Professional hairstyles

When talking about the jobs’ world, personal appearance is an extremely important aspect of our lives. The way we choose to attend at work every day can say much about our professional trajectory and our personality.

Although there are several aspects, we should take care of from our personal image, there is no doubt hairstyles cover a huge part of it.

Elegant occasion

When talking about the jobs’ world, personal appearance is an extremely important aspect of our lives. The way we choose to attend at work every day can say much about our professional trajectory and our personality.

Although there are several aspects, we should take care of from our personal image, there is no doubt hairstyles cover a huge part of it

Professional hairstyles

If you are a woman who is part of this magnificent world, it is perfectly normal that you find it boring wearing the same professional hairstyles every day; as women, we should remain in constant renovation of our style.

Also, we should always keep in mind that one thing that will make us outstand in our jobs: if you work with public, for example, perhaps a hairstyle that aids depicting a friendly face will be just the professional hairstyle you were looking for!

Or if you are business woman who needs to go for a neat look, you must adjust your hair’s texture and length to a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable, pretty and, of course, professional.

That is why this time we bring you thousands of professional hairstyles to perform or try on your hair in order to give it a twist to your daily hairstyle routine, try this and it is going to be a fact that all of your fellow workers will want you to provide your secret.

Professional hairstyles for an Interview

Let’s begin for the basics, before becoming officially into a worker woman, you would probably have to go through some interviews or tests in order to obtain the job.

In the case of being interviewed, we are aware of how important to prove your knowledge to the interviewer is, but it is also impossible to deny the present longing of causing a good first impression.


As said before, the clothing, makeup and attitude are vital to create a whole outfit that will transmit a professional air to your interviewer, but we are here to talk about simplehairstyles, so take a look at these better options for you to kill it in your interview:

Finally, another way to add an elegant detail to this cute hairstyle is to take a piece of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around the hairband as to hide it underneath, if your hair’s straight it will only look prettier; secure with a bobby pin and you will be off to go!

Pin up one side

One of the simplest professional hairstyles and yet so effective and beautiful. At pining up a section of your hair back you will be creating not only a harmonic hair effect but also a fine touch to your face’s framing.

And, once again, your imagination can be tested and it is far away from limited. With this hairstyle you are free to use the hairpin you think it fits better to the occasion and of course, your personality.

Pin up one side

You also get to choose the way you will style of hair that is going to be pinned, for example, the most traditional way to do it is by just twisting the strand and pull it backwards to secure it, but it takes no time to perform it as shown in the previous picture, or maybe, if you get creative, create the braid of your preference in order to gain a different and more stylish look to this hairstyle.

Another great thing about the professional hairstyle is that works for almost any kind of hair texture, however, we advise you to go for some soft waves or sleek hair, it will definitely provide the effect you were searching for.

Side bun it

When you take a look at this hairstyle it evokes so many definitions: feminine, delicate, classic and professional.

The side bun is a great option if you want to go for a tied look mostly because of the same case with the ponytail: there are so many different ways to style it or to adjust it in order to benefit or complete your look that there is no doubt you will find the one that suits you better.

This hairstyle comes with the advantage of locating it on the part of your head you feel more comfortable in, the most delicate and professional one could be on the nape of your neck.

Side bun it

You can always play with the different shapes and textures the hairstyle provides if you feel like giving It a twist. A good way to do so is to create a regular braid instead of leaving loose hair and then wrap it around itself as creating the bun.

As a final result you will get a rose bun! It’s one of the most beautiful  hairstyles in our repertory and will transmit a delicate and feminine vibe to your interviewer for sure.

Professional hairstyles for Women

Once you are done with the stage of interviewing, it’s time to talk about the real business. You’ve finally earned your place in the job and you are willing to offer a professional hairstyle every day but don’t know where to start?

