Pixie Hairstyles

When pixie hairstyles got into the spotlight of fame thanks to huge celebrities just like Audrey Hepburn, they were not ready to leave it any time soon. They became a sign of empowerment, feminism and class.

If you’re thinking about diving into the world of pixie hairstyles or you just are not convinced at all about it, here we present you some of the main benefits you’ll get from these beautiful hairstyles:

pixie hairstyles

They are practical: How many times have you seen yourself in a hurry and there is not enough time to style it? With pixie hairstyles that is not a problem anymore as it’s all about the haircut, that would take care of making you look gorgeous every morning and all you will have to do is combing a little bit.

The expression: thanks to the fierce and elegance pixie hairstyles provide, the features from all of your head will never be more highlighted. The hairstyle will basically be a part of your makeup. All of it, plus the fact that your cheekbones are going to pop beautifully.

Ideal for hair color experiments: some people say less is more, and with pixie hairstyles that is just the case. You will not only safe a bunch of money by buying a lower amount of bleacher and hair dyer, but also is the perfect time to maybe get out of your comfort zone with pastel colors as the roots will not take that long in growing back.

Pixie Hairstyles and Colors

Pixie hairstyle’s body or shape are an essential part of its whole self, but another thing that make them special is the infinity of range color that were related to it years later. They can work with almost any color and not only just one, but a combination of two or more are able to come up with something great!

Nowadays, there are hair dye colors for every taste and likes but if you still feel like you’re standing in unknown territory here we introduce you a few colors that might please you, believe it or not, they will make your pixie hairstyle highlight.

Pixie Hairstyles and Colors

Feathered Pixie with Balayage Highlights

If you were a fan of highlights or balayage technique before you took the leap to pixie hairstyle’s zone, this one is right for you. The combination along with the layered haircut will provide an asymmetrical look that won’t let anyone to keep their eyes off you.

#1 Feathered Pixie with Balayage Highlights

Gray Blonde Pixie

Gray has become in one of the best color choices for women with pixie hairstyles, currently they are no longer a sign of oldness but one of fashion; this hairstyle in special mixes a two-toned subtle hue that make a fantastic job at integrating the gray; is a great option if you want to try something more different to usual hair dryer.

#2 Gray Blonde Pixie

#3 Curly Long Bang

Pixie hairstyles have no boundaries if it means of body texture or shape, for those who joy from curly hair or waves, pixie hairstyles have an elegant way to frame the hair and when combined with natural tones of makeup, creates a gorgeous look.

Keep in mind to check the tone of your complexion to make it harmonize with the rest of the hairstyle.

#3 Curly Long Bang

Crimson Pixie Cut

The crimson pixie cut was very popular just a couple years ago when celebrities like Rihanna took it over, the haircut itself makes you look sassy and elegant; if that was not enough, you can add some bright colors like red hair mixed with subtle highlights; do not lose the chance of trying this pixie hairstyle that with no doubt is going to make you look sophisticated.

#4 Crimson Pixie Cut

Sky Blue Pixie Cut

It Is undeniably true how badass this pixie hairstyle makes you look, you must be careful on choosing the right color to complement the look.

The sky-blue tone does a fantastic job at it as it’s perfect for dark tone outfits, choose a makeup range that creates the perfect balance between the hairstyle and the rest of your appearance and we assure you no one will try to mess with you.

#5 Sky Blue Pixie Cut

Red Wine Pixie

Red wine tends to benefit most of women’s skin-tone, in spite of not being their usual first choice aiding the pixie hairstyle with the haircut itself (layers, highlights, bangs) will produce one of the most elegant effects you’ve ever seen.

#6 Red Wine Pixie

Faux Mohawk with Bangs

This is probably one of the pixie hairstyles that has become most famous trough the last few years, it has been carried for several stars such as Michelle Williams, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and many more.

It is characterized by its edgy cut on both sides of the head along with a layered-bang that almost touches your eye. This hairstyle comes great as an incredible first option if trying pixie hairstyles for the first time.

#7 Faux Mohawk with Bangs

Lavender Pixie Cut with Highlights

This is one of those hairstyles that make everyone’s attention drown to the color. If you want to try rocking a hair dyer out of ordinary maybe you could give it a shot with lavender, it is subtle but really pretty at the same time, all of it shared with the darkened roots creates an effect of fantasy.

It has a way to make your hair look more sophisticated thanks to the depth the combination of color provides along with the body of the pixie hairstyle itself.

#8 Lavender Pixie Cut with Highlights

Pixie Bob with Temple Undercut

Not all pixie hairstyles must be extremely short. This one, for example, mixes beautiful features from all the others: layers, two-toned hair dyer, shorter in one side and gorgeously asymmetrical. All of this will make your hairstyle look even more interesting and is going to benefit the frame of your face and features.

#9 Pixie Bob with Temple Undercut

Tousled Waves and Side Bangs

As said before, you don’t have to lose all of your hair’s length to carry the perfect pixie hairstyle.

