Punk Hairstyles

Before talking about punk hairstyles, it is necessary to know what is this mean, where did it come from and how it pass to be so particular and one of the most iconic styles.

Punk is a music genre that developed in the 70’s in the US, UK, and Australia. This genre is known because of the hard-edged melodies and singing styles even because the stripped-down instrumentation, and of course their unique lyrics.

Punk hairstyles

The term punk rock was first used to describe garage bands from the 60’s. After that between 1974 and 1976 the movement called “Punk Rock” emerged.

Thanks to this, a new generation of bands was born such as The Ramones, The Clash, the saints, amount others, turning the genre into a cultural phenomenon.

It was very questioned by its distinctive styles of clothing and adornment, which usually tended to be a lot of offensive t-shirts, leather jackets, spiked bands and bondage.

This controversial style became worldwide, which was very important for people who love this fever, thanks to that, punk re-emerged in several ways, like pop punk with bands like Green Day, and Blink-182.

But why if this music is so good to hear was so controversial and impressive at that time? Well, that is because there was a transgression looking to break free from social stigma.

This root refused to give explanations and it was always looking to annoy the established order by using offenses and bugging the good taste, moral and tradition.

Basically, the goal was to rouse through contradictory, insolent and absurd language.

Punk philosophy could be summarized as “Do it yourself” (DIY) or “Do it your way”. Refusing to follow the dogma and rejecting the fashion and the mass society.

Usually, bands used to express a serious unrest with the systems and institutions which organize and control the world.

In several occasions these songs were the platform for ideologic and philosophical proposals.

Ironically, punk people tended to criticize fashion so much that they turned the genre into a fashion one.

Now that we know which is the origin of the genre, its important to mention that punk hairstyles have nothing to do with the musical genre.

Crazy punk hairstyles

Nowadays, Punk is more than a style, it is a state of mind! Especially for young people who are searching themselves and exploring the world of fashion.

The think with the punk hairstyle is that helps to express yourself and show the world who you really are!

Some people use to wear this style for a bit, like temporary but, there exist a lot of people who’s still hitting this style these days.

Punk offers a lot of outfits and hairstyles to everyone who wants to achieve this amazing and spontaneous style!

Punk Hairstyles give anyone a completely new way to express who they really are through colors and a variety of spontaneous out of the rule haircuts.

So, in here you will find some of these controversial punk hairstyles that you will most surely want to try.

Punk Hairstyles for Long Hair

These days, it seems that anything goes when It comes to hair, that is why punk hairstyles are rocking right now, this style that is used to be deemed too extreme and crazy are now commonplace.

You can see it on the runway, fashion magazines and of course on brave young people with daring street style.

It is important to mention that, this hairstyle is usually use with short hair but there exists the exception of the rule as always, so, we bring you some of them for long hair.

Punk Hairstyles for Long Hair

The first one is called the “Faux Hawk” which was like a “better and innovative” version of the mohawk.

Faux Hawk punk

Starting off, you must section top front from receeding line to receeding line and clip the section back and apply molding paste to front flyaways.

After that, divide the top sections and tease at roots with a comb. Then, clip top section and with end of comb create a “C” part on the side of the head.

Once you have your hair part, begin at the temples and run it all the way down. After that, clip the mid-section of your hair out of the way.


Next, take the new side section and start braiding your hair into a French braid, secure it an elastic band and repeat this step on the other side.

hairstyle steps

Then, secure the front bang section with bobby pins. Make sure to stick the pins right to left then cross one left to right.

Now, take the mid hair and divide it into sections and proceed to tease it. An advice here if you have fine hair, you can spray it with dry shampoo first to create texture.

Once you have teased your hair, flip the sections over and smooth with a comb. Secure the mid sections with bobby pins.

easy punk hairstyles

Finally, spray liberally with hairspray to ensure it stays in place. Et Voila!

Final punk hairstyles

The next one is a common style turning into the punk era! Doing your hair can be so much fun even more if you are doing it in new ways.

A lot of times the punks don’t really care about how they looked, they were anti-mainstream and they tried to reflect that throughout the way that they look.

That’s why we bring you this easy punk hairstyle to achieve a spontaneous, gorgeous and amazing ponytail which is out of any rule!

gorgeous punk hairstyles

First of all, take the front of your hair out. This step is really important if you have your bangs cut because this hairstyle its not working with bangs, common!

Bangs are not punk!Now, while combing out your hair, you have to straighten or curl it to create some texture. After that, create a defined “c” part on one side and section the top portion of your gorgeous hair to create the “Faux-hawk”.

Punk mohak

Once you have your “Faux-hawk” created, tease the top portion of the hair that you’ve sectioned before off and smooth it over the front of the hair.

Then, take your comb and proceed to slick both sides of your hair and now you have to secure it with bobby pins crossing these over, and of course add some hairspray.

