Cool Hairstyles

We know that the World is changing, currently evolving, and so is fashion, including hairstyles.

For girls, braids are so in at the moment, and so is short, wavy hair; and for guys, long hair is not really considered their top option anymore.

Instead the trend has changed to short on the sides and a little more hair at the top.

Because time is a rich resource not many people have, instead of choosing elaborate and complicated hairstyles.

That would take a long amount of time to practice and later perfection, people choose quick and easy trends that can be done in only a few minutes.

cool hairstyles 1

Giving your hair a deliberate messy look that looks entirely fashionable and cool. These kind of hairstyles certainly make life a lot easier!

If you’re a girl with short, medium or long hair, fear not! There are hundreds of different ways you can style your hair depending on length.

And whether you have curly or wavy or straight hair. You will never run out of options!

As for guys, there are over 50 different hairstyles that you can try that can make you look you’re right on the newest trend.

If you constantly have problems deciding what hairstyle suits you best, every morning before leaving for work or school, in here.

We’ll present you several cute and easy ideas that will surely make you stand out in a good way, along with different possible cool hairstyles for men.

cool hairstyles 2

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with long hair

A perk of having long, flowing hair is that it is very versatile, which means you can style it pretty much any way you want!

All you need is a little creativity. Sometimes when we are in a rush and our hair is covering our face uncomfortably.

All we do is fall back into the old reliable ponytail, which is okay for some occasions, but not all the time.

Here we offer some inspiration on cool hairstyles for girls with long hair!

As it was mentioned above, the current trend is messy hairstyles, especially with lots of layers to add more texture and volume to your long tresses.

Layered hairstyles look amazing on long hair, even if they are very simple, like hair framing or multi-layered.

If you’re lucky enough to have long hair, layered cuts is a great option for you. You can keep your hair at a certain length but without it being so heavy.

Also, it’s a healthy way to get rid of burnt and split ends without having to sacrifice too much of your long and beautiful tresses.

Highlights are also a magnificent option. If you have layered hair, adding highlights would be an amazing combination!

Hair highlighting consists on changing someone’s hair color, using lightener to dye hair strands.

Depending on the color of your hair you can highlight your locks in different shades. This adds volume to your hair.

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with long hair

A braid is a kind of hairstyle that every girl loves because of the simplicity yet beauty of it.

Twisting your braid into a beautiful flower in a half up hairdo is a perfect look for spring, and it is incredibly easy!

All you have to do is gather one section of hair from each side of your head and tie them in a low ponytail at the back.

After, braid the ponytail down to the ends; optionally, you can tug out your hair a little to make the braid look more voluminous and thicker.

Lastly, spin the braid around into a bun. Make sure you pin it tightly against your head so it’s safely secured, and ta-da!

A beautiful hairstyle for you in just a few minutes.

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with long hair 2

How to maintain healthy long hair

Us girls know how difficult it is to keep our hair not only long, but also healthy.

Because what is the point of having long hair, but overflowing with burnt and split ends, right?

So in here we have some tricks on how you can keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

So you can flaunt it by using all the cool hairstyles we talked about earlier.

First, make sure you do not wash your hair every single day, as this can dry it out.

Wash your hair three times a week, most preferably.

If you suffer from extra oily hair and must wash it every day, use a lightweight shampoo, as these contain milder detergents than others.

Also, after you rinse out the shampoo, make sure you use conditioner to hydrate and moisturize your hair.

Don’t rub roughly your wet hair to dry it! Excessively towel drying your hair can weaken the tips and add frizz to your ends.

Instead of rubbing, try softly dabbing your hair until you have reduced the water excess.

Also, try to avoid overly-chemical products that contain sulfates or sodium chlorine, and remember to use shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair type.

How to maintain healthy, long hair

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with medium hair

Having medium-length hair can have some perks, but most consider it can also have a negative side:

Some hairstyles only look good on long hair, its undeniable.

However, we need to keep in mind that medium length hair also has a wide variety of options, although mostly in a casual fashion.

A twisted Halo is probably one of the easiest yet cutest hairstyles yet.

All you have to do is gather one section from your hair from either side, twist one of them back and safely secure it on the back of your head.

And then do the same with the section from the other side. Lastly, tuck it behind the first twisted section, and pin it tightly to the back of your head.

This is a super cool hairstyle that everyone can sport, no matter the length or form of your hair!

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with medium hair

If you love ponytails and braids, a side-braided ponytail is your ideal hairstyle.

Tie a French braid on a side section of hair up from the hairline all the way down to the ends of your hair .

