Straight hairstyles

Having perfect straight hair, without waves, without frizz, like a board, is almost impossible.

You would have to stay in your house so that the factors of the environment such as wind, humidity, sun, rain do not conspire against your effort to smooth it with all the possible tricks.

Although nature, with its holy wisdom, gives each person the type of hair they have: perfect smooth, wavy, frizzy, thin or thick, they are born with a straight hair and want it with waves and those with curls, they want a look in the best style of Morticia.

Straight hairstyles blonde

However, it is a fact that with the hormonal changes, the type of food and the passage of time, the hair changes.

If you want to have perfect smooth, silky and shiny hair, as a catwalk model or as celebrities, We swear you will have to use heat tools, such as a hairdryer and irons or go to a beauty salon for professional smoothing treatments.

Likewise, you must modify care habits, lifestyle and use specific products.

Special care for the straight hair

If your hair is short and smooth, you will not have any problem; it is enough to carry out its normal maintenance and be careful with the use of products and procedures that could damage it, call these dyes, bleaches, irons, curlers, etc.

If your hair is straight and goes from the shoulders, you will need a little more maintenance.

Cut the ends of the hair every 2 to 3 months approximately, do not brush it so often or with any brush; preferably, do it with wet hair and with a separate bristle comb.

Special care for the straight hair

The special products for straight hair or ant frizz are useful not only for combing but also for protecting the hair.

Wash your hair every third day, unless you have been exposed to smoke, smog or combed with gel or spray.

It is important to carefully care for your hair to be able to perform all these straight hairstyles in a beautiful way.

Straight hairstyles for women

Having straight hair is a dream for many and a nightmare for others.

Personally, We think it’s a type of hair from which you can get a lot of advantage and versatility, and not only because it is natural lacy, but also because We’ve seen many girls wishing hair as docile as straight hair.

The main advantage of a straight hair is its moldable arrangement, which is why many cuts are so successful in this type of hair as the layers, bob style, degrafted, short, fringes, etc., that do not need more maintenance than the cut itself.

Straight hairstyles for women

Another advantage is that a straight hair is not entangled or sponge, so we can minimize the time we spend to fix it.

The basic care of straight hair will then be a simple brushing and making a simple pick up like a pigtail, half pigtail, braid or elevation.

Straight hair is undoubtedly a type of docile hair that can show its beauty without so many tricks.

However, because it is straight and straight, any damage immediately shows up.

Straight hairstyles for short hair

Girls with straight hair can wear very short hair without fear of strange shapes.

It is a very good way to save time in the morning combing.

When you have a lot of hair, wearing it very short is not a problem.

Straight hairstyles for short hair

You only have to worry about combing your bangs well and carrying them with a slight scale so they do not fall with too much weight on the face.

You can take it very very short without problem.

Do you prefer half a mane? Because cut at the height of the shoulders, straight, is a safe bet.

Long? The same, straight, but it has to be well hydrated.

For girls with straight hair doing straight hairstyles is not a very difficult task.

If you want to make a change of look you can get a cut bob or a pixie and because the style of your hair will be great, without needing to fix it a lot.


The pixie is a cut well known by all women and stands out due to its versatility, it does not matter if your hair is thin, thick, black, brown, a pixie will be great.

The pixie cut is a haircut that gives off personality and a great dose of sweetness at the same time.

It is the irrefutable proof that a mermaid mane is not the only secret of feminine beauty.


In fact, the clear neck and forehead surrounded by graphic wicks, as in the pixie cut, is something as sexy as any XXL mane.

When you are talking about straight hairstyles the pixie is one of the protagonists, because if you have your hair straight this cut will give you ease and freshness.

Many people say that because it is a very short straight hairstyle you cannot do hairstyles, but they are wrong.

For the pixie there are also hairstyles, and it can be very different since for this straight hairstyle there are many styles with which to combine it, such as fringes, layers, waves, braids and more.

Straight hairstyle in pixie

In this case to accompany your pixie are two tang braids which are very easy to do.

You just have to take two strands of your pixie and make a braid of tang with each one, when you finish the braid fasten it with a tail so that the braids are upright you can adjust them to your head with two pins and that’s it.

Straight hairstyle in pixie

Mohican braid

This time the straight hairstyle is a Mohican braid.

If you have shaved hair on the sides this hairstyle is simply for you, but if not otherwise, you can add a cone of gel in your hands and comb your hair from the sides very close to your head, this will give the illusion of that is shaved.

Mohican braid

The first thing you should do is make a braid in the central art of your hair, the braid must go backwards, you can make a boxer braid very messy or a French braid, that depends on you.

