Undercut Hairstyles

Undercuts were extremely popular during the 20’s until the 40’s we know this hairstyle was popular between young working-class men during these years but now it’s back during 2010’s and this hairstyle has become a new trend for every man.

The undercut without any doubt it’s one of the best throwback that this decade could have. It’s because is a youthful and versatile alternative for every type of hair.

hair undercut

It doesn’t matter if you have curly, straight or wavy hair it will look stunning on you. But the undercut it’s not a thing that you only think it and make it, in fact there are several things you need to keep in mind.

You’ll need to think where you want the undercut, if you are going to show your new style to everybody or if you’d like to keep it visible in certain situations.

If you like the first option then you’d like to try an undercut hairstyle in which your sides are shaven in case but in the other hand you like it the second option give a chance to shave the back of your head.

Also think about how do you dress and which is the hairstyle you have right now, why? Because in that way you’ll be able to know if the hairstyle matches with your actual style, but if you don’t mind to make an extreme change in your look don’t doubt and try an undercut.

Unfortunately, the undercut hairstyle it’s not for every of face shape, first you need to know which face shape do you have so you can look for the perfect haircut for you.

It’s not always good to go to the hair salon and ask your hairdresser for an undercut like those famous celebrities have and when you have it for you is a total fail and you’ll need to wait until it grows again.


So, it’d be better if you look for an example that has your same face shape and, in this way, you’ll have your perfect hairstyle.

When you finally decided if you’ll have the undercut hairstyle and figured out your face shape here you have many options to try with this haircut and if you want to try one keep reading and see.

Undercut Hairstyle for Men

This hairstyle as we said before it’s very versatile, it only refers to any kind of hairstyle that leaves the top of the hair long while the back sides are trimmed, faded or completely shaven.

Nowadays this undercut hairstyle is very difficult for many barbers because it’s not an easy task to get the perfect undercut, it’s hard to sculpt when the skin fades and tight graduations are into the hairstyle.

But this always wasn’t like this, actually during the Edwardian era in England, this hairstyle meant that a man couldn’t afford a proper one from someone who had enough experience.

Undercut Hairstyle for Men

Now this hairstyle it’s very stylish and here you have some ideas to try improve your style and hair to be trendy in every part of your day:

 Slicked Back Faded Undercut

This hairstyle in particular is done by cutting the sides of the hair in very short layers.

The top hair is left with long and very dense curls which are styled with natural products and after that is stylized backwards.

By doing this you’ll have a small crest formed in your hairstyle. The last detail of this undercut hairstyle is that you must have your hair dyed in order to have the faded style. In case you have a beard or moustache this should be dyed too.

#1 Slicked Back Faded Undercut

Disconnected Undercut

This undercut is the most dramatic variation of the classic style. The way of getting this undercut hairstyle done is by shaving the lower part of the hair very short and leaving the top of the head long.

By leaving the top long a full disconnection is created from the sides of the head and this creates a well-defined line where you can appreciate when the short hair stops and the long hair starts.

You can also change the length of the upper part of the hair and giving more volume to it, this is because there is not a specific length for the hair. For example, if you left the top long you can create an extremely noticeable cut.

#1 Slicked Back Faded Undercut 2

But in case you’d like to keep a subtle style or you don’t like the dramatic cut try by letting a medium length and give it a pompadour-like style.

Curly Hair Undercut with Fringe

In case you have curly hair, this style gives you a lot of volume and your hair will look more natural and messier, also it works extremely well for people with wavy hair, the good point of this undercut hairstyle it doesn’t need too much effort and makes your morning routine very easy.

If the length of the top of the hair is short you won’t need to give too much attention to your styling routine but if you want, try to give a medium or long length to your hair it will gives you a style of bad boy to your appearance.

#3 Curly Hair Undercut with Fringe

In case of the fringe in this hairstyle you can leave it hanging low over the forehead for a risky style or you can leave it in one side for a formal look for those events in which looking all messy and natural it’s not enough nor appropriate.

Undercut Hairstyles for Women

Undercuts are not only for men actually during this 2018 the trendiest thing between women it’s… Yes! The undercut!

This hairstyle has become an extreme type of hairdressing and the hair it’s cut very short in certain areas or some areas are completely shaven.

In women there are a huge variety of using this style this is because it can be used on short, medium or even long hair. This gives you a huge amount of designs that you can try at least once in your life.

Undercut Hairstyles for Women

For sure not every woman would dare to shave a part of her hair, but we can’t deny that is the perfect way to add an extra edge to your appearance. You should give it a try at least once to undercut hairstyles in your life, the hair will grow up anyways and accept it looks divine in women too.