And make sure to secure it with a small elastic band. After, gather all your hair, including the braid, into a ponytail, and secure it with a clear hair tie.

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with medium hair 2

A simple French knot is one of those fancy hairstyles that you can flaunt, even with medium hair.

It is sophisticated and feminine without being too overly formal.

Brush one side of your hair towards the back of your head using a paddle brush and secure it using bobby pins.

Then roll the rest of your hair on the opposite direction to create a French twist, which you need to secure with more safety pins.

To keep the knot in its place for a while longer, you can apply some hairspray.

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with medium hair 3

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with short hair

In 2018, one of the trends for hair is short hair.

Girls are choosing the comfort of short hair over anything else, from above-shoulder length to ear bob hairstyles.

You don’t need waist-length hair to look fabulous.

However, we know that styling your hair when it’s so short can be difficult, but, keep in mind, not impossible!

Here we have some possible looks for you:

A top knot is one of the coolest hairstyles for girls of every age.

All you need to do is gather a large piece of hair from the middle and sides of your head and tie it on the very top part of your head with an elastic band.

You can secure it with extra bobby pins and tug at the sides to add more volume.

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with short hair

Beachy waves are a perfect look for every girl out there. You can curl your hair lightly with an iron curler to add some body and volume to your locks.

This is a very cute and useful look for every occasion, and it can be used no matter the length of your hair.

If you don’t have a curling iron, sleeping with braids has the same effect! The easiest way to hairstyle your hair, no doubt.

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with short hair 2

The crown braid is probably one of the most beautiful hairstyle for girls ever!

First you need to divide your hair into two sections, and after, start Dutch braiding your hair from the roots to ends.

To about the middle of the back of your head. Dutch braid your hair on both sides and tie each braid with an elastic band once you reach the end.

Lastly, crisscross the braids on the back of your hair and fasten them with bobby pins, as many as you think adequate.

You can tug on the braid to add more volume, and done!

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with short hair 3

As you can see, the length of your hair has no importance, for there are hundreds of cool hairstyles for you.

You just need to see which one you like best! You can practice all of these possibilities until you get them perfect and just the way you want it to look!

These hairstyles are also good ideas on how to style your little girl’s hair.

She will feel as the prettiest girl of her whole class sporting a different look every day!

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with short hair 4

Tips to grow your hair longer

If you, like many other girls, have had one of those I-want-to-chop-off-all-my-hair crisis, and have actually done it.

Which later resulted in you absolutely regretting it, either because you can no longer style your hair the way you’re used to.

And you don’t like any of the hairstyles for short hair, or just because you miss your long hair.

In here we offer you some tricks on how to grow longer hair in shorter time.

The first thing that you need to know is that it can’t grow overnight, so don’t stress when you don’t see immediate results.

A good outcome requires patience and some time! More importantly, keep in mind that scissors are your friends.

Even though getting trims regularly won’t make your hair actually grow faster, it will keep it looking beautifully healthy.

Tips to grow your hair longer

Another tip is to use conditioner every time you wash your hair.

Not only does it hydrate your hair, but it also helps replace the proteins inside the hair shaft.

Which prevents more damage from happening to your luscious locks.

Besides using conditioner, make sure you apply some kind of moisture-based masks and oils at least once a week when your hair is dry.

Leave it on for a while and later wash and rinse your hair as usual.

When you untangle your hair, start from the bottom and go up to the roots, not backwards.

Because in the end it can only just become one big tangled mess at the ends of your hair, and it can make your hair start falling off even faster.

Also, keep in mind not to tie your hair back in a tight ponytail too often.

Believe it or not, the tightness of the hair band that holds your locks in place breaks your hair in the worst way possible.

Instead, make sure you try out any of the cool hairstyles that were mentioned previously in the article!

Cool hairstyles for the Summer

Since winter is finally over and hot summer days are now approaching.

It would be a good idea to present some cool hairstyles appropriate for the hot weather, fun, beach and some sun.

Certainly, the humidity of summer nights can make you take rash decisions, like chopping off all your hair

So it doesn’t stick to your back while taking even the shortest of walks; but before you decide to make such major changes.

Try some of these cool hairstyles first. They’ll help you get the hair off your face and neck while sporting a cool and cute look.

Braids will become your best friend during Summer time, because a braid is the most functional way to get your hair completely out of your face.

Safely tucked away and you will still look fashionable.

Good options for summer braids would be the crown braid, or the side-braided ponytail that were mentioned previously into the article.

Another beautiful summer classic is a fishtail braid, which is also very easy to master.

