Black Hairstyles

Black hairstyles are the hairstyles created for African American hair; these black hairstyles are very diverse manners.

That African American men and women created in order to style their hair because this type of hair. has a specific form and texture.

That required its own way to be styled. Many African American people have hair that is thick with close-fitting and smaller curls.

Than people of other origins and many unique black hairstyles have been developed throughout the history, in adding to this.

Many black hairstyles have historical influences from African cultures. Since the beginning of African civilizations.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 9

Hairstyles have been used to transport messages to the society in general. In fact in the 15th century,different hairstyles could let you know.

A person’s conjugal status, time of life, religious conviction, ethnic identity, fortune and charge within the community.

Hair maintenance techniques in traditional Africa were aimed at creating a common sense of beauty.

It’s said that back in that époque a woman that had long thick hair proved the life strength, the multiplying power of profusion.

Prosperity and that she had the capability for raising plentiful farms and many healthy children.

Black hairstyles 2

For example in Yoruba culture in West Africa, people used to braid their hair in order to communicate and send messages to the gods.

They believe that since the hair is the most elevated part of the body, was therefore considered to be some king of portal for spirits to pass through it and get to the soul.

Because of the ethnic and transcendent importance of hairstyles for Africans. The fact of having their heads shaved.

Against their will before being sold as slaves was in itself a dehumanizing action for them. The shaved head was one of many steps that the Europeans.

Took to erase the slaves’ traditions and modify the relationship between the African person and his or her hair.

Black hairstyles after slavery

Black hairstyles after slavery

After slavery was abolished, hair straighteners suggested to African American people.

That merely through changing physical characteristics will individuals of African origin be afforded class freedom of movement.

Within African American communities and social approval by the dominant culture. Back in that time, wig companies were the only businesses.

That promoted an African American standard of beauty.

In Winold Reiss’s «Brown Madonna» portrait, the Virgin Mother is shown with straight hair.

This portrait was painted just before the beginning of the New Negro movement in 1925, the work showcased the sense of racial pride popular.

During the 1920s decade and 1930s decade this classically White symbol of purity and virtue was created with dark skin asserting the value and respectability of the Black race.

This was a time when Blacks were creating their own successes in society and staking out.

A niche in the northern cities such as Chicago and Harlem. Part of their personal success at this time, however.

Was their perceived ability to assimilate, which is portrayed by Reiss’s mother’s unnaturally straight hair.

Painted lines seem to radiate from the mother’s body, giving her an ethereal and heavenly affect.

This type of figure — one with straight hair — was revered by Blacks of the time and posed as an example to follow.

Black hairstyles at the civil rights era

Black hairstyles at the civil rights era

The iconic black hairstyle known as the “The Afro”, which began a movement in the 1960s decade, was a manifestation of pride.

Association, power and revolution. This black hairstyle first expanded its popularity with performers, artists, activists.

Young people who did not take on this trend black hairstyle ,  were for the first time judged and said to be “acting white”.

By other members of the Afro-American community  . African American people began to practice the use of their hair as a way to show.

A connection with their African lineages throughout the movement. The Afro, in combination with the Civil Rights movement.

Was serving to set up black identity Some artists used their hair as a manifestation of art; young African American people were using.

This popular black hairstyle in their hair in great numbers as a way to following the style of the Black Panthers and convey their racial pride.

Though the Afro trend started in New York, it was Angela Davis in Chicago, an associate of the Black Panther group, who established the Afro.

As a political movement. In showcasing the naturalism, she worshiped the African American people appearance and helped its power.

To attach Black people in Civil Rights movements. Her Afro hairstyle became especially notorious because it was shown in her «Wanted» poster.

As it was her most noticeable characteristic. This black hairstyle became a way to celebrate African culture and embrace African legacy

While politically disagreeing with European standards. Men and women in Chicago and other cities wore this black hairstyle.

As a way to support the movement and show a proud way of embracing the natural African American hair in the world.