Professional hairstyles for Women

Here we show you some of the best hairstyles of this type through years that will make a fantastic job at depicting the hard-worker woman you are and never losing contact with your feminine side:

French twist

This has been in the market for several years, women from all around the world have made of this hairstyle a classic and a “to try at least once” hairstyle in your job.

It highlights your elegance and presence at work, not to mention that once it’s done, is highly difficult for it to mess up as it remains tied up. The French twist hairstyle is one of the wisest options if you have long hair as the more length you own the better will the professional hairstyle look.

French twist

Here’s how to perform this beautiful hairstyle:

The first thing you will have to do in order to start this hairstyle is to comb it towards the way you consider better so you won’t have to deal with any knots that could come across your way.

thin and soft

Whether your hair is thick and heavy or thin and soft, using bobby pins on the back of your hair will help to keep it hold in place as being the main part of this simple hairstyle.

Use as many as you need until you feel the base of the hairstyle secured enough, plus, you can create different criss crosses for a maximum hold.

maximum hold

Hairspray is one of the best options when talking about methods to make a professional hairstyle (or any hairstyle) preserve through a rushing day at work, and the French twist does not escape from it. After putting the bobby pins on your hair, apply some hairspray so there will not be several loose strands of hair.

Keep in mind that mainly the beauty of this easy hairstyle Is what an asymmetrical and harmonic silhouette provides, so the more polished and neater the hairstyle, the better.


Now here comes the tricky part, it’s time to brush the hair towards the side you are going to twist it to so you will have to take the little precaution of softly grabbing it with your hand so it doesn’t move the hair pins and accidentally ruin all the work you have already done.

While brushing your hair make sure the you are brushing it slightly and towards the side as to not dislodge the pins from their initial position and to make the hair look as smooth as possible for the next step.

tricky part

Time to be careful! It’s time to create the twist you are going to have on your beautiful hair. You need to twist your hair upwards to be able to have the twist- up part of the look, make sure you are twisting it towards the opposite direction you had your hair pinned by the pins in one of the former steps.

the opposite direction

Once the tunnel has been created is time for you to tuck the ends in it to have that neat and straight look you have been achieving.

Or you can also leave them untucked and hanging loose in order to have a more casual yet still beautiful hairstyle. When you are done with this step your hair should form a cone pointing downward, and for now the excess hair will hang towards one side.

more casual

Hair pins! They are going to literally save your life when it comes to tight and neat hairstyles.

Everything you need to do is use hair pins to hold the hair in its place. You may want to concentrate at the tip of the tube you created with your hair in order to maintain it standing straight up.

Make sure you pin your hair in a way that the pins stay hidden and out of view so you will have the illusion of your hair staying there by itself. To achieve this all you need to do is place the hair pins so that they are hidden beneath the twist.

Hair pins

Now it’s time for you to smooth out all those little bumps or stray hairs that may have come wild during some step of the way. This is one of the best steps if you ask me as it means that you are close to see the beautiful hairstyle for women you are going to wear for the rest of the day.

To smooth it out all you need is a bristle brush or a fine toothed comb to make this hairstyle look neater, then use hair spray to hold the twist together.

bristle brush

And you are done! What a way to create a beautiful hairstyle for women. We know that this hairstyle can be a little difficult and even some trouble to create at first, but once you take the hang of it you are going to love creating this hairstyle for your work or everyday life.

The best part is that everyone is going to love the way it looks!

Twisted Updo

This professional hairstyle is a great option for you to wear from the most uptight and professional workplaces to one of the most casual ones, it is a very versatile and beautiful look to create for your work life.

You can create this look up to cleaner and neater look or you can create a looser and messier look, it’s all up to what you like and think fits you the best.

Twisted Updo

First of all, you are going to part your hair towards one of the sides of your head, this you can do towards the side you are used to wear your hair every day or how you feel better.