You need to divide your hair into two equal sections and separate half an inch of hair from one of the sides.

Pull the piece across and over the other side of hair and do the same with the remaining pieces of hair.

Repeat the process until you get to the ends of your hair and tie it with a hairband. Done!

Cool hairstyles for the Summer

The French braid top knot is another perfect combination of two hairstyles us girls adore: braids and high buns!

First you need to divide your hair into two sections, top and down section.

Tie the hair at the top with a hairband; (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you will go back and make it again later!)

Then throw your head front and start braiding your hair upside down in a French braid.

When you get to the top of your head, braid your hair normally and tie it where the two sections of hair you previously divided meet.

Lastly, pull all your hair together into a messy bun at the top of your head. God bless messy buns and braids!

Cool hairstyles for the Summer 2

These are only some of the hundreds of looks that would be perfect during Summer time.

Remember it’s not all about being fashionable; choose a hairstyle that you feel comfortable with and that you like!

You’ll look beautiful in any hairstyle you choose.

 Cool hairstyles for girls with curly and short, medium or long hair

“Curls are a blessing,” someone once said, and I have to agree! Even though we know curls are absolutely beautiful, we also know they are a tad difficult to handle, especially to style.

Just because you have curly hair it doesn’t mean you must stick only to ponytails or headbands or any other basic hairstyle you know, which is why we present here some different options for you to tame your wild, yet stunning, curls, no matter the length of your hair.

The sky high ponytail is probably the coolest hairstyle for curly hair I have seen! And the simplicity!

All you have to do is gather your hair into a super-high ponytail at the crown of your head and tie it back with an elastic hairband.

You can secure it even more with vertical bobby pins on the underside to keep the ponytail lifted, and ta-da! Stylish hairstyle in just a few minutes.

Cool hairstyles for girls with curly and short, medium or long hair

A sleek up-do is also perfect for any occasion, casual or formal, and it doesn’t require much work.

Make sure you brush your hair from roots to tips to avoid any tangles and ensure a smooth texture.

Tie your hair back in a high ponytail with an elastic hairband and divide it in two equal sections, later twist it into a thick bun at the top of your head.

Use bobby pins to secure the bun and lastly adjust the size and thickness just the way you like it.

If you’re planning on styling your hair this way for a formal appearance, you can use some gel to tame any hairs that might have escaped your ponytail.

And you’re done!

Cool hairstyles for girls with curly and short, medium or long hair 2

Braids are also an excellent idea for curly hair with lots of texture (is there anything braids don’t fix?), like for example this corset French braid.

You need to take three sections, one on each side and the other in the middle of the back of your head, which you must tie back in a ponytail.

Later, gather the rest of your hair and French braid it until the ponytail’s hairband.

Crisscross the two loose side sections under your ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Cool hairstyles for girls with curly and short, medium or long hair 3

If you have curly hair, now you know that you have several choices from where to choose on how to style your curls.

Keep in mind that curly hair is beautiful, and that even if you don’t want to try any of these cool hairstyles.

Your thick locks will be eye catching either way!

Female buzz cut

If you’re one of those girls who think that having hair past your ears is just way too much hair for you.

Either because you don’t consider yourself to be too feminine or just because having that much hair bothers you, that’s no problem at all!

Choices were made for tastes. The buzz cut is a particularly cool hairstyle and an easy solution.

Long gone are the times when only men buzzed their hair nearly down to their scalp.

Now girls do it all the time too, and they can still look fabulous in it (Us girls make every haircut look fabulous, seriously)!

Before, the idea of buzzing their hair came up as an act of rebellion against men who victimized women.

Easy and cool hairstyles for girls with long hair

As this haircut was meant to represent the ultimate sign of power and boldness.

Nowadays, several female roles have surged in movies and TV shows, like Eleven from Stranger Things, Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables, among others, and what all these women have in common is their buzz cut.

This to represent that they were robbed of their innocence by the cruelty of circumstances.

Yet, they are the definition of female power and they became an inspiration to every woman who’s familiar with their story.

However, keep in mind that, although cool, this is a very daring hairstyle, and it might not be for everyone.

It takes a whole lot of courage to chop off all your hair, and certainly not everyone can do it in the blink of an eye.

So, before you do anything you might regret later, think it through and do not make any rash decisions.

Female buzz cut

This is certainly a very liberating and cool hairstyle, as it represents fierceness and sexiness. Remember that you don’t need to have Rapunzel’s long locks to be considered beautiful; you can still be beautiful and girly with a buzz cut, if that’s the hairstyle you want to sport. What matters is that you feel comfortable with yourself; do know that you will radiate confidence and beauty.