If you are interested in giving a radical change to your hair here well show you some of the most amazing undercut, you can try on yourself to improve your style.

Undercuts with Long Hair

If you are not sure enough to shave the both sides of your hair but you want to give a chance to this style, then try to make an undercut with your long hair. Here we’ll show you some ideas:

Undercuts with Long Hair

Long Hair Hidden Undercut

In case you are not sure enough of getting all your hair cut the give a chance to this style in this one your hair will be the same long all around but in the lower part of your hair there would be a hidden surprise.

This will give you chance to have a natural long hairstyle when it’s needed it but, in the moment, you pull your hair into a top knot it’s the moment to reveal the edgy design you were hiding underneath.

#1 Long Hair Hidden Undercut

In case you didn’t know, this undercut hairstyle works very well in every kind of hair with wavy and curly hair it’s an excellent help to lower the hair volume but in case you have straight hair you’ll need to be very careful because you wouldn’t like to make you look with less hair than you have.

Bob Haircut Undercut

Of course, not every undercut has to be in the lower part of your hair in fact you can use it as little detail to accentuate your face, it can be done in any side of your head after you cut your hair in a Bob style. If in any moment you get tired of it just let it grow again.

#2 Bob Haircut Undercut

This style it’s perfect for you if you are in college and you want to try new things without going to extreme, you can also make it as al little buzzed section or a complete side section that your bob hairstyle can cover.

One Sided Undercut

This edgy alternative is the key for a flattering look, this kind of hairstyle is perfect for you if you have either wavy hair or curly hair. Don’t be scared this undercut it’s not as complicate as it seems it only gives a bold style to one side of your head.

If you want to try this style you must ask to you hairdresser to buzz one side from above the ear and going up to your crow.

The good thing about this undercut hairstyle is that you either can hide it with the hair or leave the hair dropping to the other side of the head revealing this look.

#3 One Sided Undercut

Short Hair Undercut for Women

Having an undercut hairstyle, it’s not a thing for women with long hair actually it looks flattering with women with short hair the reason is because it gives a rebel and youthful vibe to your daily look that will impress many people.

If you have a short hairstyle and want to give it a refresh let us show you some ideas to try in your hair.

Short Hair Undercut for Women

Outgrown Undercut

If you’d already tried an undercut hairstyle before and you are sitting in your home waiting for your hair to grown as a nice short bob is okay, but did you know that you can get that style by one visit to the hair salon? Well yes you don’t need to slick back your hair just let it go in front.

You can enjoy tis messy style and have this 90’s vibe to your daily day, but don’t let it to spiky or you’ll look too much retro and maybe you would like that.

This undercut is an excellent helper if you want to hide your forehead just in case you are not into showing it.

#1 Outgrown Undercut

Also if you are a make-up lover and you to highlight a dramatic eye makeup while having short hair this style is everything you need.

Pixie Haircut with Undercut

The pixie haircut is a hairstyle has been on trend since many years between those women who wants an edgy vibe and wants to maintain the feminine aura too, if the pixie hair cut weren’t enough try an undercut style in lower part of your hair.

With this style you can try by shaving one side of the temple to give it a highlight to one of your eyes but if you considered yourself confident enough try by buzzing al the temple of your hair an leaving the top long, so you can experiment this the upper part by curling it.

#2 Pixie Haircut with Undercut

The hairstyle provides to your physical appearance a fashionable and attractive vibe to every part of your day also you don’t need to show the shaved part every day, you can comb your hair on the other side and you’ll have a new different style.

Pixie with Patterns on The Temple

If you have a radical and rebel soul and want to stand out in every place that you go you must do a pattern or design in your undercut this will give you that edgy tough you were looking for.

This trend of patterns on the undercut hairstyle is also called hair tattoo and it’s because it looks very much like a tattoo. The trend became popular thanks to Instagram and most of the women who started to use this style wanted to give a huge surprised to the people they were around.

The point of this is to emphasize with any kind of pattern the temple of your hair. Women sometimes try to use animal print in this area or diamonds, both of them look completely stunning on them.

#3 Pixie with Patterns on The Temple

You can add more style to the undercut by using abstract designs or by dyeing your hair with vibrant colors like pink or blue, this will give you the look of a total rebel.

Unfortunately, this haircut you won’t be able to look at this design unless your look at it through a mirror but you still can appreciate it through the photos you take in your social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Undercuts for Boys

Undercuts are not exclusive for men, actually due to the creativity of this hairstyles and the handsome look it gives, are a special and excellent option to do with your little man hair.