It is important that the teased hair from the top is left out on top separate from the slicked back sides that you secured before.

Once everything that we did before is ready, you have to grab all the hair except for the top section into a ponytail and secure it with a hair band.

To conclude with this impressive, simple and gorgeous punk hairstyle, you have to arrange the top section of your hair so, let it lays over the back of the ponytail and slightly swooped toward the opposite side of the deep part.

ponytail and slightly swooped Only if you think that is necessary, tease it more. When everything gets ready, spray the heck out of your hair!

Punk Hairstyles 2

The amazing thing of having long hair to achieve this gorgeous style is that you don’t even have to try harder! You can only dye your hair, add some colors you know?

For example, you can use the ombre hair, which is a great choice and one of the most used for punk lovers, the common is the combine blonde with bright pink, just like Avril Lavigne in the Girlfriend video!

ombre hair

Or you can be a little more extreme and wilder and dye your hair with fantasy colors, if you like this, you can try the 50 shades of blue. This is just for girls who like to experiment with their hair!

50 shades of blue

If you are a daring and extreme girl, you can try undercuts, they look really sexy if you have the punk attitude.

But this is serious, shaving a part of your hair is a huge deal! So, just do it if you are really sure that you want to try it.

And if you really want it but also the idea of try it scares you, just relax! Remember that hair grows back, but of course, as we said before… just do it if you are sure about it!

Nowadays, we count with a lot of technology and apps for trying looks online just to see how it goes so, as an alternative, you can use one of these before just to see how you are going to look.

punk attitude

Punk hairstyles for Short Hair

Okay, enough about long hair! It’s time to talk about the real queens of punk hairstyles, and these are the girls with short hair!

If you have long hair or medium long hair and you are bored of your usual hairstyle and also looking to get a creative new cut and hue, then you have to get inspired by the punk wave.

So, in here, we will let various options of cuts and colors for you that you will want to try because they are daring and bold enough to rock your imagination and make the desire of trying it!

Punk hairstyles for Short Hair

The first look we want to show you is influenced by punk but is also really chic and elegant, the name of the cut is Pompadour.

This cut is mostly used by men, but who said that girls can’t rock it? Pink can show you how!


She not only uses this amazing haircut also she dyes her hair with a nonchalant platinum blonde, super fierce!

She proves that short hair doesn’t have to be boring while using a stunning hairdo!

If you already have this haircut and you only miss the punk look, don’t worry, it is really easy to add the punk wave to your hairstyle.

To get the look, start to backcombing your hair from one side to another, and pump the top section by teasing it or using volumizing spray!

Now you have to create a swirl, twisting your hair in one side and setting it with an extra strength hairspray.

volumizing spray

Another hairstyle really punk is the Curly mohawk, actually you can use the mohawk with long hair, but with short looks really good!

This was one of the most used looks by Alicia Keys, she really did know how to look smoking hot and sexy with her voluminous and chic curly mohawk.

Alicia Keys

You can rock this style wearing it up with shaven sides and messy waves to create the natural texture. And I can sure you, you’ll rock with this!

To create this look which is also really easy, of course, get the haircut. Then, apply a good amount of volume boosting hair styling gel, and also a texturizing spray. After that, blow-dry your hair! And that’s it!

messy waves

Now, if you are a girl who believes in all that things shaggy and punks, then you will absolutely love and desire to try this amazing hairstyle called “The shaggy bob”.

You can just use it as Kristen Stewart, with tons of layers falling towards her face giving her some obvious punk air.

It is a perfect look for girls’ night out, chic for a dinner party, or enough elegant for a red-carpet event.

The best part is, that this punk hairstyle takes no more than ten minutes to set together. Goals!

Kristen Stewart

If you are even more daring and reckless, you can try the Mohican Cut which was rock it by Anabella.

Just use a short, punk hairstyle a little more extreme than the usual Mohican, shaving sides and getting a pair of tiny braids concealed in the back of your hair.

xtreme Mohican One of the most used and classic punk hairstyles was that has sustained the test of time, that means, black hair, a subtle mohawk and soft spikes! Just Glam!!

subtle mohawk

You can combine a brave cut a little impractical for everyday life and look chic while using it! You can just accent at your bangs with any color.

brave cut a little impractical

To rock punk hairstyles with short hair, you just need to be confident enough to dare to be different, even more if you are choosing a color to your hair.

Remember, short hair + spikes + crazy colors = The most amazing and spontaneous punk hairstyle ever seen. So, don’t be scared to find yourself through punk.

Punk hairstyles for little girls

We know little girls are our princesses but sometimes they have a rude personality and more attitude that anyone you’ll ever know, that’s why they can try punk hairstyles too!

If your little girl is like over active and like stuff that even boys can’t do, this beautiful hairstyle can make her feel amazing and embrace herself!

