Bun Hairstyles

This is one of the most popular hairstyles ever, it never goes out of fashion and is super versatile and can be used in a number of ways!

Besides, every woman no matter how old is she, needs a good and chic bun or two in her arsenal. This amazing and easy hairstyle can be your bestie forever!

Bun Hairstyles

That’s because it can be worn for any occasion!! You can use one bun to go to work, for a girl’s night out, or maybe for a date night with a handsome guy.

The thing is that you could easily wearing this for a fancy evening. Not only can be casual but also can be worn around the house just to expend your day reading.

One of the most wonderful things about this kind of hairstyle is that you don’t have to make it perfectly because it can be completely messy so, you can also use it on a beach day!

So, no matter in which season you are living or what day is it, it doesn’t even care what is the occasion, in here you will find the perfect and easy bun hairstyle that’s perfect for you!!

Bun hairstyles for long hair

As we already said, bun is an amazing and versatile and can be worn by any girl with any kind of hair.

But is a fact that bun looks better on long beautiful hair and its better because can be modify as you wish depending upon the occasion or event combine with the outfit and make-up.

So, in here we will show you some of the best bun hairstyles for beautiful long hair for you to try out!

The first look on the list is a really easy one and works on medium length hair and of course to long hair!

Bun hairstyles for long hair

To start this look, you have to gather your hair into a high ponytail and then tie it up with a very tight hair band.

Next, grab a section of hair from your ponytail then divide it into two equal strands. To create the rope braid, take the right strand place the top of the left and twist it towards the right.

two equal strands

Again, take the right strand and place it over the left and twist it towards the right. Repeat the same steps until you reach the end, then tie it off with an elastic band.

Bun hairstyles for long hair steps

Now you should have a ponytail and a rope braid. Next, you have to grab a soft doughnut or “hair donut”.

Bun hairstyles for long hair step 3

Then, grab the tip of your ponytail around the hair donut and roll your hair down with the donut until it reaches the base of your ponytail.

Bun hairstyles for long hair step 4

Finally, take your rope braid and wrap it around the base of the bun. Then, secure it down with a few bobby pins, and that’s it!

Bun hairstyles for long hair step 5

The second bun hairstyle its really easy to achieve, and is very chic and classy, it is called “Low fan bun”, and it’s really cool because can be worn for a simple event or a casual day event without a problem!

Bun for hair

First of all, lift separate sections of the top of the hair and spray it with dry shampoo for added texture.

original bun

Now, gently backcomb sections for lift, using a downward motion only to protect the hair from damage.

bun women

Smooth and pull the hair back into a little ponytail leaving lift on the top. Pull the ponytail elastic away from the head, so, it’s not so tight.

ponytail for bun

Then, split the hair in the middle above the elastic and thread the ponytail through. After that, spray with a generous amount of hairspray, and smooth any flyaways.

Bun hair


Once you have finish with the spray, bring the end of the ponytail up and tuck it into the rolled section to create a bun. Then, secure it with bobby pins.

To finish, use the end of a brush or comb to lift hair at the crown to add height. Then, you are just ready to go girl!!


The next bun hairstyle is a really easy textured effortless low bun. I think you are going to be so surprised with how simple this hairstyle is!

So, to start preparing your hair creating soft waves using a curling iron. An advice to help the curls hold their shape, try to catch them in your hand as they fall of the barrel, then, squeeze the hair until its cool.

Another bun

Next, spray a generous amount of texturizing hairspray. This will create the perfect amount of texture and volume you need without weighing down your hair.

Once waves are ready, part your hair as usual and just place a finger at the back of your part. Then roughly trace a line down behind your ear to the nape of your neck.

Bun and waves

Then, place this front section out of the way for now and then, repeat it on the right side, tracing from the back of your part, and just placing that section out of the way.

Next, up loosely gather your hair into a low ponytail, try not to flatten all that volume that we added.

Since you’ll be creating a bun, is recommended that gathering the hair about an inch or two up from the nape of your neck.

Bun steps

Now, take a strong hair elastic and carefully secure your ponytail into place and then, instead of pulling your ponytail all the way through, on the last loop you just want to partially pull it through creating a bun.

For that effortless appearance, just pull on the sides of your bun fanning it out and then on small sections to add texture and of course pull on small sections of hair around your crown area to add even more volume and lift.

How to do a bun

Now, the fun part!! Grab the tail from your bun with your right hand and pull it towards the right and then bring it up and cross it over your bun.

step for buns

Then, just hold your ends in place with one hand while you adjust the hair. So, if your hair is longer you can make it nice and loose, in that way you’ll have less ends to worry about later.