Creating waves is a fantastic way to style it and still enjoy from the benefits pixie hairstyles provide you, if you decide for trying on this look, there’s no doubt it will make you look elegant and fancy.

#10 Tousled Waves and Side Bangs

Pixie Hairstyles for Women

As women, we are well aware of how times change and so do hairstyles trends. We are living an era of feminism empowerment, fashion and multiple standards.

In times like these, is perfectly normal that sometimes we are seeking for a way to renew ourselves, it could be how we dress, our makeup, even a piercing or a tattoo can be an effective way to produce a change.

However, we must admit that a change of hairstyle is probably the thing that provokes the hugest transformation in a woman’s life; and that is just why pixie hairstyles have become in such a trend among women from all ages and razes.

Pixie Hairstyles for Women

As said before, they include several benefits that could aid not only your outsider image but also the way you feel about the world as they tend to be a sign of beauty, empowerment and independence. Pixie hairstyles can definitely run the world.

How to Style Pixie Hairstyles?

We know what you’re thinking: “there is no possible way to perform any hairstyle with hair of this length”. Well, here we are to prove you wrong: braids, hair ornaments, twists or many more are also available for short hair.

Sit down and marvel yourself with these stunning pixie hairstyles:

How to Style Pixie Hairstyles

Half-Braided Bangs

This beautiful hairstyle simulates a crown of hair, it enhances beautifully the way your bang of your pixie hairstyle falls towards your hair and it is very accurate for more formal events. Do not doubt of how elegant you are going to look with this hairstyle.

If you take the leap on trying this hairstyle, follow these simple steps:

#1 Brush your hair and point your bang towards the side you want it to be.

#1 Half-Braided Bangs

#2 From the part you want to begin doing the braid, take a section of hair and divide it in three sections as if intending to do a regular braid.

#3 Now let’s start by putting the top strand of hair over the middle one and then the bottom piece over the middle, just like a normal braid.

#4 When you’ve done this, you must drag strands of hair from the top of the head towards the middle as turning it into the bottom strand. This waterfall effect is perfect to get along with your pixie hairstyle.

#5 Continue performing this process until you complete the braid and looks asymmetrical all over your head.

French Braid

French braids are one of the most beautiful hairstyles ever created, sometimes people believe they are unable to be performed in shorter hair just like pixie haircuts, but there is nothing we can’t do! We assure you this pixie hairstyle Is going to give it a twist to your regular looks.

If you don’t know how to do a French braid, follow these simple instructions:

#1 Take one section of hair from your head’s front part and part it into three pieces.

#2 Grabbing the left piece of hair, bring it over the middle and then do the same with the right one.

#2 French Braid

#3 Now it’s time to add hair from other sections of your hair, take one and cross it over the middle.

#4 Bring that left piece over the middle and add more hair to the strand, repeat the same process with the other side and it’ll start creating the visual effect. Continue until you have all of your hair done with the braid and no bangs.

#5 Secure with an elastic band or a bow.

Formal Hairstyle with Elastic Band

When we are running to a formal event, “what am I going to do with my hair?” is a current thought, if you are struggling with trying to do something different with your hair so everyone gets mesmerized, this particular pixie hairstyle was made just for you.

It is elegant, classy and very old-fashioned in a so “The Great Gatsby” way, it’s a hairstyle incredibly accurate for formal events and the best part is, it couldn’t be easier to get done.

#3 Formal Hairstyle with Elastic Band

Steps to follow:

#1 Brush your hair down and use a hair band to on top of your head, leave some of the hair that falls over your forehead free though.

#2 Then, you’ll just have to twist the free hair and start rolling it around the hairband as if trying to hide it, when it has the shape you want, secure the ends with the same elastic.

#3 If your hair is too long or thick, get yourself some help from bobby pins to secure it underneath.

Pixie Hairstyles for Girls

It Is known that little girls and their mothers are constantly in the search for an outstanding hairstyle that makes them look more adorable and, sometimes, pixie hairstyles can be way better at achieving this than longer ones.

Pixie hairstyles for girls can either make them look as time hasn’t gone by and their faces still look as those first years of their lives, or create the illusion that they look like little women instead.

No matter the case, it is hard to deny how cute little girls look with pixie hairstyles.

Pixie Hairstyles for Girls

If you or your girl are thinking about proving some chances with this kind of hairstyles, here we leave you some ideas so you can be prepared:

Short and Pixie

This pixie hairstyle in particular resembles old-fashioned styles such as the one and only Rihanna’s. It also will make your little girl look as a little business woman as it frames her face and, in consequence, makes her look like a wiser lady.

Another advantage from it, is that the hair does not have to be completely short, it keeps a balance between longer at front and shorter in the back, which makes of this hairstyle the perfect choice to intend a pixie hairstyle for the first time.

#1 Short and Pixie

Pixie Layered

People tend to believe that pixie hairstyles like this one look boyish, but it is all about perspective and how you style it. Layers can be a fantastic way to add that feminine touch to the hairstyle along with the side bang.