The afro

The afro

The «Afro» term is resultant from the term «Afro-American”. This black hairstyle is also designated to by some as the «natural”.

Particularly the shorter, less elaborated varieties of the Afro hairstyle since in the majority of the cases the hair is left unprocessed by relaxers.

Straightening chemicals or hair straighteners and is instead permitted to express its natural curly texture.

The Afro hairstyle, sometimes abbreviated to “’fro” or labeled as a Jew fro under specific situations, is a black hairstyle that is worn naturally outwards.

By African American people with long length or even medium length curly hair texture, what for them it is known as their hair natural form.

Or specially designed in such a manner by people with naturally curly or straight hair.

This black hairstyle is achieved by combing the hair away from the scalp, allowing the hair to spread out from the head in a large.

Mostly rounded shape that resembles a cloud or ball shape.

The afro 2

In the case  people with naturally curly or  people with naturally straight hair, this particular  hairstyle is in its place usually created.

With the help of cream, gel , hairspray or any other solidifying product that helped to hold and lock the hairstyle in place.

This black hairstyle was predominantly popular in the African American community of the late sixties decade and early seventies decade.

The afro hairstyle is often molded and maintained with the assistance of a wide toothed comb commonly known as an Afro pick.

Contemporary Black hairstyles

Contemporary Black hairstyles  

Continuing the story time of black hairstyles, the time elapsed between the 1970s decade and the 1990s decade could be labeled as open.

Creative and experimental. Regardless of the occasional political movements.

Individual choice would progressively dictate African American hairstyles in this period; trendy hairstyles like for example.

Ethnic braids were even adopted by white people, particularly after the white actress Bo Derek wore them in the movie “10”.

Even though braids, cornrows and dreadlocks were becoming popular, they created controversy when worn in the professional ambiance.

The Hip Hop culture during in the 1980s decade created a bunch of new black hairstyles, one of these was known as the «fade» for men.

The fade is a black hairstyle worn mostly by African American men in which the hair starts off short at the bottom part and then lengthens.

As it reaches the top. This black hairstyle gave the wearer a chance for originality.

As people often cut designs into the back part of their heads and sides of their head or even added different colors to the top.

Contemporary Black hairstyles 2

Hip Hop culture also had an effect on young African American women, who now wanted to wear the hairstyles of the popular musical artists

that they saw on TV or album covers who became their inspiration. Uneven haircuts like wedges, stacks or finger curls were trendy during this time.

Remarkably, all of these black hairstyles required some form of hair straightening in order to get the look done.

After the 1970s decade, men and women began to turn away from the natural type of looks

and began experimenting and creating their own variety of customized looks.

When it comes to hair styling in African American culture we found a huge range of varieties.

African American hair is typically composed of tightly coiled curls. The predominant black hairstyles for women.

Implicate the straightening of the hair through the application of heat or chemical products. In many cases nowadays.

The abuse of hair straighteners and chemical products has left some African American women with very short and damaged hair.

These straightening treatments are considered to be the base for the most common and socially acceptable black hairstyles in the United States.

Otherwise, the predominant and most socially acceptable practice for men is to leave their hair natural.

Contemporary Black hairstyles 3

Usually, as men grow older and begin to lose part of their hair, they change to haircuts that are either closely cropped.

Or the whole head is shaved entirely free of hair. On the other hand, since the 1960s decade, natural black hairstyles like for example the afro.

Cornrows and dreadlocks, have been rising in popularity. Regardless of their previous association with civil rights focused on political movements.

The black hairstyles have achieved considerable but certainly limited, social approval.

Another hairstyle which is commonly called waves is closely related with the do-rag, which is a scarf or cloth worn on the head, typically with its ends.

Or corners tied together in the back that is used to maintain the ripple-like pattern of packed down curls.

It has gained popularity on social media and was referenced in several TV shows.  African American women may learn to adapt to European ideals.

Of beauty, in which was included the straight hair. Many African American women have used chemical products.