If you’re attached to your hair, (because let’s be honest, us girls do get attached to our hair,) but you want to try out a new cool hairstyle.

Like a buzz cut, perhaps you should start off by partly shaving your hair instead of doing it all at once.

You can start by trying a brush cut for women, where you divide your hair into two sections, making one section larger than the other.

And buzzing down nearly to your scalp the smallest section of hair.

You can still keep a part of your long hair but you’d still be trying out a buzz cut, to figure out whether it’s your kind of thing or not. Voila!

Female buzz cut 2

Cool hairstyles for guys

We have already covered some hair essentials for girls, but we can’t leave out cool hairstyles for guys!

2018 has been a year of changes for guys’ hairstyles, not to mention the wide variety of options that are now on display.

Fashion isn’t only for girls anymore; this because men are becoming more aware of their looks.

Guys follow trends too, but when you do that remember it’s just as important to feel comfortable as it is to look attractive.

If you’re a guy and you’re looking for a cool hairstyle that can offer you some inspiration for a new haircut, then you’re in the right place!

Even though some styles persist in the future, new cool hairstyles keep popping up and start creating new trends.

Guys should expect undercuts and fade haircuts with textured hairstyles to become an ongoing trend.

Like one we are seeing in men hairstyles, probably the most popular at the time.

Which consists of longer hair at the top, with more volume and flow, and shorter on the sides.

If your hair naturally doesn’t have the volume you’re looking for, you can use a hair dryer to add more texture to your locks.

Cool hairstyles for guys

Cool hairstyles for guys with medium hair

Guys don’t really keep their hair past their shoulders anymore; and on guys, hair that goes down to their shoulders is considered “long”.

These kind of hairstyles for men can be difficult to style and pull off.

But if you’re lucky enough to be one of those guys who manages to look amazing with shoulder-length hair.

In here we have some cool hairstyles that are surely perfect for you.

Long and messy waves is a sexy and cool hairstyle that every girl loves on a long-haired guy.

Besides the perk of having plenty of options to choose from, men with long hair don’t need to style their hair every day.

In fact, more volume says incredible things about your hair.

Don’t be fooled though, your hair still requires work and intensive care to maintain it healthy.

As we said before when we were discussing girls’ cool hairstyles: what’s the point of having long hair if all you have are split ends?

Cool hairstyles for guys with medium hair

Another cool hairstyle on a guy is the one with shaved sides.

Pretty much this is the male version of the brush cut for women we talked about just recently.

Guys with long hair can pull off this look just as much girls can.

Pair this hairstyle with a beard and you have what possibly is the best combination ever!

Cool hairstyles for guys with medium hair 2

A man bun is also a fabulous option for you. This cool hairstyle isn’t just a hairstyle that popped up casually in 2015 with the appearance of hipsters.

Which is what most men believe, but instead plenty of long haired men over the years have styled their hair into a “bun”.

It just turns out that it started gaining fame recently.

All you need to do is gather your hair back and tie it in a bun on the top of your head. Keep in mind that the messier it looks, the better.

Cool hairstyles for guys with medium hair 3

If you’re a guy and you want to learn better how to make a man bun make sure to check out this video:

Cool hairstyles for guys with short hair

Now it’s time to talk about the trends for guys with short hair for 2018.

In the last few years we have noticed an important return in vintage styles and classy undercuts.

Although the cool hairstyles we just talked about, like the man bun and messy waves, are still popular.

Short haircuts are gaining more popularity each day, and they remain unbeaten due to their clean cuts and precise styling.

Which certainly makes men look cleaner.

With all the new cool hairstyles for guys with short hair that have come up recently, there is a wide variety of options of hairstyles worth trying.

Whether you want to a buzz cut, or messy textured fringe, or a faded style.

There will be more than one cool hairstyle that will catch your eye and that certainly fits with your personal look.

Most guys are lucky enough that their hair grows really fast, even more so than girls’.

So if there’s more than one short hairstyle you’d like to try, worry not! You can get a haircut.

If later you want to try something new all you have to do is wait a couple months for it to grow back a little.

Then you can go and try out another one of these cool hairstyles!

Cool hairstyles for guys with short hair

Short on the sides and long on the top cool hairstyles

This style has been a boom on guys’ haircuts recently.

I assure you that if you go out you will see more than one guy out there sporting this cool hairstyle.

Mostly because it offers them the easiness of having short hair on the sides and not having to really worry about it.

And also the variety of playing and experimenting with a little more hair at the top, and guys simply love it!