If you and your girl feel like adding some extra spice, try with hairbands or add a stylish accessory to one side, this will provide the girly touch you were looking for.

#2 Pixie Layered

Another great advantage from this pixie hairstyle is that does a great job at framing the little girl’s face and forehead, the layers create beautiful pointy ends and adds a touch of feminism.

Short ad Cropped

There is no doubt that when Millie Bobby Brown decided to shave her head in order to play the powerful and badass “Eleven” no one rocked the pixie hairstyles better than her.

Since the moment her hair went short, she has been an inspiration to young girls and has demonstrated that no matter what, every hairstyle is what you do out from them. Millie has managed to style her hair in ways that look really pretty and still has her essence.

#3 Short ad Cropped

This pixie hairstyle is a living proof that they don’t only look pretty gorgeous in little girls but also in pre-teens. To get this hairstyle done, you will just have to leave enough amount of hair on top so you can manage it towards the side you think it benefits the most and the rest of the hairstyle will be done itself.

Pixie Hairstyles for Boys

Historically, pixie hairstyles arrived on the first place for women, they didn’t take over men and boys heads until 1960. Pixie hairstyles in boys particularly, act perfectly on providing that shaggy and relaxed look our little men show off so good.

As with girls, they are free to try on a pixie hairstyle that suits better with the shape’s face of the boy and of course, play with the hair’s length.

Pixie Hairstyles for Boys

Pixie hairstyles can seem as good in boys as with little girls, but if you or your little man are not sure yet whether to launch in these kinds of hairstyles take a look at these few options, maybe one of them will catch your attention:

Spiked Up Hairstyle

Spikes are probably one of the funniest hairstyles a boy can wish for, usually it makes them feel as if they were grown ups and their moms get crazy about it too as they’re maybe resembling to their fathers; so, why not adjust them to a stylish and handsome pixie hairstyle?

Besides the fact this hairstyle looks like a more modern version of the pompadour, another good thing about it that it does not takes a lot of effort or hair products, so there is no excuse to try on this pixie hairstyle on your little man.

#1 Spiked Up Hairstyle

Just apply some pomade when hair is moisturized to add volume and ease the molding of the hair. Afterwards, hair dry while you brush back and upwards with a round brush. When it remains still on top, use your fingers to create the body of the hairstyle and give the final touches.

Texture with Fringe

It may be true that boys are not always the number one fans of fringes, but it is hard to deny how great this pixie hairstyle looks, it provides sort of an angelical vibe and the best part is that works for any length of hair.

The hairstyle looks great without any gel or pomade, but if you really want it to remain in place, spread a little through his head and just proceed to comb the hair sideways so the fringe will fall above your little man’s forehead.

#2 Texture with Fringe

However, make sure it’s not long enough that it will obstruct his sight, that will complete the whole hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Faux Hawk

This pixie hairstyle in particular is a variation of the faux hawk hairstyle, probably your boy has already asked for it after seeing it on football celebrities such as Leonel Messi or David Beckham.

It works just fine for round or oval faces and though it requires longer hair on the top, we are sure you will make it work if it has shorter hair.

#3 Asymmetrical Faux Hawk

Follow the steps from the previous hairstyles: add some wax or pomade to create faux hawk effect and get yourself some aid from a round brush and a hairdryer, try your best to direct the ends slightly diagonal and not straight to the top.

Pixie Hairstyles for Men

As claimed before, pixie hairstyles were not always thought for men; nevertheless, that has not been an impediment for entrepreneurs’ men who have taken over pixie hairstyles and have embrace them until turn them into current trends and fabulous hairstyle options.

Pixie Hairstyles for Men

It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a classic hairstyle’s man or are always in the seek for a way to renew your style, we assure you in here you will find the pixie hairstyle that adjusts to your tastes:

The Classic

This pixie hairstyle was one of the first creations for men back in the 60’s, is one of those hairstyles in which the common phrase “less is more” fits perfectly. It’s simple but still very elegant and easy to style.

The shaggy layers and cropped sides definitely contribute to the old-fashioned air this pixie hairstyle has to offer.

#1 The Classic

Messy Pixie

If talking about more modern and current pixie hairstyles for men, this is undeniably a tremendous choice to leave everyone around you stunning!

This pixie hairstyle is characterized by its messiness that, at the same time provides a sexier and kind of a Rockstar look, which of course, will drive the ladies crazy.

#2 Messy Pixie

Amp Up the Volume

It’s like this pixie hairstyle was designed for those brave men who waited enough to have a little more length to work with.

The work you’ll perform in order to own it it’s practically null as all you will have to do is to take a comb and tease your roots until the volume effect comes alive.

#3 Amp Up the Volume

We thank you deeply for reading this article until the end, we hope that was helpful to you in order to choose a new hairstyle by introducing the pixie hairstyles.

If you enjoyed it or liked it enough please share with your friends or family so more people get to know about the topic and let them try too about a new style, we will bring you more articles like this very soon.

Thank you again and read us the next time

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