When finishing the braid, it is important to hold it with some tail so that it does not fall.


The bob is a straight cut that extends to the height of the jaw, usually with bangs.

It is also called «¾» because it represents three quarters of what is considered a long hairstyle.

The bob arises at the time of the First World War, when nurses began to use shorter hair for hygiene reasons.


At the end of the war, in 1918, Irene Castle, wife of Vernon Castle, introduced the hairstyle in the United States.

Vernon and Irene were a professional ballroom couple.

Other celebrities such as Ina Claire and Louise Brooks popularized the hairstyle among women of the time.

Straight hairstyle in bob

At this moment you can see a bob with one side of the head shaved.

If you want a very risky straight hairstyle you can get for this type of bob, simply by wearing your natural hair.

Straight hairstyle in bob

If you want to make it look a bit more sophisticated, you can use a plank to bend the ends inwards.

Bob with braids

If you are a bit afraid to shave a part of your hair you can obtain this hairstyle, it gives the same result as the previous one.

You just have to make a small tight braids on one side of your head and adjust them with a tail each, you can use a little gel so they do not come loose.

Bob with braids

You can also apply the same technique on the tips as with the previous straight hairstyle.

Half ponytail

The half pigtails are not only for long hair, if you light a bob you can get this straight hairstyle and you will look amazing and with a very nice fresh touch.

You can also add a braid on the head part to your hair.

If you do not like braids very much then make a normal half-ponytail and that’s it.

Half ponytail

If you want to give a unique touch you can make instead of 1 two half tails, or two buns and you will look fantastic with a touch very tender.

2 Half ponytails

Straight hairstyles for medium hair

This style is very versatile, it can be worn with or without bangs, with a stripe on the side or in the middle.

The great secret of this hairstyle? The hair must be perfectly taken care of, the split ends or a dull hair could ruin this look.

Have a habit of using a conditioner every time you wash your hair and whenever possible let your hair dry in the open air.

Straight hairstyles for medium hair

The medium hair is still the undisputed queen of the most stylish hair and is that looking at these hairstyles is impossible to resist to wear it.

The layers are literally the best friends of this hair length, even more so if it is smooth.

There are many straight hairstyles for this type of hair, then you will see the most practical and worn these days.

Messy braids

To dry hair, add a little texturizing mousse to mark strands and have larger volume.

– Distribute the product of your choice with a brush with thin bristles.

Once you have a uniform coverage, ruffle your hair with your fingers.

Messy braids

– Give your hair a little help with a little hot air.

A dryer with a diffuser will be the best tool to give volume instead of placating it.

– Although the idea is that you have a thick and undone braid, whether classic or fishtail, the technique to do it should be the same as with a normal braid.

Begin to braid and once you have tied your hairstyle, start the fun…

To undo it! Take each strand and stretch it far and wide.

– For the final touch, take a strand of hair out of the league and cover it by placing it around.

And that’s it, a perfect straight hairstyle.

Waterfall braids on each side

This time you will see two waterfall braids, one on each side, if your hair is straight and somewhat thick this straight hairstyle will come great.

Waterfall braids on each side

The first thing you should do is split your hair in half, then start to braid on each side, to prevent the braid from loosening while you do the other you can fasten with a hook.

When finishing the last braid join both in the center of your head using a tail.

You can place where the tail is some ornament to make it more feminine.

Double crown braid

This straight hairstyle consists of a double crown braid which is very easy to make.

You just have to take a strand from each side of your face and make a braid, it can be the braid you want, a French braid, a fish braid or a simple braid.

Double crown braid

When you have finished braiding you must hold each of the braids with a tail, then put a braid attached to the head with some pins, at the end of this phase you should proceed to do the same with the other braid just placing it on top of the other.

Straight hairstyle for long hair

Straight hair is a classic in all seasons.

It is very versatile and stays beautiful as long as the hair is well cared for and has movement.

A good option is to leave it long and make several layers to give volume, this way you will not be crushed and lifeless.

Straight hairstyle for long hair

For those who have long and straight hair, and often notice it heavy and without form or volume, it is ideal to make a cut in layers.

This will give a frame to the face and definition to the hairstyle.

Straight hairstyle for long hair balayage Half ponytail with bun

This look is really very hippie, since it only consists of a half tail which turns into a bun.

It is very practical to be taken to college and work on a relaxed day.

Half pony tail with bun

Anyway, it’s a daily hairstyle.

This hairstyle has no science; it really does not need to be perfect since it is a messy straight hairstyle.


Braids are always a good choice for a hairstyle.