Or hair straighteners on their hair in order to straighten it.

Black hairstyles military banned

Black hairstyles military banned

In the recent years, more specifically in 2014, there was a new ban in the United States Army of many African American hairstyles.

This ban includes dread locks, cornrows and twists. The underlying principle for this decision is that the previous mentioned.

Black hairstyles look in some way messy, with straight hair being implicitly defined as kempt hair.

The majority of African American women in the Army may be in the obligation of choosing between small cornrows and use chemical products.

To straighten their hair, if their natural hair length is not enough long to fit into a well-ordered pony tail.

Black hairstyles in popular culture

The African American culture nowadays is increasingly taking on the natural hair looks, contributing so much to the community and media.

Many black hairstyles are appearing in many ambiances such as in art, music, poetry, and many other forms of media.

From singers like Solange Knowles, poets like Maya Angelou and actresses like Lupita Nyong. Likewise on social media.

There are an increasing number of natural African American hair YouTube channels and blogs.

The natural African American hair community has gotten so big that they even have created their own vocabulary.

Together with all these different forms of media they are starting a movement with their natural hair and skin.

The natural African American hair movement is something different from the black pride movement.

This Natural African American hair phenomenon has grown impressively. Black women are determined to be healthier.

They are willing on putting less chemical processes and products in their hair and in exchange they are willing to provide nutrients to their hair.

In order to it grows healthy. African American women of all status are embracing their natural hair.

There are entire websites and blogs dedicated to this specific movement. The most recognizable are and

Along many others. Everyday African American women write about their natural hair lifestyle and give tips for other women who are transitioning.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for women and girls

This hairstyle is called “Finger waves” and it first became popular during the 1920s decade and 1930s decade with primarily white women.

When it first appeared in the middle of a movement created by feminist group of women called the “flappers”.

Who were the firsts to wear actual short hair. Finger waves later experienced a surge in popularity among black women in the 1980s decade.

Although people with longer hair tend to finger wave only the front of their hair.

This black hairstyle was principally worn by women with short straight permed hair.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles 2

Asymmetrical bob haircuts were incredibly popular with African American women in the 1980s decade.

Since the bob hairstyle appeared in 1920s decade, there were many variations created afterwards.

Like for example the asymmetrical bob haircut, the huge variety of these cuts went from subtly asymmetrical hairstyles.

To styles where one side of the hair was radically shorter than the other one. In many cases, one side of the hair was shaved close to the scalp.

And sometimes was combined with tram lines in it, and the other side was left long.

This black hairstyle was made popular by rap groups like for example Salt ‘n’ Pepa.

These styles were often curled, either downwards in an asymmetrical bob or flipped upwards.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for women and girls 3

This black hairstyle is called “Jheri curls”, these curls were a popular permed black hairstyle created by the stylist Jheri Redding.

Which was the former CEO of Nexus. Many celebrities wore the iconic Jheri Curls including the world wide famous pop star Michael Jackson.

A Jheri curls hairstyle is often done in a beauty salon because of the delicate chemicals that the perm contains.

The hair is set on rollers and chemicals are applied in the hair. In order to get the famous Jheri curls hairstyle.

The wearer must apply an activator which is a solution specifically designed to keep the hair moist and create that wet hair appearance and shiny finish.

Jheri curls became a popular thing for comedians during the 1990s decade because of the wet activator.

Since it tended to get on clothes and anything that came in contact with the hair, so we could say that things got a little bit messy.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for women and girls 4

This black hairstyle is called Beaded braids and they were a popular style for African American women who lived this trend back in the 1980s decade.

Entertainers like for example Patrice Rushen made them very popular. Towards the end of the 1980s decade.

Beaded braids lead the way to box braids and cornrows. For most of these black hairstyles, extensions were added in the braiding process.

In order to give volume and length to the hair; also beaded braids had several ways to be decorated.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for men and boys

The duet Kid ’n Play made a started a trend with this iconic black hairstyle back in the nineties decade.

