn’t add more than two or three braids.

This depending on how big or noticeable they are as well. But maybe you are going for a more intricate and interesting looking braided hairstyle.

Then you can add as many braids as you want, or can in your look.

Add a braid to a simple bun or ponytail to make it look more unique 3

To add a braid to your ponytail or bun you should follow this steps, remember that this is just our opinion on a way for you to add.

You can think of more:

Prep your hair by making sure that is free of any knot or tangle so you do not waste time while braiding.

Or doing any other needed thing for your hairstyle. You should also make sure that the hair is hydrated and healthy.

Once you have prepped your hair it is time to braid your hair, for this look we recommend for yo.

To french or dutch braid your hair from any part of your head – it may be from the front.

The side or the bottom of your head – towards where you are going to tie your hair either for the bun or the pony tail.

Now that you have finished the braid is time for you to tie your hair and do the original plan of the ponytail, or a bun.

Make sure the hairstyle looks the way you want it to, you can make it look messier or cleaner by simply taking care of stray hairs.

Adding or pinning them according to what you are looking for.

You can also make the ponytail look more voluminous, this trick only works if you have braided your hair with the dutch braiding technique.

In order for this braid to have more volume all you need to do is slightly tease the hairs in the braid outwards.

So it looks as if you had more hair or volume.

This trick is not only helpful for one occasion but it can also be a great option for you.

When thinking about new hairstyles without really having to think too much about what to add.

Or how can you make it more unique while looking around.

Another way to add a braid is to simply add a strand of hair and braid it with the desired braiding technique and then pinning it back with a hair pin.

Cascade waterfall braid

A cascade waterfall braid is a gorgeous look that can work for any occasion.

A cascade waterfall braid is a gorgeous look that can work for any occasion

A cascade waterfall braid is a half hair up half hair down that can work with any hair length.

This look is a really good option for you if you are looking for a romantic, flirty and in fashion style for you!

What we love the most about this hairstyle is that it works for everything, from casual to an elegant night.

And not only that but it can also be easily done at home working perfectly with any face shape!

The only downside for this look is that it if you have curly or coyly hair the look would not be as noticeable as with wavy or straight hair.

But do not let that stop you can still wear the hairstyle and look amazing not mattering what type or texture your hair has!

A cascade waterfall braid is a gorgeous look that can work for any occasion 2

This hairstyle can also be done in 10 to 15 minutes, so it can also be a quick and effective way to have a great look before going out.

To achieve it all you have to do is follow these steps:

Be sure that you have everything you need close at hand so you do not go around running with your hands in your hair

Looking for whatever you need at the moment. All you will need for this braided hairstyles are a hair brush, some hair ties and hair pins.

Prepping your hair is important even if you are the best braided in the entire world.

As prepping your hair can make a huge difference at the end look, all you need to do is a hair brush to make the hair tangle or knot free.

Take into consideration for you to apply any hair product that you deem necessary for this whole process, for example.

You can think of applying a smoothing serum to maintain your hair manageable and tamed during the whole process.

Now it is time to start with the braiding, the first thing you should do is take a hair piece near your forehead.

To create the crown effect of the braid going around your head. This type of braid usually uses one-inch hair pieces.

But you can of course use any thickness you would like.

You have to separate this hair piece intro three equal parts in order for you to start a three branded braid.

Then start the braid just like you would with any other three branded braid; with the little twist of you having to drop one of the hair sections.

in order to create the cascade technique. Of course you are going to have to replace the piece of hair.


You dropped for another one that you should take from the roots of your hair.

Repeat the last step continuously until you reach the back of your head, once you do pin down the braid.

So does not end undoing while you do the other half of your hair.

Once you have done both sides of your head then all you need to do is tie both braids together with a hair tie and done!

You will have a beautiful and easy hairstyle that will work for you in any occasion you may want to go to.

Braided hair band

Braided hair band

Okay girls of the world, you will always look gorgeous with this hairstyle it’s a perfect option for you.

If you want to have your hair away from your face but you still want to have it loose and moving with the wind.

This hairstyle is not only the best of both worlds but it has the amazing feature that it works with any type of hair .

As well as with any hair length so don’t worry about that and sit back to see how to do this hairstyle.

This braided hairstyle works perfectly with any face shape so you can be sure that you are going to look amazingly with this specific hairstyle.

Here are the steps you should follow to achieve this beautiful hairstyle:

Preparing your hair is an amazing way for you to make sure that the process goes on smoothly and without further complications.

To prepare the hair you should make sure that the hair is free of any knots and that it’s soft and hydrated so the end look it’s the best of them all.

Now, the first thing you need to do is to create a braid in your preferred technique.

It can be either a three branded, a fishtail or even a four stranded braid with a piece of hair from one of the sides of your head.

Once you have the braid ready and secured all you need to do is pass it through the top of your head, near your forehead.

So it looks like a hair band but made out of a braid.

Messy Updo and Braids

Now all you have to do is secure the braid in the position you like it and you have the look ready and on point for you to use it to your favorite event.

Finish off the look by styling the rest of your hair, you know, the one that’s going to stay hanging loose.

And curl it or straighten it for you to have the look you want. You can pin back or let some stray hairs loose.

So they frame your face and have an extra on the look.

Braided hairstyles for men

Contrary to popular believe there are plenty of braided hairstyles for men that can look amazing on you and will make you go around breaking hearts.


Braided hairstyles for men

Cornrows are one, if not the one, most known braided hairstyles for men. This classic technique has been worn and used.

For so many men around the decades and have been done with so many types of styles and intricate designs.

That have been changed and tried new thing through all the years these hairstyles have been used and modelled by all these men.

Box braids for men

Box braids for men

This is a hairstyle that can be for both men and women and has plenty of advantages that this braided hairstyle brings.

Actually in most cases it comes as extensions for your current hair length, as a result for this.

Your hair will have an extra length that you may have wanted.

The best thing about box braids is that they are also a protective hairstyle, meaning that your hair will be protected.

And it will receive less damage than it would while being loose, as well as needing less attention or care.

Natural twists

Natural twists

Not all the braided hairstyles for men have to be done with the typical three branded braid.

Actually a simple two stranded braids, or actually just twisting two strands of hair it can end up looking amazingly and gorgeous.

We recommend this super easy hairstyle for men who want a more natural look and approach for their braids and its final look.

This braided hairstyle is recommended for people who don’t really want to spend so much time braiding their hairstyle.

But still want to rock this type of hairstyles.

Two stranded twists

Two stranded twists

This is another way to rock the natural braid look for men, this look is timeless and has a very good look.

And a very good technique when applied correctly, looking a lot like a very beloved African braids known as the Nubian twists.

This hairstyle is very alike of the last hairstyle, but with this one instead of twisting a strand of hair.

You are going to take two thin strands of hair and twist them together so they end up in a beautiful two stranded braid.

Top braid ending in a ponytail

Top braid ending in a ponytail

On the other hand, this look can be created quite easily and will end in a ponytail or even a bun.

Having an undercut will be a very good helpful thing so you can braid only the top part of your hair.

If your hairs are long enough you can end it with a very nice ponytail at the end, and if you have it even longer you can decide to have it into a bun.

Deciding to apply a braided hairstyle if you are a man it may be a very good option for you if you are willing to think outside the box.

Don’t be afraid to be seen or thought as girly as with this hairstyle you can totally be a very fashionable.

And a very nice way of picking up your hair and not have it on your face during your daily life.

Remember that you can look beautiful every day with these simple hairstyles that will definitely make your life easier.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to keep reading our posts and if you liked it, make sure to share with your friends and family to let them know how to have the best results when they have a change of look.

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