Emo hairstyles

If you totally dig the Emo style, then you should definitely check out these emo hairstyles.

What young, modern teenager hasn’t gone through an Emo phase? Seriously, most of us born ahead from 1995 have had to endure going through an Emo stage, which is totally fine! You know, that –mostly awkward– stage when you want to dye your hair every possible color of the rainbow and pierce everything that might give your parents a heart attack.

emo hair

Most of us want to be just like everyone else –dress like every other person, like whatever it is they like–, and follow trends that make us look cooler and stuff.

But, every once in a while, there are some inspiring people who don’t care about being like the rest.

They just want to express their own selves without caring who’s going to judge them.

Going through different styles and phases is invigorating, no matter how unusual they may be, because it the best possible way to discover your true self and find out whom you want to be.

For some people, being Emo is not just a simple phase; it’s a form of living. Some fall in love with this style and are completely sure that it’s how they want to live their life.

Who can blame them, though?

Emo styles are super cool and expressive; no doubt, when you see someone “emo”, there’s a ninety-nine-percent possibility that they’re creative and very interesting.

Same thing goes for emo hairstyles: they are bold, edgy, unique and so, so exciting.

girl emo

Whether you’re going through the famous emo phase that mostly occurs during those awkward pre-teen years, or you’re one-hundred-percent certain this is the style for you, read on!

In here we’ll present some emo hairstyles so you can experiment with your hair and recreate all kids of powerful and cool hairstyles.

Emo hairstyles for girls with long hair

Emo is basically another name for the Goth-inspired style.

They have many elements in common; mainly, dark clothing and accessories and heavy makeup.

This style is mostly preferred by youngsters, like we had previously mentioned, but if you’re no long a teenager and yet you still fancy this style, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Emo hairstyles for girls with long hair

Since most teenagers try this wild style at least once in their lives, it’s very on trend.

Not only for guys, but for many girls, too.

Many emo girls love to keep their hair long –and it’s not like we can blame them–; there’s nothing like the comforting feeling of having long, feminine tresses falling down your back

Although, it’s not a secret that having long hair is not always as easy as it is broadcasted on shampoo commercials, not only maintenance, hairstyles, too; but, it’s not impossible!

Therefore, in here we’ll talk about some emo hairstyles for girls with long hair.

The first emo hairstyle is this simpleton haircut. This is probably the most representative emo hairstyle you could ever get.

For this emo hairstyle, the hair is trimmed into many uneven layers that are very visible to the eye. Also, the hair is kept completely straight.

So, if you want to get this emo hairstyle right you better get yourself an iron straightener, for it will become your best friend.

Bangs have an important part in this show, too. Thick, sided bangs cannot be missing from this classic emo hairstyle. They are representative.

emo hairstyle

Now, this emo hairstyle is simpler than many others you might see. These are just some regular old princess curls.

It’s not much of a surprise though. Every girl adores some good princess curls, even some tough emo ladies.

This hairstyle is very simple; something you might see any girl sporting around in the street, not just an emo girl.

These princess curls are not too hardcore-ly emo, so you can easily pass this one off as a regular hairstyle, if, of course, were you to decide the emo style is not the best for you.

If you want to make this hairstyle look bolder and edgier, you can get make yourself appear so, like by using dark, heavy eye-shadow and getting some thick eyelashes.

Piercings are also a good idea; if you’re not so fond of needles, you can get some fake ones, just for the sake of completing this emo hairstyle.

Red emo hair

For a good emo hairstyle, everything is about the colors and shape.

Dual hues emo hairstyles are everything.

The more colors you use, the more excited and cool you’ll feel and look.

For dual hues, make sure to dye your hair with some bold colors.

Instead of going for similar tones like black and dark brown, use colors that contrast together.

Bright green and blue are very popular among emo hairstyles.

They’re classic and very traditional.

Other colors girls love are hot pink and dark purple.

All of these make great combinations with each other. For a great emo hairstyle, don’t be afraid of mixing some bold colors together.

colors girls

Emo hairstyles for girls with medium length hair

Some people say that there’s no such thing as the perfect length. We don’t agree on that.

Medium length hair has become the most popular for women of all ages and races, no questions asked.

This length is preferred by most because it’s way easier to deal with than long hair, but it still keeps some structure and shape from longer hairstyles.

Emo hairstyles for girls with medium length hair

Therefore, medium length hair is pretty much the perfect combination. Think about it –not too long, not too short; it’s just the right length.

By now you might have realized that every girl out there –and I mean every girl– loves buns. Seriously, we can’t think about anyone who doesn’t like buns.

And why would they? Buns are great; buns are a blessing from every deity in the sky.

They are simple, useful, girly and fun.

Spacey buns are a great emo hairstyle, especially if your hair is dyed in any bright color.

Remember bright colors give life to the hairstyle.

Pretty much like with the princess curls, this hairstyle isn’t a hardcore emo hairstyle. Many girls love it, not just emo girls.

