Korean Hairstyles

Korean hairstyles are known for their unique and creative style. In addition to being modern and elegant, they are easy to make, they adapt to any garment and give the girls a cute style.

Korean people have extremely smooth hair, so if your hair is too curly this style will not suit you, unless you have it subjected to strong straightening treatments or in another case that you straightened it every day and this is not something good. To go to a party, to be perfect in the office or to hide the curls many women choose to straighten their hair using creams, chemical treatments or the well-known hair iron.

permanent straightening

The problem with these techniques is that they spoil the hair.

It is fashionable to show a long and smooth hair, but not all are lucky to have been born without a curly hair.

The permanent straightening (which lasts a few months) can give results in the short term, however the most serious consequence is that it ruins the strands and then it is very difficult to handle them.

Certainly, there are some ways to straighten your hair naturally, but this will take a lot of time, some sources say it is certainly effective while others claim it is a waste of time.

If you really like Korean hairstyles and you want to wear them, you can try it.

Some methods to straighten hair are coconut milk and lemon juice; banana and milk; honey, oils and milk; milk, strawberries and honey; egg and olive oil.

The union of each one of these products will guarantee a mask which will help your hair to become smoother.

Korean hairstyles female

Have you heard about K-beauty? It is that which refers to the routines (long, meticulous and with many products) of Korean women.

That beauty also includes hair. Take care of your hair like a Korean or, at least, know its secrets to understand why all of them have that healthy and shiny mane.

Korean hairstyles female

Most women in North America, Central America and South America usually use shampoo and conditioner daily.

And the most released, will use a mask at least once a week.

That is largely surpassed by the oriental wisdom that you will see.

In fact, if you are the one to wash and ready, you are going to be wide-eyed: In Korean routines there are products that even did not even know they existed.

Korean routines

  1. They use a special treatment for the leather hair once a week. It is, literally, a product that cleans and exfoliates, removing dead cells. This supposedly keeps the hair healthier. It is done as a first step, before shampooing.
  2. Apple vinegar (once a week) are applied after shampooing and before the conditioner, they help maintain that level of acidity, which adds shine to the hair.
  3. Evening mask (once a week or more) Provides extra nutrition in damaged hair. For more extreme cases, it can be done a couple of times per week.

4.Heat protectant, although it is already well known worldwide, not all complies, when this should be one of the main ones to be fulfilled.

Now that you know how you should take care of your hair to be able to look amazingly these Korean hairstyles, you will see some of the best hairstyles for short, medium and long hair.

It is important to keep the special care of your hair, no matter the length or quantity of this, the care must be the first to be able to look properly any of these Korean hairstyles.

Korean Hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for short hair, is one of the most sought after fashion themes from time to time. And is that more and more girls who dare to cut their hair, most of the time to follow a trend, but you can not leave aside the comfort of this style.

Many think that wearing a haircut that short is very restrictive when it comes to combing, something that can not be more wrong.

Korean Hairstyles for short hair

The first thing you should define to wear short hair, is what type of cut you will use to give structure, it is not the same to wear a hair pixie style than a bob or something up to the shoulders.

Beautiful asymmetrical hairstyles, round, with bangs, bob or masculine style, are the favorite of these Asian women, who know how to get the best out of their traits through them.

If you have the same complexion as them, one of these Korean hairstyles may be your best option to renew yourself completely.

renew yourself

It’s called Side-Swept and it has become the star (of Korean hairstyles) this season. There has been no red carpet or premiere in which several celebrities have benefited from it.

A retro Korean hairstyle, very feminine and flattering that can be worn smooth or with waves, and even with bangs! But it can also be in the form of braid or false cut bob.

This haircut can be combined with the hair’s tone, although some prefer to wear their hair to the natural color, many of the Korean women usually dye their hair in risky colors.

You can use this to your advantage and add some reflections or if it is your pleasure to dye it completely of the color that you prefer.

risky colors

Although the bob haircut is somewhat short there are also hairstyles that we can do with this hair style.

Korean hairstyles are usually very cute to enhance the features of women.

In this case you can see a bob hairstyle which has a braid on only one side of the head. You’ll only need some hair hooks, a comb and that’s it.

Comb your hair well so that any knot that comes out.

Split your hair in half, or you can leave more hair on one side than on the other.

Then you must start to make a French braid from the beginning of that side of your head, at the end hold it to your head with some hooks and that’s it.