They gave us the perfect variety of flat- to high-top fades type of looks. Throughout the House Party movies.

We were able to see some of the various stages and also heights of the fade haircut while brushing up on our dance-battle routines.

This particular black hairstyle involves a fade down to the base of the neck, with short sides and around 3 inches of hair on top or even more.

You cannot even talk about the nineties decade without mentioning this black hairstyle.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for men and boys 2

Here we have a fun and different black hairstyle, these are commonly called “Twists” and  we can take this one as a variation of the cornrows.

We can also address this look was sometimes an intentional style. Other times it was pretty much the result of too much time.

Between haircuts and boredom in class. One part free-form twists and others parts two-strand twists.

This particular black hairstyle was for sure a nineties decade basic thing and they also looked pretty cool.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for men and boys 3

Here we have a variation of the flat top black hairstyle from the nineties decade, the differences are very minimal between the top-fade styles.

But your barber should know better which oh the versions you were going for when it came to do that characteristic shape-up.

The ramp fade was a slight high-top that was cut to have a slight incline to the front, this look was supposed to simulate a skateboard ramp shape.

Dwayne Wayne can show you this black hairstyle should look like way better that the description.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for men and boys 4

Locs are one of those black hairstyles that have been present throughout the years.

So they also became a classic black hairstyle, many locs back in the nineties decade were a bit different than previous ones.

They were more rugged and free-form compared with the clean parts and thin twists of the modern style.

Of course there were all type of lengths and sizes, this black hairstyle has been on the hot list for a very long time.

And it has definitely made a statement in pop culture.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for men and boys 4

This might be a little different but we all know that bald became a sure-enough black hairstyle for those men who were starting to lose their hair.

We have seen this look on many celebrities, from Michael Jordan to Tommy in Martin to Tyrese; they were all showing over a shiny bald head.

Many celebrities back in the day have shaved off their hair since in the nineties decade.

The perfect marriage between fashion and simplicity because this was a pretty easy look to achieve.

Classic and most popular black hairstyles for men and boys 6

There were two styles of cornrows for this black hairstyle that had a rising popularity in the nineties decade, the first one are the straight backs.

Like Allen Iverson’s, or the middle part, like Xzibit’s. Both were very nineties vibe both required you to find yourself.

A good hair dresser who could make this type of braids. And if your hairdresser had some skills, you could get the zigzags.

Mini braid connections and patterns. This black hairstyle was a whole movement by itself.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls

Thick natural African American hair is capricious when it comes to styling, therefore, haircuts for thick hair may sometimes look unattractive.

A good haircut is a key component of our personal image, so it needs to be selected carefully.

For example Bob hairstyles are often worn as a black hairstyle, this haircut when performed on thick hair just looks fantastic.

And it also suit all face shapes. You only need to choose for the right length and finish, the ones that will suit you better.

A classic bob mostly suggests a single length haircut. This hairstyle acts as a method that adds weight and volume to your hair.

popping up its natural beauty and shine at its fullest. You must pay attention and take special care of you hair when using bob haircuts.

Because they can make all imperfections of the hair structure, especially split ends, very visible.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 2

Nowadays there are plenty of methods and several styles of bob hairstyles for African American women.

Short and medium-length bob hairstyles with bangs look luxurious on smooth and shiny straighten hair.

Depending on each woman style and shape of their face, the contours of a bob haircut may be either in detail precise.

Or softened with light trimming at the ends of the hair.  Most popular variations of the bob hairstyle in 2018.

Also take in long asymmetrical front hairs, edgy bottom contours and a feathered finishes.

Take for example the cascading curls, which are a fantastic way to give texture for a medium length hair.

Not only do they add a little bit more of femininity and delicacy to a shorter length, but also they are instantaneously eye catching.

Do not be afraid to change your usual style with curls.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 3

You can also combine you black bob hairstyle with some caramel highlights, this color is one of the prettiest to see.