Once you’re happy with it, secure your ends into place to the left of your bun with bobby pins, and don’t worry about if is perfectly done or not.

Bun step

The next step is to hide any bobby pins, take your ends up keeping it pointed down and just secure them right into place where you had bobby pins earlier.

Now, grab the left section from the front hair and pull out any small pieces of hair to frame your face.

Then, lightly twist this section clockwise once. This will help hold all of the hair into place. Once twisted gently pull on the bottom of your twist to fan it out which will also cover the bobby pins.

Then, loosely bring that section across the back of your hair above your bun and secure the ends into place just to the right of your bun.

Grab your right section pulling small pieces out to frame your face and this time loosely twist it once counterclockwise, and fan it out by pulling on the bottom of your twist.

Bun process

Now, loosely bring that section across the back of your head above your previous twist, secure it into place to the left of your bun, and you can use the previous twist to help you hide the bobby pins.

To finish, take any remaining ends and bring them underneath your bun pinning out of the way until you’re happy with the appearance.

You can completely tuck them away for a more polished feel or leave a few small strands out for a more effortless look.

Finally, lock it into place with your favorite hairspray. There you go!! Glam and chic with this amazing simple effortless bun hairstyle.

Final bun

Bun hairstyles for medium length hair

Okay, now it’s time for girls with medium length hair! This kind of hair has its own perks and negatives at the same time. Sometimes is too long, other times too short!!

Some hairstyles look so elegant only with long hair, but medium length hair can be styled in a more innovative and casual trend way.

When it comes about bun hairstyles, medium length hair can present a very pretty picture if it done right, of course.

So, relax and be prepared for this amazing stylish bun hairstyles for medium length hair!

The first bun hairstyle that we have here is perfect for a school dance, so, if homecoming is around the corner, you need to try this amazing hairstyle.

Bun hairstyles for long hair..

To start this hairstyle, you can straight your hair with an iron, after that, take a section of hair from your crown area and some from the front and tease it.

Then, put all of your hair from ear down into a mid-ponytail and tease it a little before wrapping it around itself to form a bun.

Once you have your bun ready take the rest of your hair from the top to create five ponytails, one on the crown area and two of each side of your head.

Next, take the crown ponytail and flip it! Once it is flipped, pull out the edges to soften the twist, and repeat the same steps with the other ponytails as well.

Bun hairstyles for long hair woman

While doing this with the side ponytails, you are going to put them into the middle ponytail afterwards.

Maybe the previous step sounds complicated but it is really easy. You just have to take the ponytail, flip it, and pull on sides of the twist to soften it up, exactly the same that you did with the ponytail from the crown area!

Then, you are going to tug on the elastic bands towards the middle ponytail, so, you can put it right under the middle ponytail.

This is for ultimately trying to hide the elastic bands under the middle ponytail. Then, gather all the ponytails making sure that the side ones are still inside the middle ponytail, and wrap it around the bun.

Simple bun

Now, you are just going to pin it in place using bobby pins. Lastly, you are going to loosely up the twist even more.

Because is not going to lock right if its too tight, so, you have to loosen it up but carefully! If you lose it too much, it can look messier, but nothing that bobby pins can’t fix!

The second bun hairstyle is just perfect, is called “The bubble bun” and is perfect for people with layers.

Bun step 1

To start, put your hair into a high ponytail, then, hairspray the top and the bottom layer just to keep things extra smooth.

Now, grab another elastic band and make another ponytail few inches below the main elastic, making sure that you don’t go past your layers.

Do a bun

Then, toggle the sides to make it a little wider! The purpose of the second ponytail is to keep is to keep your short layers from sticking out of the bun but even if you don’t have layers, you should do this step.

The next step is to loosen up your elastic bands, so you can form an opening to pull your ponytail through it.

Make sure through that your second ponytail does not go through it as well. Then, tell on the size of the bun to fan it out to create the bun.


So, make your bun as big or as small as you want here. Once set and done, you are going to the ends in half and start wrapping it around the elastic one by one to hide it. That’s it!!

space bun

The final one is one of our favorites, it is called “Space buns” but you can also call it “dirty hairstyle” because it looks amazing when you are doing it with your hair super dirty.

Actually, you need dirty hair for this hairstyle because you want texture in your hair and you want to get big buns.

To start, take your hair down and brush it, a lot! Take a dry shampoo and spray it for all the roots of your hair. This is perfect to create more texture, even if your hair is clean.