And is a really easy cut! Just have to cutting her hair into a spiky boy’s haircut and dying the top hair into different colors, of course can be fake colors to not damage her hair!

Punk hairstyles for little girls

There also exist a variety of this haircut called the funky slicked back hairstyle! So, if your girl is a punk girl, she will want to try this.

Common! Slicked back hairstyles are not only for boys, its even one of the coolest little girl haircuts ever!

Just a disconnected undercut and she will have an even better hairstyle to flaunt and look gorgeous about any occasion! The top of the hair can be dyed in any fake color!

fake color

Punk hairstyles for men

Now its time to talk about boys! Why boys? Well, guys are the real owners of this style, punk is more than a fashion statement for them, is a way of live, a symbol.

Guys usually love punk hairstyles because using it they can show to everyone that they don’t really care about what others think or believe about them.

Here we can find a lot of the looks we already mentioned like faux hawk, dreadlocks, spikes and mohawks but, I can sure that men know how to kill it with these looks.

Punk hairstyles for men

Punk hairstyles for men with long hair

At the 70’s, men were really savage and daring, so they weren’t afraid of anything and they mostly don’t think about what people say about them.

So, guys with long hair were extreme and wilder than any other guy of that age. They use colors on their hair, crazy cuts and some of them used to wear make-up.

To begin with this, we are going to talk about Steampunk hairstyles, these are typically longer in length than others. Its all about unique styles with corn rows, dreds, or even hair extensions.

You can also make this look sharper and more mysterious adding some spikes to the style.

Punk hairstyles for men with long hair

If you are a guy riskier and like to impress this is a look for you! The mohawk red spiky hairstyle. Which is the basic cut, shaving sides but using the long hair to create spikes.

And of course, with this look is all about colors and spikes! Its not necessary use red to dye your hair, you can choose the color that you want! So, let’s rock this hairstyle!

choose the color

If you are older and still have the punk attitude, don’t let the age wins you the gains of look amazing with this mohawk punk style for older men.

It doesn’t matter how old are you, this hairstyle is for you, that’s a fact! I mean, older men also have a right to wear whatever they want, even if is a punk hairstyle.

You only have to tease and spike your hair at the center of your head and create little braids on the sides of your head, of course, complemented with a hot beard style!

hot beard style

Punk hairstyles for men with short hair

Just as women, men with short hair used to slay more punk hairstyles. They have a variation of haircuts and colors and everything to just decide which look to try!

If you are a rude, wild, punk boy you have to try this gorgeous and incredible variation of the classic dreadlocks but in a short way!

The thing here, is the haircut with a spiky, re-adjustable messy top to give it the punk vibe, and the sharply tapered sides to create the modern chic feeling.

Punk hairstyles for men with short hair

This hairstyle looks even more amazing and hot with a beard, this is the top of the tower! The beard turned this hairstyle into a rebellious and sophisticated look.

Just like all the other looks, you can just dye the this of your hair to make a statement.

An iconic and rebellious look and one of the most popular haircuts used by men is the rebel’s pompadour!

rebel’s pompadour

Just combed back, messy and classic. Totally chic and stunning, really sexy and we have to say it!

Of course, you can just add a lot of color to this classic hairstyle to turned it into the punk vibe, can be green, red or blue, even a multicolor one.

messy and classic

Another amazing and hot look for men was the Greaser look! Just like the John Travolta’s one on Grease!

And why not? If it was a youth subculture popularized in the USA. When you see this look you only can think about the bikes, leather jackets and summer love.

This hairstyle is basically a pompadour but with a little more of glossy pomade and of course, everything slicked back.

It is a look really easy to achieve and is a versatile, stunning, immortal style.

immortal style

There we have the Punk Bowl Cut! Some people think that this hairstyle is not cool, but who cares what they think?

This hairstyle is all about punk, rebellious, unique, daring, so punk!! You can use it extra tapered at the sides and also combine it with an asymmetrical fringe to make it more of an edge!

asymmetrical fringe

Punk hairstyles for little boys

Little boys can also rock these punk hairstyles too! They actually look very cute and adorable with these looks.

To recreate the grease pompadour on your little kid, wash his hair to add some gel in it. Then part off where do you want the hair to stay long while is wet.

Get a generous amount of pomade, don’t worry about to style it yet, relax… just get the pomade throughout your hands and coat all of his hair with it!

Punk hairstyles for little boys

This is to get a more greaser and shinny hair! Once the pomade is applied, take a comb and comb it all back, begin with the sides and then work on the top.

If you have a punk party or a concert or is just your way of been, don’t be afraid to try one of these amazing punk hairstyles, and use a lot of accessories to combine and achieve your style!

Thank you so much for reading this punk hairstyle article. We hoped you enjoyed it. If you like it, please make sure to share it with your friends and family and check out our wide section of articles.

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