The hair color and the accessories you wear is what will give this hairstyle the emo touch, but it’s beautiful either way.

great emo hairstyle

With this emo hairstyle, no one will doubt about your favorite style is. This look is bold, risky, mysterious, not to mention daring.

The essence of this emo hairstyle is a heavy sided fringe and a small shaved section on the side.

You need to make a deep side part and shave a small section of hair right above the ear.

You can buzz the hair as much as you wish.

This emo hairstyle would look even better paired up with some bright colors that make the whole haircut pop.

If you’re a girl who likes being risky and breaking boundaries, then this emo hairstyle might just be the right one for you. Give it a try!

some bright colors

This sleek fringe emo hairstyle for medium length hair is what dreams are made of.

Bangs are a typical element in any emo hairstyle, so why not give it a twist and go for some really dramatic bangs?

You can cut your bangs in a round frame around your face, nearly covering your eyebrows.

Keep them thick and shiny and perfect, for they are the main attraction of this emo hairstyle.

If you have dark hair, you can add some dark hues to the bangs so they pop out even more, like dark purple or dark blue.

This emo hairstyle is perfect for any girl who’s just getting to know the style. It’s bold and feminine and emo, but it’s simple and a great way to start off.

good hair emo

Emo hairstyles for girls with short hair

Short hair is yet another length that has become very popular throughout the years. It seems it’s becoming even more popular than waist length hair. Who would have thought?

However, it is real.

Women of the present are now deciding to leave the uncomfortableness of long hair behind them and are going for simpler hairstyles.

Emo girls are no exception, of course; they too have become fans of cropping their locks short, and we totally love the idea.

Emo hairstyles for girls with short hair

So, if you’ve recently cut your tresses, don’t regret it just yet!

If you don’t know how to style your new hair, keep on reading and check out some cool emo hairstyles for girls with short hair.

This texturized bob is probably every short-haired emo girl’s dream.

The long bob is a perfect idea for an emo hairstyle for every girl. It’s fun, refreshing and simple, yet it radiates character.

For this emo hairstyle, the hair is cut into layers on the sides. Obviously, bangs are also an important part of this look.

Tease and tousle the hair as much as you can, that way you’ll get some volume and shape that’ll make the whole hairstyle look even better!

As an extra, you can dye a small section of the bangs a different color that the rest of your hair. For example, if your hair is black, you can contrast the fringe with a blue stripe.

Is this emo hairstyle cute or what? Spoiler alert: the answer is most likely Yes.

bangs a different color

This emo hairstyle is super cute and feminine, but it doesn’t lose its essence. Just by looking at it you can tell that it’s meant for an emo girl. It’s sort of a long bob haircut.

Anyways, who said that emo hairstyles are supposed to be scary and not-at-all attractive?

For this emo hairstyle, the hair is cut into uneven layers all throughout the head.

The haircut looks good on any hair length, but it looks particularly great when the hair barely gets to the chin.

Create a deep side part and straighten all the hair. The uneven layer will make the hair look spiky and cool.

And remember not to forget about the sided bangs! They are super important in any emo hairstyle; without them, any look would seem incomplete.

Additionally, you can dye the end of the fringe another color for a bolder effect.

You and your emo hairstyle will look incredible!

bolder effect

This emo blue pixie cut absolutely screams out boldness and riskiness.

This emo hairstyle is super exciting and eye-catching; for sure you’ll be turning stares everywhere you go!

It’s actually way simpler than it looks.

The hair is just cut into a classic pixie haircut and brushed entirely to one side.

As always, sided bangs must make an appearance.

They are a key factor.

An emo hairstyle without bangs is like cereal without milk –unfathomable!

But what will really bring this regular pixie cut to life is the color of your hair. Remember emo hairstyles are all about color; so, don’t be shy!

This pixie cut is a perfect opportunity for you to experiment with bright colors.

Of course, if you wish you can get the cut with your natural hair color, but then it won’t look like a risqué emo hairstyle, just a regular pixie haircut. Think it through!

classic pixie haircut

As you might have seen by now, there are many emo hairstyles to choose from.

There is one out there that is meant to be yours. It’s not a matter of if you find it, but a matter of when!

It doesn’t matter which of these emo hairstyles you choose; you will for sure look amazing in any of them, you just need to find the one you feel the most comfortable in.

Emo hairstyles for guys

Of course, we can’t leave out guys out of this article about emo hairstyles.

They too love the emo style as much as girls, perhaps even more, if we think it thoroughly.

Just because you’re a guy that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to pick the hairstyle you like best out of a bunch.

With these emo hairstyles you’ll see many cool and different styles.

Emo hairstyles for guys

There is a great number of emo hairstyles for guys; in fact, there are so many it’s difficult to believe.

Therefore, we’ll talk about the most popular.

The most popular emo hairstyle for guys you’ll ever see is this sleek look.