If you’re looking to try out something new, the pompadour haircut is probably the guys’ favorite for this kind of style.

The hair is buzzed very short to the scalp on the sides and kept long and voluminous on top, and no matter your color or race.

This is a cool hairstyle that looks great on all men! It kind of resembles men’s hairstyles on the 1940’s and 1950’s.

If you want to add an extra touch to this style you can clip the hair even shorter on the sides to get a faded look, it’s certainly a great combination.

Short on the sides and long on the top cool hairstyles

Another great look is the faux hawk, and it’s, without a doubt, another favorite.

It pretty much consists on the same thing as the pompadour style with the clipped sides.

Except that, instead of long and voluminous hair at the top, you style your hair to make it spiked.

you can use your favorite hair gel or the mouse you prefer to spike your hair as much as you want.

This certainly adds a whole new level of cool to this hairstyle.

Short on the sides and long on the top cool hairstyles 2

Another cool hairstyle, especially if you have thick hair that is very hard to manage, is the temple fade with lineup.

As usual, hair is clipped short on the sides, to the point where we get a fade, and a little longer at the top with a very well defined temple line.

This looks particularly great on dark-skinned men because their hair tends to be curlier and thicker, and with lots of texture.

If you want to complete this look, make sure to grow some thick facial hair. It will give your style even more personality.

Short on the sides and long on the top cool hairstyles 3

The side part curl is another type of undercut.

You divide your hair into two sections, one larger than the other, and the small section is the one clipped very short to the scalp.

The cool thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t require much effort, in fact, the messier the better!

It is a rather casual look that works wonders for men with wavy hair.

Short on the sides and long on the top cool hairstyles 4

Cool fade hairstyles

The fade hairstyle has been very popular among men for several years now, and this trend will most likely continue for the years to come.

This kind of look is usually combined with short haircuts to get the best possible combinations out of it.

You don’t need to get an even fade, sometimes guys choose to fade their hair with specific shades or designs.

One thing is for sure: this looks amazing on men of any nationality and race.

Cool fade hairstyles

There are fade hairstyles that are not so pronounced.

If you’re into trying this cool hairstyle but you’re not sure whether it will look good on you or not, you can start off by getting a taper fade.

In this style the fade starts lightly going down from your ears to the back of your neck, while the top of your hair is neatly trimmed and shaped.

Although a little longer. It’s sophisticated, yet modern and eye catching in the best way possible.

If you want to experiment a little bit more, make sure to leave your hair a little bit longer at the top.

Cool fade hairstyles 2

If you have curly hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a deep fade, in fact, quite the opposite, as this cool hairstyle works with every type of hair.

The cropped short sides give the curls on the top of your head the illusion of even more definition and volume.

Depending on just how short you decide to clip the sides of your head, and, as always, the messier the better.

Cool fade hairstyles 3

If you’re sure the fade look is what suits you best and what you feel the most comfortable in.

You can choose to sport deeper fades that go all the way up nearly to the top of your head.

Like the high skin fade, or the low bald fade, and combine it either with long or short hair at the top of your head.

Cool fade hairstyles 4

Little boys happen to love this cool hairstyle too, since many male figures boys look up to are sporting this haircut.

And of course kids don’t want to be left behind. It’s appropriate for every age and easy to replicate on any type of hair.

Cool fade hairstyles 5

We want you to realize that you do not need to be an expert in hairstyles to look cool in your day to day, we assure you that with the necessary care and a few minutes a day you will look great.

Good haircut

To get a good fade haircut, leave it to a professional.

Sometimes we want to handle things ourselves because we think we can do it better; however, that’s not always the best idea.

The same thing happens with haircuts. If you want to obtain the best possible results and a cool hairstyle.

Make sure you leave your hair on the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing.

Cutting your hair by yourself is very difficult as it is, but getting a fade on your own is even more difficult.

If you’re not sure of what you’re doing, then don’t do it, and go to someone who does know!

Remember no one likes walking around with a bad haircut.

To get a good fade haircut, leave it to a professional

Before going ahead and getting your hair cut, make sure your barber knows exactly what you want.

So you can avoid any confusion and end up being left with a bad haircut or something you don’t like.

Before you decide on any haircut.

Keep in mind what would suit you best considering your hair type and important factors such as the size of your head and forehead.

If you’re not too sure what you want, you can use as a guide some of the cool hairstyles that we talked about previously into the article.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to keep reading our posts and make sure to share it with your friends, and let them know how to have the best results with these easy and cool hairstyles! You are always welcome to our page.

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