Shampoo spray

Then brush it all a little bit more and brush it all back to get the middle part. Now, take the side that you are not using first and kind of tightly wind that just to make sure that you are not grabbing any of that hair when you start with the other side.

Frame your face

Now, leave a kind of some front pieces out using a rat comb to frame your face. Then, proceed to brush that section of your hair back.

Once you have it brush it, take a hair band and grab that section of your hair up, so, remember that is a messy bun so, go half and then twist it around, and grab it again.

It doesn’t matter if it looks messier or ridiculous, you will fix it with bobby pins. So, try to adjust it as you want it and pin it with the bobby pins. Repeat these steps on the other side of your head!

Bun finally

To add the final touch, use a generous amount of hairspray, and that’s it!! You have your beautiful and effortless space buns to pass the day!!

Bun hairstyles for short hair

Sometimes, girls get crazy and want to cut their hair and others like to wear short hair because their feel more comfortable like that.

Maybe you are just thinking how you are going to bun your short hair because it looks complicated.

Short hair is amazing for thick and volume, but not so great when it comes to messy bun hair. The good news is that you don’t have to worry.

Bun hairstyles for short hair

You can’t stop feeling the pain that short hair causes you when you want to style it! So, in here, you will find a step by step guide of how to do a bun hairstyle with your short hair.

The first bun hairstyle is really easy and amazing because you can wear it all the time, even with dirty hair, and is a fact that if you use dirty hair, will look better! It is called “Ballerina bun”.

First of all, if you have your hair clean, don’t worry about it, just use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair and try to put in a bun.

Steps for short buns

Now, gather your hair to make sure you got ever last strand of hair. After you have gathered all your hair in a ponytail, twist it, like all the way up.

Then, twist your hair down and around itself this is to create the ballerina bun, no matter if a few pieces fall out of place, that helps to create the messiness effect on the bun.

bun step 2

Once you have your bun created, simply tie a thin hair tie around it. Then, try to lose it a little with the little pieces of your hair that fell out before when you were gathering your hair. Put a little of hairspray, and that’s it!

Bun for short hair

Now we have the simple, effortless and carefree “low bun hairstyle”. You can just do it and walk out the door and conquer the whole world!

First, gather your hair at the nape of your neck, making sure that you got all the hair. Now take a thin hair band and start to timer the hair like if you would do a normal ponytail.

Types of bun

But on the last time round just pull it halfway through to create a loop. Now, short hair troubles, so, got that little sticky out just gathering the hair back again, and putting another thin hair band round just to extra secure it.

If you like the carefree kind of vibe, just pull out the roots to kind of loosen everything up a little bit.

Cute bun

Now take a bobby pin to start pin it your fringe bit back just to make sure that it doesn’t like fold down or anything on both sides!

Then, get the hairstyle ready spraying a generous amount of hairspray to maintain the look safe!

Now we have the “high bun hairstyle”, this a really simple, fancy and classic hairdo! So, you can use it even in special occasions.

Let’s start by just covering up your hair onto the top of your head, you can also use a brush just to kind of like get all the hair and smooth everything out.

Now take a thin hair band and start to tie your hair like if you would do a high ponytail. On the last time round, just put it through a third of the way through just to create a little baby loop.

reak buns

Then, just in the middle of the bun, proceed to ruffling it off and pulling out a little bit just to create a bit more of texture.

Now, take the sides of the bun and pull them back and tuck them into the b ack of the hair band just to grab a bit of a thinner bun.

pass bun

Take the ends of your hair that are out, divide it into two and cross them over the front of the bun. Then, round them to the back and then just pin it in place with some bobby pins.

Finally secure it with a generus amount of hairspray.

Buns are a really versatile hairstyle so, there exist many options for little girls too! They are basically the same options that we mention here. So, you can apply the same steps to create buns on your little princess!

Now, we all have to be clear and admit that a lot of man use bun hairstyles these days too. Guys are like embracing long hair and styling it in this useful and gorgeous way.

So, just like girls, man with long hair can use any type of the buns that you have read before, from the messy bun or the loose bun to the low bun and the tight bun.

Man bun

They can also combine it with a haircut, like the man bun undercut! No matter if you’re a man, a teenager or a little boy, you will look totally cool with these bun hairstyles!

Kid bun

Thank you so much for reading this bun hairstyles article. We hoped you enjoyed it. If you like it, please make sure to share it with your friends and family and check out our wide section of articles.

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