We have to admit that this type of hairstyles looks particularly best with thin or thick hair –doesn’t really matter–, that is naturally straight and jet black.

The hair is cut into uneven layers all around, and sided bangs are left long enough to nearly cover the eyes.

This is probably the most representative emo hairstyle for guys you’ll ever see. It oozes out a cool vibe.

Guys absolutely love this emo hairstyle. It’s simple, manly and super relaxed.

most popular emo hairstyle

As you might have realized, for most emo hairstyles, guys like to keep their locks sort of long and voluminous.

If you, however, are not such a fan of keeping your hair long, don’t worry. This spiked emo hairstyle is just as great.

The hair is cut in layers –layers are important in any emo hairstyle, always keep that in mind–, and the sided bangs are the ever present factor.

The hair is kept tousled and messy for a more relaxed look, which is exactly what you should be looking to achieve.

Who better to give you inspiration on a great emo hairstyle than Gerard Way himself? The My Chemical Romance vocalist sure knows how to work his spikes.

Gerard Way

We know not every guy out there who likes emo hairstyles has straight hair. Some have wavy or curly hair and like leaving it like that.

This cool emo hairstyle will let you leave your waves flowing freely while still making you look amazing.

The hair is buzzed very short on the sides, but the waves at the top are left longer and more voluminous, just enough that it reaches the top of your eyebrows.

Leaving your waves natural and unruly totally adds character to the whole look, because most emo hairstyles consist on straight hair.

Don’t be afraid to break boundaries with your curls!

You can even add a fade hairstyle to the sides as an extra touch.

Can you think of a style cooler than this?

waves natural

Accessories for emo hairstyles

Accessories are an essential piece in every girl’s life; whether they’re meant to complement their clothes or hairstyles; accessories are everything.

Well, for emo hairstyles this is no exception!

Emo girls love accessories as the next girl –not that we can blame them–. In all honesty though, what girl doesn’t love accessories?

Accessories for emo hairstyles

Let’s not only say girls; even guys love some of these accessories and wear them very often.

Accessories are necessary in a person’s life, that’s all that matters!

Since they’re so important, we’ll be talking about some important accessories that will make your emo hairstyle unique and make it stand out.

First of all, bandanas!

This incredible accessory was born around the 1940s thanks to the working women who loved to wear it during their shifts to tie the hair back; it became more popular around the 1970s.

This accessory is literally a simple piece of fabric, not a big deal at all, but it can make quite a change in every hairstyle.

Bandanas are so loved because each one is unique in its own way. Different colors and patterns are what makes them special.

Let’s just say, bandanas paired up with emo hairstyles? Explosive combination!

Just think about it: emo hairstyles are already as cool as they come, but adding an accessory like bandanas brings them to another level beyond our comprehension.

The best thing about bandanas is that they’re so versatile; you can wear them with a ponytail, braids, buns, or just let your hair loose, and you will still look amazing no matter what.

This is probably the best accessory for emo hairstyles because they’re so representative and simple, but they’re so cool and chic at the same time.

You can buy many bandanas of different patterns and colors.

Even if you recreate the same emo hairstyle every day, if you wear different bandana it won’t look the same!

patterns and colors

Another accessory for emo hairstyles that you can’t miss out on are beanies.

These small hats are adorable.

I know, “adorable” is probably not the adjective some emo people would use to describe beanies.

But, come on! They totally are cute.

Guys and girls adore beanies alike, no doubt.

They are super soft and comfy and just so practical for an everyday matter.

You can use them while it rains, or when it snows or even when it’s sunny out!

This making any simple emo hairstyle look better, it keeps your head nice and warm tucked under the fabric. It’s a win-win situation!

small hats

If you thought that bandanas and beanies were essentials to complete any emo hairstyle, don’t even let me get started on piercings.

Piercings are the key to a dark emo look, no doubt!

To perfection your emo hairstyle and get a full look, you don’t necessarily have to pierce every possible surface of your face –unless you want to, of course.

We’re just saying that maybe one or two piercings on your lip or nose or even your eyebrow would do, and you’d look amazing either way.

Remember that getting piercings is a delicate process: it consists on needles, disinfection, and extreme care of the pierced area.

This means that if you want to get a piercing you should definitely go to a professional about it; someplace that’s sanitized and who knows what they’re doing.

If you’re scared of needles you can always get some fake piercings. No one will tell and it’s a process much faster and less painful!

Dark hair

Dark make up is also important for any emo hairstyle; more specifically, dark eyeshadow.

The shadow around the eyes is kept very dark and thick, sometimes contrasting it with electric colors like blue and green; also with very pronounced lashes and a thick eyeliner.

Dark make up is a great accessory for your emo hairstyle. It’ll make you look bolder and riskier and your look will be complete!

bolder and riskier

Thanks for reading about emo hairstyles. We hoped you enjoyed it and found it useful. Make sure to share it with someone else whom you think will also enjoy it. If you did like it, check out some of our other articles!

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