If you want this hairstyle to last all day or if is for a special day you can add a little hairspray, but without exaggeration.

little hairspray

On the other hand, if you do not like braids a lot or you are a little complicated this is another hairstyle that Korean women love. If you want to wear a Korean hairstyle this will be great.

The only thing you should do is take a lock of your hair, as thick as you want and roll it up.

When you finish doing this you can hold it on your head with some adornment, or hold it on the head with a hook and then «make it invisible» with a little bit of hair.


Besides being one of the most famous Korean hairstyles, Pixie haircuts are an ace up your sleeve, every woman can look stylish in pixie and there are millions of cute styles among which you can choose one that favors you.

If you are tired of wearing long hair and want a change with which you feel beautiful and fresh without losing style a pixie is the best choice.

Short hair in summer is very easy to maintain and is ideal for warm and humid days.


A pixie haircut is modern, feminine and elegant.

If you want to venture a bit you can add some bright shades, subtle reflections or even if you are very risky, neon stripes.

This cut is ideal if you have thicker hair, especially if you want to spend a summer without worrying about its maintenance but being super elegant all the time.

The most important thing you have to take into consideration is whether the pixie haircut is flattering to your facial features.

Long Bob

Here is an idea of simple but lovely hairstyle for women with thick texture, hair color, layers and messy style create a nice appearance.

This korean hairstyle long bob also known as lob is a longer version of the famous Bob cut that everyone knows, but now it shows a new variant where you add shape and movement, if you can now take it with layers, many layers.

Long Bob

And this is definitely the haircut you need during the summer.

The long bob has many qualities, and will give many contributions to your look. In addition to looking great with any hairstyle the waves give an extra touch to this cut.

The best thing is that you only have to shake your head to achieve the effect of waves, in the case that your hair is very smooth you can access a curling iron or to avoid contact with the heat you can do it with your own hands and the help of a styling cream.

effect of waves

Something that really matters to every woman is that the look and hairstyle they choose can be perfect for the days when she is not in her best mood and wants to look good without the need to do a lot of work, and this is something that the long bob can provide.

For this reason and many more is one of the favorite hairstyles of Korean women.

Not only does it have a balance between short and long hair, this cut will give movement to your hair.

The tone belayage is the best complement of this cut.

Although you can add other tones to make it stand out even more.

You can even add a fringe to make it stand out.

Due to this is the haircut with more fame in Korea currently the young tend to make easy and comfortable hairstyles with him.

Below you will see a series of Korean hairstyles for the long bob that will surely encourage you to try this style.


Another way to wear this hairstyle is with bows, you can take all the hair or just the one that was in the pigtails, roll each one and secure it to your head.


This time, it is a braid which is on one side of our head, usually these braids are very loose, but you can make it a little tighter, everything depends on you.

Korean Hairstyles for medium hair

Now half hair, this medium hair is very versatile, since you can do both of the hairstyles of short hair and those of long hair.

On several occasions it is carried in layers.

But usually it is carried with some waves, not very marked, to give it a natural effect, and you can play completely with the colors when it is talking about dye.

Korean Hairstyles for medium hair

Then you will see some Korean hairstyles for medium hair, each of them is very easy to make and you will not need many things to develop them, remember that Korean women stand out for the tenderness of their style, and this is what the It makes you look pretty and feminine.

The reason for this is that many of the styles are inspired by the well-known «anime»

Korean Hairstyles with Braids

This Korean hairstyle consists simply of two relaxed braids, if you combine it with a fringe and one that another accessory will give you a great casual look.

Something that highlights Korean hairstyles that not only go with the typical colors of hair, such as black or brown.

Korean Hairstyles with Braids

Korean women like to try different hair colors, if you want to be part of this you should take care of your hair in the right way, otherwise your hair will be very mistreated.

In the image we can see a wide braid, but what stands out most are the colors of this amazing Korean hairstyle.

amazing Korean hairstyle

Natural Korean hairstyle

This cute Korean hairstyle is so simple and beautiful at the same time, it is characterized by its versatility, it can be used for a daily day but also for a special day like a date.

Natural Korean hairstyl

If you want to wear this cute hairstyle you should just make some waves in your hair and take a small lock on each side of your head and hold it in the back with some hooks.

Korean hairstyles for Long hair

Something that characterizes Korean women is long black hair and straight.