This time there are two simple braids on each side of the head, extremely easy to make.


The first thing you should do, is split your hair in half and take a lock on each side of your head, then start to braid and having finished holding both braids in the middle.

Two braids with a bun

This straight hairstyle consists of two boxer braids which end in a bun.

The first thing you should do is take a section of hair from the center of your head and split it in two.

Two braids with a bun

With each of the sections you must make a boxer braid, when finished you can hold each one with a tail and then make the bow.

For the bun you should only take each one of the strands and turn them around, and finally hold them with some hooks.

Picked up with braid

This hairstyle is one of the most complicated. If you cannot do it yourself, you can go to a hairdresser.

The first thing you should do is split your hair by placing more hair on one side than on the other.

Having done this, you should start making a very wide French braid.

Picked up with braid

The braid should go from the top of your head to a little lower when the hair is loose.

Having reached this distance, you should make a bow in the way you want, it should be noted that the bow should go sideways, and you should hold it with some hooks and apply some fixative.

This straight hairstyle is used in parties, weddings and promotion dances, it is a much more formal hairstyle than the previous ones.

French bun

When you need an elegant hairstyle, try the classic French bun.

This wonderful style is very typical in graduations and weddings, but you can also create a more loose and informal version for day to day.

  1. Put all the hair aside.

If you want the end result to turn from left to right, brush it to the left, and vice versa if you want it to turn from right to left. Hold the hair with your hand.

French bun

2 Use hairpins or tweezers on the back of your head to hold the hair.

This will keep the hair attached to the side.

If your hair is long, thick and heavy, the hairpins will help to maintain the hairstyle throughout the day.

Otherwise, with the passing of the hours will be loosening strands.

3.Apply lacquer. Apply lightly all over the hair if you want to keep all the strands fixed in place. This can make the hairstyle look a bit «stiff», but it helps keep it up all day long.

French bun blonde

4. Place your hand under the hair and brush gently. Make sure to brush it to the side to keep it in place and not move the forks.

5. Roll the hair up. Hold the hair gently and roll it in the opposite direction to the one you brushed it.

If you brushed it from left to right, roll it in reverse. Put the ends in the loop created by the rolled up hair, or leave them loose for a more casual look.

6. Place hairpins to hold the hair.

Insert the tip of the hairpin into the hair, taking a bit of the bun and holding it against the scalp.

Make sure the forks are hidden under the bow.

7. Recycle it. Use a brush or fine comb to retouch the hairstyle and then apply lacquer to fix the bow.

8. Put the loose ends inside the bun. Use as many hairpins as you need to hold the tips in place and keep them out of sight.

Straight hairstyles for men

A straight hair is one that does not have any type of curl or wave and that has no volume therefore unless you throw a product to give it, that is, it is a totally smooth hair that falls without form on the head.

Which greatly limits the cuts and hairstyles that can be worn.

The haircut is one of the most important things in men to make a good first impression, it is as important as dressing well and carrying a nice smile.

Straight hairstyles for men

In earlier times, men, like women, had to wear a traditional haircut, because of the work they did or simply because of what society imposed in those years.

Today and a few years ago, these thoughts have changed and even disappeared, as every day that passes, men can wear the haircut they want, highlighting their personality, their hair type and their face, many of them they have shown enthusiastic and risky when trying new options.

Dapper straight hairstyle

However, apart from leaving the sides of the head shorter, you can also opt for a gradient.

This technique consists in that the hair is shorter, almost shaved, in the area of the nape of the neck and it lengthens as it goes upwards.

The length of the gradient is according to your taste, there are millions of types for that technique, there is no need to follow specific models.

Dapper straight hairstyle

Another element of these hairstyles right is that the central part of the hair should always be longer.

This length can also be determined by your taste, but what is important to maintain the idea of the straight hairstyle.

Messy straight hairstyle

This cut is the typical one to which they refer to the look of «just getting out of bed».

It’s that style that identifies you and makes you look like a lazy person, but nowadays it has changed a lot.

Messy straight hairstyle

The disheveled cut can be done in semi-long or short hair, cutting each strand one by one, but it implies that when combing it for the day to day leave it «as it was» in a premeditated way.

To stylize it, you should use yes or yes fixing wax or a dull spray fixer to look perfectly messy.

This hair style will take a lot next year.

Straight hairstyle for children

Most of the time they are very similar to the hairstyles that adults do, only a little less daring and more tender.

Straight hairstyle for children

Here you can see a little girl with a braided crown and a child with a dapped style cut that you saw earlier in an adult.

Straight hairstyle for girl

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