In combination with natural dark colored hair, when done by a professional hairstylist the results are just amazing.

On this asymmetrical black bob hairstyle the caramel highlighted streaks really help the form of the haircut to stand out.

It is definitely the best combination.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 4

There was a period of time when we believed that short hairstyles did not offer us much variety.

Nowadays we are captivated on how versatile short hairstyles had become, especially those spectacular short.

Black hairstyles for African American women, whose hair is naturally thick and voluminous.

Some women start blossoming with short hairstyles, while longer hair makes them feel kind of conventional, wearing short hair.

In the previous decades was rather a sign of masculinity. In the current times female who wear short hairstyles look very feminine and attractive.

Almost every woman at least once in her life dares to try a chin length or even shorter hairstyle.

Looking good in a short hairstyle begins from the accurate selection of a short haircut, that suits you and your personality.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 5

You have to be aware that short hairstyles tend to bring the attention to the shape of your face and also your facial features.

Especially in the area of the eyes. That’s why it would not be proper to say that short hairstyles are for everybody.

On the other hand, if you can show off a beautiful healthy skin and oval face shape, you will be an idol with literally any short haircut.

You can go from a very short pixie all the way to a chin-length bob hairstyle. At the same time you will have to take into consideration.

If you believe you have something to cover, you should be more precise about the choice of the type of short haircut you are going for.

If your face shape is not as perfect as you would like it to be, you can still modify it even with a short hairstyle.

For example round face shapes will profit from short hairstyles with volume on the top part of the hair and thinned sides.

Oblong faces, on the opposite, require more volume towards the sides; waves can be a very good option and also long bangs or blunt cuts.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 6

Take for example this sassy and wavy long pixie cut, the combination of solid black or brown color with the wavy texture create a look.

That might seem discrete at first sight. This black hairstyle has been a favorite of African American  women for a very long time.

that’s why hairstylist still feel confident with continuing on doing this type of hairstyle making it a trend setter.

This haircut is also styled into spikes in the centre and shorter sleek sides, hairstylists recommend applying texturing cream.

And also hairspray in order to achieve an accurate fauxhawk look.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 7

These ones are called Goddess braids; they are a feminine and beautiful way for African American women and girls to wear their hair.

Comparable to many braided styles, some Goddess braid hairstyles can remain in excellent conditions for weeks.

While other braided hairstyle will only last for a few days. This particular black hairstyle looks like oversized cornrows.

They are braided close to the scalp either on natural hair or also you can use hair extensions. The design of this hairstyle has many varieties.

It can be a crown shaped braid up do, Mohawk shaped braid and a low braided bun.

Or a half up hairstyle with a headband shaped braid, along many other styles.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 8

Take for example this oversized side goddess braid hairstyle, this mythological inspired hairstyle requires a thick braid.

That becomes thinner as it reaches the end of the hair, if you have highlights in your hair this goddess braid hairstyle will look extra lovely on you.

Also if you are a beginner in this type of braids this good place to start practicing.

One of the most beautiful things about ethnic Goddess braids is the art work that goes into many of these hairstyles.

In this particular hairstyle parting your hair into different shapely styles will bring this hairstyle to the next level and you can give it a unique touch.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 9

If you want to try a contemporary style that protects your braids, give this short faux locs looks a try.

Different from true locs, these faux locks require no long term commitment and can be worn by women with any hair type and length.

Locs are often associated with long length black hairstyles, but they are stunning in cropped forms too.

Faux locs can be made by wrapping your own hair with extensions or attaching premade strips by the crochet technique.

These are great for trying different lengths and colors. This hairstyle it’s pretty easy because it does not require any daily styling.

Shoulder length threads can be disobedient if you have very curly or twisted hair. This design offers a leisurely solution.

Locs modernize your look, preventing triangle head and messy hairs.

Wrapping a section or two with a bright colorful thread is a fantastic way to customize this hairstyle.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for women and girls 10

When people think of natural African American hair, they typically think beautifully, wild and thick afros.