Take two hair strands from the side of your head in which you parted most of your hair and then you are going to start twisting those two strands towards your face so, for example, if you parted your hair towards your left side you are going to twist your hair to the right.

two hair strands

Once you have given both strands a few twists on themselves you are going to starts twisting them together – just as if you were creating a two stranded braid towards the back of your hair with those two strands.

This way, the braid and the hair are going to be twisting opposite directions and there is no option for you to have a problem with your hair untwisting itself or something of that matter.

two strands

Once you started your braid with your twisted hair, you are going to start adding hair to it while you are working it towards the back of your hair. How are you going to do this? Easy! Just take a strand of hair from your hair line each time you are twisting a strand of hair away from it.

This way you are going to make sure you don’t have any unwanted hair on your face during the day.

unwanted hair

Keep doing the last step until you have reached the back of your hair.

One thing you can do is tease the hair while you are braiding in order for it to look fuller and not so tight as well as having more texture once you are done with the braiding part and tie it with a hair tie.

Once you have tied your hair, try pulling out and teasing the hair to give it that fuller look. Be careful, as you may take out some meaning you are going to have to start from the beginning, so do it lightly and with care.

last step

Now that you are happy with this side of your hair you are going to repeat all the aforementioned steps with the other side, so you end up with two equal and beautidul twisted braids.

Just like we mentioned before, tease and pull out any the hair in the braids of your hairstyle so you can have the better, fuller and with more texture result you can have. You can even pull out some hairs to frame your face just like shown in the picture above.

picture above

When you have done the two braids you are going to have to pull them up towards where you want to pin them; meaning one over the other at the back of your head.

You are going to cross them and move them towards the front of your face placing them over the braid you already have there.

two braids

Once you have placed them where you want you now have to pin them in place! Use as many hair pins as you seem necessary to maintain the braids where you want them to be and for them to stay there all day long.

many hair

Now that you are happy with the place your braids are, all left to do is for you to apply on some hair spary and you are all but done! You have a beautiful hairstyle that every one is going to die for you to teach them how to do.

Professional hairstyles for men

For the last years the professional hairstyles for men have become a mixture between stylish haircuts and traditional styles, and while some man are so lucky to perfectly wear a man bun or a top knot at the office most men bussiness haircuts are more strict.

But that does not mean that they have to be boring.

You can wear a professional hairstyle for men at the office and go straight to the bar and not look out of place there, meaning that the style is appropriate for both situations.

Short sides with comb over

Short sides with comb over

This look is prefect for men with a little of length on the top side of their head. It is a great idea to have the best of both worlds as you are going to rock a short professional hairstyle on the sides of your hair yet you can maintain some length at the top.

Go to your barber and explain this look, or even show a picture to them so you can have the better results. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want as you are going to wear that for a while.

You can also ask for advice about how to style your hair every day, you can style it with whichever hair product you like the best ranging from hair wax, to foam and even hairspray.

At the beginning it may take some time for you to practice this beautiful and stylish swoop but sooner rather than later you are going to get the hang of it and look perfectly stylish in every and any ocassion you are going to.

Messy Quiff

Talking about professional hairstyles for men doesn’t mean that every hairstyle needs to be neat and clean, actually you can get away with a messier look if you are willing to give it a try.

If you have wavy or curly hair this look may even come naturally to you as you can take advantage of your naturally textured hair and have this stylish professional hairstyle for men ready with plenty ease and making your hair look great without much try.

Much like the last hairstyle you can style your hair with whichever hair product you feel more comfortable using.

Long Brushed back hair

Long Brushed back hair for men

This professional hairstyle for men is perfect if you want to keep the length of your hair yet still look stylish and professional for your work life. You can do all of this by simply taking your medium length hair and brush it back.

You can brush it back with your fingers and a little hair wax, or with any other hair product you feel comfortable with to use on you hair to maintain it in place while you do your work during the day.

One of our favorite parts about this hairstyle is that you can use it to both your work life or you everyday life, as it can go from a casual up to a more professional enviroment.

Wavy Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair

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