However, with the passage of time this has changed a bit and they add movement with some waves.

Korean hairstyles for Long hair

Without forgetting that now there are millions of colors of which they dye their hair.

There are many Korean hairstyles for girls who happily have this length due to being long hair, you can try millions of hairstyles and styles with it.

Today you will see some of the best known, or at least the favorite of Korean women.

Messy hair with bun

There are always good reasons not to comb your hair.

As well as there will be, in repeated moments, excellent pretexts to take your most sophisticated and gleaming spirit out in the outfit, leaving some aspects unresolved in your mane can turn into other circumstances the soul of your look.

Messy hair with bun

A relaxed style in the hair gives an unequaled feeling of mobility, rebellion and greater seduction.

It is a look that connects us with history.

In the sixteenth century this trend was already used, it was produced from a natural product made of fats, fenugreek, flaxseed, saffron and cumin.

This fascination and perfection of techniques originated in Spain and today is used throughout the world.

This messy hair you can mix it with some bun or a half tail, to give it a chic touch.

Dual Texture Braid

If there is a feminine and flattering hairstyle that is still fashionable, season after season, that is the dual texture braid.

The braid is a simple and very romantic collection that you can wear both in a formal event and with an informal look.

Dual Texture Braid

Yes, it is true, there are many types of braids, some simpler than others and, although the spiky braid is not easy to fame, it is so beautiful that it is worth learning to do it.

This is also one of the most used braids in Korean hairstyles, because as the hair of Korean women have a lot of hair these braids are left in an almost perfect way.

Do not despair if you do not get a perfect braid the first time; try several times, try it with your friends and decorate the result with hairpins, pins or daring headdresses.

Half ponytail

This is one of the most used Korean hairstyles because it is a classic in anime.

It consists of a half ponytail and due to the length of the hair you can play making braids, or some waves at the tip that will make you look beautiful and fashionable.

Half ponytail

Like all Korean hairstyles it is accompanied by a fringe.

There are so many fringes that you can wear with these Korean hairstyles, like the ‘grunge’ fringe; bangs curtain; bangs long, open and very blunt.

Korean Hairstyles for men

The haircuts of Korean hairstyle, are distinguished mainly by being combed in which the very smooth hair is the protagonist.

In recent years, Korean or Asian hair style has become very fashionable.

Korean Hairstyles for men

The reason is that normally, they have very current styles in which the bangs,

the straightened hair and above all, try to bring the hair as natural as possible, are the key.

Short and Slick

The fringe is undoubtedly the «strong point» of this style of cut and hairstyle and although it has always been very popular in Korea, in recent years it has become very popular in the United States and other countries thanks to singer Justin Bieber made it fashionable years ago.

If you want to look like this, you will have to resort to the help of a professional who will cut your hair and also comb with a bit of wax.

Short and Slick

And knowing that the «hipster» style is also very fashionable in this new season, nothing like giving it a Korean touch like the kid on top.

A cut similar to that surely many of you already know, but smoothing much more hair.

K-pop hairstyle

A Korean hairstyle without wearing too long hair, although you can see that it has a lot of hair.

Also highlights the fringe, which is combed to the side so that it has also been cut to form an asymmetry that is ideal for younger men.

This is a type of cut and hairstyle that has long been in Korea and it can even say that from cuts like this, in the West have opted to imitate it with other versions that include cuts with shaved.

K-pop hairstyle

K-pop, that musical style that has swept Korea and much of the world, also leaves its mark on the hairstyles that young Koreans wear.

Although you have already seen hairstyles with fringes and very straight hair, one recommendation is that if you like this type of cut, it is better that you imitate the way they present it to the guys who follow K-Pop.

The cut itself brings the hair forward although with a fringe almost on the side, and also emptying the hair as much as possible.

Korean hairstyles for girls and boys

In Korea boys and girls wear fashionable hairstyles but always maintaining their innocence, most of the hairstyles are not usually extravagant, especially in girls.

Korean hairstyles for girls and boys

Korean hairstyles in girls they rely on ponytails, buns, braids and usually they wear their hair naturally.

Korean hairstyles in girls

For children, the haircut is generally riskier, not so formal, so that they look more youthful and stylish.

The goal is always to show their innocence and loveliness.


If you liked this article, share it with your friends and in the comments section you can tell which one of these Korean hairstyles was your favorite and which one you would like to try.

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