The reason is because it can be as formal or informal depending on the situation that you and your kind are going to face so in case you are thinking in giving your little boy a change in his hair we present you some ideas.

Undercuts for Boys

Classic Undercut

Your little boy can use the same classic undercut as men, the trendy looks this hairstyle gives to young boys is adorable as in the case of grown up men they can also slick the front hair backwards or leave it in the front of the head.

You can style your little boy hair too by using some wax or something to stylish the hair in some funny spikes that will give him a childish look that a kid would never loose.

#1 Classic Undercut.

Hard Line Undercut With Pompadour

Your little man will be the most handsome one with this undercut idea, the hairstyle is made by doing a well-defined line in the place where de upper part of the hair begins, the good thing is this hairstyle is totally versatile.

Your little kid can use this undercut hairstyle with a classic pompadour or without any styling, also de pompadour can be long or short depending in the style you’d like to give to your kid, in any case, the undercut hairstyle is totally a trend and beautiful for kids.

#2 Hard Line Undercut With Pompadour

Undercut with Pattern

The funny touch your boy’s hair needs are a pattern in the temple, these patterns are not supposed to be complicated or ethnic, actually the majority of the designs for kids are just lines o curves in some cases the add a lightning bolt to the style.

This is done for kids, so they are not specifically involved in extra complicated hairstyles or too serious haircuts that make them look mature than they are.

#3 Undercut with Pattern

Undercuts for Girls

Is the same case as women, girls can have this kind of hairstyle and they look completely stunning with this hair style, they can try any kind of look and they’ll be as wonderful as always.

If your little princess is a rebel from her heart then she should try one of these undercut hairstyles, after all hair will grow up again.

Undercuts for Girls

Bob with hidden undercut

Cut your little girl’s hair in a bob style to make it a little bit shorter than she has, after that you must shave the lower part of the hair this gives your princess hair a new look when she makes herself a ponytail but when she gets tired of showing the undercut hairstyle just covered it with the other part of hair.

#1 Bob with hidden undercut

Long Hair with Sided Undercut

In case your daughter doesn’t want to cut her hair to use it as a bob hairstyle, but she still wants to use and undercut then you should tell her to get this sided undercut hairstyle.

This consists in buzzing one side of the hair to highlight one of the eyes of the little girl this flattering haircut also can be hidden in case that she doesn’t want it anymore or the hairstyle it’s not appropriate for a determined situation.

#2 Long Hair with Sided Undercut

Undercut with Pattern

Yes, girls can have a pattern in the undercut too, these patterns are absolutely gorgeous and sweet, they go from small hearts or waves in the style, and this gives them that aura of sweet rebel that any little girl should miss.

Also, you can complement this undercut by dyeing your little girl’s hair with some temporary colors that won’t damage your girl’s hair and will highlight the hairstyle they have.

#3 Undercut with Pattern 2

Maintaining your undercut

One of the problems you’ll have when you do yourself and undercut is when your hair starts growing up, because the haircut starts losing its style and it would look messy in the wrong way and somehow, it’ll have a silly vibe that you won’t want.

If you decided to intend an undercut hairstyle you accept the fact that you must go to the hair salon very frequent to maintain this flattering hairstyle, this means that somehow, you’ll spend more money than you did with your normal haircut.

Once you have your hair short you’ll notice almost immediately the minimal inch your hair grows, of course you didn’t notice this when you had your hair long, so this is a good way to know when is necessary to go to the hair salon.

Maintaining your undercut

To maintain the style of the hairstyle specially the top part of the undercut this needs to have a lot of volume and shine, you can get this by using some hair spray that helps you with the volume of the haircut.

Also, you can help yourself to have a very voluptuous hair by using some gel before you slicked back, this will give you an amazing pompadour, but if you don’t want that pompadour then help your hairstyle by simply brushing your hair while you blow dry it.

These tips can be used for everyone who has an undercut hairstyle because everybody has de right to look stunning with this haircut.

But in case your hair starts growing up very fast and it lost its style the you’ll need to go the hair salon and give the hair a buzz to having back in the previous style, sometimes a friend who knows how to use a pair of clippers can help you.

This help is only for maintain the undercut not for cutting the hair for the first time you won’t want to ruin your undercut this work of doing this haircut it’s only for experts.

maintain the undercut

We thank you deeply for reading this article until the end, we hope that was helpful to you in order to choose a new hairstyle by introducing the undercut.

If you enjoyed it or liked it enough please share with your friends or family so more people get to know about the topic and let them try too about a new style, we will bring you more articles like this very soon.

Thank you again and read us the next time! 

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