Though, rocking an afro hairstyle can also mean going having very short hair the TWA hairstyles acronym that means “Teeny Weeny Afro”.

If you want use technical terms. These days these tight and curly hair do’s are the trend.

TWA is a short natural hairstyle with hair length of maximum 2 inches.  This is the style you wear after a big chop.

Which is usually what you do after heat damaged your hair or if you want to start a transition from relaxed curls to natural hair.

TWA should never be a boring or embarrassing hairstyle. In fact it can be very cute, creative and suitable.

You should never think you cannot do much to the hair this short; you can try any craziest colors.

Or come up with the most extraordinary textured styles. This is an extra short afro will hold out any bold experiment with dignity.

Take for example the icy blonde hair of the girl in the picture; this is a different and unique way to style your TWA hairstyle.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for men and boys

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for men and boys

This black hairstyle is called “Line up” and its perfect for those who like to keep a sharp, clean hairline.

The line up gives style and structure to your hair.  This black hairstyle is also known as an edge or shape up.

Your hairdresser will create a straight line across your forehead and around your temples to create a box shaped hair line look which frames your face.

For African American hair men wearing a buzz cut, waves, or a cool fade hairstyle.

The line up is a creative and effective way to accentuate a strong jawline and chiseled face.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for men and boys 2

This one is a classic high top fade haircut is now back in all its nineties glory. This hairstyle is also known as the box haircut or box fade haircut.

The high top fade is a sharp and structured style perfect for those who want controllable but voluminous hair.

This particular black hairstyle involves a fade down to the base of the neck, with short sides and around 3 inches of hair on top or even more.

The top part of the hair is cut into a rectangular form that gives the box fade its characteristic name.

Several men go for longer hair on top, while others will prefer to keep it short and close fitting.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for men and boys 3

This black hairstyle is called “The wave” and is a disruptive style in the world of hairstyles.

Your hairdresser will either love this look or completely hate this look, but getting the haircut is up to you.

You will have to take into consider that you will need special tools and products in order to maintain this hairstyle.

The most important thing is to have a wave brush and thick hair. discuss with your hairdresser about.

If they think the wave hairstyle could be suitable  for your lifestyle and hair type.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for men and boys 4

This one is what we call a “frohawk” and is another classic black hairstyle. We could say that is a combination of the faux hawk

and the African American hair and that it looks pretty cool whether you have tight curls or wider curls.

The frohawk has the versatility that every boy need for a look that can be texturized and styled with just a little bit of texturing cream and hairspray.

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for men and boys 5

We all know that “Twists” have definitely been a stable black hairstyle for African American men and boys throughout the years,

but this variation that consist in adding the fade to the classic hairstyle could be considered as a modern re-creation .

Before you get the haircut, you have to be aware that you will need a minimum length of 2 to 4 inches of hair on top of your head.

The cool thing about the twist in combination fade haircut is that the fade on the sides allows being creative with this classic hairstyle.

For example you can get a high, low or skin fade. The final result will always look refined and unique because it is customized by each one .

Modern ideas of black hairstyles for men and boys 6

This one is called the “buzz cut” and it is casual, minimalist, and very short. The buzz haircut is the black hairstyle.

Of choice for many African American men. For those men who like to play sports and do not like to deal with messy hair.

The buzz cut is just perfect fitting. If you area man that  goes to work every day, the buzz cut looks smooth and well-ordered all the time.

With very minimal maintenance required. With your own scissors, you can maintain this style and do it yourself regularly.

If you have barber skills, by simply shaving all over your head with the same length size razor.

We hope we have learned about these fabulous hairstyles that will undoubtedly never go out of fashion.

Dare to take them everywhere and play with their variety, surely you will love them.

If you liked this article, please share it with your family and friends to help them have a better idea of what they should do with their hair look, you will be doing a big favor to them!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to keep reading our updates!

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